Parliament rejects sale of Malawi Savings Bank: ‘We can impeach President,’ says MP Uladi

Opposition Malawi Congress Party lawmakers on Thursday led a crusade to block the move by government sale the State-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB).

Mussa: We can even impeache the President, what is MSB?

Mussa: We can even impeache the President, what is MSB?

Kabwila:  Blocked sale of MSB

Kabwila: Blocked sale of MSB

The Public Private Partnerships Commission (PPPC) requested strategic investors to buy a controlling stake in MSB in which the government owns 100 percent of its shares.

But the government’s divestiture agency did not disclose the sizes of the stakes that are up for sale or how much it was selling them for.

Dowa West Member of Parliament (MP) Alexander Kusamba-Dzonzi (Malawi Congress Party – MCP) on Thursday moved a private member’s motion on the issue blocking the sale process.

He said the relevant committee should be in the best position to scrutinise the proposed sale objectively.

Dzonzi’s motion was supported by lawmakers who vehemently rejected the sale and has since referred the matter to the Budget and Finance Committee of Parliament for further scrutiny.

MCP spokeswoman Dr Jessie Kabwila who is also, Salima North-West MP said the poor country like Malawi cannot afford to lose MSB since it is the only commercial bank with nationwide footprints.

“Let Government be transparent with the matter in disclosing its valuation and buyers,” Kabwila told parliament.

“ Our job is to protect people’s assets and Malawians don’t want their bank sold. Period! We will do anything to make sure that MSB is not sold,” she said.

According to the Reserve Bank of Malawi , the MSB is weighed down by bad loans and it requires a $48.3 million (MWK 23.7 billion) in capital and liquidity by June to satisfy Basel II financial and regulatory requirements or risk being struck off by the central bank.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe claimed the issue of selling MSB started in 2013 with the People’s Party (PP) administration of Joyce Banda and that the Democratic Progress Party (DPP) Government is only implementing what was already agreed on.

“Right now the process of identifying an independent valuator to determine the wealth of MSB is underway and curtail the process would attract legal challenges. Let me also take this opportunity to clarify that the MSB sale is aimed at shielding some people who have huge debts with the Bank and so buyer has been known,” said Gondwe.

But his statement irked leader of PP in Parliament Uladi Mussa who is also Salima South MP,.

Mussa said Gondwe’s statement “ leaves a lot to be desired.”

He said: “ Does the Minister know that this House can impeach the whole President?…What is MSB after all?”

Mangochi Monkey Bay MP Ralph Jooma challenged the Finance Minister that that MSB will not be sold behind Parliament’s back.

“The Minister should know that lawyers or no lawyers , a national treasure like MSB can’t be sold under the counter,” he said.

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81 thoughts on “Parliament rejects sale of Malawi Savings Bank: ‘We can impeach President,’ says MP Uladi”

  1. Mauya Mlauzi says:

    By the way, dear Malawians! How many companies were sold during the UDF-led government?And who benefited from those sales?Was the project a national success or a flop?And, in any form, is it worthy repeating it now?Apparently, Malawians were therein robbed of the much needed services by the companies such as B & C, PEW, OPTICHEM(fertilizer), Portland Cement, David Whitehead etc.Where are our economic technocrats anyway or are they merely political also?In the interest of national development, heads need to roll here instead of just opting for the easy ways out.And aren’t these the same politicians who signed raw deals with Paladin on the Kayerekera Uranium mine towhich the Malawi nation is currently losing out substantially?
    Bravo Parliament for voicing out the concern!

