PP acting president Uladi faces arrest over ‘citizenship scam’

Malawi Police are closing in on opposition Peoples Party (PP) acting president, Uladi Mussa to arrest him for allegations that he abused his powers when he was Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security by granting citizenship to immigrants from Rwanda and Burundi dubiously, Nyasa Times has established.

Mussa:  Faces arrest

Mussa: Faces arrest

Mussa, has found himself on the wrong side of the law following investigations and revelations that he, using his multi-million racket, gave hundreds of Rwandese and Burundians citizenship status through dubious means in return for cash.

The outspoken Mussa is said to have abused his ministerial powers from November 2012 to sometime early 2014 by pocketing huge amounts of money in granting citizenship to foreigners who, according to immigration laws, were not qualified to be conferred the country’s
citizenship title.

Information and documents in Nyasa Times possession reveal that law enforcers are working on how to arrest Mussa without causing public uproar with enough evidence already gathered.

Mussa could not immediately comment on the impending arrest.

In one of the cases in the documents, Mussa is accused of granting citizenship to a Rwandese, Eric Banyana, who instead of applying for citizenship for only his wife, Kandenzi Alufongwa and children; Eric Havigineza and Angelique M. Eric, ended up adding six more people on
the application list which was submitted to Home Affairs office.

Worse still the ages of the extra names were outside the bracket required on any single application form. The other names and ages were Lucia Kamagaju (35), Davis Mbabazi (38), Agnes Gakuri (33), Juvinal Ndatinya (49), Francisco Habimana (25) and Phocas Nikwigize aged 45.

As an adult and family man Banyana, based on laws, only had legal jurisdiction to apply for his wife and children under the age of 18 at the material time. Everyone beyond that age was supposed to apply separately for their own citizenship.

Mussa is said to have abused his powers through his racket and granted citizenship status to all of them and pocketed undisclosed amount of money from the extra names.

The former minister told Malawi News, a national weekly newspaper, that as minister he had no
powers to single-handedly approve any citizenship application and that he only responded to a memo from Immigration Department.

Despite pushing the blame on Immigration Department, Uladi is currently the central point of a probe initiated by the department to uncover the racket that is seemingly bigger than it looks.

Sources at Immigration Department say the applications are dubious as they were not fully completed and had several anomalies when compared to other documents presented by the Rwandese during previous applications dated 2008.

The influx of Rwanda and Burundi nationals in the country’s major cities and trading centres has persistently worried locals who wonder why and how these foreigners acquire citizenship, land and business permits without following procedures.

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23 thoughts on “PP acting president Uladi faces arrest over ‘citizenship scam’”

  1. Jenalae says:

    AT no 10, you can identify a Malawian by their language and where you come from. Burundians and Rwandese are foreigners. You can’t say because do not have ID then, you can’t identify them as local people.

  2. chem'phito says:

    lamulo ligwile ntchito,makani ndindalama zakuba.

  3. Samuel says:

    Zomangana apitala sizabwino, mudziyitanira mavuto coz Sheih Uladi saliye, Bingu adamanga achair adaziyitanira mavuto its a fact akadapanda kumanga achair pano Bingu akadakhala ali moyo. JB adamanga pitala pano alikuti? You dont silence your political oppornents using the arm of law, Pitala usalore izi zichitike munthawi yako, Ndikukupemphelera kuti Mulungu akupewetsa kumabulanda adachita anzako mbuyomu. Mulungu akupase nzeru

  4. Chambe says:

    This is a serious matter. It must thoroughly investigated and the culprits face the music in court . Those granted with citizen ships illegally should face the law with their citizenships declared null and void.

  5. Bazuka says:

    This is really wish hunting. You better consentrate on building our country and not what you are trying to do.

  6. wanganye wanganye says:

    Kodi ya midnight six ndi ya uladi yoopya ndi yiti? Tayambani mwamaliza kaye milandu yonse yili kumakhoti yija, mumakonda kuziyamba zinthu zoti simuzikwanitsa bwanji? Ife tikufuna chitukuko osati zankhutu zanuzi tatopa ndi timilandu tanu tachabechabeti.we want development not cases,kusowa mfundo basi mxiii zopusa basi.

