Poly students apologize over demos: Want University of Malawi to reopen institution

Students at the Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, say are sorry over recent demonstrations they organized following disagreement with management on allowance issues which has led to the closure of the institution.

Polytechnic Students Union President Jaston Bulaula

Polytechnic Students Union President Jaston Bulaula

President of the Polytechnic Students Union Council (PSU) Jaston Bulaula and General Secretary Rogers Nyirongo, say in a statement that the students would like to express their “heartfelt apology to the general public and all concerned stakeholder for the disturbances that some misguided students caused..”

During the demonstrations on Wednesday August 12, the students blocked the highway causing congestion and other inconveniences the members of the general public.

“This act is backward, uncivilized, uncalled for and PSU condemn this act in strongest terms,” reads the statement in part.

It says the PSU believes in contact and dialogue and that “any misunderstanding that may arise can be resolved at a negotiation table rather than going to the streets.”

The students’ body says it is currently working hand in hand with the college, university management and other stake holders to make sure that such situations are avoided in future.

“The Polytechnic Students Union Council appreciates the cordial relationship that exists between the students and the public and hope that apology shall be accepted,” concluded the statement.

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80 thoughts on “Poly students apologize over demos: Want University of Malawi to reopen institution”

  1. You must know!!!!!! says:

    You GUYs, aku POLY ndinu makape kwambiri. Chilinchose ndi demo. We are living in a GVT of Mafia. Yu make nonsense, yu are chased. The question now is who suffers most. Its yu students with your acclaimed stupid human lefts to allowances. Mbola ma guys. Yu are coward. Ndapita, mukupanga zophutsa mukudziwa choonadi kuti ku Malawi kuli mphepo ya ntchito. Zanu zimenezo.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Scot Cliche says:

    There is no denying the President has the authority to hire or fire members of his Cabinet, except the Vice-President, but these appointees assume constitutionally stipulated positions of power over us. They deserve better. The remnants too .







  4. Ana otembeleledwa. Mxiii

  5. Chimutu says:

    Mind u ntchito zikusowa kunjaku ndie mukamapanga zautsiru zanuzo ngati sukulu ndi yanu yokhayo muzasowa okulrmbani malo atatha inu mutakhala 7year pa ploy ngati mukupanga MBBS. Ine ndie salary yanga yalowatu kaya wa poly azaiona liti. Ana a njoka inu musamatitopese kumatisekera miseu ngati ndiyambwiyani chikhalireni kumuzi kwanunso ndi ku mazi abango kovuta maendedwe koma matama ntown.

  6. johntembo Kuffor says:

    CLOSE THIS INSTITUTION FOREVERMORE. It is redudant to the newly COMMUNITY COLLEGES being established in every constituent.

  7. MADOLO says:

    Hahaha, paja anzanu akakhala osamapanga ma demo kapena akapanga apologise after a demo mumati ndimakape lero mwadziwatu zoti si ukape koma kuiwelenga. Makape ndinu a Poly and Chanco amene in the name of kuvuta mumakhala zaka 6 pa college chonsecho mukupanga program ya 4 yrs

  8. Nkhule says:

    Polytechnic must be closed indefinitely. We establish an International pub for us to stop over and enjoy. Those who are very drunk or they need prolonged enjoyment can put up a night at the hostels. If Poly is left an institution for high learning, it may turn into a dangerous place where many may lose their lives. One wonders how learned people may go hey wire in the streets to attack innocent people on something that is taking place in their school. Worse still, the behavior started way back and is refusing to die even after many people have complained about it several times

  9. Bande Brian,Bac,MBA (2016) says:

    What poly students did was the behavior of uneducated people.We don’t want this to prevail again in our institutions of higher learning.They need to understand OB and apply concepts where applicable.Is this the way of solving problems?.NO..NO..NO

  10. Saddened says:

    I urgently appeal to students to quickly realize that university education is a privilege as Government invests much more than the token tuition fees charged. It is by no means a right.

    With the benefit of hindsight, I feel ashamed of our past conduct as alumni of the Polytechnic when we used to resort to forceful means to put across grievances instead of aggressive diplomacy and peaceful boycott of calendar activities. We ended up spending one year longer at the college than the designated time.

    Most painful is the precedent which we propagated, that is, attempting to use the Highway as a bargaining chip. If truth be told, we should bear some responsibility over this culture of occasionally inflicting violence on innocent motorists. Once again, I look back with utter shame and guilt.