    And done with the MSB sales talk, would you again please dear parliamentarians reject the “Babies Killing” proposal by COPUA/CEDEP etc.This wholesale/merciless killing of the helpless and innocent unborn children which these anti-human life activists, under COPUA, have recently proposed to you, is surely no different from the infanticide effected during the infancy of Moses in Egypt under Pharaoh and the child Jesus under Herod respectively.
    Apparently, they are bringing it forth under the guise/cover of the so called “safe abortion”.But how safe is their abortion?And do they really know what abortion is in the first place and the lasting physiological/socialogical and psychological consequencies it has on the mother thereafter?Human life, dear people, is more precious/valuable than anything we crave of on earth.Everything is because of human life.Unfortunately, like everywhere else in the world, once legalised, abortion kills innocent unborn children(contemporary infanticide)! And this violates Article number 3 of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights-“the Right to Life”, which every human being inherits upon the moment of fertilisation.Open eyes people! Families/mothers today have been brainwashed so much that they conceive a baby and thereafter kills the helpless unborn child without any regret or remorse. All this in the name of freedom of choice(to abort), human rights and democracy.The croocked West taking chances! What a gross reproductive power abuse!!
    Remember people, we have, in our midst, engineers,MPs,lawyers,medical doctors,reverends,managers,presidents etc born out of wedlocks, in incest and or rape.What would have been of them,their families and dependents today if their mothers had decided to abort them?Legalising abortion is and will never be the solution to this social problem.Ask the governments who legalised abortion,contraceptives,sodomy and other eugenics methods as population control measures if they have peace of mind now.Their population pyramidial representation is upside down now;no young workforce to takeover from the aging technocrats;merely relying on imported labour force and scientific technology(robots).No wonder the west fears and is jealous of Africa. Should Malawi therefore also legalise sodomy(gayism),marijuana(chamba),beastiality,rape etc just because everybody else and big countries out there are doing it.
    In essence a thing is right/good in itself.It doesn’t need the human majority to create its nature to be good or bad.It just is by nature!

  2. George Lihoma. says:

    MSB siingagulitsidwe, if politicians underestimated the peoples voting power-HERE IS THE LITMUS PAPER.Mukachita makani muona zosaona.

  3. tuvitwana says:

    Goodall, Peter, Mulli mboro zany if at all u have them. Alomwe nonse mboro zanu wanthu akuba inu

  4. tuvitwana says:


  5. kapambwe says:

    By the way a Malawi anzanga, Boeing 737-300 flew to South- Africa with engines intact; then Boeng 737-200 also flew to South-Africa with engines intact. We held they both required only a C 3; service and later it was said Air Malawi required an injection of MK10 Billion to come back to life. With Air Malawi assets that it had nothing has been told to any Malawian what transpired. Only three months ago to read in one of the daily papers that the planes are to be sold as SCRAPS. My foot. No wonder Bingu pocketed Billions of Kwacha’s on his death. Now it’s the younger one. After all we are aware that First Merchant Bank has sold TNM which FMB used to reap Malawians from its shares. Have the Malawian share holders been told how much TNM has been sold to M/s: Burco Electronics? That is the money FMB already was paying to Malawi Government. A deal was already cracked.

    If need be US$48 Million, MSB can borrow from foreign lenders and use Government on sovereign guarantee basis. If the Government gives Indians sovereign guarantee to build hotels here in Malawi and all the money is taken out of the country, why not a Malawian Bank. ULADI MUSA please begin the Impeachment procedures in parliament in readness of this foolish move. Atupele will immidiately resign akaona zoona zeni-zeni, paje sachedwatu. No wonder Goodall decries kuti he is used to working. Ndalama zosawakwana ndi ku ukalamba komwe. NYOOOOOOOOO.

  6. namz says:

    This is a personal thing for these greedy folk. They have set who’s gonna take over. Pali amwenye who want to take over and bring in fellow mwenyes from Kenya, S.A, TZ. If this bank gets sold I feel sorry for Malawians. There will be the usual mistreatment of malawians by these Asians, more so because every patel, muhammad and ahmad will think it belongs to their father. Secondly this will be the biggest money laundering hub ever! They already have enough cashgate engineers osaphunzila thooooo all will somehow “bankers”. NO TO TAKEOVER ESPECIALLY THESE GROUP OF MWENYES READY TP SIGN THEIR CHEQUES!

  7. BigMan says:

    These MP’s are just barking, barking, barking, and barking some more…. for nothing!! Sell the bloody bank to the private sector who will ran it more professionally. Government owned banks are a recipe for abuse by politicians who put undue pressure to access loans that they never pay back.

  8. Mpinganjirawonyo! says:

    Thom Mpinganjira very bad and crooked guy and he forgot that he stole the FDH from Zimbabwe supported by RBM,we know the whole matter. Whom do you think can be deceived here???? MBAVA YOTHERATU THOM KOMA WEARING INNOCENT FACE BABA.KUPEMPHERA MKATI. KA BANK KAKUBAKO.

