Prophet Bushiri earmarks K35mil for charity, jets in Malawi

Self confessed Malawi billionaire prophet, Shepherd Bushiri jetted into the country on Thursday afternoon and immediately parried away allegations he is milking his own ministry, saying to the contrary, he is the sponsor of the church.

Prophetic family:  Bushiris on their new jet and now in Malawi for charity

Prophetic family: Bushiris on their new jet and now in Malawi for charity

Bushiri came through Kamuzu international airport and triumphantly walked out his private jet with a thunderous welcome from his followers.

“If the government cannot afford a presidential jet, do you think a church can afford? I have a string of businesses,” said Bushiri, a young, headline hitting, charismatic prophet.

The Man of God who is fondly called ‘Major 1’ by his followers said he has over 30 mineral mines in Africa, 27 of them gold mines, he has oil wells, a university in South Sudan and property in Dubai and will soon open an international bank and mobile service company.

The ‘Major 1’ said he had brought with him a K35 million cash chest to help Malawians affected by floods in seven districts last year.

He said apart from the charity work, he will embark on evangelism.

Bushiri attracted attention after arriving on his latest private plane reportedly a Gulf Stream III jet, which costs $37m (£25m).

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75 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri earmarks K35mil for charity, jets in Malawi”

  1. levelheaded says:

    Somebody with gold mines travelling by jet to give only 37 million kwacha. One side of the story is a total lie either he doesn’t have any mine or he is just pompous unless if you don’t know what it is like to own a mine. Vale Emirates number 4 richest mining company in the world doesn’t have as many mines as you claim. where are you on the list prophet?

  2. Litchy says:

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game

  3. Nombulelo says:


  4. Onalenna P. Daman says:

    May the Good Lord continue to bless Major 1 abundantly!

  5. Weekly says:

    Thank you god 4 giving us Bushiri. Malawi is a poor country by all standards but in the major1 you have made us proud.4 those who hate him,we dont stress because we know them by name.they are the sons of the devil.all riches were made by the jehova!those who hate major 1 hate the creator ,because they are the sons and daughters of the evil one who wants malawians to swim in povert!!!!!!!

  6. VYOTO says:


  7. Chikhutu Chunga says:

    Whatever You Do For Real Mr Bushiri, One Thing I Recognise And Admire Is That You Are An Economic Achiever.

  8. wai says:

    Aha!! If ur on top u b come da topic & if ur the head u become the heading .papa ur the da best. Go deeper!!!!!!!!!! The more ur pressing him the more he is pressing forward. May ur anointing & Grace fall on me .

  9. Ayaya says:

    Financial Intelligence Unit, ACB and Fiscal Police,, please investigate how this prophet got the riches.
    It is inconceivable how he could get bloody rich overnight.
    Let him explain what business ventures he has

  10. markmarkc says:

    Akuchita kunyadira kuti ali ndi zi2 maiko akunja!Nanga ku Malawi kuno kulinji choti chingatukule dziko?Ndiye ife nkumanyadira pomwe akutikama Mkaka.M’maiko ene mpano atathothodwa ameneyu.Akakhale komwe kuli migodiko!

  11. bright says:

    Its his times,God answers,he had been in a terrible poverty when he was young now he was answered his prayer

  12. All the best Mr prophet

  13. bro kelvin mbewe says:

    Why is it so hard for people to just accept that all riches belong to God and that if you’re of God and He is your father you’re able to have what your father has? And what surprises me so much Is the fact that the man of God Major one is hated so much by his own ignorant people(his own own kindred) who don’t want to refer to the Bible but blame. People are so well conversant with how the devil makes his followers(satanists)rich and they acknowledge satanism. Now if the satan can make his followers rich and ofcourse foolishly,how much more can the Lord God of Israel do? If magicians are able to perform magic and make things,how much more our creator. Let’s wise up and decern. Don’t make me fall into sin you wicked generation. Leave the man of God alone. Just perish with your condenmination!

  14. rich lilongwe says:

    To to be clear. His jet costs K24,864 million. And he gives K35 million to flood victims.

