Poor turnout marks bypolls: Mutharika votes in Thyolo East

Voter apathy characterized the parliamentary by-elections that were conducted Tuesday October 7 in Thyolo East and Blantyre North constituencies as well as in five other local wards for councillors.

Voter apathy

Voter apathy

Mutharika casting his vote in Thyolo

Mutharika casting his vote in Thyolo

Voters being assisted by electoral official

Voting in the Thyolo East parliamentary by-election started on a low note with most polling stations having only a trickle of voters.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika went to cast his vote at Goliati Primary School in Thyolo East. He arrived at 12:40pm and took just four minutes to finish the whole process of casting his vote.

Mutharika was even surprised with the voter apathy and was overhear asking some senior officials why the centre had registered a low turnout.

Speaking to journalists after casting his ballot, Mutharika who won the seat in May 20 elections but relinquished it as he is Head of State, said he had “to vote and exercise my right to participate in voting.”

A snap survey by Nyasa Times at some polling stations in Blantyre North revealed low voter turnout at most polling stations which opened at 06:00 hours.

Voter turnout was impressive in the morning in Ntcheu for Kandeu Ward in Ntcheu North Constituency but later declined gradually leaving polling staff with no people to attend to.

MEC was conducting the by-elections in the two constituencies and five wards after voting was postponed during the May 20 Tripartite Elections due to death of aspiring candidates.

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40 thoughts on “Poor turnout marks bypolls: Mutharika votes in Thyolo East”

  1. Its not voter apathy no,no,no,but a reflection of pipoz feelings,anthu sanavotele DPP pa 20may umboni mwaupeza nokha ndi ma by-elections,mwa-antu 58,000 analembetsa ku thyolo east only 6000 voted???????ku blantyre north frm 48,000 registrd .voters ovota 9000?????Zikutiuza chani???

  2. Malawi says:

    Tatopa ndikunamizidwa.

  3. peter says:

    The vote apathy was a reflrection of what mbendera did for 20/05/2014 voting process. He should immediately resign from this post and go back to Judicial. He is not a capable person to handle voting process. He should be ashemed by now.

  4. JAYJAY says:

    vindere vikutondeka nakuvota uwo.kulongoleratu kuti even mavoti ya pa may 2014 vikavota yayi vikibira waka.vindere ndi chewa na viyawo bavibra mbeno vili chete.

  5. Nkhondomukaya says:

    I will only vote for independence of the north or federal government.Zinazi ayi.Zobera tatopa nazo.

  6. anonymous says:

    i cant remember when last Nyasa times write something sense without critisizing APM this web page is boring

    1. Dreadful. Mwikhoma says:

      nthawi zonse timangomva zotukwana boma, palibe kuyamikira kuli konse it’s obvious dat it’s a certain conspiracy which z busy getting money to feed their families as amonthly salary from opposition groups and parties “IN this way u bless the leader and it’s Government.

  7. John Banda says:

    I will NEVER vote again.

  8. H Kamdidi says:

    It is not surprising that few people went to vote after all people have realized that it is not their vote that makes one to win but rather the courts. They know that even if they wake up early in the morning, at the end of it all it is Justice Mbendera who will decide the winner.

  9. saidi says:

    why vote when your vote will not count!!!! Kongovutitsa moyo

  10. Unkolo ako says:

    Mutharika thinks he is funny. After discouraging people with their rough tactics in the main elections he has the nerve to ask why other parties are not taking part. Don’t worry Petala, soon it will be your turn to deal with voter apathy.

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Expect a larger DPP caucus in parliament after these bye-elections. Regardless of the turnout. Chala m’mwamba!

  12. Kapeta says:

    Ndiudindo wa aliyense kukavota, osamangolosokosera basi ziwanda eti?

  13. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Zamanyazitu. Ngakhale kwa Goliati anthu osakavota? This should give DPP food for thought.