    May I therefore appeal to the college authorities to foster sober dialogue among the students, college administration, parents, alumni as well as Government representatives.

    I just feel that the right context in which the challenges are arising and best way to deal with them need to be conveyed to the students. Also, such a forum could allow the students freely express their grievances. Best way forward, under the circumstances, can then be agreed by all parties. I trust this would foster behavioural change.

    Let me close by apologizing to those whose property was damaged by students, no one deserves to go through such experiences. Also, students, please understand that violence solves nothing in life but destroys credibility, trust and dependability. These are important building blocks for your future professional lives.

  11. pharamutheko82 says:

    iwe ndi malawi bwanji sunapite musewu iweso ukungokanda machende ndendiwe munthu opusa kwambiri yemwe anayamba wakhalapo padziko omadziwa cocita kuti dzithu zikozeke koma kulephera kupanga kumaloza zala anthu ena shame on u

  12. mankhaule mlamu baaba says:

    a SHATAP

  13. mankhaule mlamu baaba says:

    zankutuu!!! uchitsiru, maallowance anu anali ku mseu? chipepesocho nchosavomerezeka, khalan kumudziko kaye agalu inu,SHATAP

  14. Mapwiya says:

    Please, Identify These Goats That Led The Demos And Suspend Them Until Further Notice.

  15. Ask to your Father Chanco Mighty Before Demonstrating………………………………………………kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Akakutsegulirani I beg you pliz send your Kids from your TTC so that the mighty Chilunga may train them on how to move on with Demonstratins……………………………………….

  16. Michael says:

    Apa pakufunika ma perpetrators apezeke and achotsedwe school

  17. Surgent Fwipi says:

    If Malawians had a spirit like that of Poly students going to the streets when voices are not heard, Malawi would have been a better place. Someone somewhere would have been made to work. Personally I don’t blame these students. Malawians are leaving in blackouts, no water, no nothing and yet ali phwiiii kumangokanda machende. Anawa mwawachedwetsera ma allowance which means someone did not do his work right inu mukuti alakwitsa. Mbuzi za anthu inu. Katundu akungokwera, kwacha kugwa, ngini ikusokonekera inu mukongowonerera. Mumati amawa atengere za inu! Abakha achabechabe. Chomwe mumayenera kuchita kunali kupanga join anawa and that would have been the start of a revolution that Malawi badly needs. In the past, university student were a voice of the people. protesting over rising maize prices. Universities world over initiate change. Musadane nawo anawa. Inu khalani ndi tulo tanu

  18. Bwabeka Darlington says:

    we run the city, kodokodo amakoma kuposa kulandira Dgreeeeee,, kukodola mwapansipansi

  19. Golomoti Chifundo says:

    Poly students are nothing but a bunch of idiots these days. So uncivilised I wouldn’t wish to send my dog there. No employer will have appetite to employ you village thugs. Mbuzi zotha ntchito hakweeeee!

  20. chimboro says:

    Public universities school inatha.Check your fellow students in private colleges.Tukumutuku zakale basi.zoti poly////////////////////////////////

  21. Parallel Market says:

    My appeal to Govt and University of Malawi is that these Polytechnic pupils need to be reformed. The college should NOT reopen for the next SIX months to allow these kids undergo total transformation of their minds into useful, wise and productive citizens of our beautiful republic, Malawi. Gone are the days of condoning mediocrity!!

    I was once a student of mighty Poly but such stupidity did not arise.

  22. MBWIYACHE says:

    These dogs must re- apply for admission and if they are serious each of them must bring their parents.

  23. madson says:

    indeed careful banda, don’t act like students from mkombaphala universities yo khoza class yonse like with distinctions like DMI university … we like you as employers we do not feel happy when we see our cleam graduates to develop our companies,,, plz poly don’t do this again and again

  24. Charombanthu says:

    Inali Poly kale imeneyi. Everybody used to respect us here in Blantyre tikamayenda aliyense nkumati student wa pa Poly uyo! You brats have turned it into a secondary school behaving like headless chickens just for allowances. No wonder you are taking 6 years to complete a 4-year course: to whose benefit? As employers, we are watching….

  25. Jahman says:

    Mumayesa? Mukhala choncho amphawi ngati inu… Simungatengereko anzanu a medicine ayi? Shupit

  26. MABVUTO says:

    We feel ashamed when we hear that our sons and daughters are doing these stupid things.Even employers are keenly watching to your behaviours .

