Police disperse MCP protesters over Kabwila suspension

Malawi Police in Salima on Friday afternoon dispersed Malawi Congress Party  (MCP)protesters in Salima north east who openly told party president Lazarus Chakwera to immediately cancel the suspension of Jessie Kabwila.

Kabwila supporter carrying placard

Kabwila supporter carrying placard

The protesters said they wanted to deliver a petition to a constitutuency chairman over the suspension of their MP from the MCP.

However, the police and party officials told the protesters to follow procedure before taking to the road.

Kabwila and others were suspended on allegations of insurbodination and Chakwera said he suspended Kabwila because of calls from her constituents.

Chakwera and MCP are sailing through turbulent political waters with many senior members of the party including secretary general Gustave Kaliwo questioning the leadership style of Chakwera.

In turn, Chakwera has fired and suspended a dozen MCP senior leaders in what some political commentators say Chakwera is purging dissent violently.

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15 thoughts on “Police disperse MCP protesters over Kabwila suspension”

  1. Damn one man single handedly is pushing my MCP to the drain

    1. Mario pei says:

      When did you join MCP? you have been UDF then DPP who are you trying to fool… How did these so called rebels get access to MBC?

  2. Dick.di says:

    MCP dying. DPP moto.!!!

  3. nyakixy says:

    Santana you sound like you are Kabwila yuorself

  4. Hede says:

    Ife Ndife and santana. so you mean an elected MP has no followers but a few district chairmen who disowned her?

    1. Ife Ndife says:

      Kabwira alibe gao mu congress. In fact her own constituents have disowned her. She is a nobody as I am writing and we have already identified MCP shadow MP for Salima North East. Kabwira has no single support in MCP, only her family supports her

    2. Santana says:

      Hede and nyakixy, Jessie has followers but very few (quarter of a drop in Pacific ocean). How do I know? I work within her home area. Khombedza, 50 meters from Mnesi F.P. School you find her fathers original home, but you can doubt of her coming from there because there is no house or anything to show built by her; mark my words; if you are like Thomas Diddimus come to Salima, use Nkhotakota road from Kaphatenga, before reaching Siyasiya Trading Centre, there is Khombedza and you branch right and you travel 4-5km from the tarmac road and find out by yourself. She hardly visits her constituency and when she comes she parks her vehicle along the dusty road and visits her relatives who live in pathetic houses. When Jumbe was campaigning, he often came to Msalura C.C.A.P Church pleading for support and I remember him donating MK100,000 towards the construction of church wings. Since he got what he wanted he never came back. I usually go to USA and Canada, but whenever I come back I have never heard his presence upon asking the individuals in the church. Salima has the history of not repeating the MPs expect one who had always stayed with the people and helped them unconditionally. My Point: Kabwila and Jumbe has failed Salima people and the nation as whole. You can’t criticize the MCP leadersiph in Death People’s Party attire and be beamed on the State controlled channel. Hede and nyakixy let’s debt, are you comfortable with this economic crisis. I am comfortable because I come from the North and we are all educated in our family and we all help our parents and our relatives who are in university and huge fees does not affect us; this applies to all individuals in the North. North may look dead but people are alive because we are sending to money to our parents from here. On the other side am uncomfortable because having Christian values I feel bad seeing other people from other areas suffering. Jessie is the only one who is highly educated at home village where she is an MP. Find out. Her relatives are struggling educationally and she is very comfortable seeing them that one, pathetic.

  5. Satehouse says:

    A house that is divided will not stand but fall. If there’s dissent in MCP, dissenters must be purged, violently if the dissent is violent. Bingu said: “When Lucifer dissented against God, what did God do? He purged Lucifer!” So what wrong is Laz doing? People must be disciplined, respect their leaders and follow procedures when advancing their grievances – Jesse, Chizanja, etc chose to undermine the party and its leadership. Good riddance.

  6. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    The mere fact that Dr Chakwera is mentioned as the person who should reverse the suspension of Dr Kabwila is a source of great concern.

    This suggests that the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) constitution has concetrated power in the President of that party. This cannot be good for any organization. It leads to abuse of power, breeds a culture of sycophancy, fear of free expression, and other abuses of power.

    If indeed the MCP constitution is this faulty, it is time it got changed. There must be structures that can independently deal with conflict resolution and disciplinary issues. From the letter purportedly written by Mr Kaliwo, there appears to be no democratic space in the running of MCP and the disciplinary resolution mechanism is grossly faulty.

    It is a pity, that the main opposition party which positions itself as an alternative government, does not appear to follow the basic rudimentary principles of a democratic dispensation.

    The sooner this changes the better for the country. No governance can be sustained without an effective and credible opposition.

  7. Ife Ndife says:

    Chakwera More Fire, no retreat no surrender. Kabwila is not wanted in MCP, munthu wamayi wosokonza achoke achoke!

    1. Morgab says:

      Msowoya should work up fast and save the party from total collapse by taking over leadership from Chakwera. Please Hon Msowoya do something. You can build a better team with Jumbe Kabwira, Njobvu

  8. Santana says:

    Photographer, How many protesters were there? Majority rules! Can you please paste an additional picture so that the public can verify and get satisfactory gesture that majority in Salima are against the MCP leadership? I am from Salima, where Dr. Jessie is an MP. What is on the ground is directly proportion to the picture you have pasted. I agree with the political commenters that Dr. Laz is purging dissent violently. You as a writer and human being, what can you do if the stomach is churning violently? Definitely, you purge violently.

    1. Gomezga says:

      But from the look of things there were only three people two holding the poster on the sides and one on the middle. Where else could a photographer get more people?

      1. Santana says:

        Gomezga, umayanga bwinobwino or you go by assumptions? There is only one holding a placard, period!!!! My assumption: the man seems to have tied or nailed the placard on both ends to something, because I don’t the fingers holding it; look closely to where the letter “No” is.

    2. Mario pei says:

      Hahaha Kabwilas DNA in this comment

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