PP open up lock for Mia, Kachali to rejoin: JB set to come back to solve cracks

The former ruling People’s Party (PP) has opened up its locks for former its two former vice presidents Sidik Mia and Khumbo Kachali, among other politicians to return.

Kachali:  May return to PP front line

Kachali: May return to PP front line

Mia withdrew his membership from PP and also quit front line politics while Kachali remains PP Member of Parliament but is not an active member of the party.

PP is reportedly opening up for the two to return.

But Mia has insisted that he is contented with life out of politics while Kachale who remains active in front line politics is still considering his position.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times understands former president Joyce Banda who has been absent from the local political scene has scheduled PP executive meetings and other party public meetings in Malawi after reports of bickering and backstabbing threaten to disintegrate PP.

Banda left the country in July last year following her loss in the May 20 tripartite elections that shoved her into the opposition ranks and enthroned President Peter Muntharika to power.

She recently a met part of her politburo in South Africa on March 29, 2015. Those attended the meeting included three of her vice presidents: Brown Mpinganjira, Uladi Mussa and Harry Mkandawire, Secretary General Ibrahim Matola, spokesperson Ken Msonda, Director of Youth Lawrence Mpofu, director of Women Clara Makungwa.

Mpinganjira has since conceded that there are some differences in the party rank and file, but said they are being ironed out.

“It would be abnormal if there were no cracks in the party. What is important is how we handle such cracks for the sake of the party and its membership”.

He avoided giving his opinion on opening up to former party gurus to return.

“In fact, if anyone wants to join the party, they should come to me and I will roll out a red carpet for them. We are always receiving new members”, he said.

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26 thoughts on “PP open up lock for Mia, Kachali to rejoin: JB set to come back to solve cracks”

  1. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Hard workers are not rewarded accodingly this guy ken msonda has been very honest to pp but amayi giving ministerial posts to fake pple like kunsaila and others


    Its about a year now from july to aprial, where are you mum? kukunyopora ndalama zathu kunjaku eti. Na ya msonkho yangayo mundibwezere basi. jet/maize/cash gates nokha. komanso a malawi tinagona mochititsa kaso bwanji?. zowona kulolera mayiyu kutiomo

  3. Chayipa says:

    We Need U Two To Rebuild The Party.Please Come Back Khumbo & Mia.U Are Most Welcome

  4. dickens mark chima says:

    after rejoing to pipiii,what next?so what?what 4?

  5. dambudzo mwasanya says:

    Don’t forget your loyal servant Ken Msonda. He has been with you in thick and thin when you were away.Award him with something when come back from the states. Kajekete kabwino ndi tinsapato taku US. No amount of money from DPP can buy your down to earth loyal servant Msonda.

  6. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    PP kwalero? This old woman must be making fun of herself.Chipani cha PP chinatha ngati makatani afufuze kwa Atcheya mmene makatani amathera.So she has finished lecturing in the US where she clamed to have been very famous with women empowering issues.Its time you came to assist your friends like Lutepo and Mphwiyo who are languishing with cashgate issues.Ife za PP odi uko is history to us now.Sidik Mia ndi uyo wakuyankhani kuti akudyetsa ng’ombe zake ku Chikwawa?Where is that funny friend of hers Solsten gwengwe amavala chisoti ngati Don Williams chikukwepa mkhosi?Malawians are no longer looking backwards .Khumbo ndi uyo akuopa kumufufuza za cashgate and is stuck with Pitala Mbyofyo Mbyofo.Kodi Mmalawi ndi womutengera kumgong’o?

  7. chalimbana says:

    loserz alwayz quit PP are loserz theyescaped to UK after losing the battle

  8. Anzathu says:


  9. Apamwabwera boo AJB enawo ayidziwe MALAWI YA MOTO KUTI BUU

  10. mbani says:

    By the way who is supposed to open the lock the part of the other guys please pp wake up akudyelaninso please stick to a few but bonefide members not thieves

  11. Juliet says:

    Does this party exist?

  12. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    This party has not yet reached rock bottom: that is still ahead, and when they get there it will really be bottom-bottom, and the party will be trying to tunnel out. Digging out will not suffice for the near future. I thought for a moment, the party lost or misplaced its keys to that infamous lock. But apparently not. Mr. Mia, DO NOT go back. That party made you a loser, and that was not your fault.
    PP is nearing the Golgotha of its life cycle; and pretty soon there will not be any oxygen available. Return of Joisi Banda will not be celebrated by anyone but the hard core PP members – they few that are still sniffing around for crumbs from Cashgate. And JB is not willing to share; lest she expose her soft underbelly to prosecutors just waiting around the corner.
    Malawians are a forgiving lot. But Cashgate was too much!

  13. moya says:

    it’s too early for this, 2018 is the time.

  14. L. Nakwanje says:

    This is great, keep it up, for the Party to be strong we need to work together. Let’s leave our personal intrests out please. We will make it!

  15. jean jella says:

    If jb comes back then apm is in trouble. Without jb the opposition is dead and dpp is getting away with murder. Apm ayiziwa Bangwe. Ka stroke in the making

  16. Kadakwiza says:

    Its only Joyce Banda who can sort out Malawi problems.

  17. John Chikalimba says:

    Uyo afuna Mai Banda abwere

  18. Kinyentu says:

    PP needs the two giants back with BJ it will finish,evidence is how he made JB lose the 2014 elections.

  19. kesterchipala says:

    Apinganjira pitan ku tchalichi muzkalalikira uthenga wa Mulungu ndale zakukanikan.

  20. Eliam banda says:

    Those are recircled politicians.they wil not bring any change to the party.let them go

  21. MAKIYOLOBASI says:

    Kodi inu pp ilipobe? I thought it was diggid 187 thousands km down the soil, ati ken msonda mneneri wachipani ngati akuchoka kumunda zoti adali m’boma umangowerenga pa nyasa times pompa bax, awawa sazalamulaso azingosusa mpaka kalekale ngati mcp chaka ndi chaka amangodandaula atibera atibera mpaka akhoti kuwauza kuti inu basi musazasumeso nkhani zamavoti ngati mukufuna nanu muzibera.

    Shame on mama joyce banda for loosing while in power reference: rupiah bandah-zambia budluck jonathan-nigeria.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Ase Makiyolobasi, tangolemba Mchichewa. Nanga mpaka it was “digged” kkkkkkk. Mpaka “loosing power”kkkkkk

  22. Peter Benga says:

    Organise your party guys.Dont let your party go tantared like an old curtain.Mind you good beginning makes good ending.Inu jb ndimbambandetu

  23. nana says:

    Za zii

  24. Roy says:

    Too late guys. someone is still winning members from your party and other parties not by force but by the works of his hands. no need to tell you his name. This is non negociable. kkkkkkkkk

  25. Wailing Soul says:

    PP! Mbava! Two years and you exploited the country to hell. The entire JB family travelling with her to international Presidential meetings, New York, DC all over. Then her sisters being offered jobs that were not there in the first place.

    You will never never ever come again! PP! Yanyamuka, siidzabweleranso!

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