  27. m3 says:

    Mwazindikira liti kuti zomwe munachita ndi zolakwika?nkachingati kameneka kumva nkhani za ku Poly?munazunzitsa anthu osalakwa mmiseu komanso kuchipatala ma tear gass anazunza ma Patient.ine mnali konko Tsiku limeneli ndipo mnabvutika nawo limodzi utsi wokhetsa misoziwu.Anamwino odzayamba nchito usiku anayenda mozunzika kamba ka kusaganiza kwanu.komanso mumagenda miyala magalimoto a anthu odutsa mu mseu kodi iwo anakuyambani chiani?Anasunga ma Allowance anu ndi iwowo?Galimoto za personal kumaonongeka kamba ka inu Mwaya pati INUYO
    ?Ayi mukuonjeza.Ufulu opanda nawo responsibility ngati uwu sindinauone.mubakhala kunyumbako mwina mukhwimwe maganizo kaye.Chifukwa mumaona ngati Dzikoli si la Chauta koma lili mmanja mwanu.

  28. Careful Banda says:

    Our youth has lost any sense of respect and responsibility. The individual perpetrators need to be severely punished – they are known so take action. Apologies are not good enough anymore

  29. sigweje says:

    its good that now u have realised that u r just delaying yourself in your studies.

  30. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Ana opusa kwabasi. Mukhale six months muli kunyumba kuti mukhaule. Apology yanuyo mukaime nayo mu highway because thatw where you thing contact and dialogue is. You opted to resolve your issues by damaging property. You should face the consequences. Inunso ma finale, pompano mudzifuna support ya ma symposium anu. Ine nde I will really advocate kuti ma company asakupatsende funding for your symposiums because of the characters you recently shown to the world of being vandals.

  31. vwapuwvapu says:

    university students behaving like young goats, jumping up and down.
    How shameful. koma ng’ombwe simunawetepo ayi. copying nonsense.

  32. Mabilinganya says:

    Mapazi anu ana nonse a pa poly! Mukuwona ngati inuyo ndi gulu loyamba kukhala pa jikolepo eti? Bwanji osamayima mu highwaymu ndi kumapepha tindalama mukufunato kwa ifeyo ! Agalu inuuuu.

  33. Experienced retired registrar says:

    Please we nee apology not only from students union leader but also from the following offices:
    1. The office of Poly Principal for taming these snakes and failing to solve the conflicts amicablly at college level.
    2. The office of the Registrar for poor administration over numerous demos at Poly almost every semisiter. The office of registrar is dysfunctional.Please do not dare to transfer the failed registrar to a stable college. This registrar is main causative agent.
    3. The office of the Finance office failing to tally his account number VS students needs until demos. Why being stingy with government funds?
    4. The governent office for being onlookers over Poly demos. Something is wrong here. Adminnistrative support should not be transferred but give it early retirement. They shown us a good of free dramas from poly. The government should ask Poly seniors to contact other colleges how they manage their students. Do not only deal with the DCs. These so called Poly administrators have something to explain. Do not send these seniors to any stable college as you dont put a rotten fish in a basket of fresh fish. no no mboshombosho but t maphwevuphwevu.

  34. Cymru says:

    You Bulaula and your friends, do you think when disturbing your studies Malawians will suffer? No, it is you and your colleagues who will suffer. You are a generation of disgrace. Parents are struggling, sacrificing to have you educated and you don’t show your commitment by working very hard. You are lucky. Some of us went through very tough times when we were in the same University of Malawi but we never bothered to go along the roads and disturb innocent citizens. Do not take your personal problems to people who even have nothing to do with them. Even your behaviour, which employer will be interested with such unruly generation. Poly Management, tell them point blank that it is up to the so called student to concentrate and finish their studies or to delay and concentrate on bad behaviour. Tell them that you still receive your salaries whether they stop learning and are at home. The problem they think they are very important when actually they are nothing. Life in Malawi will not stop because somebody is refusing to study. You useless, disgruntled so called students, you are a shame to Malawi. Malawi is going through many problems because of useless, brainless people like you. Do you think you are the first people to access tertiary education? We are fed up with you. Let the University allow the good among the bad to go back and continue with their studies. You spend the money on beer when your parents are struggling to ensure that you are good citizens. You must be very stupid generation.

