Pastors despair of infighting at CCAP Blantyre Synod

Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) ends its 30th Biennial Assembly held at its Headquarters in Blantyre divided with church’s political infighting.

Rev Maulana and Ncozana

Rev Maulana and Ncozana

Nyasa Times understands that CCAP leader’s involvement with politicians is dragging the church apart.

CCAP Blantyre Synod is becoming a political wing, claimed one of the pastors attending the assembly, accusing re-elected general secretary Reverend Alex Maulana of allowing politicians to take control of church affairs.

In the run up to the elections, Synod’s Prison Chaplain Reverend Stanley Chimesya reportedly accused Maulana of being supported by the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

On the other hand, Maulana accused Chimesya of soliciting funds from the former governing Peoples Party-(PP) to support his opponents during the campaign.

It was also leant that church ends its assembly with the “cacophony of factions” which will distract the church from its religious mission.

The Advisory Council of CCAP Blantyre Synod has accused the incumbent synod management and presbytery officials of failing to uphold the synod’s Constitution by among others using the church for personal and economic gains.

Church members are calling for the advisory council led by Silas Ncozana, Saulos Chitsulo and Rodney Bonato to help resolve the infighting and bring the church to order.

“The children of God” are at each other’s throats, said once concerned pastor.

He said Ncozana has “enormous qualities and huge spiritual depth” to help the church realign itself to God than political masters.

“We believe it is something that can be resolved,” he said. “If we cannot have Ncozana the synod should seek wisdom from Catholic Church.”

But Reverend Maulana said he will not hold grudges against his critics.

“I tell you it has not been easy, I have been hit from all sides but I thank God for his unconditional love. I however, ask for your prayers, encouragement, constructive criticisms and love,” said Maulana in his acceptance speech after being re-elected.

The theme for the assembly was “Proclaiming good news of peace through Jesus Christ our Lord for all.”

The advisor council recently accused the synod of  nepotism to the extent that some reverends are ministering in the church not because of a calling from God but as a means of earning a living.

The letter accuses the synod management of shielding reverends who are caught drinking beer at various bars and those embroiled in sexual scandals.

“Some have been moved to churches that have more resources than others because they come from the same area with synod management officials. While others have been transferred to churches facing challenges as a form of punishment for not helping incumbent church leaders during elections,” the council said/

The letter further says even the selection of students to pursue theology studies is marred by corruption.

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47 thoughts on “Pastors despair of infighting at CCAP Blantyre Synod”

  1. plyson says:

    is the lord or the name they call upon in worship a serving lord? why can’t he bring peace and justice in the church?

  2. Alulu Kwende says:

    Koma abale mpaka ndi mumpingo momwe kufuna kutchuka mmalo mobweza nkhosa zosochera za Yehova mukulimbanira mipando ya dziko lapansi! Loo! mukanthidwa muona

  3. wangalusa says:

    God does not live in the veins of religious institutions but in the hearts of people that love Him by His grace. There are weaknesses in every existing religious boby in the world. If you expecpt perfection in the operations of these institutions then you are living in a dream world. CCAP has many Christians that live by their faith in God the Creator of heaven & earth despite the weaknesses in it. This trend has not spaired any church of your choice. I mean any physical church. Do not pride yourself of being a member of any church you see but rather be proud of being a member of the invisible church not built by hand of man whose members worship the Lord in truth and spirit.

  4. Chilingamo Mtilatila says:

    Vuto la alomwe ndi kupanda nzeru, kunyenga, kusakondana, ufiti ndi dyera!

  5. ujeni ujeni says:

    CCAP – chitchalitchi chonyasa adachikana petro.Zatsimikizika apa.Maulana ndi wa dyera and has rust 4 leadership – God 4give da new execurtive!!!

  6. GRM says:

    Tell me if i won an election with 201 votes when my nearest contender won with 100, am i not undisputed winner? So what is all this fuss all about? Maulana has won and Ncozana and team should just accept defeat. Bad losers are not only in the by election some are distinguished church leader full of lies. ASATANIC INU

  7. chatonda says:


  8. enoch samuel says:

    Let those re-elected leaders,remember,you point somebody a finger today,tomorrow its you who will be pointed with five finger. Please God help us. Amen…

  9. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Look who is talking? Ncozana??? This man has a double standard way of life. LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIM.

  10. Che Ngana says:

    Munyanya Anthu A Ccap Kupereka Ndi Kuhonga Azibusa Anu Mwa Mpikisano Anditame Ine Anditame Ine Lero Ndi Awa Akuzungulira Mitu Ndi Ndalama Zanu Zomwe Osati Mzimu Oyera Heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Timva Kuti Wina Waikidwa Chakuphazi Ndiiithu.Mbale Wanga Chimesya Kuti Ziiiiiii Kaya Zikumuthera Bwanji Kaya.

  11. Kabotolokamo says:

    The words of the APostles come true PERILOUS times , men loving themselves and boastful ,they seem to have a form of godliness but alas for the church .. Please Lord come quickly .

