‘Promotion-gate’ at Malawi Police: Officer involved transferred

The Malawi Police Services has transferred one of its men from the Police Headquarters because he was entangled in a syndicate of having some of his colleagues promoted after paying some money.

Gondwa: Trapence has been transferred

Gondwa: Trapence has been transferred

Police are mum on the matter but a source within the service has revealed that officerTrapence has been moved to Bulala Police Unit because he was linked to the matter.

Trapence was working in the Confidential Registry at Area 30.

Nyasa Times understand that one of the people he was using to be getting his business boosted was one Sub Inspector Goster of Lilongwe Police Station.

“We were been told to pay fifty thousand but some were paying forty thousand and got promoted after giving the money to Sub Goster,” said a source who refused to be  named.

The ranks under promotion that attracted the payment included Constable to Sergeant, and Sergeant to Sub-Inspector, according to the source.

“It’s so frustrating and officers are very demoralized right now,” said the source. “The list of promotions came out on 1st January 7, 2016, but they were effective from 23rd December 2015. Between these dates some officers on the promotion list have been milked up to MK50,000 each or MK40,000 minimum after bargaining for them to remain on the list.

“We also know some officers who were on the list but because they did not have the demanded cash they lost their promotions to those who had the cash but were not on the list.”

We understand that a certain sergeant revealed the issue to the deputy Inspector General responsible for Administration and the DIG pressed the red button for the officier to be transferred away from the Headquarters.

“But that’s not enough; we want them investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and taken to book for their corrupt practices,” said the source who claimed could not afford to pay MK50,000 and consequently missed promotion.

But National Police Spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, while acknowledging that the promotions and the transfers had indeed been made recently, refuted the allegations of corruption having taken place at any point.

“It’s not true,” Gondwa said in an interview. “The promotions that were made recently were normal and procedural and there was nothing of the sort as claimed by some officers.

“On the other hand, we made the transfers because our patrols during the festive season revealed that many police units in the north were understaffed and it was recommended that more officers be transferred there to fill the gap.”

Gondwa admitted that on the list of those transferred were some senior officers including Assist. Supt. Trapence, who had been transferred to Mzimba’s Bulala Police Unit. –Additional Reporting Kondwani Magombo, Mana

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18 thoughts on “‘Promotion-gate’ at Malawi Police: Officer involved transferred”

  1. Nagama says:

    Traffic police more corrupt in this country. I will start moving with a hidden camera..wina ndipita naye..
    Why is that every police officer who faults or contravenes with the constitition of Malawi ends up just being transfered????…
    Are you immune??

    Because you think they are immune…wina ndikamusatira ku chitipa kaya ku bulala whatever…ndikampatsa mob justice..

  2. Nyabengata says:

    Corruption is everywhere these days after cashgate in Malawi. Everyone wants to become another Lutepo.

  3. Newton mulinga says:

    This is happening coz of the scarecity of money,,, the government is doing nothing pa nkhani yakusowa kwa ndalama m’mdziko muno, what do u expect peaple to do? Ndalama akungoziipanilila okha abomawa,,, bolaso jb,,,,

  4. Umphawi says:

    umphawi umapereka nzeru zopatira makhobidi

  5. RABI says:

    wangot TRAPENCE alibe labambo wache? ulendo wina whn u mention de name of a person 4 de firstime includ their surname,WAMVA?

  6. Temaco says:

    Za chamba basi,ku Mpoto ndiye kotailako zinyalala?Osamutumiza ku Makanjira kapena ku Nsanje bwanji?

  7. KhoBa says:

    Malawi Police has always been rotten and corrupt
    apite ku area 3 oŕku area 18 police stations akazionere okha zomwe amachita a Traffic police.

    mabomamu ndenakumangonamizira ‘vacabu’ ķuli kuwabera anthu kwinaku akukokera za janury.

  8. ngongoliwa says:

    Mpaka bulala police unit?

  9. lucifer idiocy says:


  10. frank says:

    Dollargate at Reserve bank, with amzungu exporters allowed to keep there dollars for produce grown by indiginous malawians. This is causing massive devaluation of kwacha. Amzungu akugulitsa ma dollars yatche okwera kuma banki, chikukwa chache zinthu aku kwera daily

  11. komba says:

    Gondwa learn to tell the truth. You may also be branded a liar where the truth unfolds.

  12. kasim says:

    Welcome to Bulala

  13. Pitala pa ulendo says:

    Why only transferring him? He must be suspended pending full investigation and if there’s a probable case, he must be prosecuted. Dzuka Malawi dzuka.

  14. Nelson says:

    But why would One Knows already the out come yet doing it at the end of Time end up Looking like zoo

  15. Rashid Maganga says:

    Iam nt suprised this remains the highly corrupted government department.. even unfit vehicles knw dat..!! People have said lots of things bt they resist a change!!

  16. Ambele says:

    Nicholas Gondwa whatever your name is. You must be sick in the head and don’t deserve to be a spokesman for the police. Why are you denying this open secret which has existed in the police for years. The pple currently being promoted In the police are; women having sex with bosses, ana or relations to police bosses, and those who are able to corrupt officers in the confidential registry basi. you want to tell me that Mzimba was understaffed so they needed some one fro Hqtrs to beef up? who are you cheating?

  17. wodandaula says:

    let their promotions be thru civil service commission because they lack capacity to effect promotions. I also know three girls from KIA police who were promoted to sub inspector in a space of one year because they related to then top blass while others like angoni are on the same constable post.ma promotion mukusintha ndi chiwerewere kapena ndalama …..shame police.Mr Gondwa dont refuse this they are really happeninig…

  18. vimbry Banda says:

    Only transfer not enough,stripe her Ranks off.Useless snake enermy of development.

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