  9. The only thing that will put Malawi on a correct path is revolution. Thieves are ruling us.

  10. Wamadzi says:

    I love the Private Member Motion’s approach used in dealing with issues!! I would encourage MPs to bring more Private Motions because that is where there power and ammunition lies in Governing Malawi. That’s the we to stay in control of Executives schemes. Just do a little research though before coining the private bill and we will love you our MPs more.

  11. ndadabwa says:

    yeeeee!!!!!!!!!bankgate yalephereka. bravo ma MP

  12. Ngongoliwa says:

    Mpinganjira Chuka Goodall Phillip Madinga matukutuku ngati watenga kale bank. Ma profit mwapangawo sakukwana? Bonongwe mwalemba mmadzi. This bank is going no where go and buy Pride Malawi why do you want MSB? You know it has potential. DPP government destroyed MSB and now you are coming back to sell it.

  13. utamewakwe says:

    Matako, bwanji nawenso ukwatire akazi 6, kuphatikiza sisitere wa katolika, wa Anglican, wa CCAP, wa Assemblies, wa. Living Waters, kaya wa kwa Bushili zili ndi I we kusiyana ndi Ku tukwana uisova

  14. Professional Journalist says:

    @ 3, you are lying. Parliament has the power. MSB was made by an Act of parliament. Govt cannot just sell it like that. MPs have the power to say ‘NO’ . Do not underestimate parliament.

    By the way, Goodall Gondwe is one of the people who abused MSB. He is also being used by the Lomwes to write off loans by Mulli Brothers. Let MULLI pay back the money.

    MSB is people’s bank. It belongs to the people.

  15. Professional Journalist says:

    At 36, your observation is correct. Some of us we are waiting for this government to change hands. We shall take back ALL companies. We will take back MTL, Malawi Railways, SUCOMA, Portland Cement, Grain and Milling.
    These Indians aree making billions and sending the money to India and other countries. We shall take our companies and run them. The money that we will make will stay HERE for the benefit of Malawians. Hence, those with money should form similar companies, meaning that if someone has money he should start his own cement factory or telecomminications company.
    Press Corpoaration will also reorganized so that money goes to government. Chikaonda and his management team are pocketing millions in bonuses when he closed PTC shops.

    1. Mkwaso says:

      Very basic and shallow thinking

  16. Major Chimesha says:

    Onse amene anabwereka ndalama,alandidwe zimene zinagwirizitsa potenga ngongoleyo kapena kuti(colateral)koma MSB itsagulitsidwe.

  17. Professional Journalist says:

    I agree that Goodall Gondwe has outlived his usefulness. MSB MUST recover all its money from debtors like Mulli Brothers. He has assets. They should be sold.

  18. Kulibe kantu says:

    MPs , you are really working . DON NOT ALLOW THE GOVT TO SELL MSB. Malawi has lost so many institutions to the private sector. Yet ther are no benefits to ordinary Malawians.

    Goodall Gondwe and Mwanamvekha are the ones who have spoiled MSB. They were assisting their relatives and friends to get huge loans from MSB.

  19. the poorest country on earth says:

    seriously guys, this country is a joke. nobody can ever respect us. we bankrupt a bank so the solution is to sell it?

    i thought a bank loan is given against collateral (nyumba, galimoto, ng’ombe, njinga, mipeni, mphasa etc..)

    yambani kulanda katundu wa ma loan defaulters basi. anthu amatiseka kunjaku guys

  20. matako says:

    Finally the parliamentarians are doing their job. It is important that government disclose the terms and agreements under which they want to sell the bank. Keeping in mind this corrupt clueless government of APM can not be trusted. This government is not transparent nor is it accountable. Just as they borrowed money from Mota Engil to prop up the kwacha they think they can sell the bank without the parliament’s blessing. These people are destitute they will do anything to generate revenue which in turn they steal. I hope the donors are watching these clowns who have no agenda to develop this country other than cleaning the treasury. Well done opposition!!

