Paladin faces Karonga resistance to reopen Malawi uranium mine

Uranium miner Paladin Energy Ltd  is facing resistance from residents of northern bordr district of Karonga on plans to reopen its Kayelekera mine, in Malawi,  following the conditions that thecompnay presented to the community this week.

Paladin Africa boss Greg Walker: Paladin to reopen mine

Paladin Africa boss Greg Walker: Paladin to reopen mine

In his presentation Greg Walker Acting General Manager for Operations on Tuesday at the Karonga  district chamber during said  Paladin will restart its operations on the production of uranium at Kayelekera on among other conditions that Malawian government should maintain the development agreement in place.

“Since the suspension of operations at Kayelekera mine on 07 February 2014 what the company is doing now is maintaining the mine and infrastructures in good working order so that there can be rapid resumption of production when market conditions dictate,” said Walker.

Adding that “meanwhile we are going to resume the operations at Kayelekera mine on conditions that Malawian government should provide local generated electricity at the mine site and also commitment by government to maintain the development agreement in place without change as was with the previous government.”

The sentiment angered the community which was in the chamber claiming that the current agreement does not benefit them despite the mine is in their district.

In their augments,  the community members  presented by Wavisanga Silungwe questioned the way forward of dissolving the agreement which the former governing  People’s Party proposed.

“As people in Karonga we had hope with the idea that the former government suggested to review the agreement which is in place between Paladin Africa Limited and our country so that as the community should also benefit from the percentages that the company give to Malawi,” said Silungwe.

According to Silungwe, government must renegotiate its secretive development agreement with Paladin for the betterment of the community.

“As the community we presented our concerns to government that 15 percent of developmental agreement between government and Paladin should raise to about 25 percent so that two to five percent should be given to the community in Karonga to use in some developmental activities at district level,” said Silungwe.

Adding that “since Paladin started the mining process in Karonga some years ago the community has never benefited anything in terms of social responsibilities despite many promises the company made.”

He added that the company should also sign the developmental agreement with the local community.

“We cannot bear to be deceived again, before you start the operations next year  we need you to fulfill all the previous promises that you made and  sign agreement at district level not only at national level because people at local level are the ones suffering especially when problems concerning mines occur,”  he said.

Among other things the community cited that government should not give Paladin the mining license for Silu site unless the company sign an agreement with the local community and that the company must fund the district development plans through Paladin social development funds.

In his remarks Walker said “we can ot answer or abide to what the community is saying because to us we make agreements with government and not the community. it is the Malawian government that should be questioned on the developments at the district level.”

Government officials which were at the meeting refused to comment.

Paladin officially ceased uranium production at Kayelekera in May this year, placing the mine on care and maintenanceMining operations had been suspended since February, but ore processing had continued.

With the mine ceasing operations, global uranium supply was reduced by around 3.3-million pounds a year.

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People in the north need international airport People in the north need international Stadium People in the north need international Recognised University People in the north need Proper Road Road Networks THOSE CAPABLE OF WRITING OPEN LETTERS LET THEM DO SOTO THE GOVETNMENT AND ALL COMPANIES WISHING TO ESTABLISH THEIR BUSINESSES IN THE NORTH PLEASE PLEASE !!

three quarter of comments here is frm idiot m’bola la jb bwanji simumalongolora kwambiri amangokudyelani pa mutu jb lero chifukwa boma muli achikulire ndye muziti nyolo nyolo apa, tonse tipeza phindu kumeneko ndikubwela ndsegule ma business anga kumeneko chifukwa atumbuka inu kugona kwabasi


JB was only for two years. The real thieves of mines money were DPP!!!


Paladin should first acknowledge the fact that they are mining in our ancestors land and inherently our Land. Before Malawi was, our ancestors were already there. That means it is only when they agree with the natives that they will find it simple and meaningful


Where is kamuzu chiwambo who has been a strong advocate for this cause

Ndusu gun wakuchamba
Speech for the north i know u are asking today .how long will it take i come to say to you this hour however difficult the moment ;however frustrating the time : it will not be long : because the truth pressed to earth will rise . How long? not long, because no lie can live forever . How long ? Not long , because u still reap what u sow . How long? Not long, because the arm of the moral universe is long but it bend towards justice . How long ? Not long , cause mine eyes… Read more »
Ndusu gun wakuchamba
NO WAYS! We karonga pipo Will not allow this regime leaDer to erect another white elephant in thyolo ndata , the undevelopmet of north is attributed our bad presidents who think to develop their home region. U POOR LEADER CONT U THINK WHY NORTH IS CALLING FOR FEDERAW LET ME TELL NOW : U DO NOT REGARD NORTH AS PART OF MALAWI , U USE OUR MONEY TO DEVELOP UR HOME AREA .U R EVIL SLEEPING DOGS; too much nepotism ;tribalism;tsankholism; regionalism; selection for higher learning is evil: MARTIN LUTHER SAID AND I ” FREEDOM IS NEVER VOLUNTARILY GIVEN BY… Read more »
The people of kAronga should press the govt to reveal the deal. What paladin are saying is to some extent true, its contract or agreement is with the govt. So the govt should tell the people of kAronga what benefits they are going to get from the contract? The govt is being secretive and being typical dpp they want to use all the proceeds from kayekela for the benefit of the South. Paladin is back because the govt has promised them Something behind the scene to resume operations as you know the govt is struggling for money. Don’t allow paladin… Read more »
Quota system

Am worried that prices of commodities will sky rocket again. They will say that they have started collecting samples first. These big crooks !


kayelekera must reopen only when north is separated from Malawi,karonga how long used,refused,abused…….


Anthu aku Karonga fight for your ancestors land. Don’t trust DPP government, they will take the money and develop Thyolo.

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