  12. naphiri says:

    satana ali pakati pathu tiyeni tipephere kosalekeza kuti mulungu atinkhululukile.

    Eee khristu.

  13. Abiti says:

    Mutichotsereko kadawati pa mulobwa

  14. Faith says:

    Pa za Mulungu zachoka tsopano lakula ndi dyera basi. Inafe tinalephera kupita ku Theologica College popeza tilibe abale ku Synod. Aliyense angoyambitsa mpingo wake CCAP yalowa libolonje- ngakhele kuyanjana History yalembedwa mbiri sachapa ngati malaya. Maulana ndi munthu wachabe, wosokoneza

  15. Chimango says:

    The denomination that is headed by politicians, always longing for earthly treasures. That is CCAP.

    1. Mchex says:

      Zamanyazi pamaso pa Yehova, ngati udindo ukutanthauza chipulumutso? Listen children of these leaders, please share some of your money with your parrents, sinomwenu mukamalalikira mumati tisadzikundikire chuma chaku dziko chodyedwa ndi njenjeti? Nde zomwe mukulimbirana inu ndi chipulumutso kapena mufuna mudyeretu chuma chomwe Yehova akuku sungirani? Shame upon you and those who respect you as their leaders, what kind of God fearing leaders are you? Are these good Pasters that can look after better their sheeps? I doubt if you will allow them to feed you the words of God and God Himself cant be happy with them know that. LOOK OUT, JESUS IS NEAR…….!!

  16. ikamuna yamemena says:

    Now I agree with some one who translated CCAP as Church Chosiya Azungu Popita.Total confusion. Remember Jesus is Coming again. Muchedwa ndi maudindo ndi zinthu zokhutitsa mimba zanu

  17. nyavizwazwa says:

    Madam mercy,

    When God builds the church in a man’s heart, fruits of repentance is seen outside. No one can ask wheher a person is a Christian or not. The doings will emmulae Chris Jesus. Amen.

    But with our Pasors these days, their dids are shown outside that they are not of Jesus but money like iscariot. Let he one who is not ready to suffer with Christ hang himself.

  18. redeemed says:

    Zachisoni kobasi ndi za manyanzi. Now how do you intend to bring salvar to least Christian?.


    You do not need the Catholics to resolve this issue. You can sit down wihin the General Synod and thrash out your differences.The Catholics have also the same problems but they tackle them within the Episcopal Conference of Malawi.The problem with you the CCAP you sideline the General Synod because of politics and tribalism.Pray before General Synod each of you and ask the guidance of Jesus.Even if the Arch Bishop can be bribed by politicians he realises that Wansembe Wamkulu ndi Yesu.But in CCAP when someone has attained such position they grow Wings and despise Church Members. Abusa a Blantyre Synod mpingowu ngwa Yesu siwa Pitala, JB, Atupele,DPP, PP, UDF kapena Wa Alhomwe, A Chawa, Amang’anja ndi Anyanja.Kunali Alhomwe ndi Achawa anzanu kumbuyoku pampando omwewu koma sanalowetsepo nyasi yina yiliyonse.Monga mwalowetsera ndale inu.Chonde Yikani Mulungu Patsogolo Osati Ndale Chifukwa Mulangika Zaulere.

  20. little jojo says:

    Have you all forgotten that Rev Ncozana was an abassador to Germany under the UDF government for five years.
    How can he now complain of ministers getting involved in politics. He set the perfect example for others to follow.
    Now he walks out of a church meeting in orotest. He has set anothe good example if how people should sort out disputes, WALK AWAY! kikikiki.

  21. vwapuvwapu says:

    yudas escariot anali pantchito yake ku Blantyre.

  22. Mbiyazodooka says:

    Zonsezi kulimbirana zopeleka za a khristu. Mulira muona sitizipelekanso ngati kale kapenanso tizikapemphera mipingo ya mmidzi yomwe yikusowa osati ndalama zathu kumanyengera mahule ndi kumwa mowa.


    Bwana GS. Kodi a Busa Jailosi Mukuwanzuzira Chani. Munawachotserani pa Chigodi koma osawapatsa Mpingo wina. Yang’anani Ku Mwamba kwa Mulungu ndipo muwaganizire. Musalowetse chikunja mu Church.

  24. Kapolo Msungeni says:

    I Agree with number 1 please bring another pastor at St Columba not Innocent Chikopa he is not innocent at all eeeish. before the church goes in disarray. analnandira kale appeasement yao kuwachotsa ku mulanje pano ngati abusa muli ndi integrity remove this arrogant and selfish Pastor and self centered Lomwe Innocent!1 Choonde abusa a Mchozana ndi akulu akulu anzanu timakubvulirani chipewa you are not there for money like the innocent’s tithandizireni church chathu to bring sanity!!!!! Galimoto lathu tikulifuna limatipweteka ife.

  25. MAENDAENDA says:

    Just like in times of crusades, the church is at it again…with sons of the devil masquerading as messengers of the most high…pretending to be driven by the zeal of advancing GODS will..while in fact advancing their selfishness and greed…Mudzafa imfa yowawa…

  26. mercy says:

    God’s best church is not build with hands, it is the heart because He built our hearts Himself. Check it out!!!!!!!!what are you holding in your heart ? Is it the Holy Spirit or the evil spirit?