  21. Angozo says:

    Impeach the president? Uladi Mussa ndi chitsiru eti, ndiwe ndaninso galu ngati iwe munthu wa akazi 6. Sisitere wa mpingo wa Aroma unakwatila uja udzapeza naye themberelo nyani iwe wamva.

  22. Kaka says:

    That’s something I would not agree

  23. Kaka says:

    Zoona zimenezi

  24. next time malawi will be on sale.

  25. Mwama Du says:

    PP wanted to sell it. Kkkkkkkk

  26. Banker says:

    While I do agree that MSB must be sold off, however Muli Borthers must be compelled to pay the billions they owe before any sell agreement can be reached. I believe that he has the assets that can be sold off to recover the loan and only then should the Bank be sold. Golomoti, don’t think that Malawians are stupid, to the centrally my brother. I know everything that is cooking out there and we cannot pretend that this is being done in Good faith, NO. Muli wants to benefit, period, and to imagine that the whole Government machinery is behind this smacks of naivety. Goodall Gondwe has lost my respect, the man behaves like a condom, they use him and dump the shit out and him too. He is simply expired and of no use Malawi

  27. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    No… Do not sale the bank, let those, who have unpaid loans with the bank pay back forthwith. Strong and strict measures should be put in place to ensure that funds are back into the bank’s system.

  28. Nkhamangaberako says:

    For your information the selling of Malawi Savings Bank will be a complete tragedy to all Malawians even those who do not trade with the said bank. What should clearly be known herein is that we really know who wants to buy this bank which is no favouring to Malawians at all. Look, Commercial bank of Malawi which was meant for farmers by His Excellency the late (MAY HIS SOUL REST I PEACE) was again sold to South Africans who are now busy extracting millions back to their home South Africa. This was a grave mistake and whoever authorised it done must be a BULUTU NO 1 in the country who did not have any vision of the importance of having our own banks. The same was repeated by selling a Jet and all these people did not have the well fair of the lives of Malawians hence they are now running away from their own children leaving them crying for help.
    For instance what happens in other countries if you are an investor you are not allowed to buy the existing buildings in that particular country and many of you who have travelled will agree with me on this point of fact. One is sold a land and town plans to construct his own structure and by doing so that is one part of contribution to the development of that country before he starts making profits or whatsoever. This is very different here at home where one comes here and buys already existing building and starts adding some bricks on top of it to deceive the town planners and finally just decorate it ready for large business. Come to Lilongwe and see it for yourself here at City centre and yet you call it the heart of the city ,BULLSHIT to those who call themselves town planners. This is why Malawi will not be developed as all these who come here doing vast businesses will one day return back to their already developed countries. I laughed to myself last week when I heard someone encouraging the Indians in Limbe that some of these buildings needed just to be painted Ah!!! Indians make millions everyday than any other Malawian business and yet you further advise them to steal our money and develop other parts of the world?; this is very pathetic indeed. Malawians, time has now come and wake up for you must be fully acknowledged of what is really happening in your country for there are many thieves here than our neighbouring countries and this is why Malawi’s economy will never improve to satisfy its citizenry. Even our Central Bank is another BULLSHIT because it has gone politically instead of being independent and this brings more sufferings to the people of Malawi by further encouraging the borrowers from commercial banks to be fully fixed up forgetting that banks cannot prosper if all people held themselves and remain without borrowing. Many thanks to members of Parliament who vividly talked against this nonsense lead by Gondwe. MWACHEKULA AGOGO better go home and play with your grand and grand children uko ku Area10 kwa bazungu. Panyake mulije? MULIJE SONI when you see people starving????????????????????????????????/

  29. my right to speak! says:

    Guys you don’t know what is happening. The best thing to do if u don’t know is to SHUT THA FUCK UP!!!!!!

  30. Yankees says:

    Gulitsani Admarc anyani inu, musatipusitse panopa anthu we are no Longer as was the case 20 years ago, opposition Dont Imean Dont allow MSB to be sold, cashgate yaschool ikuchitika apayi, abwana mano alibe koma akuoneka kuti akhoza kuluma ndi Nkhama ameneyu,Goodal ali nyachi maso ngati ochezela kutchisa Flue cured Tobbaccowo usatipusitse we are not all MPs or Ministers, ugulitse akazi ako mngati alipo not MSB, Idiot!!!.