  7. Cathy says:

    You malawians especially DPP guys you you will not win the case. You failed Muluzi and now you are attacking burundians. We will bring 100 international lawyers to face you.

  8. Nzika says:

    He straightened up, and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at him.”

  9. Vyamba ivi anganyayimwe Kwa Africa kuno atani aku Burundi wo …tamverani Ku Ghana uko akuyitanira citizenship Kwa Wina aliyense ….mwasowa volemba eti

  10. tennyson wa musisipala says:

    MUSA as a minister at that time was responsible assenting citizenship documents presented to him. He had advisers who also took part in the scam

  11. Arasha Betha says:

    You have to gather enougah evidence,change goal azakuchititsani manyazi.Mukufuna kumupezela mulandu wabodza chifukwa cha zidani zanu.Cashgate Yadutsa osamvako dzina la Uladi,pano mwayamba za Burundi.Manyanzi Bwanji?

  12. Mzozodo says:

    That had to happen, Uladi stinks corruption, I hear he would grant citizenship by receiving K3, 000, 000 per application. Most Rwandese and Burundis, albeit coming here as refugees have been granted passports. It is a shame, a big shame indeed!!

  13. Mussa says:

    Chifukwa choti ndi acting and fierce critique of the current govt. Ngatidi u r serious on corruption tamalizani kaye milandu inayi kenako arrest him. Malawi is only known by political witch hunting basi. Go ahead prosecute him but this just tells us kuti mukachoka m’boma nanu mudzazunzidwe full stop. All this time what were you doing on Mussa’s corruption?

  14. Jelbin Mk says:

    But anyway without ID documents how does someone acquire a citizenship? I remain to be schooled on this. Otherwise no any formal identification of any sort but only a mere title that u are a Malawian of a foreign origin with tangible evidence. But whatever the processes you follow follow them though am not really convinced that you can be able to identify a foreigner in Malawi without national IDs exept for someone’s language otherwise Malawi belongs to all who enters its borders full stop.

  15. Denguzman. says:

    Who wrote the memo to Uladi? Ngati zili ndale ndiye mwaziyambira pa mimba coz Uladi simumutha. Zopusa….

  16. Thomola says:

    Izi si za ku Portugal or 577 bn. Be realistic at face the facts for the issue at hand. Anyamata a PP bwanji kukonda scapegoating?

  17. chigo says:

    no wonder , our population is increasing like a lightening.how come within ashort period we are coming close to 19 million.while our friends in Zambia they are ten million.please do something?

  18. zoona says:

    Police pse do your job Uladi just benefitted the scam was Elvis Thodis baby. Just ask those who worked at Home Affairs. The racket is bigger than you think. More than 500 foreigners got MW citizenship. Some of us kept records.

  19. From Imm Dept, Mada says:

    It has many processes before the app reaches the min , it’s applied at the HQ in BT and after scrutiny sent to Area 30 police , to FIU , and than a committee looks at min of home , it also passes through the Imm desk officer at min of home , the ps at home and than its been handed over to the Min who has to decide Yes or No. Min has all he powers and what about those who have been issued with citizenship , are you going to take back the citizenship, how ll the corruption be proved. No case to answer.

  20. gigo says:

    Malawians you’re not safe at all. This is what all the Ministers do. They charge K500,000.00 for every business permit and its very normal to them.

  21. Howard says:


    Malawi is a waste of land!..

  22. Ze Roberto says:

    Starting with Musa himself and all the officials in the concerned department should be taken to task. Lack of patriotism! On the other hand this reveals how rotten our systems have become. I mean it had to take Uladi Musa to get out of the corridors of power to expose this criminal act? How many more cases of similar nature are happening behind the curtains? This country is unsafe!

  23. Zilani says:

    The whole immigration Department staff must be arrested. It’s just like cashgate, no single person handles such applications, processes and approvals.

    The immigration authorities that time knew what they were doing. I smell corruption of the highest order but no bigger than K577bn and foreign Australian bank accounts and villas in Portugal.

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