  35. sinior says:


  36. xxxx says:

    Students for poly do not qualify to be university materials. These are supposed to be held boys and girls for our cattle in the villages.You behave like headless chickens.You do first then think and reason logically later.
    Ife ndi malecturer ndi staff ya koleji yathu timamvesetsa zedi. Ndipo kuphunzira bwino kwake ndiye lolo, yayaya.Ifeyo timamaliza nzeru za lecturer wathu chifukwa sitimamukwiyaisa. Komanso admininstration yathu imaganiza fast zedi osati madeya anuwo ayi. Hahahahaha. I am enjoying.

  37. Bandawe says:

    The current students have more rights than responsibilities and duties. They think they can conquer the world by being rude, nasty and more surprising stupid.
    The issue at hand only save to emphasized their own stupidity and naivety. They are a bunch of misinformed gangs than students.
    Instead of spending 4 years at the Polytechnic they would rather spend 7years. How foolish these guys are.
    By the way why is it that The College of medicine students don’t protest as foolishly as these people do? Is it that they do not have anything to do or their workload is simple to afford to loaf around?

  38. Komaso poly management need to apologise to students for confusing students
    Someone is not doing his job at poly or is trying to please politicians instead of facing their failures they introduce confusing conditions to the students. You don’t just change policies for continuing students. For Example
    One of the contencious issues is about on-campus accommodation. Why should final year students be displaced from on-campus accommodation in favour of first year students? You start looking for own accommodation at final year – this is not on
    They say they use random selection to allocate students in college accommodation. This system is prone to corruption
    Komaso a college amakaniza malo kuti private developers can construct hostels on campus despite having huge idle land. A Malawi housing Corporation analephera ku poly. Ku chanco they constructed the flats over 2km from the chanco campus pano ana amachita kukwera ka baza. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE INSTITUTIONS

  39. mesho says:

    Jastin Bulaula or whatever they call you, you are stupid. You are lacking leadership skills. How can you mobilize your boys and girls for a demo over allowances after testing the desks of Poly just in a week. You are mad.Umangobwerabwera kape chamba. Worse still, when you are in bad mood you dont want that mood to die in you alone. But sharing it with otherswho dont need it by going on the streets or going to other colleges . You are a fool. Your old dilapilated college is not better than mine for that matter. Yet you cause problem downtown. I want to make it a point here, never dare to come to my college when emotions are driving you like a faulty car. Otherwise you will meet jakishoni of ambien,doxepin, or vallium. You are useless.Last time you broke the glass of my best college in downtown and you have not repaired it. Then what type of apology is that? Mesho I can assure you that I am back to the college and kuphunzira kokhako yayayaya.Why do you behave like a neurotic homos?

  40. madson says:

    we cant forgive you enanu mumangotera anzanu mavuto alitho kwanu, nde ngati mumadya bwino ku school zanu, mubavutika kae, mupiteso panseu muzikalemba maina omwemunawachita chipongwe kut tidziwe kut mwasiya,,,,, president we maso ngat kuthako,,,

  41. KAMBWE says:


  42. NN ONE says:

    Its good to think twice before you act other wise it looks like nonsense.

  43. SAPITWA says:


  44. wa ku Mitchesi kuja!!!! says:

    The apology should be accepted only if
    – the students stand along the highway, and hold clearly written signs of the said apology
    – the students themselves, or thru their student body or anybody (I don’t care who), pay for
    damage caused during that demo.
    Anything short will not suffice. These Makape (uncivilized and ungrateful individuals) perhaps need to learn the hard way.

  45. Ability says:

    Misguided students? Who misguided them? The Students Union. The demos were staged because of yo misguided leadership. Kukhala ngati oyamba kufika ku university ndinu nokha bwanji? What correlation is there between Stuudents’ Allowances and the Highway? Huh?

  46. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    Mumatsogolera ndili nomwe anyokopala

  47. ululu says:

    2013 intake mpaka pano one is still year one.,,.. hishhhhhhhhhhh.

  48. chechipapwiche says:

    always making wrong decisions. You were once the best college but now its Bunda. Look at the PhD holders at Bunda and the professors

  49. anadimba says:

    ngati tikulephera kulandira salary ife ogwira ntchito m,bom a nanjinanji inu?mwezi uno ati anayesa kulaula kulipira mwamsanga. Koma mmm.sukulu imodzi yomweyo ena kulandira ena ai. Abale enafe tidziti tachitidwa ommit kapena ayi. Ana athutu akufunika fees. Siinu olandira zambiri komanso anaanu nku malipiriridwa.