  31. Nkalapwaga says:

    Machona at it again.Nyasaland no sense of direction.

  32. mtumbuka wopusa says:

    Uladi …how was the jet sold

  33. Ngongoliwa says:


  34. Boko says:

    @Golomoti, i think u are missing the point here, these thugs are not transparent in this deal and want to sell the bank through backdoor so that a few high politicians benefit. How can Mulli want to be an investor in the same bank he owes billions? Where r u getting lost here?

  35. Manzie says:

    Inde Malwi ndi yosauka koma kusauka kwathu tisazipase nako chitonzo.

  36. zanga phee says:

    Kumene mwayambako ndiye kupenga ,ofunika ku Zomba mental hospital kuti akakuyezeni.
    Zoona mukufuna kugulitsa bank yoti inayamba ntchito zake MMalawi muno kale kale enanu musanayambe ndale.
    inu amene ndi amene mukuilowetsa pansi chifukwa munakongola ndalama zambiri mukulephere kubweza mapeto ake mukuti igulitsidwe.bwezani kaye ngongolezo kuti tione chochita

  37. MBACHI says:

    Mbava izo. Muli should pay back the money. He and Peter should know that they owe the bank.

  38. Wakiki says:

    These are characteristics of a “Banana Republic”. Finally, we will see next year that Kamuzu palace need to be privatized, the other year is capital hill, so what? All the Malawians will be put on sale one day. Take it or leave it.Hahahah. Ndapita!!!!!!!!!

  39. Wokomaatani says:

    That is why we want a federal system of government. We have had enough of these thieves from the southern region.

  40. Masoambeta says:

    In the laws of finance, surety bond or guaranty involves a promise by one party to assume responsibility for the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower defaults. The person or company providing this promise is also known as a “surety” or as a “guarantor”.

    Why is MSB not weighing in on the persons or establishments who are guarantors of such bad debts? Can the place be civilised and name the bad debtors?? Possibly not because it is politicians who are benefiting from these bad debts. I will name Lucius Banda and Mr Kandodo as an example of people who owe this bank a lot of money.

    Goodall Gondwe wants to sell the bank because he knows it is the only method he can sweep everything under the mat and make backhand change for his and his cronies’ pockets at the same time.

    Malawi is full of stupidity. Stop acting on emotions and get the bull by the horns.

    Who owes MSB and how much, then weigh in heavily on the bad debtors. Osati mupusitse anthu apa.

  41. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    Cry my beloved voting a prof. Malawians felt 2 have a better brain than is msb sale a solution to its problem or just an escapegot to a problem.2me i feel the bank could be saved by forcing defaulters to pay back or sherrifs to sale their properties and thats normal with all g/ment is hiding other defaulter who are party selling msb we are all paying the debts which we didn’t take but only a few.apm please protect none,spare us from another poor management.air malawi is no more, mdc,jet + several goverment properties are sold and we will remain with nothing.nanunso ma mp athu a dpp osamangoti ‘zonse mukambirane ku cabnet tigwilizana nazo’ it seems u are not free to comment, why? Lack of democracy in dpp?at times please do ur voters a favour especialy on issues like this.kenaka tiyimba zonse zimene nza kamuzu b.eetu-ee.

  42. edu says:

    Malawians, learn from the mistake we made during the regime of UDF Government, sold David whitex and son now called Mapeto, today the owner of Mapeto is driving like the wind, he is working with the government of today, why,chifukwa amadziwa kuti anatola nation assets,ndiye amaopa kuti tsiku lina mmalawi wina wa law yabwino adzafuna kuti mapeto yiperekedwe kwa Malawi anuwake.

    Chimene chinasintha pakadali pano olo nthawi yimene muluzi amangulitsa ndinali wachichepere ndi mpanda wa bricks ndi kumangulitsa matayala bansi, koma mtengo wake, is not even enough to drive even one ministry of todays budget or even todays times.

    MSB is the property of Malawians, we ready to bell out the problems of our bank just consult Malawians how?

