Peekabo! Malawi President Mutharika back home after disappearing

Malawi  President Peter Mutharika arrived home Sunday after an overseas absence that led to rumors about a health crisis.

Mutharika back and waves with left hand and right hand seems unwell

Mutharika back and waves with left hand and right hand seems unwell

Mutharika arrived to Kamuzu Internstional Airport in Lilongwe at resounding cheers from supporters of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), heavy police presence and government officials.

After alighting from a private jet, Mutharika waved the crowds with his left hand.

He proceeded to greet the welcoming officials who lined up on the red carpet airpor runway including State Vice President Saulos Chilima and Secrtary to a president  and cabinet George Mkondiwa.

Mutharika greated the officials using his left hand.

The president had not been seen since leaving  for United Nations General Assembly last month.

He remained in United States  sparking  rumours that he was receiving  treatment.

Governmebt spokesman had denied reports that Mutharika, 76 ,was ill. .

His absence had raised the level of uncertainly in this southern African country already in economic and political turmoil.

Frustration has been rising in Malaei over a plummeting economy, daily power blackouts, water shortages  and allegations of government corruption.

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71 thoughts on “Peekabo! Malawi President Mutharika back home after disappearing”

  1. mukiva says:

    Komatu matenda sitiseweresa abale… MBC nanu phunzirani kunena zoona anthu kumudzi amadalila wayilesi ndipo olo kutchulapo za nkono wa HE… Tiyeni tiuze anthu zoona sionse akufuna ambiri ena otsutsa akhonza kumamuikiza mmapemphero. Chonde Business, Kalilani, Ndau sinthani khalidwe dziko likuyenda ndi technology ili

  2. True Patriot says:

    The numerous rumors about the president’s ill health or worse were, by all means, sickening. It is generally un Malawian to openly discuss another person’s health, let alone when the subject is an elderly and, the country’s president at that!

    On the other hand, perhaps this whole thing was clearly avoidable only if, for once, some of our public officers behaved like servants of all Malawians and not as masters they are not. Acting with arrogance and issuing empty threats is the least one would expect from such noble offices these individuals occupy.

    The worry in the country at the moment is that every mistake by the president’s advisors, quite rightly, is attributed to the hiring office. No wonder therefore, our presidency has lost all the respect due to the ridicule it undergoes day in day out.

    It is high time our president shook things around. Otherwise, the presidency will continue to be a laughing stock in this part of the continent.

  3. Zaya says:

    The guy obviously looks sickly to me. I doubt it’s anything to do with a shoulder op. A shoulder op would not have stopped the guy from addressing the crowds at KIA or at least answering one or two questions from the private media let alone public broadcasters waiting for him at KIA. The guy could have suffered a stroke to his left side of the brain due to poor supply of blood (ischemia) leading to hemorrhaging. This would naturally affect his brain thus affect mobility to parts of his body in Mutharika’s case his failure to use his right hand. His speech gets affected too no wonder he failed to address the crowds and media – very uncharacteristic of a him – after a long absence from the country.

    The paralysis of his right hand is thus of a more serious medical condition than just a mere shoulder op. Besides, if it was a shoulder athroscopy we could have expected him to be in a sling if it was more severe one or expect him to have recovered by now if it was a minor one especially given the long period he has stayed in the US.

    From that picture l doubt dzanja limenelija likugwila ntchito the way he is just hanging it says quite a lot about his condition and something quite different from an athroscopy surgery. I very much suspect the President had a stroke and his long absence in the US anali pa physiotherapy amenewo.

    In the absence of information from the government on Mutharika’s health we will continue to speculate and that is within our rights to. Ngati akufuna tikhale duu iwo ayankhe mafunso omwe mtundu waMalawi ukuvutika nawo lelo on the health of the President. The cloak of secrecy surrounding Mutharika’s health will not die down unless government or Mutharika address that issue. In every practising democracy, the health of the head of state is a legitimate area of public debate and in the absence of information from government – Malawians are well within their rights to speculate.

    Now, we can just wait for Wednesday that he launches the national ID project. That function may answer most of our questions. Should he fail to address that gathering then our speculation are very founded.

  4. Patriot says:

    I wish the president good health

  5. Maunits says:

    Very intersting, people who said Peter is enjoying robust health are now quiet and supporters are talking he had operation on the right arm. Why did you not tell us earlier to avoid speculation. I do agree with calls of Parliament to meet and declare him incapicited and place Chlima in- charge of state. Dzanjalo liwola munthuyu salibwino abale abwerere komwe anali upresident uyimile pomwepo. Asafe chifukwa udindo wa upresident umafuna munthu akhale physiaclly fit period. Richard Msowoya call Parliament.

