PP disowns panga wielding official in Mzuzu fracas

People’s Party (PP) has disowned and disassociated itself from 52 year old Clive Nthakomwa who has been arrested for allegedly causing violence at an opposition political rally in Mzuzu on Saturday.

Mzomera Ngiwra:  Being accused of being  regime terror  agent against opposition

Mzomera Ngiwra: Being accused of being regime terror agent against opposition

PP spokesman Ken Msonda said Nthakomwa was fired as regional secretary for PP along with regional governor Christopher Ngwira and other regional officials.

“He ceased to be regional secretary way back, he is no longer a PP member,” said Msonda after the police described him as a PP official following the fracas that left four people severely injured.

The police have since arrested four people including Nthakomwa and police spokesman in the north Maurice Chapola said more arrests will be effected.

Meanwhile,  Chancellor College politic scientist Joseph Chunga has asked political parties to exercise tolerance for the democracy to survive the test of time.

He said there was no need for political violence in this era.

Fingers are pointing at Christopher Ngwira, the former PP regional governor as behind the fracas with funding from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

Ngwira, MP for Mzimba Hora has of late been voting in parliament towing government line.

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25 thoughts on “PP disowns panga wielding official in Mzuzu fracas”

  1. md says:

    revland heee! danger mzomera

  2. md says:

    angwira, nanu try to use ur head to find money ,kumangodatira zosakhesera thukuta, pano ndiye mwayaruka,mwsti mukhape anthu after all wha are u,its only time u are risking urself, the world is round brother., it wll turn for u

  3. Mzozodo says:

    Umatinji Kabwila, what ever your name is, you might be right, she is just trying to buy sympathy, just like the way your homosexual APM is by saying TB Joshua wants to kill him, forgetting its GOD alone who takes one’s life.

  4. Umatinji Kabwira says:

    Mwaona a Kabwira, be honest please. Anything evil done creates a platform for your MCP and PP to score political points and buy public sympathy. Surprisingly MCP knew it very well that in the North there are TWO PP camps that have emerged: one behind Khumbo and the other one behind Uladi. Our memories are still fresh that these foes crashed not long time ago leading to the suspension of a political Reverend Ngwira by the most touting Kamulepo. Do you really think these guys can let go any political mega rally of their opponent without reacting? To me these MCP, PP and AFORD gurus planned this as they pretty well knew that the other camp of PP will be crossed and resort to violence and hence to shoulder DPP the blame. As the braggart empty headed Kabwira put it that DPP is behind all that commotion, it’s still wondering how a thousand plus people fail to confront mere three people wielding machetes? Or did I get her wrong on Star radio? Or was it a slip of her tongue, she was referring to an automatic rifle? Were these three invincible? Were their bodies turned into boneless acrobats that dazzled them in gaze? Even the very same experienced thugs armed with dangerous rifles if they dare disturbing peace in day light, fierce mob roaring like hungry lions dare their dazzling dangerous weapon and hack, or burn or arrest and hand them over to Police, dead or alive, after teaching them one or two lessons we often referring to as mob justice only to attract the attention of human rights defenders. It doesn’t need a microscope to know the risks of holding a rally in joint with one camp in this volatile part of the country. These two camps eye each other with diso la nkhwenzule, and they are ready to fight each other as two fierce hyena clans for territorial supremacy. It proves that these guys have nothing to offer rather than seeking fate and aggression to campaign for them. This can be seen from their impetus to make Malawi a violent nation full of strikes- to their lucky Political Party UNIMA has joined their frenzy. UNIMA instead of coming up with solutions to make Malawi self reliant and make its citizens innovative is busy leading them into strikes as the only means to make Malawi a better place for all. Great minds proposed green belt, quality products for export, but there is none from our centers of higher learning that came up with a solution. All UNIMA knows are strikes every year squawking for increments. What nonsense?! W ho is going to design for them to make Malawi use its abundant water resource wasted to Indian Ocean and evaporation? Time has come for this aging varsity to experiment solutions for our nation to move forward, not designing strikes instead. We already know that Kabwira, the dullest UNIMA lecturer, is the one who has coaxed you with her what Sapp. This bitch kumapusisa matonde a NDEVU zawo; ma prof ndi ma prof, KAYA. Nzeru zanuzo musathawire nazo kumasitalaki mubweretse masolution mudziko mukhale money malipiro anu akwere bwino. Vuto lomangokhala ndi mtundu umodzi wa anthu odzitcha a nzeru ndilimeneli. Mmalo mobweretsa masolutions, chifukwa choti anaphunzirira kukokerana zosatira zake ndiizi kumangothawira kumasitiraki. Give us solutions please!!!! If you think I’m joking muone nambala ya malekichala ku UNIMA muonano kuti ambiri ndi akuti. Oooh my hand is aching it needs some rest, bye for now.

  5. james wa james says:

    Just by looking @ nzomera ngwira he must indeed b a nyasa bullets fan.

  6. Alfred Minjo says:

    Come on you folks. Why always blaming DPP. Shame on you. See who is surprisinfly been arrested….you media people, get your story right.

  7. munyane says:

    M’busa wanji wotereyu? There is a saying which goes every face tells a story. Just by looking at Mzomera’s face you would tell that he is arrogant and his hands full of panga knives; and am sure a person of his calibre must be a Nyasa Big Bullets fan. Shame on you Mr. Nzomera you are a shame to your family and clan.