  43. zanga phee says:

    Kumene mwayambako ndiye kupenga ,ofunika ku Zomba mental hospital kuti akakuyezeni.
    Zoona mukufuna kugulitsa bank yoti inayamba ntchito zake MMalawi muno kale kale enanu musanayambe ndale.
    inu amene ndi amene mukuilowetsa pansi chifukwa munakongola ndalama zambiri mikulephere kubweza mapeto ake mukuti igulitsidwe.bwezani kaye ngongolezo kuti tione chochota.

  44. moyenda says:

    bravo kabwila, what was the benefit of malawians from (sold) jet? now is MSB but why! kwanga nkudandaula

  45. Chimbano says:

    The problem here is not about selling the bank to raise cash for recapitalisation but the issue is about following procedures and laws of Malawi. Goodall wants to fool us to sell the Bank in the fraudulent manner please be transparent to avoid raising eyebrows. We are saying that the process should start all over again in transparent manner with the blessings of Parliament.

  46. Chenda says:

    MSB should not be sold because selling all of the Nationalised industries is bringing in more problems of retrenchments, unemployment, poor salaries, bad working conditions etc. The government should be able to own most of these nationalised institutions for development.

  47. James Mandolo says:

    U Can Sell, Till U Sell Every Citizen. Anthu Antundu Wanji Ongofuna Kugulisa Katundu, Think Positively Sometimes, Invest. Thats What Ur Fellow Politicians Elsewhere Are Doing In Modern Era.

  48. Mweeta Ookhwene says:

    Did Hon Gondwe indeed say that the idea behind selling the bank is to shield people who owe it money? How & why?

  49. kasungu banda says:

    Mwanamveka is behind all this. The new bank will be for Lomwes

  50. Moyenda says:

    I think nyasatimes journalist arenot telling malawians the truth . I was there but what uladi said was not the point. Contrary to selling of MSB. Are you there to inform the truth to the nation or confuse it. What was major subject and its sub parts?

  51. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Why does the DPP government bring issues out or to Parliament when conclusions have already been made. If a buyer was already found why r u wasting Parliament’s time talking abouyt it. Kodi a DPP mukufuna musinthe zinthu zonse muzaka 5? A Gondwe akuti sale ya MSB anayambitsa ndi a PP iwo akungochita ‘impliment’. Ndi zinthu zingati zimene anayambitsa a PP mwachotsa. Kodi ngongole zimene mukuti ndizimene zikupangitsa kuti Bank iyi ilephere ntchito yake ndimayesa a Mulli aliso momo 3.2 billion Kwacha. Kutereku magazo ndiwophiphiritsa ndalamayi. Kodi a Mulliwa ngongole zonsezi amati zizatha liti kubweza?

  52. Ziliko says:

    I wish people could open up their eyes and read between the lines. MPs are justified to query this transaction because there is a lot that is happening behind the scenes that you people do not know. This sale is a transaction which has been well planned between Goodall, Chuka and Thom Mpinganjira of FDH. Infact it is a given fact that this Bank will be sold to FDH and this is what must be stopped. These people have been meeting at Capital Hill discussing this transaction, have the other interested bidders also been meeting Goodall and Chuka behind closed doors. If this is a fair process why should it already be known that FDH will eventually take over this company? Why did Govt opt for a strategic partner and not IPO as it did with the rest of the banks? There is more that is happening. Goodall is the one who was in the forefront during PP and here he is again as DPP. To cut the long story short Parliament should protect Malawians in this sale by thoroughly scrutinising the deal and not let it go to a few selfish individuals who are only bent on enriching themselves and making huge profits, dividends and bonuses. There is a lot happening with this sale that is not being made public. Why is he worried about legal implications? Why did he not consult the Attorney General in advance. Musova koma imeneyi tikafika nayo ku msewu.

  53. Mkwaso says:

    National Asset OR National Liability?

  54. chakhalira says:

    The Story is : Should MSB Bank be sold or Not?
    As for me, it seems the main reason they (the DPP) want to sell MSB is that it has Loans that can NOT be recovered. But it seems those people who are failing to service their Loans are the same people who want to buy or re -invest in the same. Does this make sense? Why do these Ndale people want to fool Malawians? Bwanji mutilekere eni ake tiyendetse Bank iyi.