  6. Ngongoliwa says:

    The thieving Beni Phiri is panicking! Wangochotsa ka K2.5 billion sonosono

  7. Isack says:

    Get Well Hon.President Peter Mutharika,God Bless You and your family
    Isack From TZ

  8. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

    guys do not be that blind, cant u see that they brought us a robot with one arm not working? the real Peter is @ coma in US, if u r doubting let him have a press realize with journalist but they can not allow that because everything he can speak is programmed, at the current situation we do not have a president, it is better we act quickly, let us learn from previous mistakes!!!

    1. Sadwala Ndani? says:

      If peter is a robot, how do we know that you, yourself, are not a robot? Check your English “Press realize” That confirms you are a robot because this is robot English. I feel sorry for you

  9. Douglas Ndindi says:

    My fellow Malawians, you have said and written enough about the state of the president – both for and against. I think what we need now is to come back to our senses and do the needful – pray for both the leadership and the nation. Whether we like it or not, this is our country, you and I are the nation. God is waiting for our sincere prayers. In case there are some who don’t know how they can pray, don’t worry. Just go to our National Anthem, it is all there. I know there are many who will not agree with me, but that’s my free advice. Ignore it at your own peril!

  10. Awuzen kuti afana apa Salima says:

    Iwe ndau nsana wamabalawo wangoti chete tamalakhula kaya mutu ngati kayimbi.

  11. Julius Malema says:

    Za moyo ndi imfa amadziwa ndi mweni wake CHAUTA

  12. pearson says:

    Zaonetselatu boma ili chilungamo chimawasowa,tinene kuti timanama zoti peter akudwala? Now see one right hand likuoneka lofoila, ndiye 2 to 3 days muzititsazikaso kuti bwampini salibwino? Osagonena chilungamo bwanji? Idiot government officials,ndiye eni dziko ndiye tikamafunsa muzitiuza zoona

  13. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:

    Sick President, Sick Economy, Sick People, Sick everything.

    Tisamuke basi. At 75 years we expect nothing less than death of APM. Anabwera ndi ma engine onokoka kale. Sad for Malawi. Presidents are imposed on us. 2019 tione bwino.

    1. Voyeur says:

      Perhaps u should ask yourself the question ‘Would i say the same thing if the sick were my parent?
      Learn to love others. You may hate the person’s leadership style koma hating him as a person to the pont of poking fun @ him in beyond what a normal person is expected.

  14. Gogodasi says:

    Chenkumbi, ufune kaya usafune ambuyako is back with a rotten right hand. This is what you call robust heath. Tikuonerani, enanu muthawira ku Mozambique,kwinako muzikakumana ndi mayi Mtila moyendamo. There is no secret under the sun as some people say “there is no smoke without fire” – si izi nanga? Kodi Kabwila ali kuti sakuika ndemanga pa mkhaniyi? Liri kale atapokosera, koma udzudzu wa ku Maula udam’tsuka m’maso ndi nkhani ya Whatsup, pano ali ndi mantha.

    1. Voyeur says:

      Do u want Kabwira to engage you in this stupid talk. Time u started concentating on your life basi. That your evil mind will not help u.

      1. KABUTHU says:


  15. Sadwala Ndani? says:

    Let us be civilised. The president is not an angel or God. All of us fall sick. Why making it a serious issue as if it was written that the president is immune to diseases? How many presidents have visited the hospital? Politics ya umbuli ndi yoseketsa. You said he is dead–now he is in Malawi what’s your comment? Instead of explaining your lies now you have switched to left hand. Who told you that he is not supposed to use left hand? Matenda anu 15, 15 ali mthupiwo mwawaiwala. Shame.
    The government officials, the president is for the public malawians, there is no need to hide some of these information, if there is any, because its natural.What’s wrong in saying the president is in hospital? Muzilakwitsa anthu amisala kale.

    1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

      shut up my guy cant you they have brought a robot with one arm not working, the real Muthrika is at comma in US

      1. Sadwala Ndani? says:

        Indeed am talking to a robot. what do you mean “cant you they have brought” ogoh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maiwaweeeeee! ihihi—-

    2. Time for change says:

      We all fall sick yes but did you tell us that he was sick because if you did no one would have speculated.

  16. Dpp never leart anything in the death of chitsulo chanjanji, the history is very soon going to repeat itself for sure.Chenkumbi and Emeneka; whether you like it or not that man is paralysed and very sick. You may attack Gogodasi but the truth stands the truth. Its better to learn in the hard way and swallo the bitter pill that acting foolishly and salvagely the way you blind dpp followers are doing. Find out not all who are telling this are opposition sympathisers, some are dpp supporters with a visionary mind. This blindness will take you nowhere only but only closer to satan who will finally crush you to death.

