Peekabo! Malawi President Mutharika back home after disappearing

Malawi  President Peter Mutharika arrived home Sunday after an overseas absence that led to rumors about a health crisis.

Mutharika back and waves with left hand and right hand seems unwell

Mutharika back and waves with left hand and right hand seems unwell

Mutharika arrived to Kamuzu Internstional Airport in Lilongwe at resounding cheers from supporters of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), heavy police presence and government officials.

After alighting from a private jet, Mutharika waved the crowds with his left hand.

He proceeded to greet the welcoming officials who lined up on the red carpet airpor runway including State Vice President Saulos Chilima and Secrtary to a president  and cabinet George Mkondiwa.

Mutharika greated the officials using his left hand.

The president had not been seen since leaving  for United Nations General Assembly last month.

He remained in United States  sparking  rumours that he was receiving  treatment.

Governmebt spokesman had denied reports that Mutharika, 76 ,was ill. .

His absence had raised the level of uncertainly in this southern African country already in economic and political turmoil.

Frustration has been rising in Malaei over a plummeting economy, daily power blackouts, water shortages  and allegations of government corruption.

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Komatu matenda sitiseweresa abale… MBC nanu phunzirani kunena zoona anthu kumudzi amadalila wayilesi ndipo olo kutchulapo za nkono wa HE… Tiyeni tiuze anthu zoona sionse akufuna ambiri ena otsutsa akhonza kumamuikiza mmapemphero. Chonde Business, Kalilani, Ndau sinthani khalidwe dziko likuyenda ndi technology ili

True Patriot
The numerous rumors about the president’s ill health or worse were, by all means, sickening. It is generally un Malawian to openly discuss another person’s health, let alone when the subject is an elderly and, the country’s president at that! On the other hand, perhaps this whole thing was clearly avoidable only if, for once, some of our public officers behaved like servants of all Malawians and not as masters they are not. Acting with arrogance and issuing empty threats is the least one would expect from such noble offices these individuals occupy. The worry in the country at the… Read more »
The guy obviously looks sickly to me. I doubt it’s anything to do with a shoulder op. A shoulder op would not have stopped the guy from addressing the crowds at KIA or at least answering one or two questions from the private media let alone public broadcasters waiting for him at KIA. The guy could have suffered a stroke to his left side of the brain due to poor supply of blood (ischemia) leading to hemorrhaging. This would naturally affect his brain thus affect mobility to parts of his body in Mutharika’s case his failure to use his right… Read more »

I wish the president good health


Very intersting, people who said Peter is enjoying robust health are now quiet and supporters are talking he had operation on the right arm. Why did you not tell us earlier to avoid speculation. I do agree with calls of Parliament to meet and declare him incapicited and place Chlima in- charge of state. Dzanjalo liwola munthuyu salibwino abale abwerere komwe anali upresident uyimile pomwepo. Asafe chifukwa udindo wa upresident umafuna munthu akhale physiaclly fit period. Richard Msowoya call Parliament.


The thieving Beni Phiri is panicking! Wangochotsa ka K2.5 billion sonosono


Get Well Hon.President Peter Mutharika,God Bless You and your family
Isack From TZ


guys do not be that blind, cant u see that they brought us a robot with one arm not working? the real Peter is @ coma in US, if u r doubting let him have a press realize with journalist but they can not allow that because everything he can speak is programmed, at the current situation we do not have a president, it is better we act quickly, let us learn from previous mistakes!!!

Sadwala Ndani?

If peter is a robot, how do we know that you, yourself, are not a robot? Check your English “Press realize” That confirms you are a robot because this is robot English. I feel sorry for you

Douglas Ndindi
My fellow Malawians, you have said and written enough about the state of the president – both for and against. I think what we need now is to come back to our senses and do the needful – pray for both the leadership and the nation. Whether we like it or not, this is our country, you and I are the nation. God is waiting for our sincere prayers. In case there are some who don’t know how they can pray, don’t worry. Just go to our National Anthem, it is all there. I know there are many who will… Read more »
Awuzen kuti afana apa Salima
Awuzen kuti afana apa Salima

Iwe ndau nsana wamabalawo wangoti chete tamalakhula kaya mutu ngati kayimbi.

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