    Get hold of all those who owe the MSB. How much is in Loan Forms? And who are these borrowers? How much does each one of them owe? Do these Loans include those of staff of MSB? How much? This information is vital. Then we handle them outside politics. They must pay back these loans first. Then let us see if we can not retain our Bank.
    Maboza ayi! Zoti anayamba ndi a PP is childish argument. This shows a Gogo atha nzeru.

  55. The whole Finance Minister giving an excuse that it was started by Joyce Banda we are just implementing, so meaning a bad Financial policy made by JB will also just implement ? then continue with one cow project. You are bankruptcy and you think the way to recover is selling assets and pay operations cost. Goodall n your friends you are runout of sound financial strategies. muyendetsa dziko ngati hawker

  56. Ndikutelo says:

    Koma DPP and the are thieves,zaka zingapo zapitazo anakakamiza ogwila ntchito m’boma maka-mama aphunzitsi kuti akhale ndi ma account Ku MSB,ndipo zinatheka. Bingu ndi anzake a DPP amaba kudzela mu banki imeneyi,pano akubwela style Ina yofuna kungoba bank yonse tsopano. Zimenezi sizitheka ndipo tilolela kuifela bank imeneyi. Ndipo mukangoyelekeza mutinva!!!!!!!

  57. Patriot says:

    Eti akuti banki ya K40 billion agula Mulli pa ntengo wozidzira wa K800 thou eti eti.
    Mbala za chilomwezi zatikwana bwanji.

  58. John says:

    The Poorest Nation in the world….


  60. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Mulli owes MSB billions and you want him as an investor in the same bank? This is daylight robbery!

  61. yale says:

    Our jet was sold with no fruits shown to the nation after the sale of the Jet ,now its MSB. Malawians lets we be serious with what we are doing and our minister of finance should be very much careful with the so called IMF gurus. There countries are properly rich coz the y have there own assets that gives them a little something at the of the month .why cant you call ask our own financial tycoons on how MSB can be saved? you mean the only solution is to sale the National asset and you have failed to find and bring solutions to its problems. Please these foreign investors akukumazunza anthu and mukangoyelekeza kutero ,you are putting your own people at risk kumbali ya Job security. Lets we make wide consultations for check and balances. Please our old finance minister ,my dear grandfather don’t leave Malawi on fire ,think of your grand children at your back .Dziko lomvesa chisoni Malawi and limakhalangati Silathu .its very sad and really un called for.

    1. Retired General says:

      This is very sad! Selling our only bank to some investors will be the gravest mistake the government can make. Some times i wonder what really is the role of public private partnership commission? Is it there to strip government of its assets or champion the interests of Malawians? Don’t forget that very recently we have just lost Air Malawi. Mr President and the entire cabinet please look at this issue with a sober mind. Is it really impossible to raise just K24 billion to bail out the bank? In Europe, governments have been bailing banks for fear of collapsing of those banks, so why can’t we do the same here although we very much know that we have very little resources due to donor aid suspension. But we are talking of a national asset here!!

  62. sello Mvuyane says:

    uladi chipumi cha makalacho wamva

  63. Montelo says:

    Where did Goodall Gongwe get his degree from? This man is a buffoon.

  64. WILLIAM says:

    So, should we say Joyca Banda was not wrong for selling the Aeroplane. Because this is almost the same. My question to you anthu a Khwinthi, selfish people why cant you one day sit down ndi kupanga proogramm ya zaka 30. aliyense ku parliament, ko ndikugwirizana nazo mpaka osadzapezekanso mbuzi ina ndkusintha chifukwa chakuti akufuna kutchuka or kutchukitsa chipani chake. We are always busy to make parties instead of dveloping our country. Do you know that most of you idiots, you are happy when in govt, than seeing your country developing. One thing Nkhani ya youth week imandiwawa mpaka pano. iwe tcheya fwetsekeeeee. Early childhood development inali imene ija. equiping us to be responsible for our country. But look now. what mess is our country rural roads, School ana timadzimangira ma toilet. pano tikudikira boma, apo bii tikungodzibibira basi, zake izo bomayo ngati sakumanga toilet. Nanga choncho. Andale dont do things temporarily so that you should be elected.