  17. mbili says:

    palibe cisisi pa ziko la pansi. wansala anaiona nkhondo

    1. KABUTHU says:


  18. mbili says:

    eisch poikila dhilipi anaiwala kucotsa olo kubisa. kuzilimbitsa kuima stleti, koma yayayayya tili pa zovuta. so this silence guyz yu wanted to shove this guy on a plane -kkkkk advised by doktasi komwe analiliko? poti sitikuziwa cipatala analico
    nde strloko ya right side? kkkkk koma ziliko. so yuo want still to whisk him into a nite plane. now bak to where? hahahahah

  19. bob says:

    leave APM and CHILIMA alone,mukamakamba za nsanje zanuzo mukutaya nthawi konzani mavuto muzipani zanu,amene mumati wafa uja wabwela konzani njila yanu lelo.musawapangitse awiliwa adane ngati munapangila JB & BINGU,JB adasankhidwa ndi Bingu kukhala vp anthu nomwenu munayamba kumupatsa mphamvu zamatama kuyamba kukula ntima mpaka kuyamba chipani chake,mwatsoka Bingu anamwalira anthu munasangalala chifukwa chaimfa yake, amai anakhala pampando koma chodabwitsa angolamula zaka ziwili basi lelo ndi awo salinso mudzikomo anathawa dziko lili lawo.lelo ndi APM and CHILIMA Please asiyeni anthuwa musawasokoneze,anthuwa adapeza bomali lilibe ndalama anthu adyela ataba ndalama zonse,ngati amai alibe mlandu akuthawa bwanji?know that from North to South president is APM and vice is CHILIMA(Chill boy) under DPP apo ndiye mufune musafune.

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      ulimmadzi mpwangwa. Mulungu si Jailosi kapena yakobo. Palibe chosatha pa dziko lapansi. fear God first for Him to show you and your president mercy. Otherwise right now i can see doom!!!

      1. Voyeur says:

        Koma doom ikhoza kufikira wina aliyense. Khalani ndi nzeru ndichikondi. Osamagunira anzanu zoipa. I hope God will change your ways. Thanks

      2. KABUTHU says:

        doom timuona kwanu very soon>munthu oipa iwe

    2. FRED says:

      Mavuto andale ndi amenewa, yembekezelani zambiri pakuti Mulungu sadathane nanu, lapani tchimo ndikuvomeleza kuti boma ili tinachita kubela , apo beee Mulungu akatha

  20. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    God is greater and powerful than any living being. So when we talk rubbish to the men of God we have to be very careful. This is just a lesson to our leaders to respect God and allow His will to guide them as they discharge their duties. Where are the DPP and MBC gurus who made alot of noise. Today they are extremely quiet after seeing their Big man struggling to get out of the private jet. He even failed to talk anything to the multitude who were awaiting him at the airport. Generally the mood was somber at the airport. Ma Kaliati and Ada Chaponda were no where to be seen. No smiles from DPP Cadets. Military and police were acting as if there were in the war zone. My fellow Malawians these people shud not take Malawians for granted because God is there to fight for us and he is still fighting. Amen

    1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

      abraz this is just a coincidence musatinamizepo apa akuluwa akula komanso adali onokola kale, basi kumufuna kumukweza kamba Bushiri mu mtengo asa! ma batman a Bushiri

    2. KABUTHU says:

      which men of God are treated like semi gods,never bro.the is clever he can cite the scriptures for his purpose.kulodza kumene mudzina la mulungu wakumidima.shame on u.
      if u want to talk with me personally i can give u my number.munthu oipa iwe.guess what ndine wa chigawo chapakati but koma am not like u

  21. Mchewa wangwene says:

    What is the minister of information saying now? With all that visible evidence that our president is sick can he still lies to us that the president is fit and well?

    Kodi a Malawi tinakhala bwanji? He is our president for God’s sake. Please stop telling us lies. Stop the stupid politics for the sake of his well-being.. It is foolish and stupid of older people to be lying to the young generation. What picture are u giving us? That we can’t trust you with our country? That we are in for a run of lies .. peoblem with lying is once u tell one lies, you generate a thousabd of them more to fend that first lie…

    Please don’t mix politics with our president health. It’s is myopic and very suicidal to marry the two.

    God bless Malawi, God heal our president let alone leave him incapacitated like that so that he lives to see how real business of running a country is rightly done … Dont get me wrong.

