Political analyst attributes Malawi woes to ‘accidental leaders’

A political expert has attributed the current political, economic and social problems due to what he described as accidental presidents since the dawn of multiparty system of government in 1994.

Dr Chinsinga:  Malawi has been led by accidental leaders since 1994

Dr Chinsinga: Malawi has been led by accidental leaders since 1994

Blessings Chinsinga, a political science professor at the University of Malawi,  told the high level all inclusive Public Affairs Committee (PAC) indaba on Wednesday in Blantyre that since 1994, Malawi never had a visionary leader.

He said instead, Malawi has had leaders who came to power with a group of people opportunistically, without any clear vision for the country except looting from the public coffers to enrich themselves at the expense of poor ordinary Malawians.

“The political system is not delivering on aspirations of the people. We have a broken political system,” said Chinsinga who titled his presentation “How long must it take for us to reach the promised land”.

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and opposition top leadership sat attentively to listen to Chinsinga’s thought provoking presentation.

He said the problem was that prior to 1994, Malawians were just interested in toppling the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) one party system of government whose leader Kamuzu Banda ruled Malawi with an iron fist for 31 years.

The analysts said soon after the fall of the one party system, Malawians never sat down to chat the future of Malawi in the selection of its leadership.

Chinsinga focusing on the current Malawi situation  commented on the hunger crisis.

“it is unfortunate that despite heavy investments in agriculture, Malawi is failing to feed herself,” he said.

He also criticised public sector reforms, saying the country is yet to start enjoying their fruits.

The political analyst noted that Malawi parliament is reduced into a praise-singing House and not a chamber of constructive deliberations for the nation’s good.

“Our parliament is not vibrant. It has not moved away from the culture of worshiping leaders, singing praises,” he noted.

Chinsinga accused politicians of practising patronage leadership for self aggrandisement.

“Politicians try to be in good books with government to win contracts, can not offer constructive criticism,” said Chinsinga.

He advised that Malawi needs an independent private sector that will be free from government bondage.

Chinsinga also asked government to create “genuine self rule”, viable political projects and avoid corruption.

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25 thoughts on “Political analyst attributes Malawi woes to ‘accidental leaders’”

  1. Iback says:

    All you who have eyes to see I ask you to start looking. And all you who have ears to hear start listerning. The problem in Malawi is not what you are writing here. Malawi needs a leader I say not just a leader but a leader who can move Malawi as a country to go together with the rest of the world. Our main Challenge in Malawi is education. Malawi is the only country on earth which up to date has no University. What do you expect from people who went to EFT colleges like CHANCO, POLY, BUNDA etc. Malawians please start thinking. Look at our infrastructure, roads, bridges, school blocks thats a sign that the country is lucking a university. How can a graduate who graduated at university design such ugry schools we have in Malawi? Malawians starting asking yourselves, is Malawi a country or a village?

  2. sd says:

    This Chinsinga is dull. Ur talking about vision &yet ur criticizing public [email protected] time want to see its fruits in less than 24months? R you such stupid? GO TO HELL,Malawi is full of accidental educated fools like u that’s why we R not developing..&not the other way

  3. Mugonapamhanya says:

    I can never allow my son or daughter to study a useless and time-waster like political science. U don’t need this time and money-waster to become a politician. Magufuli of Tanzania is chemist by profession, Kamuzu was a medic, Obama is a lawyer like Peter, Mandela and Clinton. Political science is a useless course. U listen to the so called political scientists at your own risk. If u study medicine u become a doctor. If u study engineering u become an engineer. If u study economy u become an economist. If u study political science u don’t become a politician, u become a fool.

  4. JOYCE says:

    This notion of always blaming politicians for everything I do not buy it. This country is messed by all of us-politicians and non-politicians. Go to all government departments mukaone anthu mmene akubera ndalama zaboma. These are not politicians, they are civil servants. DO NOT JUST BLAME POLITICIANS FOR OUR OWN STUPIDITY.

  5. Realistic point of view says:

    We might criticize Dr. Chinsinga, but that won’t help solve the problem. The issue we have in front of us is the decaying of the economy of which all of us are affected and are going to suffer it continues to fall. Whether they are accidental or not, we all know that they have been opportunistic and cannot deny that. Common people are you and me can have a huge impact on change when its time to vote, but at times like this what we say do no matter. The last sentence of the article above is part of the solution that Dr. Chinsinga proposes the government to do and many other people have already pointed other things we need to do. It is now on the hands of the government to implement those policies being suggested. We have enough educated people in our country to solve these problems we are facing,but there are few people up there who continue to enjoy and accumulate wealth when there is chaos like this and are not willing to open the floor for new ideas. Have you ever thought of how to achieve austerity when the president and ministers still have high allowances? More money is being allocated to education and agriculture, but why do we still have issues with our colleges and hunger still the same old song? Go to Bunda College and see what crops and quantity the university is producing. Then, go back in time, 20 years ago, and see what it used to be. This is where public reforms comes in. We need effective institutions to do this. Vision, commitment and an understanding that we have these issues and that they are real is the way we can defeat the problems we are facing. This is our country and we can do it

  6. chisinga dazilo lilibe tanthauzo eti?wasonyeza umbuli apatu.

  7. Bwanjiaphunzisi says:

    A Chasinga,just try to become an MP,then we can see and hear your daily noise!!!!

  8. We r having plenty of water but just wasting to zambezi yet admarc is there why cant u have farm and grow staple food three times a year than buying?

