Pac says Malawi federalism debate now to be ‘more structured’

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC), an inter-faith organization comprising main protestant, Catholic and Muslim faith groups in Malawi has said the  two-day national stakeholders forum  which it recently organised on inclusivity and federalism, aimed at enhancing common understanding of federalism,  said the  debate  will now  be  more  structured  and  “federalism will  not  be  seen  as  a  divisive  tool  in  our  society. “

Malawi quasi-religious organisation PAC

Fr Mulomole: PAC to ensure debate is structured

PAC through its chairman Rev. Dr.  Felix  Chingota  and spokesman Father Peter Mulomole said in a communiqué that PAC is set to form a Task Force. responsible to address federalism issues among other in the country.

“As  PAC , we note  that  federalism  is  a  system  of  government  that  re-enforces  devolution.  Malawi  needs  to  radically  reform  the  governance  architecture  if  Malawi  is to  develop  in  the  next  50  years. PAC  will  continue  to  make  its  contribution  by  way  of  enhancing  public  dialogue  on  issues  of  constitutional  review, electoral  reforms  and  devolution,  including  federalism,” reads the communiqué.

PAC said:“There is need for a round table discussion on federalism involving proponents and opponents.”

As  regards the  time frame  within  which the  debate  on federalism  will be  concluded, PAC said the  availability  of  funds  for  such a  constructive  debate  will dictate  the  pace.

“PAC  will not  be  moved  by  emotions  but  will  follow  a  process  approach. Therefore  the  National  Stakeholders  Forum  is  just  one  of the  activities  that  will  be  implemented  to  determine  the  position  on  federalism  as  was  indicated  in a  notice  in the Daily  newspapers  prior  to  the  event.”

PAC said the conference resolved to have a Task Force  to outline a road map  that    detail  how  the  conversation  on  federalism  should  proceed.

“It   was   further suggested  that the road map should include  legal  reforms. Dissemination of information on inclusivity and federalism should be  undertaken  with a multi-sectoral approach

“There is need for more and better media engagement to disseminate information, civic-educate people   at  various  levels  of  society.”

PAC will give feedback on the process to President Peter Mutharika  “so  that  he  is well-informed  about  what  is  going  on.”

According to Robert Phiri of PAC, the aim of the forum they organised was to promote common understanding on federalism among its stakeholders and those who influence the public by their media comments on regular basis; to locate the debate on federalism on agreed roadmap thereby preventing violent conflict; and provide comparative experiences on federalism so that participants gain a broader understanding on the matter.

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sheeee koma umbuli siwabwino a PAC aunikireni anthuwa please chifukwa akuoneka kuti apsya mtima kwambiri

ine mmalawi

Fine And Communities Need To Understand,language Chichewa Or Any Mother Language No Chizungu It Cofuses


Tikhale ndi ulamulilo pa misokho yathu,tizitha kusakha zomwe tikuona kuti nzofunika pa thawi yake , osati kumangonya misokho yathu ngati momwe ntchezi zimanyela nzimbe, 2015 federalism.Tatopa ndi ziganizo zopangidwa ndi ka gulu ka athu ochepa ongofuna kutidyela misokho yathu , adyela osakonda dziko lawo,sitinakusakheni kuti muzikundikile chuma ayi athu opanda chikondi inu , mulungu akukatheni ndi lupanga.


Fr Mulomole has nothing to preach. Please go and preach about ufiti, kuba, cashgate, gay etc

banda rechard

Federalism ikuchedwa pati. Tikufuna aliyense azikatukula kuchigawo chakwao komanso ntchito azikagwira aliyense kwao. Zomangoti bwenubwenu muma tauni,mumaofesi kumwera kuno zizatha. Ana athu azapeze ntchito mosavuta. Ikazayamba federalism
then xenophobia will follow.kkkkk

mosavuta. ikayamba federalism


Federal system is a better evil.


Rotten nation,cashgate made mare clerks and acc. Assnts millionaires overnight demotivating the hard working civil servants a shame!the same anger applies to those ochestrating federalism.other regions/districts have developed in the expense of the other!wat do u make out of that?

Nexon Msiska
Malawi is very fortunate to have a Large following from the Catholic Community & the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (C.C.A.P.) community in the Country where the Federal System of Administration is already in place and is working very well. Why do we want to invert the wheel? Why not borrow a leaf from the Catholic Church and the C.C.A.P. Synods. The beauty of the above example is that, most of the members who are in the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Reporters all go to these Churches to worship, where the Federal System of Administration in place. Ironically, most of… Read more »
Hu Jintao, mkhale uli munthu wakuda si Mtchaina, did not elaboate what diffrence does corrupion make in referring between fderal system and Unitery system of Govt. please do have issues, Malawi does not need a Federal Govt – very unnecessary, We need a prousible Govt, forcased, and an Opposition which does know what it is doing unlike what we have, an opposition that up to now just cry anatibela, anatibela ngati iwo anali mboma, ainiake anatonthola kale, pano ena anasowa mdziko muno ngati si lawo, Can our opposition show us what it has done apart from Kabwira making lots of… Read more »

The results of APM nepotism is federalism

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