PAC to unveil its findings on federalism on December 10

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC), an umbrella body for major faith communities represented in Malawi, will present its findings on consultations it carried on the heated debate of federalism on December 10 2015.

PAC  leaders

PAC leaders

The findings will be presented during a national follow up conference on Inclusivity and Federalism in Blantyre on Thursday, December 10.

PAC did the consultations from November 14 to June 2015 following a heated debate among various stakeholders, with some speaking in support of it and others against.

Calls for federal system of government had gained ground among various stakeholders in the country.

At last year’s all inclusive conference, delegates and PAC suggested for more consultations and discussions to ably promote inclusivity in policy formulation and implementation in a bid to promote social cohesion.

While the debate on federalism was welcomed, several vices were noted ranging from nepotism, regionalism and tribalism to lack of basic understanding on the concept itself and how it works.

PAC was founded in 1992 by the religious community and other pressure groups to enter into a dialogue with the country’s founding President late Hastings Kamuzu Banda during the transition period from the one-party to the multiparty system of government.

The organisation has since carried on as an inter-faith organization comprising the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM), the Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM), the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) and the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM).

From these main faith groups, PAC draws 24 members organizations and four associate members.

It is also the national chapter of the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP).

PAC is aimed at mobilizing the general public through the religious community and other stakeholders in promoting democracy, development, peace and unity through civic education,  mediation and advocacy.

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10 thoughts on “PAC to unveil its findings on federalism on December 10”

  1. Owen singini says:

    There is no SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE! The fire is oppression, and the smoke is the cry for federation. Let the oppressed people decide their fate.

  2. Youngman says:

    Nthawi yonseyi i have not heard somebody say i have been asked by pac to say my views on fedololism. Only god knows where we are going. I can only speculate, ‘end times’

  3. mzunguwanzeru says:

    Most Malawians are poor in the head

  4. Optic Computer says:

    If APM think common Malawians have to be involved in developing the country, then federal system is the only government that involves people in development through representative powers. Power for MZimba residents to decide what needs to address first, not APM to decide when they need more water supply, when they need a college and what disciplines to offer.

    Central system is only good to the Presidents so that they can store cheap votes.

  5. kamgo says:

    This is a religious formation and a representative of God on social matters. I beg that your voice must truly be a voice of God on this matter. Remember justice mixed with sand is no justice at all . God hate oppression no matter who is involved.

  6. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Tangotulusani inu kkkkkkk

  7. H.CHITUVI says:

    Anthu ena kusangalala ena ai palibe njira ina koma kusintha kayendetsedwe ka dziko basi. Vuto kalankhulidwe koti akuti ndi odzikonda ndipo sadzaona mtsogoleri ochokela ku chigawo chao kumeneku ndikulakwa ndipo ngati kulikugawana tidayamba kale.Zigawo ziwiri kulibe tsankhu ndipo zipani zina zimapeza mipando koma kwinaku kuli vuto.

  8. Truck says:


  9. Mwana Mai says:

    Za ntiii!!! basi, m’malo mokambirana Za chitukuko ndi m’mene tingakonzere economy. You think the onus is only on APM and not the rest of Malawians. Anthu omvetsa chisoni ngati inu palibenso pa dziko lapansi lino.

  10. Edoms says:

    see to it that it reflects what people were debating

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