  65. True patriot says:

    Goodall must not forget that He was once part of PP team before embarrassingly being removed due to corruption charges.Countrymen for how long shall Malawi continue using old and recycled people?When shall we use our dynamic and vibrant youths in key positions?Enter Chilima and exit Goodall Gondwe era.

    1. JB says:

      Gondwe was never part of PP, Atupele is in DPP government, is he DPP?

      Uladi has not denied that PP had already finalised selling the bank, instead he is challenging to impeach the president. that is how guilty people behave.

      About Gondwe being in PP, far from the truth.

      Ask Joyce Banda!! she begged Goodall to join her, he said no! FOUR TIMES, until, she made a pathetic, which made Goodall so sad, he asked his friends in DPP, “Ndingomuthandiza muthuyu”

      They say “Hell hath no furry than a woman scorned” those with ears should hear. (ASK YOUR JOYCE BANDA)

  66. Onasiwelo says:

    This should not be strange some one from the top mountain wants to buy it the way he bought those MHC houses at cheap price and at the same time all who got loans from this bank including the partie/s who benefited from free for all loans on tribalism should have their loans go deep in blue sea. The udf did it and its now the dpp to do the same, shame to this country. where is masaf, where is madef we are starting paying for these loans and yet only few individuals benefited from. I am sure some animals are more important in malawi than others where national cakes are concerned but when its time for taxes everybody is equal.

  67. Golomoti says:

    I totally agree with selling this good bank to new investors. People need to be told the truth of the benefits of selling or keeping it to enable them make informed decision. MSB is abused by politicians, be it from govt or opposition that is why they don’t want to let it go. And we are blindly supporting polictians’ personal aggrandisement. If the bank has private investors this nonsense can stop. How can a few individuals hold the bank at ransom. out of the required 23 billion, one politician is owing 4 billion i.e 17.4 %. Govt must sale this bank so that it should concentrate on social issues.

  68. sabiti says:

    Please recover Billions in loans first and from there we can talk about selling the bank.Who do you want to cover?

  69. khamani!! says:

    Goodall is a disgrace to Malawi and an embarrassment to northerners …. Eeish !!

  70. aurora says:

    i didnt even read the artcle, i have just seen that disgraceful face. what kind of a woman is she,,WANNA BE PATRICIA KALIATI!! IF she was my mother i would disown her immediately she decided to join politics, i hate her even though shes tryna make a sorry to the husband. omg am disgusted by this loud mouth eeeish…i dont even know what i can call u because you fit all th bad names…YOU DISGUST ME WOMAN.

  71. Zebe says:

    Mulli wants to venture into banking! Watch out

  72. Phodogoma says:

    Privatization is a living thing that has lived in our midst and it caused no problem all along. Why today? M.C.P just wants to frustrate functionalities of the DPP. That’s all. Jessie and her pastor are just greedy homos. They will do anything to make sure that the DPP and team suffers on their exodus to 2019. Otherwise a responsible opposition party could be happy to realise that the poor is selling out some of its cause of expenditure.

  73. MCP GVT says:

    MSB NOT 4 SALE. We don’t want 2 go back to UDF tym when most of malawian properties were sold. No to that please.

  74. No sale of MSB unless all those who got billions under Bingu’s Signature pay back the money.Why should people give each other money like that?Do you want to defeat justice?
    Goodall do not cover up thieves.We know you politicians what you do;you want to get more when you are already getting more.

    We would like also like an MP from Phalombe to return medical equipment and supplies he got for unfinished health centre in Phalombe when he was deputy minister of Health.I just hope that it was not another gate.

  75. Mkwaso says:

    Unfortunately Parliament does not have legal authority to block the recapitalization of MSB. I would have loved if our MPs were doing thorough research and consultation before emotionally jumping on an issue they don’t fully understand. In my view, the opposition is over rating itself.

    1. Malawiana says:

      And you seem to be downgrading yourself as a Malawian who should be at the forefront to block a transaction which is bend on declaring the huge loans obtained by politicians as bad loans.

  76. Think Tank says:

    Gondwe should be ashamed. Whenever things go wrong he refers to Joice Banda period. When things go right he claims its them. Tell us how many things from JB era you have implimented or rejcted. which are your own policies

  77. chibwatiko says:

    Wakalamba goodal nde sakudziwa zomwe amayankhula. Forgive him.

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