PP governors call for Uladi head over Mzomera firing

Over 30 governors for People’s Party are calling for the resignation of the party’s vice president Uladi Mussa for sacking northern region governor Christopher Mzomera Ngwira.

Uladi under PP governors fire

Uladi under PP governors fire

The 30 constituency governors drawn from the central region backed Ngwira’s call to have Khumbo Kachale as caretaker president of the embattled party following the prolonged self imposed exile of its leader Joyce Banda.

“We have no leadership in the party. How can Honourable Uladi Mussa remove people from their positions willy nilly? Honourable Ngwira is an elected leader unlike Honourable Mussa who was just appointed. Honourable Mussa is the one to go not Honourable Ngwira,” said a Mr Ndaipa, governor for Kasumgu Central.

Bornwell Kapatuka Phiri, governor for Kasungu Buwa said Kachale was duly elected at a People’s Party convention and was the right candidate to lead the party in caretaker capacity.

Ngwira was sacked last week as regional governor for the north for agitating that Kachale be appointed caretaker leader in the absence of Banda.

The party leader went into the self imposed exile soon after losing the 2014 general election to President Peter Mutharika.

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21 thoughts on “PP governors call for Uladi head over Mzomera firing”


    Inu kodi kachipani kotchedwa PP kalipobe? Koma anthu ena mumaziwa kukakamira zinthu zoti sizikuthandizani eti! Kupepetulidwa kapena kusowa chochita? Bwini wake wakachipani kameneko ataba iba ndalama m’boma adathawa kale ndiye pano anthu kaya misala nkumalimbirana timipando mchipani chimenechi ahahahahahah???? some people are indeed crazy ndithu.

  2. bwangandubwangandu says:

    Let freedom of expression be exercised

  3. Kkkkkkkk Chipani kutha ngati Makatani
    Menyanani ife tikhala ma spectators
    UDF Woyeeeee!

  4. Misheck sibande kaitano says:


  5. Khumbo Kachale is Dpp not PP. So he can’t be the party president…never forget during the past tripartite election he placed his cards against PP….

  6. Clementine says:

    Kkk woipa athawa yekha. Ndaonera Joyce kkk koma udzatipeza ndipo udzayankha.

  7. zotsatira banda says:

    pp yatha ngati makataniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  8. mbodzole says:

    where is PP I don’t think that party exist. Only foolish ppo from the north think that that party can win. muzimvere chisoni atumbuka. anthu opanda nzeru kachali mzomera mbuzi zokha zokha

  9. anadimba says:

    (((((mayi Banda chiwongolero))))))))))chowatengera anthu akumphompho. Atatakata azathawa. Mayo mayo. Koma chimodzi; electricity improved. Very sad ,lero ana anu akumenyerana udindo,hhhee eyaaaaaa

  10. KARU UNITED says:

    By the way, which party does honourable Kachali belong to? Is it the DPP or the PP?

  11. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Fans iyinso inkabowa ili mboma. Kungokhala ngati zomwe tili nazo lerozi

  12. gibo says:

    Good development but i don’t think Mr. kachari can help to develop pp may be?????

  13. Koma joice ndikapedi ndithu. Yamukulira game. Kuthawa cashgate mpakana chipani kusanduka masanza.

    Joice has chosen to burry her head in the sand when the going has become tough. Typical of women.

  14. Max says:

    Go ahead

  15. jailos says:

    Kumenekuso kuli mavuto adzawoneni,kkkkkk kaya

  16. Zondiwe says:

    Mzomera is wrong.
    What he should have done is call for a Convention at which an Interim Leader will be democratically voted into office, rather than he himsel Mzomera appointing Khumbo.
    Khumbo’s loyalty to PP is also questionable. He supported a rival candidate during the 2014 General Elections.
    Party members should treat their Parties with respect because it is the Parties that give them their credibility. You can see now that Khumbo desperately needs the very Party that he was shunning. He is even hesitant to form his own Party; Why? Because it is time consuming, expensive and difficult to start a new Party, especially if you have a tattered history like VP Khumbo.

  17. chembiya says:

    Hon Uladi deserves to be Senior Member in absences of PP presidency as he has never supported any party since the formation of pp unlike others: therefore nothing wrong for his decision. PP members just work up and make a plan people are tied of your stories or just scrap out your party.

  18. TONDEWADULA says:

    pepani anamalira nonse.

  19. ANTI-GAY says:


  20. bomdia says:

    kachale defected bfore he defaecated so what is the shit of beign caretaker. more so dpp is nt ruling now and his vp stand is null and void

  21. Uchindami says:

    PP, a political baby being choked right, left and centre. Is an outside force partly or wholly fueling its current squabbles? I’m not sure Will it survive? I don’t know!

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