  15. your daughter says:

    welcome major 1

  16. Minor 1 says:

    Day in & day out am puzzled on how major 1 came to own thoz mines & oil wel? Only him knows his magic.

  17. Funzo says:

    Something is wrong here! Where did all this money come from?

  18. James Chilowera says:

    May almighty God bless Prophet Bushiri

  19. James Chilowera says:

    I don’t know if we will have another Prophet like Bushiri

  20. kukhala says:


  21. prince arouna Mouamfon says:

    My father, my father,father let them talk, I salute you papa.God bless you.

  22. dalitso says:

    The word of God says that when you give to the poor, do not brow the trumpet, announce your giving. Prophet should be number one person to know that.The truth of the matter is that prophet is making money out of sick, poor , desperate people. I was there and I thank God that he opened my eyes to see before it was too late. I have met prophet face to face and am convinced that there is a higher motive personally himself rather than the main reason of winning souls to Jesus Christ.

  23. gal says:

    Abale nde Tazitigairani anzanu ovutikafe tiyambe gen ya matemba a major 1

  24. james tsamwa says:

    Mbava yimeneyo. How did he came up with all those businesses?

  25. xoxo says:

    go deeper papa!

  26. The Analyst says:

    “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven . . .
    So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets . . . so as to be honoured by others . You will have received your reward in full.
    But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:1 – 4)

    It is as simple as difficult as that.

  27. KONDWANI says:


  28. Lomwe belt says:

    35million kwacha its too small… to be spread across 7districts thus impractical…..mungofuna kutchukapo apa..komanso where were u when pple inthe said districts were languishing with the aftermath of the disaster?….Some one who claims to be abillionaire 35million iz just too small .Stop insulting poor victimz of the disaster.So ujust want to parade urselves with makapu ndi mbale za pulastic mujambulitse muzionetsa pa prophatic channel….za ziiiii…Pliz maliro sitizonda after Ayear. ndi mwano komanso zimaonetsa kuti munthuyo sanavinidwe……If Imay ask iz this ur 10% chakhumi? God bless malawi…

  29. babazula says:

    inu a Bushiri tatigayileniko ma kopala

  30. Chalume says:

    What’s with the string of stewards and stewardesses in a private jet?

  31. chokani Banda says:

    A man of God. Jesus was a man of and son of God. Mother Theresa was a woman of God . We are all man og God. I wonder where Bushirinhas got all the money in short time? Was he rich before he started his church? In Malawi and rest of Africa starting a church is a growing business and is faster. The reason is there are those who knows to talk and get the weaker ones believe in their words. The first was Ndovi. He became so rich by getting money from poor followers. Africa need education. There are so many men, women of God in Malawi. Malawi is a country where people believe in what they hear. Malawians go to church and think they are the mst christians. If it was in Europe they could investgate Bushiri where he got the money. He is young and not long time ago he was poor. I feel pity for the poor who has be cheated to donate money or give money. How many new churches in Malawi? Some have managed with their business of milking poor peoples money. A man of God does not make himself rich. Until people get education they will be a person who make money out of the poor. Like Bushiri and Ndovi.
    Only the weak and stupid will believe that Bushiri has money from nowhere.

  32. Major 2 says:

    Kodi ma comment akuoneka chonchi bwanji?
    Mpaka warning: access denied blah blah blah. Zandiopsa
    Pansi pa nyanja ndi power. Miracle money woyeee!! Last days indeed

  33. Angoni apaphata says:

    I almost believed this man. Zachisoni. When he says he funds the church do we not know how he started?

  34. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    My message to Major 1 is that he should strive to make Mzuzu an international city by contributing to its development. He can build hotels, malls, hospitals, and office blocks in his capacity as a private investor.

    Northerners should try to modernise their city by investing in infrastructure. I know we are blessed but this should be reflected in our ambitions by building big structures. You ask the Chinese why they like building big things, they will tell you, “welcome to China and that’s our philosophy.”

    We need to build Mzuzu, Karonga, Nkhata-bay, Chintheche, Likoma, Chitipa, Chilumba, Chitimba, and Rumphi and make the northern region an urban based economy.We shouldn’t expect government to build hotels or office buildings, it’s our responsibility as private citizens.

