Pac says Malawi federalism debate now to be ‘more structured’

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC), an inter-faith organization comprising main protestant, Catholic and Muslim faith groups in Malawi has said the  two-day national stakeholders forum  which it recently organised on inclusivity and federalism, aimed at enhancing common understanding of federalism,  said the  debate  will now  be  more  structured  and  “federalism will  not  be  seen  as  a  divisive  tool  in  our  society. “

Malawi quasi-religious organisation PAC

Fr Mulomole: PAC to ensure debate is structured

PAC through its chairman Rev. Dr.  Felix  Chingota  and spokesman Father Peter Mulomole said in a communiqué that PAC is set to form a Task Force. responsible to address federalism issues among other in the country.

“As  PAC , we note  that  federalism  is  a  system  of  government  that  re-enforces  devolution.  Malawi  needs  to  radically  reform  the  governance  architecture  if  Malawi  is to  develop  in  the  next  50  years. PAC  will  continue  to  make  its  contribution  by  way  of  enhancing  public  dialogue  on  issues  of  constitutional  review, electoral  reforms  and  devolution,  including  federalism,” reads the communiqué.

PAC said:“There is need for a round table discussion on federalism involving proponents and opponents.”

As  regards the  time frame  within  which the  debate  on federalism  will be  concluded, PAC said the  availability  of  funds  for  such a  constructive  debate  will dictate  the  pace.

“PAC  will not  be  moved  by  emotions  but  will  follow  a  process  approach. Therefore  the  National  Stakeholders  Forum  is  just  one  of the  activities  that  will  be  implemented  to  determine  the  position  on  federalism  as  was  indicated  in a  notice  in the Daily  newspapers  prior  to  the  event.”

PAC said the conference resolved to have a Task Force  to outline a road map  that    detail  how  the  conversation  on  federalism  should  proceed.

“It   was   further suggested  that the road map should include  legal  reforms. Dissemination of information on inclusivity and federalism should be  undertaken  with a multi-sectoral approach

“There is need for more and better media engagement to disseminate information, civic-educate people   at  various  levels  of  society.”

PAC will give feedback on the process to President Peter Mutharika  “so  that  he  is well-informed  about  what  is  going  on.”

According to Robert Phiri of PAC, the aim of the forum they organised was to promote common understanding on federalism among its stakeholders and those who influence the public by their media comments on regular basis; to locate the debate on federalism on agreed roadmap thereby preventing violent conflict; and provide comparative experiences on federalism so that participants gain a broader understanding on the matter.

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38 thoughts on “Pac says Malawi federalism debate now to be ‘more structured’”

  1. chapotoka says:

    sheeee koma umbuli siwabwino a PAC aunikireni anthuwa please chifukwa akuoneka kuti apsya mtima kwambiri

  2. ine mmalawi says:

    Fine And Communities Need To Understand,language Chichewa Or Any Mother Language No Chizungu It Cofuses

  3. lytton says:

    Tikhale ndi ulamulilo pa misokho yathu,tizitha kusakha zomwe tikuona kuti nzofunika pa thawi yake , osati kumangonya misokho yathu ngati momwe ntchezi zimanyela nzimbe, 2015 federalism.Tatopa ndi ziganizo zopangidwa ndi ka gulu ka athu ochepa ongofuna kutidyela misokho yathu , adyela osakonda dziko lawo,sitinakusakheni kuti muzikundikile chuma ayi athu opanda chikondi inu , mulungu akukatheni ndi lupanga.

  4. kwabaniso says:

    Fr Mulomole has nothing to preach. Please go and preach about ufiti, kuba, cashgate, gay etc

  5. Federalism ikuchedwa pati. Tikufuna aliyense azikatukula kuchigawo chakwao komanso ntchito azikagwira aliyense kwao. Zomangoti bwenubwenu muma tauni,mumaofesi kumwera kuno zizatha. Ana athu azapeze ntchito mosavuta. Ikazayamba federalism
    then xenophobia will follow.kkkkk

    mosavuta. ikayamba federalism

  6. mwama says:

    Federal system is a better evil.

  7. Geofrey says:

    Rotten nation,cashgate made mare clerks and acc. Assnts millionaires overnight demotivating the hard working civil servants a shame!the same anger applies to those ochestrating federalism.other regions/districts have developed in the expense of the other!wat do u make out of that?

  8. Nexon Msiska says:

    Malawi is very fortunate to have a Large following from the Catholic Community & the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (C.C.A.P.) community in the Country where the Federal System of Administration is already in place and is working very well. Why do we want to invert the wheel? Why not borrow a leaf from the Catholic Church and the C.C.A.P. Synods. The beauty of the above example is that, most of the members who are in the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Reporters all go to these Churches to worship, where the Federal System of Administration in place. Ironically, most of our Statutory Corporations :- ESCOM, WATER BOARDS, ADMARC etc are operating on a system that is very close to the above example.