  9. Gay Envoy says:

    The Good Mphunzitsi and his mental hallucinations. These so called political scientists make good noise in classrooms, school corridors and seminar halls. Expounding theories for thinking that others will absorb and implement is close to nothingness and mere talk show. Where are the political scientists UNIMA has been producing over the years? we need them in political corridors to turn Malawi round. Or they are also busy theorising like their Mphunzitsi. the folly of Malawi university education too much theory and less practicality!

  10. 2016 welcome says:

    @ 1, what else do you want Chinsinga to suggest? Are you too much a simpleton to fail to see what has been articulated in the the article? We have office bearers who are charged with responsibility to act on the suggestions Chinsinga has ably provided.

  11. Agalu Inu says:

    Bande you’re a dull person. If you have nothing to say just shut up. Prof. Chinsinga has clearly stated the solutions to our problems and yet you can’t see even one of them. One of them is Malawi should stop having accidental presidents to rule this country. One day we’ll show you the perfect president and Malawi will tick economically, politically and on food.

  12. Accidentalleaders says:

    Dr Chisinga you are cheating the Public, Malawi is NOT led by ACCIDENTAL LEADERS I thought you successfully and legally elect him? Don’t talk like a one year baby for you knew what you were doing and don’t you know yourself that our leaders have had gone to school and in fact College corridors? Stop it!!!!!

  13. Mbereka says:

    I am sure the Professor has already suggested solutions to the problems of Malawi. This is a University Professor and so those seeking solutions should not expect spoon feeding from him. The Prof. says one of the possible solutions is that our politicians should stop politics of praising in Parliament. The other solution is to free the private sector from government bondage. Another solution is that politicians should chat the way forward to come up with ideas that will help Malawi. And another yet solution is to avoid looting and develop the country with the heavy investment that we have in Agriculture and other sectors. Just imagine politicians selling each other tractors which were supposed to benefit all Malawians and then they fail to use the tractors. So those asking for suggested solutions from the Professor, what other king solutions are you looking for?

  14. Milward Malidadi says:

    …..and who told you that when selecting a leader in a democracy you sit down? You register and vote, period!! This just demonstrates that the so called accidental leaders are governing accidental intellectuals amongst many!
    If our leaders, who have been Malawian have all been accidental, that surely means that as a people we are all accidental – that is including you, Dr accidental Intellectual.

  15. kambanizithe says:

    Nanunso A Bande tangokhalani chete if mulibe chokamba,kodi company yokonza magalimoto ndiyomweyonso imawenga mafuta a galimoto?Chisinga akunena zoona tiyeni tikonde dzulo lathu ana anthu tiwakonzere tsongolo labwino not critisizing each other. Do u tell me u DT understand what chisinga is saying?Malawi is going backward still more we can’t voice out and make Malawi the best place for us and our grand children,what’s wrong with us Malawians.

  16. nabetha says:

    Woe to a country without honest and objective intellectuals. For it is honest and politically neutral intellectuals who bring up ideas for the improvement of society.

  17. Nandeka says:

    Ndiye pamenepa titani a Prof popeza mwatibweletsela theory ya accidental history?

  18. Chimuzanga Majoti says:

    There is nothing called an accidental leader when a party goes through a convention, choose a leader who goes for a national election and is voted into power by the masses. Where is the ‘accident’ part of it here?

  19. KUKHALA says:


  20. reasonable man says:

    accidental leadership indeed making accidental decisions and the casualty – citizens. cry my beloved state. How can the whole agriculture minister attribute shortage of maize due to transportation problems. pride is what characterises accidental leaders. tell us the truth kuti chimanga kulibe and at least if iam to die of hunger i my relatives won’t blame you,but to say you have a lot of maize n yet ppl are suffering is extreme absurd. deliveries from govt 200 bags. and from Bushiri its 5000 bags. bolanso bushiri kuposa the whole govt with its accidental leaders

  21. Kenkkk says:

    Very good. Amve a galu a dpp, pp, udf and all southerners tribalistic voting. Even a cow from the south can win an election by defeating a person from the centre or north. That is how bad tribalistic voting is harming malawi.

    Then how do you expect a cow, an animal from the south to solve malawi’s economy?

  22. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Accidental leaders indeed, who have made the country to import even singano 51 years after independence. Rubbishi, we had Mandala Motors, Mulanje peak, David whitehead, B and C, Malawi could made radios(nzeru), batteries, shirts( robin bridge). Muluzi sold everything ( lack of vision), Bingu stole alot of money and also Muluzi, Amayi ehe stole even mapwala athu, Then comes………..ehe. We need to be visionary in the country, otherwise we will continue importing condoms, needles. Rubbish called Malawi.

  23. mtengowanthete says:

    Chinsinga, this is very true, kodi tidzakhala tikumva moyo kuwawa mpaka liti? Mzeru yochokera m’ma book apa yayandamatu? atsogoleri osamva zonena anthu awo komanso ofuna zawo zokha, akumalakwitsa kwambiri ndi andale adyerawa, amawuza President ma bodza pofuna kuti azikondedwa, we are tired with such leaders ,

  24. Kadausi says:

    That is a failed state. Nobody cares about that country. Even international partners don’t care. Imagine all our elections since 1993, have been unfair with lots of rigging. Yet international observers have in all of them declared credible.

  25. Bande Brian,Bac,MBA (2016) says:

    Dr chinsinga ,can you please come up with solutions to these economical problems Malawi is facing?Time of finger pointing has gone.Can you advise the gathering what must government do to restore the falling economy.We need short,medium and long term solutions.

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