    Prophet Bushiri has the capacity to build the things I have mentioned, but there are other equally capable northerners who can also build such things- it’s the heart that can drive one to do so.

  35. Pankhuku says:

    Koma maluzi andikwapula pano ine..,.

  36. nyapapi says:

    ndikosavuta ngamila kulowa pa una wa singano choposa munthu wachuma kulowa mu ufumu wa kumwamba
    . welcome man of god

  37. Major General says:

    He bought the jet with £25m. Equals MK25b. He has 3 Jets. Equals Mk75b. University worth at least MK500m(by the way: how can you the worth of a university? am a chartered accountant but don’t know.). 27 mines (up from 3?). if each is worth Mk10b on average and on the lower side… Then a prudent estimate says 270+.5+75=MK345.5. Major is the man!!!!! But wait a minute. What? The major is only bringing a paltry MK35m to assist people here? No. No!!!. Slander!!! Nyasatimes, it’s not MK35m(that the cost of the lunch major had when he arrived. You know caviar and stuff). It’s £35m that major has brought to assist fellow Malawian. Get your facts right and correct this error lest people think that the major is close fisted. MK35m? Paa!

  38. overton Francis says:

    welcome home major 1,help us pray for mother Malawi,consider also investing back home to create employment,u are indeed a man of God

  39. I always admire the man of God. Its about time that Malawians should change the attitude towards Major 1. This country needs Major 1 more. For how long are you going to be doubting about him. Some countries are benefiting from him a lot. Very soon South Africa will be in history of books because of Major 1. A 60,000 capacity church, a university and five star hotel in one compound that is history. All these developments done by one person. Malawi has just missed that opportunity. Its time that the government should have Major 1 as a development partner. May be we will have more universities and hospitals.

  40. wilfred ziba says:

    welcome home Major 1, looking forward to seeing you on Sunday

  41. That’s my father…thanks papa its like you have all of us..

  42. nachisale says:

    Where did the pastor get the original money? Was he rich before? Why can’t pastors accept that they have turned evangelism into money-making business which exploits the poor, the sick, the afflicted and the vulnerable. God is watching and one day false prophets will be judged for abusing the word of God. One tool that false prophets adore and use these days is the media and internet. Literary they are preaching in order to be on the list of richest people on earth! REALLY? Using the word of God to show of worth and to compete with others in terms of money and property. Let enlightenment come to Africa so that false prophets should be shamed.

  43. Willie Chimseu says:

    Major 1 ndi more. Most welcome munthu wa mulungu.

  44. LostAngelKnockingOnSavioursDoor says:

    Amen man of god…

  45. LostAngelKnockingOnSavioursDoor says:

    I need the prophet to change me……

  46. Mose' Mourinho says:

    Malawi asintha kaamba ka munthu wa Mulunguyu. Zabwino zonse Major 1

  47. Mjomba Y KU Nselema says:

    Munthu wamkulu tsopano; pangani zimenezi osati agwape andale opezera mu cashgate-wa

  48. mbuyankhomal says:

    What we need is rain not money or jet. Let him pray for rain. Jesus separated money and worldly from the eternal life. Zapadziko. Ndi zotsala.

  49. Leopard Butchire says:

    Zi miracle money tidye zimenezo. Mwina nafenso tingayambe kujambulitsa ma selfie Ndi mahule okongola

  50. Aubrey chabuka says:

    God is still speaking indeed, well done man of God

  51. josephy says:

    kodi ndalama zotelezi zikuchoka kuti? business yake yiti kulemera chotele pa8years, zitsime za mafuta, migodi 30 , university mabank. kulemera kotani.

  52. Namila says:

    So its okay for the wife of a prophet to wear trousers and skin jeans at that! For the record Malawi is the poorest nation in Africa and the most Aids infected nation still frowning upon women wearing trousersand add to this the most ignorant nation! Wake up Malawians! You are a laughing stock!