  9. KUNGOTI says:

    Hu Jintao, mkhale uli munthu wakuda si Mtchaina, did not elaboate what diffrence does corrupion make in referring between fderal system and Unitery system of Govt. please do have issues, Malawi does not need a Federal Govt – very unnecessary, We need a prousible Govt, forcased, and an Opposition which does know what it is doing unlike what we have, an opposition that up to now just cry anatibela, anatibela ngati iwo anali mboma, ainiake anatonthola kale, pano ena anasowa mdziko muno ngati si lawo, Can our opposition show us what it has done apart from Kabwira making lots of anatibera nonsesco noise, can our opposition show us how much it has done to assist Govt. on Cash Gate issues, izi ndiye za tonsetu not unnecessary Demos which will only help Sembereka grow fatter and to Malawians a waste of resources and our dignity. Ndalama zimenezo osathandiza boma kutsekula ma Scheme ku Limphasa uko, kapena Green belt anthu opanda nzeru ma papeti a zungu, pano busy kuwatchinga amene tikudziwiratu kuti anatibera

  10. Leo says:

    The results of APM nepotism is federalism

  11. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Thanks PAC ,Peter the president was not stupid to have recommend the fedelarism type of government long before he even thought that one day he would become the president of Malawi through rigging or else winning election with 33% of the national general election.

  12. KWACHA DZUKNI says:

    We are only waiting for the day of referendum to kill for good this Evil called Federalism. we are following we will massively vote against it.

    1. chakwanuleka says:

      Fortunately yours is a single vote. A lot more will vote in favour do deal with nepotism for good

  13. 4 environnant less coureurs coutent l. a,chicago ring musique effort leur l’ensemble des infos du ClubErreur dom connexion L’adresse email message et/ou le mot passe entrés n’ont pas été reconnus. Merci d’essayer l’ordre de nouveau. L’adresse email’s et/ou the mot p passe entrés n’ont pas été reconnus. Elles sont habituellement imprimées entre six et neuf mois avant trips et el vous seront expédiées dès qu’el seront prêtes. are generally pr&

    1. Votre AMI says:

      Mon Dieu! Si vous plais, nous ne comprend pas fraincais. Ecris a la anglais mon amie

  14. chilungamo says:

    Great move PAC and try hard to avoid referendum since our economy cannot swallow it but certainly do your sensitization vehemently we definitely need it for the churches its not a strange thing its already happening for instance how CCAP works even late president Bingu admired it because it instills a spirit of self reliance and patriotism and it will create a spirit of discipline as it will be easy for the states to manage affairs and resources and there will be equal share of development projects

  15. ulendowu ndi watonse says:

    We need federal system of government before the next election. Federal system is the only hope for Malawi to have development in all areas.

  16. Jimmy says:

    I support this issue 100% it works for the betterment of all ppl.Go to South Africa for example,its the local gvt that govern a particular province & it only reports to the central gvt.This system in Malawi encourages officials to be more corrupt as everything is in their control.We will never develop both sides as it is the case in Malawi bcz Northern region is still far behind,this shows there is need of power sharing which is federalism.So that the North will have its own gvt only reports to the National gvt.

  17. I feel this is a non-priority area, being perused by our country’s political failures. considering the pressing issues facing our country.

    For example, how will federalism:

    1. bring 1,000 megawatts more power to our beloved country?
    2. how will it contribute to making our country a better place to do business?
    3. how will it expand our export base?
    4. how will it change our attitudes from perpetual beggars to contributors?

    If you have no where to do you political experiments, Malawi is not the place and now is not the time.

    We have a country to develop.

    1. The Citizen says:

      My friend, you musy be very dull just to say the least! You mean you can’t see we are going backwards in everything as regards development in our country? Is this all we deserve after 50 years of independence let alone the looting of the monies which is controlled only by a few? We’re simply say the current system has failed as it does not allow public participation or checks and balance hence promoting cash gate actvities. Surely, why not impliment another alternative (Federalism) which has proved successful in other countries that has implemented it? Don’t be a coward for nothing.

  18. Big brain says:

    Fedelism at Chiyani za ziii this is very expensive for the poor nation

  19. We are tired of tribalism by Southerners and we need federation now.

  20. ujeni says:

    Iliteracy and ignorance is against Federation.

  21. Mtungah says:

    A PAC mukuchedwets zinthu zoyenera pfuko la z Malawi. Mupangitsa anthu kuyika mitima yawo mmwamba, demonstrate for federalism.

  22. Go go go PAC we are behind you this country is not for southern region people only (Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce and now Peter) its for all Malawians

  23. Moses mtalama says:

    The whole argument resident in federal system is two fold. On one hand it seems to me we are trying want to take a step away from the present unitary government/constitution and institute a federal constitution. (ie this is to say governace should not only opetate from a central level but that governance should combine its opetation from a central level with provincial or state level). On the other hand we can infer from the aforementioned argument that the other point we want to score in this system is but “equitable distribution of resources.” Hitherto, we can see that the constitutional dimension of this system gives birth to a very important dimension known as equitable division of resources which I think forms the life blood of why federalism seems to be an option here.