  50. John says:

    Nobody will listen to your apology. Ana opusa inu. You take yourself as if you are the most educated. But you are not!

    Ifenso tinali ku university komweko but we could behave during our time. Mukhala choncho agalu inu.

  51. wadiya king says:

    ine ngati poly student, sinapepese nawo, i owe no apology to the public. sm of u it seems u dnt do ur homeworks very well. mukuona ngat makolo athu sapereka tax mumapereka nokha???? dnt open ur mouth n tok shit wen u hav no information on the ground

  52. Mungete says:

    Mwakumana nazo ana inu. Mwaiwona public opinion? You hv made urselves fools. Next time u shall fail to demonstrate on credible and genuine grounds. You thot u wud attract public sympathy

  53. Endtime says:

    Ana opusa inu

  54. wadiya king says:

    some of us were not consulted on whether to apologize or not, this is Bulaula and Nyirongo apologizing not poly students. i owe no apology to the public as a poly student. and u who say we dng pay tax it is clear that you dnt do ur homework to find out that most of the tax collected are contributed by Unima student, open ur eyes sluts!

  55. Namarokoro says:

    Genuine Graduate, did u just say u hold a PhD??? Well, this is shocking. How come u don’t even know the difference between ‘leave’ and ‘live’??? U can live on tight budget and not leave on it. Last time I checked, the past tense of leave was left and not leaved. I don’t take bullshit…

  56. Tili Chenene says:

    Thank you for your maturity and wisdom to apologise like you have done. However, I hope management will opt for January, 2017, which I support so that you should really feel the pain. You are stupid

  57. Wanzeru says:

    Zitsilu za ana inu, kuchititsa manyazi. Unima dont open this college yet, give them 6 more months, charge them hefty fines upon return. Need to bring this to an end once and for all. We all know things are not going well in the country, mavuto ponseponse, but we cant just start breaking and burning things. Very uncivilised of you Poly idiots.

  58. sangomaaa says:

    Ana opusaa inu…mumamvetsa chisoni ine tate wanu

  59. Miss Madam/Sir says:


  60. Koma abwere kumsewu adzapepese or else we will not accept their apology .

  61. Genuine graduate says:

    I pass through Poly on my way to work, the thought that these idiots could call someone like me, graduate of two to western university idiot is appalling. Every where students leave on tight budget, the learn to leave withing their means: I leaved on cheese sandwitches mainly during my PhD studies and packed meals-boiled potatoes, cucumbers and canned meat during my undergraduate. These guys want to eat at restaurants 3 times a day. Its never possible. Complete baffoones who can not even manufacture a singano/needle want to behave like kings, on whose tax/sweat? Idiots

    1. straight outta blantyre says:

      bwana genuine graduate, to ‘leave’ kumatanthauza kuchoka/ kunyamuka. to ‘live’ tanthauzo lake ndi kukhala. tiyiwunike bwino-bwino PhD yanu

  62. S Malamba says:

    Poly students are a big disgrace to the nation. I really don’t understand this lot. Imagine swearing at the general public, who eventually employ them, on things they are not part of. At the end of the academic year, they make noise about employment symposium. Really? To employ who? The same people who swore at us, break our vehicles? Please grow up Poly. I will no longer engage any Poly student who would want to do their teaching practice at my school. Never again!

  63. Poly Bongos says:

    Silly children. The biggest problem is that Malawian children whether at tertiary or on malalangalanga street don’t think. So foolish.

    That’s the reason come election time they vote like headless chicken, leaving us stuck with stupid presidents.

  64. gwede says:

    They have to pay back the damages. Ifenso tinalipilapo in 2003, ndipo college inapanga profit yochuluka

  65. Mtunda says:

    That’s the way to go guys. Salute u for coming forward to apologize.

  66. Let Us Pray says:

    Sorry for you Poly Students. You are already one year behind and now you are adding yet another year. Chancellor College, Bunda, KCN is ahead of you and you are miserably trailing, very sad!!. Oh no!!!!

    But based on what you chose to do I would urge the Principal and all Lecturers never to reopen the College soon so that they can learn the hard way, after all the students are on the losing end may be some sense can be pumped into their dunderheads. Mwayamba kutichimwitsa tsopano ananu. Koma ndinu zitsiru na vindele vyakufikapo ananu.