  14. MKWAPU says:


  15. Wakiki says:

    Mwewakolo muvoteregheshe awalisha winu. Wowo mukasala. Nawalisha satuvotegheshe awakolo witu wowo tukasala. Une ndangavotela umundu yo wepe ali ninyumba yake, ndalire lumo ughali bghake. Fyakutamyanashe. Changamuka wakukayo. Itulo Nandi twinge mmaso tukwegha amisi nusukusula kumaso. Nawuka!!!! Mulamuke woshi wo wa kuwelenga nyastimes. Une ngumatula icha kuchipwela kwa nangaya yo atakuplika lwake.

  16. SALOME says:

    koma agogo a kwawo kwa APM ali pachithunziwo amadya mokwaniradi akundimvesa chisoni, akuvutika kukavotera wina kuti aziwabera ndi sapato yomwe alibe

  17. Seasoned Political Analyst says:

    #9 Agreed. Is voter apathy surprising? It is not. PEOPLE know that it is the courts that give the result of election and not the vote. 2019 it will be worse indeed. the courts led by mbendera will determine the winner. Why waste precious time. Kumangokazinga chimanga basi kapena kusewera bawo than to waste lining up for nothing..

  18. Yobe boo says:

    Koma kusavotako sikuthetsa mavuto a kulephera kwa MEC ayi, tiyenera tikavote ndithu.

  19. mgwantha says:

    Development should not be politicised. This is the reason why people abscond politics.

  20. Alungwana says:

    Mazizi Phiri and Magret Phiri, what is the important of voting if we refer to May 20 elections? I think it is time to talk the reality. Since those elections, what development and changes have we seen that we can encourage someone to vote? My vote is my power but is this true? Kuwanamiza anthu akumudzi being baked in this hot october and you give them no development. I think the elections are becoming a waste of time.

  21. wonder boy says:

    What do you expect from the people who voted for another leader and the looser was imposed on them

  22. North Pole says:

    I see no reason why MECHANICAL had to administer the by-elections. These people stole our vote and if they were able to steal the presidential vote, what more with MP or ward counsellor?

    Mbendera, you are a Lomwe and do not blackmail us because we know you received more than MK450 million to sell the presidency to your home boy Mathanyula muthalika. We know that your money was deposited in a south African bank account.

    You sold our country and with the call for federal government, eating that money tastes bitter and sour.

  23. kukhala says:


  24. Craniwell Yabooka says:

    If people’s wishes are circumverted by power hungry politicians there is no reasoning of standing on a queue. Mwaziona nokha ma “riggers”.

  25. Ticoon says:

    Haggai 2:21-22

  26. ndale za pa malawi nanga cashgate ya jb yavotanso

  27. baby says:

    Voter apathy is understable becoz pp supporters did not vote.

  28. Kukamwa Mulamba says:

    Low Turn-Out means Malawians they don’t want you DPP,the Party which rig Elections…

    It is sending out a clear message that Peter Mutharika is State President of Malawi on stolen vote shame Manyazi bwaaa?

    Ingotulani mpando bwana,aliyense ndi nkhuku zomwe zikudziwa kuti inu ndinu wakuba

  29. Alungwana says:

    Dont be surprised with the low turn up, in 2019 it wil be lower than that. People have realised that anthu andale amangowapusitsa. Malawi’s politics are becoming a waste of time and stupid that lenders on few to be sucesful. Dont fool people.

  30. Magret Phiri says:

    Goooooood that the leader was there but sad that very few took part in this elections

    Malawians let’s start to recognize the importance of voting

    This is a process where we elected our hopefuls who can bring developments in our constituencies

  31. Mazizi Phiri says:

    Sad development but hope at least more than half took part in the voting process

    We also have to commend APM for taking part this is good development. This should be a lesson for all of us

  32. Khodza Mwazanzi says:

    We love you dear president

  33. Basiyano says:

    It is indeed your right your Excellency Sir

    That is a good example hope others came to vote bcz you went their

  34. Sim says:

    Yes thats right APM

  35. Rhoda says:

    Thanks for exercising your right bwana APM

  36. Keke says:

    APM true citizen and a wise leader

  37. Liz says:

    Thanks for voting bwana APM

  38. Motse says:


    mkudzavota pamenepo DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Happy says:


    But hopefully all voted DPP because APM was there

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