    1. FRED says:

      God bless Malawi, God heal our president let alone leave him incapacitated like that so that he lives to see how real business of running a country is rightly done … Dont get me wrong
      MWATI ANABELA????? Or akubisa anthu a cashgate ?????

    2. KABUTHU says:

      ine mchewa zako kuti yeyo munthuso why pple celebrate his illness?

  22. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:

    News coming in: The chartered plane which carried our beloved president is currently still at KIA. Inside sources are saying that the president will be flown out tonight so that he is attended by the medical practitioners. The president will be moved back to airport through a civilian vehicle without the usual security team. Let us keep on praying for quick recovery of our president

    1. price says:

      Ndiwe mwamuna kapena mkazi, mabodzawa bwanji? wapeka kale nkhani ina…shame. Ufa ndi iwe

      1. triple C says:

        Iwe Sandwala Ndani,

        We are all civilized; the problem is that the government continues to lie about our president that he is in very good health. SUPITI

        1. Zonunkha Ayi says:

          Triple C. Sadwala Ndani did not back the action of government. He said to both parties that even the government should take note that the president is for Malawians and they should say the truth if something has happened to the president. So your statement agrees with him but the last word has concurred with the need for civilization. Read again

      2. Time for change says:

        @ Price, that is the problem with people who do not like truth. Has Death Peoples Party said anything about anyone dying. All he is relaying is what he has heard and he said so in his comment. Which is better to say the president is sick or hide the sickness and people discover on their own. The president is sick and that is true no two ways about it. All we need to do is pray for his recovery and that the Good Lord should have mercy on him and our country.

        On another thought it is the DPP that wants him dead. Why force a sick person (the way the president looked when he alighted from the airplane) to come back. They should have saved themselves the embarrassment and let the president fully recover. What shame has gripped the camp. i can tell you that these people don’t love Peter because if they did, they know what best they could have done. They need to repent.

  23. Akweni kuphoda says:

    Why left hand????? I know him as right handed; I remember him waving supporters with both hands all the time as he comes out of the plane. Why sudden change of habit?????

  24. digo says:

    Is not of good will to wish someone dead,we all know how rotten our country has been since we welcomed democracy.our population is still uncontrollable and yes scrabbling from the limited resources.
    The government officials shall never stop corruption as this is the trend in most African leadership.
    As malawians,we need to start changing our mindsets ,lets work to improve and show our leaders that should they consider to empower us with resources,objectivelly we can surprise ourselves.
    We need leaders with vision in directing the resources into sustainable development,our neighboring countries are doing much better because they know what the have and how to use it.
    Stop local politicians,otherwise be smart in international politics for the gain of the country please mayi malawia.

  25. Waphuma says:

    sick president in a sick country with sick people…ayayayayaya….mavuto mwee…Munthu 75yrs still clinging to leadership yet running of a country is big big business …ndiye 2019 yo muzikagwa mkumina tu…lol

  26. Orton Chirwa says:

    Robust health mumanena ija ndi imeneyi kapena tidikire Ina?

  27. Kkkkkkkk says:

    At that age he can’t recover from a stroke. Any chance he had of recovery was taken away when he was forced on that flight. Its downhill from now on.

    1. Voyeur says:

      And this is funny to you right?
      Mulungu atichitire chisoni

      1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

        walira kadeti hahahahah, nsuzi uli pa chiopsezo kkkkk

  28. ndakuona ndakuonau says:

    the photos above are taken on different days. today the president did not use his right hand as potraid on the second photo. the neckties are different too. How come you don’t want to show the truith to the public. a nyasatimes nanu mwayamba kutibwatika eti?

    1. Mphate ya Eneya says:

      Monga tidziti anthuwa didn’t that their president used the left hand when alighting from the plane? It was as if akufuna kugwa potsika unless MBCtv imajambula plezdent wina. He is not well he needs prayers he is not well! Nyasatimes ayipatsa chi buns thats why they used old pics to confuse readers
      I wish him kwik recovery and continue enjoying his robust health as he leads the country. Though the robust life is causing him not to use his right hand.

  29. Lexton says:

    Disapointed. Had hoped for a change of leader. Kaya mwina that makes me sound like a bad person. We’ve had enough kaya. This president and his DPP has no ideas.

  30. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Majority of people fall sick. Its no strange thing at all. But to tell me that the president is in robust health when I can easily see that something has gone wrong with him to my is a mockery Mr. Information Minister.

    Please, stop joking about the president…….