  53. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Let Almighty God be God, for he said to Moses “Tell them I am who I am” and I repeat ” Let Almighty God Be God

  54. opportunist says:

    That’s Major one


    thats my spiritual father doing what he was born to do. may God bless Malawi’s own prophet, MAJOR 1!!!!!!!

  56. bk phiri says:

    Welcome back home, we missed you papa. Gwirani ntchito ya a mbuye paja in our family we don’t stressed we relax. You are home prophet the land of gospers and pulling down syndrome with their bad stories but we thank God for giving you an obstinate heart a true heart of of a prophet!

  57. Uyu ndi business man osati Prophet
    follow him at your own risk.

  58. Uyu ndi business man osati Prophet
    follow him at your own risk

  59. BETTER DIE POOR says:

    Three private jets in three yrs? And being a billionare? Sindikutsilira olopang’ono chuuma chosalongosoka ichi, chopanda thukutha. A south africa ndioputsa zedi nzawo akukolola mwaiwowo, koma iwo they still believe. Kumapeto kwadziko uku, ndinkhuku zomwe zizalemela. SATANIC

  60. mzungumbuli says:

    Mark my words ! Peopple will soon come to know the truth about Bushiri, whether he is really a man of God or not. Salvation is not equated to money. It is a free gift of God. My Bible says ” musamangokhulupilira zirizonse, iyeseni mizimu ngati ichokeladi kwa Mulungu woona” Abale taziwerengani Bible makamaka mabuku a Prophesy- Daniel and Revelation kuti muzidziwa nthawi imene tikukhala.

  61. Kachapila says:

    Please Prophet pray for our country so that we can have rain,and try all u can to meet the APM & put some sense in his empty broken head.Darkness has shaded this country,blood is every where,Satan himself is on the throne.In Jona’s time Ninev leaders accepted their sins & led people in repentance & Ninev was saved,so you are Jona & Malawi is Ninev please save us.

  62. demak junior says:

    Major, dats nice mwina andalewa atengelepo phunziro ndi dyera lawoli, lookin 4ward 4 ur favours

  63. government tractor salesman says:

    ma big man koma amenewa, osati zinazi. ine ine, ndine wa money kale ine….nyo!

  64. Half mad youth says:

    Welcome home major prophet!! Do as the spirit leads

  65. Sapitwa says:

    30 Mineral Mines of which 27 are gold, oil wells, a University, properties in Dubai? Too good to be true. Do you really know how much a mine is worthy including its assets? He is no where near TB Joshua who is US$18million richer than him and does not even feature on the list of the first 5 richest prophets that includes TB Joshua. Osamanama inu

    1. The Analyst says:

      This is a very advanced and open-minded observation Sapitwa.

      I was also doing the same search here on the 10 or 20 or whatever number of richest pastors not in the world, but in Africa; but have found nothing that resembles the name Bushiri.
      Trust me, money attracts attention. And forbes and others, would have told us about Bushiri. For someone to tell lies, its not your problem. But to believe the lie, is.

      Indeed to see by faith, is to shut the eye of reason. Sadly, I refuse to shut mine.

  66. ben says:

    Jesus was Jewish but many jews was not believe in him, up to now they are less jews who follow Jesus. To me i don’t see anything wrong if you talk bad things about the major 1 because he was born a Malawian.. Major 1 thank you for the donation you give to the helpless people may your God continue blessing you

  67. Mbuya says:

    Ineso share me

  68. Mlomwe wa ku Thyolo says:

    Major One, please give one jet kwa a lidzi athu. Chonde agayirenkoni. Asamayende pa za lokolo.

  69. Gogo Ntela says:

    Apa ndiye wandifikapo Major 1. Ena kuno angoti God-fearing nation koma ndalama kumangodya ndakazawo ndi ana awo akapatsako wina ndi hule. Real Man of God sweats to feed the sheep. That’s why we say Abusa, not nkhosa kudyetsa abusa

  70. makwati says:

    thank god

  71. MAENDAENDA says:


  72. Miracle believer. says:

    Major1 do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. chigumu says:

    Kaya tiyeni nazoni.Jesus is coming soon.llets be ready for the king of kings.the trumpet will soon be blown and only those who r holly will meet him in his glory.

  74. Truck says:


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