  67. ma hope a stella gwengweya says:

    nyapanu agwape inu. you think you’re special or something? ife tinali pa poly ili school yeni-yeni osati nsanza za poly zamasiku anozi.

    khalani kaye m’makomo mwanumo mkuudya soya pieces for a couple of more months then you’ll learn.

  68. Zagwa says:

    Bwanji? Watopetsa bonya mmakomomu? Welcome to the real world. Malawi wa lero…..as you say muisovenge!

  69. drogba says:

    This apology is not accepted. Why?? Because it is only made by you two people, not all students. That’s the problem of Group Psychology, the feeling that when you’re in a group, you can do whatever you please, including smashing other innocent people’s property like vehicles. You forget that you’ve not started paying taxes yet and that Poly is run by our taxes; the same people whose property you smash. Uchitsiru Ana a ku Poly. You think you’re the first people to attend a University. PSU, call your fellow morons, contribute money and pay all the damages you made to whoever was affected, and hold a peaceful demonstration apologizing to Malawians otherwise this apology is fake and I were your Principal, I wouldn’t dare call you sooner than June 2027

  70. Professor Kamangadazi Chambalo says:

    What about my vehicle you dented and needs panel beating and spray painting. Realise also that some of us were there before you who are going to university not becoz of intelligence but where you come from. Even timayeso mumalemba lero pa form anali a standard 8 nthawi ya ife. You are fucken idiots ana a Poly grow and be responsible. Mind you that college is run by tax payers money. So why smashing our vehicles? Pa…….nyi…………niiiii pamanu

  71. Zondiwe says:

    How many times will Polytechnic students apologise?
    Each time they have a ‘misunderstanding’ with authorities, they come to Chipembere Highway and block the road, and even damage motorists’ vehicles.
    The Poly is wrongly sited, and some of us wish that it was located at Soche Hill.
    A Primary School could then take the place of Poly.
    Better still, let Poly be taken over by Queen Elisabeth Central Hospital.
    We are sick and tired of the Polytechnic nonsense that happens all the time. Professors, Lecturers, Workers , Innocent Motorists as well as the Government are all held to ransom by unruly polytechnic students. This behaviour has got to stop forthwith.
    Principal, do not be in a hurry to reopen Poly as the students are immature and irresponsible.

  72. titus Scoti says:

    That’s good of the PSU to apologize on behalf of the wayward students. My plea is for the college management to heed the apologize and open the college. Let all students sign with the college that they will never be involved in similar acts in future.

  73. Jame says:

    They r idiots if I was there was to make that place all queens hospital and transfer that college in chikwawa smashing a car for an innocent person is that true and fair

    1. Tengupenya says:

      Enough is enough. Convert the campus to a boarding secondary school or integrate it to the hospital of queen Elizabeth central. How do they harm the tax payer who funds the school, akagwere uko!

  74. yamsy says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kukula kumsewu sikothesela mavuto good idea the Leander of tomorrow

  75. makito says:

    Moved. Lessons indeed need to be learned. Students have done their part. It now remains for government to do theirs. No unnecessary demos, government to plan and communicate properly and we have a functioning Polytechnic.

  76. Extra Point says:

    PSU students and other students learn to understand that the institutions where you are today were set up many years ago meaning that there were students before you and there shall be after you. Causing havoc to public does not show any intelligence but lack of understanding. You shout at your would be employer simply because you are still studying first degree not yet where others have been. You pour insults at people who are feeding you through heavy taxes that is not what intelligent people should be doing. Soon you will graduate and see how mad it becomes to work and pay tax.

    Express your grievances in a more mature way. See things from a bigger pictures and not from an individualistic point. You cant push the governments over and over, you just delay yourself. Good you have apologized and hope you will change when you are back in school.

  77. Kanyimbi says:

    You blocked my car. I will never employ a student from Polytechnic to do practicals at my company. Anyway it seems that you are now coming to your senses. This can only make you to stay for a long time at college like that student who was called Lucifer (he ended dying before completing his studies at CHANCO).

  78. Mbiyazodooka says:

    You so called PSU are a disgrace. Its not wrong to carry out a demonstration for justfiable reasons but rather it is the manner in which it is carried out. First you needed authorisation to demonstrate and secondly not to inconvinience other people by blocking highways and destroying property. By saying you will never demonstrate again, you have compromised too much and you Bulaula are a weakest leader of the students union in recent memory.

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