President opens Abdul Majid Motor City, hails HTD investments in Malawi

Mutharika speaking at HTD opening of Abdul Majid Motor City

Mutharika speaking at HTD opening of Abdul Majid Motor City

Mutharika during the opening  of Abdul Majid Motor City

Mutharika during the opening of Abdul Majid Motor City

President Mutharika having a chat with Mwanamvekha and Majid

President Mutharika having a chat with Mwanamvekha and Majid

Former president Bakili Muluzi cracking a joke to leader of opposition Chakwera at the launch.

Former president Bakili Muluzi cracking a joke to leader of opposition Chakwera at the launch.

HTD motor city

HTD motor city

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Thursday opened Hard to Defeat (HTD)-Abdul Majid Motor City at at Ginnery Corner in the commercial capital Blantyre with a call to Malawians and business community at large to invest in new infrastructure for their businesses.

HTD Limited is a private local Limited Liability Company incorporated in Malawi in 1993 and started constructing the new premises in 2004.

President Mutharika applauded HTD Limited for its investments in the country.

“I applaud HTD Limited for its investments in the country and let me urge you all that time has come for Malawi to increase domestic income generating capacities and savings that can enable our country to move decisively towards greater dependence on domestic resources for growth and development. Let us together create Malawi as a ‘safe haven’ for investors,” said Mutharika.

He said investors should not externalise their profits but take money outside” use it to develop Malawi as HTD has done by coming up with this magnificent structure without acquiring a loan but rather using business proceeds.”

He commended the Abdul Majid Aboobakar family which owns HTD for showing a sense of patriotism. The family has been close to government of late Bingu wa Mutharika and also that of Joyce Banda as they were prominent “well-wishers”.

“This investment is worth commending. It is worth celebrating. It moves trade in services a mile further and boosts the motor industry in the country. On this note, let me remind our local companies, including the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that markets are becoming more competitive. It, therefore, requires production of high quality products and services to survive,” said Mutharika.

The President also called for Public Private Partnership-PPP on government’s community colleges to enable production of highly skilled youths who would provide efficient labour force.

Mutharika then assured the private sector of government’s support in creating an enabling environment for easy establishment, growth and expansion of local and foreign investments.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Trade and Industry Joseph Mwanamveka said government had stepped up efforts aimed at encouraging growth of the private sector.

“As government, we understand that the private sector is the engine and driving force for every economy as such we are committed to create a conducive investment in the country,” said Mwanamvekha.

Laywer Modecai Msisha, one of HTD Limited directors, said the company decided to invite the president to officially open the premises because he represents hope and desire for a change for the country.

Msiska commended Government for creating a conducive environment for the private sector in the country.

“HTD realises that as a private company we cannot operate effectively in the absence of befitting environment that government can create to enable companies to thrive,” said Msiska.

“Malawi is lucky to have a president who understands that a nation needs a thriving private sector to assist in revenue generation as well as job creation and for the private sector this is the time to invest,” said Msiska.

Msiska also revealed the company’s plans to build similar structures in Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

Recently, the Government of Malawi establishment a One Stop Centre at the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre-MITC in Lilongwe aimed at ensuring that many foreign conglomerates establish companies in the country.

Established on September 1 this year, will help reduce the cost and time of establishing businesses as all registration activities will be done under one roof.

The function was graced by former President Bakili Muluzi,Leader of Opposition in Parliament and president of Malawi Congress Party Dr. Lazarous Chakwera, Mayor for Blantyre City Assembly Noel Chalamanda, parliamentarians, business community, members of clergy, members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and Malawians of good will.


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31 thoughts on “President opens Abdul Majid Motor City, hails HTD investments in Malawi”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This indian there truely Malawians thumbs up Mr majid

  2. ineyo says:

    A malawi enanu ndinu zitsiru kwambiri. you talk a good talk about things you know absolutely nothing about!
    The Aboobakar family is more malawian that most of you will ever hope to be. They came into this country in the 20th century over 5 generations ago and during the Banda times they were one of the Mwenyes that were chased away from their shops in Rural Malawi (Thyolo) and told to set up shop main towns. then again their shop (American stores) which once stood in the same premises the new building is on was taken away from them by kamuzus government . most of the family members moved to the UK UNDER ASSYLUM BUT WHEN THE POLITICAL ANDSCAPE CHANGED, THEY MOVED BACK TO THEIR HOME MALAWI.
    THEY WORKED HARD INVESTING MONEY THEY HAD ACCUMULATED ION THE UK into establishing themselves once again. they were compensated for the forfeiture of their businesses (twice) to the Malawi government because they fought for it.
    they re invested their compensation into Malawi thru this building and you idiots have nothing nice to say about it?
    if they wanted to externalize forex dont you think they would have taken their billions of compensation money to the UK most of them are British citizens of Malawian Origin who happen to have Mwenye herritage.

  3. Mama malawi says:

    30BIRRIONI NDI 92 BIRRIONI STOLEN, koma not even a singo mwenye was involved according to baker tilley
    Koma Why are you peepo jealousy. We maravians are krooks and not these asians.
    Our maravian brothers drive most cruisers ndi ma land rovers ndi ma kia ndi toyota abale
    They are hard working and deserve to spend and use their money as their wish. We cant own buildings so let them beautify our city.
    So i advise everyone to Work hard and you too could drive a land rover

  4. Gada says:

    Typical Malawian politicians who will go to any extent to appease their so called “well wishers” these are companies that are greasing APM’s pockets to get favors from government. How can you expect to develop and attract private sector if you expect them all to become well wishers? We need to let the world know that you can not do business in Malawi unless you are a well wisher to the party in office. How sad. The president need to grow up and show true leadership. He is so corrupt that he is politicizing everything he touches.