  31. Gringo says:

    Now I understand why my Malawian friend is refusing to discuss Malawi, he’s always saying ” Malawi si’ dziko let’s talk about something else”

  32. Achi says:

    I can see that DPP is punishing this guy. I could see an IV on his right hand

  33. Sugarfree says:

    Left or right I don’t care all I want is electricity and water do something am fed up

  34. Why over suddenly using his left hand sounds phoney

  35. The Democrat says:

    Right hand paralysis is cause by a stroke which can leave the right hand paralysed. Mutharika cannot use his right Hand we clearly see that ob his arrival after weeks of absence without leave.
    What is next, will be a wait for the inavertible follow up DEATH. The President is dead long live President Chaponda! Prepare APM’s grave!

    1. Bingiza says:

      Look at the picture. He is using his right hand to hold the guard rails of the steps.

      1. Bingiza says:

        My previous comment is now redundant because Nyasa Times decided to remove the picture that showed Mutharika holding the guard rails using his right hand.

  36. vituar says:

    Eeee.. Mabvuto aja alipobe. abwanawa sakutithandiza ndithu. thats why people were excited to hear that he may not be coming home. that he remains where ever he was. tinakawona zina ndithu. Gulu ili ndi chiphyinjo pa Malawi ndithu. kusowa kothawila tinakangothawila kwina ndithu.

  37. Gogodasi says:

    Mutharika is back yes, but his health is unquestionable – he is sick, effectively rendering him incapacitated. Parliament must hold an emergency meeting to allow Chilima to take over. When has Mutharika ever greeted the people with his left hand when he is not left handed? Now it is obvious that he cannot sign any official document using his left hand. If he is to be declared statesman, he must tell his cabinet the truth about the status of his health and allow Chilima to take over the Presidency by following the constitutional requirement without having another midnight six scenario. We want the seven rotten ministers exposed and investigated.

    1. Emeneka says:

      Foolish person you think with your dick who told you that APM was ailing. He has an operation on his right arm not that he had a stroke. So you were thinking Chilima was going to become president thats why you were soreading stupid rumours. APM shall be there past 2020.

      1. mbili says:

        a emeneka mupusa nazo izi. bola duuu basi

        1. Banda Elias says:

          All the best my President, takunyadilani kufuka kwanu ena amati mudafa koma si inu mwabwera..Inu ndi munthu mukuyenera kudwala kumene, ena ndi oipa mitima ngankhale ali opemphera atha kumakupempherelani kuti mufe mudachita bwino kubisa za matenda anu, anthu oipa awa. Ndilipano kukupemphererani kuti muchire kuti satana achite manyazi. Kukakhala kuipa mkwanu a President koma singatengere kuipa kwanu ayi ndinu munthu ndithu, aliyense ali mpokomera pake, munthu mmuthu salephera kukhala nzake zokanika

          Ambuye azikutsogolerani a President okamba akamba onena anena atopa okha, pali nthawi yakubadwa ndi yakufa why kufunilana zoipa kukhala President mchifukwa shame on you mmmm mwaonjeza amalawi penapake muzikhalika

        2. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

          kadeti kulira mokweza kuti mayo ine amalume tsala madzi amozi mayo!

    2. Mubarak says:

      But why hide sickness? Everyone can be sick, even cars do breaks down. Look now huge embarrassment to the Chapondas you can clearly see the right hand with wounds and blood…the president should have been left in USA to fully recover.
      Mutharika Kids:
      Please help your dad to put his health first and do resign than forcing himself to rule at the expense of his health. Please if you love him, advise him to step aside…we live once power you can get it at any time.

    3. Bangula says:

      basi wafa ziwalo uyu

    4. chenkumbi says:

      agogodasi, kwenikweni mukufuna chiani,? zimene mukufuna sizikumveka. You are mentioning Chilima, 7 cabinet ministers, whose names did not reach the president , what exactly are you after. What god has chosen no man can reverse it, not even a devil like you can do that. Peter was voted for by people in all regions, central south and north. in fact is the only president who has MPs in all regions.His vice is Honourable Chilima, we voted for them. He is still alive not dead as you speculated. A hand is not a big deal in life that’s why God gave two hands to be used.

    5. Mchewa wangwene says:

      My fellow patriot Gogodasi, It’s the very same 7 ministers who will try to block the transition. They want to stay on in business so what will happen now is politics of propaganda against the VP. They will try hard to fabricate things and evidence that will incriminate him. Being a man of scandles before, they will dig his past like hell. Let’s watch things as they unfold. Fact is they have rushed bringing in the president in that condition. Another taxi payers money will go down the drain by paying those hired doctors to prolong the president’s life to as far as they can so that the devise a plan to stay in power.

      God bless Malawi

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