  27. Disgruntled Congregant says:

    Uzimu unatsala kwa anthu opanda maudindo

  28. musolin says:

    All synod CCAP are politicians and not church…too much greedy.

  29. gdw says:

    Madyera, simaitanidwenso ai koma ntchito kufuna kudya za anthu osauka basi. God proscribe.

  30. Zagona says:

    The church leaders are criminals masquerading as reverends

  31. Tili Chenene says:

    Is this a church or something else?

  32. anadimba says:

    zadziko lapansi .kumwamba kulibe.Eni Atatu ali Mulungu mmodzi.(ulemu ukhale kwa Atate ,Mwana ndi Mzimu Woyera,monga panali poyamba ndi tsopano masiku onse ndipa nthawi zosatha Amen.) (Tikuone ni Maria wachaulere chodzadza, Ambuye alinanu ndinu odala kupambana akazi onse, ndipo ngodalanso mwana wanu yesu, Maria woyera amai aMulungu mutipempherere ife ochimwa ,tsopano ndiponso panthawi ya kufa kwathu amen.)

  33. Charity says:

    A malawi tiphunzirepo phunziro. Dr Ncozana alibetu first degree koma lero si awo anapitiliza school ndikukatenga mpaka Ph.D. ndiye wina mumamuona mphuno biiii biii kumanyoza. Ndizotheka ndithu. Ambiri alipo ngati mu University of Malawi momwemo. Osamangoti zimatheka pa first degree pokha ayi. Muziyang’anitsitsa ma profile muziona zimenezi mwamva inu. Mxiii

  34. Hope says:

    Ambition is the most important aspect in life but if unchecked it can be a devastating danger u can never control

  35. Congratulations! says:

    Nowadays many churches are not churches at all, but where to earn a living.

  36. Charter says:

    Just how will the church defend the populations during national elections? Shame, shame, shame!

  37. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    The Southern Region of Malawi is infested with money hungry-clerics from almost all religious denominations. Some were so vocal in the run up to the 2004 General Elections and fought Mulder’s third term bid. When DPP rose to power most of them went into oblivion. During last year’s General Election they openly supported their DPP candidates. I don’t want to name and shame.

  38. Nyasosera says:

    Zovuta Kumvetsetsa. Mazibusa akuti Ena atumizidwa kumene kulibe ma resources? Mmmmh whatever that means. Ngati Rev Silas sawera kidzathandiza nawo mikanganoyi a Roman Katolika abwere azathandize. Funso nkumati azathandiza ngati ndani? Kodi CCAP ndi katolika ndi amodzi? Osayitana a Nkhoma kapena Livingstonia bwanji kudzathandiza? Musagulitse mpingo kwa satana tu. Sindikumvetsetsa ine

  39. mr fair comment says:

    Koma abale can the church go on with abusa a mowa akazi ndale mahule kuzikonda kukonda ndalama mzimu wa yesu unachokamo kalekale ungotha agawane ma chalichi ndi nyimbo mikanjo and makapu avinyo

  40. anadimba says:

    zadziko lapansi .kumwamba kulibe.Eni Atatu ali Mulungu mmodzi.(ulemu ukhale kwa Atate ,Mwana ndi Mzimu Woyera,monga panali poyamba ndi tsopano ndipa nthawi zosatha Amen.) (Tikuone ni Maria wachaulere chodzadza, Ambuye alinanu ndinu odala kupambana akazi onse, ndipo ngodalanso mwana wanu yesu, Maria woyera amai aMulungu mutipempherere ife ochimwa ,tsopano ndiponso panthawi ya kufa kwathu amen.)

  41. mr fair comment says:

    The synod needs reforms urgently otherwise l prophesy a division of the synod into three synods

  42. Wawa Phiri says:

    Za Mulungu mumupatse Mulunguyo ndipo za Kaisala mumupatsenso Kaisalayo. Ichi ndichomwe anthuwa ayenera kuchita to bring the wrangle to an end.

  43. peter muthanyula says:

    Too much greed in CCAP. Powe struggles in the name of God… asatana inu. You put selfish interests first and the laity at the end. Go back to the catholic church, the Pope cannot tolerate this nonsense.

  44. Mwama Du says:

    Ikanakakhala Livingstonia mukananena kuti akupanga ndale mmunda wa Yehova. Thanks God sparing our Synod in good political watch and not allowing it to be divided at all besides the Chimwemwe tried to drag it into that trench. My God help the Blantyre synod to reorient itself towards you.

  45. Mwama Du says:

    Ikanakakhala Livingstonia mukananena kuti akupanga ndale mmunda wa Yehova. Thanks God sparinp our Synod in good political watch and not allowing to be divided. My God help the Blantyre synod to reorient itself towards you.

  46. john says:

    Congrats to Rev Maulana. Plz abwereseni Rev Billie Gama to St Columbia on Blantyre

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