  5. kij says:

    the HTD building is the fanciest building in BT at the moment. Koma BT anatha bwanji, even Kawiluwilu is better than BT

  6. loveness says:

    Peter had to accept to do the opening of this company paja these are the so called well wishers who sponsored his wedding, also all the indians who were present there went for a reason not because they like the American family but because they had access to bribe the big boss, already deals have been signed we will soon see these asians siphoning millions and we will end up with Peter Cash Gate.

  7. nabanda says:

    APM Chonde takulani abale. Bwanji ignoring your fellow malawian leader? Just becoz he is from opposition. Please set a good example as a leader not a baby. We r all one. You are a leader for all dont keep grudges. Tikuchita manyazi dife

  8. wantchende says:

    zinazi mangopenya

  9. cash gate says:

    Muziwapatsa ulemu bwana Chakwerawo, kodi mumadana nawo chifukwa choti anakugwetsani pa chisankho? nyumbayo ndi ya HTD siyanu ayi

  10. Indian mafia says:

    These indian crooks were compansanted heavily just because the new Kamuzu highway round about near their place allergedly encroached on their territory. They used part of the money to come up with this building. APM, how can you be easily fooled like that, even a standard 8 kid knows where these crooks got the money from, our tax payers money. Now, Paster Chakwera, why is your wife looking like that, she is using ambi shubaba? Tikamupatsa liu muwone ngati ife oyipa?

    1. eye eye says:

      bwanji dala????..’kakudutsadutsani kadona’? kkkkkkk….mpaka liu lifikepo….hahahahahah

  11. wobeba wanga says:

    Good sigh APM for Accommodating Opposition leaders and former president Dr. Bakili Muluzi

  12. ndadabwa says:

    i agree with No. 5 (boma) what you Malawians should know is that Peter know all this – that this is the tax payers money. birds of the same feathers flock together.
    chakwera ndi muluzi mukukhalana, nonse okongola. kikiki

  13. Nyapapi says:

    Praising an “investment” that only drains forex?

  14. IDF says:

    The Majid family happens to be one of the so called well wishers. They are always connected to political parties.

  15. PHIRI says:



    1. rill says:

      Behave like a real man Man!!!! mabodza poyerayelapa!

    2. eye eye says:

      MK3 billion for what? Tell us more if u r a real patriot of Malawi otherwise stop blubbering here!

      Bring the evidence upfront for action… otherwise ur blame does not hold water……

  16. jacob chitseko says:

    please private seector make use of such a gesture to make ur self established it shall be well with u and our country as well. To government make more dreams come to reality for eyes are on you.

  17. Pacharo says:

    Is this beautiful woman besides Chakwera his wife? Make-up ya boo.

  18. Nachika says:

    APM mtima unakhala pansi tsopano chifukwa akulamulira. Lamulirani mobera momwemo. Akazi anu lining ya skirt ikuonekera, check it out.

  19. RESTRORATION says:

    It was very sad that the Old Man, Peter could not see the presence of the blessed and authentic winner, Dr Chakwera at this function. How can he not see such a handsome man. Even if when you have pain inside you, you could still pretend that you are happy with your successor.
    Come rain or sunshine the man you disrespected on this public function is our Hero and your successor. NOTHING FOR US WITHOUT US. Amen

    1. rill says:

      Tamayamikilani zinazi abale, iweyo nde usakuone acceptance. Kuzolowera mabodza bwanji? Tasiyilani azimayi khalidwe lonyansalo. Chakwera went and he was recognised, umafuna amuyike pa mwendo?

      1. PUTEN says:

        Amuwona bwanji poti kabwira amati DPP zake ndi zamazulu zokhazokhala,mwina anakapanga sokhanowu mazulo chakweala anakamwonedwa

  20. boma says:

    Uku timati kuombera mmanja mfiti. The money invested here is not from their business profits but stolen from Malawians. Dausi should be fired for not giving the right intelligence information to the President.

    These Indians are the same crooks of America Stores who Dr Banda deported in the 70s. They came back after the political change and claimed what had been forfeited from them for shady dealings plus interest. Kasambara, as AG, quickly paid them billions (which they shared) and they decided to build this from this money. How many deportees have ever been compensated, including our own Jehova’s witnesses? How many Indians are willing to invest their hard earned profits in Malawi?- non.

    Mr President you have been given a dummy here praising crooks. When Saulos went there to attend a launch, he was given a landrover. What have they bribed you with? Note that such gifts belong to the state and not you.

    Peter, Your brother started well but the Indian bait eventually got him hooked. Beware of this tribe.

    1. eye eye says:

      Wow! Landrover as ‘appearance fee’!

    2. ineyo says:

      idiots such as yourself get off of blabbering about issues you know absolutely nothing about.
      For your information the land rover showroom was opened by mwanamveka, the VP was in lilongwe on that day.
      Your idiocy is on another level

  21. clement says:

    Job weldone from Majid family and should be example to other Asians who run away paying tax and they are still using the very old buildings in Limbe eeish wake up Amwenye.

  22. innocent says:

    Congrats, we are forced to use Toyotas because of lack of spare parts and the presence of this nature for other vehicles – KIA is a very good car. The Land Rovers etc.

  23. Openness says:

    Thats very good!

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