  8. mg says:

    one day things wll change, mzomera & bus deport wll be charged for what they have done ; they are many ithink mcp officials know their names, keep their names in your diaries one day wll come , & isay it again one.

  9. Kharupa says:

    Reverends and politicians and musicians and players and thieves and prostitutes and artists are the same. They are propelled by high order egoism and they use dominance and lies and fighting for survival. Look at M’busa John Chilembwe, late Rev Dumbo Lemani, Rev Nzomera Ngwira, Rev Chakwera, Rev. Brown Mpinganjira, Rev Khoviwa, Rev Billy Gama, late Bishop Zuza etc etc, do you see God in all these? Chenjerani azimayi ndi ana inu, ma Reverend angakubereni.

  10. Kenkkk says:

    Now it is even more telling that dpp was behind the attacks. The same for the police explanation which tries to suggest that it is the former pp officials who caused the trouble while shielding the real dpp people who were behind the violence.

    Stupid reasoning, what has pp got to do with mcp and why should Msowoya lead the alliance when the leader of the biggest party in the alliance laz, is there? It just shows dpp wants to divide mcp again on tribal lines just as dpp is itself. Mzomera now voting with the govt, it just tells the whole story plainly what is going on. The dpp bribing and buying of mzomera and other MPs seems more concrete.

  11. Mr.Bambo says:

    Is this Mzomera Ngwira not too much into drugs and liquor day in and day out?Guys just take a good look at the ‘reverend’s photo in this file and you will agree not less with me.

  12. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Apparently, this site is hell bent on attaching this violent activity to the DPP. But people know better; and the Police are already seeing PP’s hand in this, despite Mr. Msonda’s denial.
    Similar associations will follow, but not with DPP, the peaceful and civilized Party. No way.

  13. Marko Kalebe says:

    A Mzomera mwaiwala za ntchito yabwino ya Mulungu mwalowa ntchito yoyambitsa zipolowe, ndinu m busa wa ntundu wanji? Pa ndale zanu mmalo mowonetsera ubusa wanu koma busy kuyambana ndi anzanu, izi simupita nazo patsogolo mukathera nazo ku Gehena.

  14. Becks says:

    a phwisa mwamphisa. inu ndale simukuzidziwa ata

  15. Phwisa says:

    My worry is Chakwera has now started telling lies. Wayamba kuiwala that is a Reverend and not just a mere Reverend as Mzomela is. But at least Msomela has been telling Malawians the truth that the fracas was internally caused because they dont want Chakwera to lead the MCP/PP/Aford alliance. They want Msowoya to lead it.

  16. Achakulungwa says:

    Everybody knows that Clive Nthakomwa was sacked from PP long time ago and he’s not a member of PP, Period!!!!! Inunso a Police muzikhala ndi chilungamo ponena nkhani kapena pogwira ntchito yanu ndipo mudzidziwa kuti boma limasintha…wamva iwe Maurice Chapola? You know the truth of the matter you (Chapola) but you are just protecting your job.

  17. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Kodi Mzomera ngwira unakhala bwanji munthu iwe? Ndipo ndakhala ndikufunsa tsiku ndi tsiku kuti kodi Mzomera’yu ndi M’busa wa mpingo wanji? Munthuyutu belongs kwa anthu apansi pa nyanja (Satanic) n’theradi!!! Pajatu zikumveka kuti walonjezedwa u Deputy Minister in the next Cabinet resurfle. Very stupid Reverend!!!!

  18. Man of God says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, let’s respect these other titles. This savage shouldn’t be called a reverend. Chamba chidapheratu n’kumati mbusa? Amalawi, let’s be serious. Or pa decon sakuyeneranso. May be atakhala wa boko haram zingamveke.

  19. Mac says:

    Kodi ubusa umenewu wampingo wanji?Satanic or what?Even u the 52 year mdala joining the gung? What a shame!In this time of Easter a reverand after receiving cashgate money from………..kuuza ur thugs kakhapeni innocent pipo?Jesus wept for u and for GOD to forgive u and ur thugs including ur sponsors,u shud tell the nation the trueth and the police shud lock u up and pay for the damages.Malawians, when shall democracy get its taproot in Malawi? Especially u so called learned politicians?What a shame!! Mwandikwiitsa kwambiri.

  20. chiwa kogoya says:

    Mzomera Ngwira you are very stupit x1000 0000 00000 !!!!!!!! mbuzi ya munthu ! mano mbali imodzi ngati mbuzi usamale tikukuonatu wamva!

  21. Bisika says:

    Ngwira and ur DPP u r in sheat

  22. Buyelekhaya says:

    Munthu wazaka 52 zakubadwa mmalo modyelera ukalamba wake ali patsogolo kuchita zipolowe! Tsoka ndithu. Apolisi. ameneyo mmateni kwambiri kuti amve chofi basi! Ukalamba wake akamalizire ku ndende basi!

    Anthu ena ndi nkhakamira zopanda pake. Ku PP adakuchotsani koma mukukamirako gwagwa! Mukufunakonji?

    Kumene ikulowera nkhaniyi nkwakuti yemwe adakutumani adziwika ndithu!

  23. Fuck u mzomera & ur DPP zealots. We will not torelate, take cover

  24. Mr.Bambo says:

    Mzomera a Reverend?Ndiye wa manyitu.

  25. chipalamandule says:

    Down fall of dyabulosi Mzomera. Satana weni weni not fit to be reverand zaboza.Tinalitose pa Bosco iwe u reverand unayamba liti?

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