    Herewith I wish to posit my argument. Malawians should look back and reflect upon their history. Let us imagine the type of constitution that was there in colonial times visa vi the fashion of governance at that time. what came next…we needed self rule and this necessarily demanded a constitution befitting self rule. Thus Malawi adopted a new constitution on 6 July, 1966 in which the country was declared a republic. The new document granted Banda wide executive and legislative powers and also formally made MCP the only legal party. Did Malawians not celebrate to have moved off colonial bondage. I guess so they did. But what follows? Banda portrays himself as a caring headmaster to his people. However, this was a mask for a government that was blutary and rigidly authoritarian even by African standards of that time. Although the constitution granted civil liberties and rights, they meant almost nothing in practice and Malawi essentially a police state.

    This was followed by total dissatisfaction by Malawians at least of the one party system. A referendum was sought and multiparty system got it.This meant also meant change of constitution as well as governance. Here we are with multiparty democracy supported by unitary constitution which advocates national governance. We have experienced it and we feel this is not the best for us. We think the best should be multiparty democracy supported driven by federal constitution with governance at national and provincial elves. Whether this is the best or not for us only the gods so to say know better. All I can say is devoid of objective governance irrespective of the type of constitution we will always be taught by mistakes we yield from our own choices. I wish to openly say that it seems to me objectivity is some how compromised in the way we administer our governance. No wonder we keep on blaming our ourselves and our own choices. Otherwise I feel no one would rise against an objectively administered political system. With all due respect to advocates of federalism my prayer is that should it someday carry the flag let it also be approached from the objective vantage point. Otherwise it will be too stupid that after wasting all those moneys we here financing those debates about federalism someone again rises to gain ground against. I bet if the argument is equitable resource distribution it is equally possible even with the present unitary system as long as objectivity is not pushed on the periphery. I rest my case.

  24. Kwazulu says:

    Bravo PAC! A structured and sober debate devoid of emotions and propaganda is what is needed on this matter. For me, whether we go federal or remain unitary is of no consequence. What is important is that Malawians across the Regions have come to realize the inadequencies that exists in the current set up on the following issues:
    a) unequal distribution of the national cake
    b) unequal distribution of government positions in Cabinet, Statutory Boards, Diplomatic Embassies etc
    c) the scourge of nepotism and tribalism
    d) too many powers vested in the presidency
    e) lack of separation of powers where the Executive looks down upon the Judiciary and the Legislature.
    If only the forthcoming constitutional review conference can deal with these s sues decisively, we will have found an alternative to federalism. Minus this, I would join the group calling for federalism.

  25. o says:

    In Nigeria, every state has its own primary and secondary schools and colleges. Students do not cross state-borders. So, my hope is that it will be the same here in Malawi since Nigeria has been one of the examples we (federalism proponents) give as federal governments. We will not see a mbuya from Nsanje going to Nkhatabay secondary school and likewise. On colleges, we are lucky that we have Nzuni, LUANAR, and UNIMA in the northern, central, and southern states respectively. So, no student will cross the state borders. I like federalism. Malawi will be different. People will get what they deserve. It will reduce nepotism.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      You are wrong on boundary higher education restrictions. Even in a federal state you can attend any national university regardless of where you are coming from. It doesn’t mean people of North will be educated in the north only nor the South for South only nor centre for centre only.

      Education is universal, has no fixed boundaries.

  26. Chabecheker says:

    I agree deliberate disinformation on federalism by government agents or otherwise must be avoided at all costs. These simply inflame the situation and make it volatile to appear as if federalism is a bad word and divisive for malawi which is not the case.

  27. Kadakwiza says:

    The problem is not Unity system of government. Its because of greedy politicians and leaders who worked very hard to divide the country. Federal system will not work in Malawi. PAC must start preaching ONE MALAWI, ONE NATION. I believe all nations to stay together as one Malawi.

  28. rif says:

    but when the church gets involved in political undertakings, the Bible terms it adultery! The whore.

  29. mwiithotho says:

    PAC is thoroughly right. Kumbukirani ojijirika and opupuluma ended up soiling in a bus! !

  30. swiswiri mbewa says:

    Federal governments are more democratic or empowers more citizens to run affairs of their government. Democracy is good and costly to manage. Over the past 50 years of independence, Malawi has not attained economic independence because of mainly lack of accountability from their political leaders. Citizens do not have a strong voice because they are generally less influential on governance issues.

  31. A MPINGO says:


  32. gigscky Rozscky says:

    Federalism will help nothing to the development of the country since the country is small.this will just enhence regionalism, tribalism and nepotism.

  33. Hu Jintao says:

    The issue of Federal System of Government is now overdue. Malawi needed to embrace this like yesterday. The unitary system has killed the spirit of hardwork and most resort to corruption, cheating and thievery to get rich quickly. This erodes the hope among those willing to do their part and contribute to the development o this country. If the federal system of government was in place, the mess would have been avoided and cleaning Malawi would be in process to rid off the vices. We need the federal system of government.

    1. GOGO says:

      Nigeria is in fedural system of government you can see there is terorism because of feduralisim. take care your children & wives should be kidnaped i warn u

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