Prophet Bushiri’s homecoming on private plane from South Africa base

Malawi’s most famous prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church has made a historical home coming when he landed on a private plane in Lilongwe Thursday, on his way to Mzuzu where he is expected to host a Miracle Weekend Crusade at Mzuzu Stadium.

Bushiri alights from the private jet in Lilongwe

Bushiri alights from the private aircraft in Lilongwe

Bushiri welcomed at the airport

Bushiri welcomed at the airport

Bushiri with pilots of the private jet

Bushiri with pilots of the private plane

The plane , branded “Shepherd Bushiri Aircraft” is flown by two white pilots.

In a quick interview with Nyasa Times on arrival, Bushiri said he is grateful to God for his return home from South Africa where he has been ministering.

“I thank God we have landed safely. That’s what I was praying for. See you in Mzuzu tomorrow,” said Bushiri.

Asked if he is not disturbed with the backlash which was going round on social media that he lied of owning a private plane, Bushiri simply said:“Let’s not talk about those who don’t believe in me cause I don’t believe in them either.”

He added: “ I believe in God just as they do so well, God loves you, even you journalists God loves you, that’s what I can say not of the jet but of God’s love on you.”

Quizzed to comment on his latest miracles which have been strongly critiqued on some media outlets and social media, the Man of God said doubting Thomases will always be there but he will soldier on in his spiritual work.

Asked to comment why some people never believe in his miracles, Bushiri said: “Some people its just out of envy and hate and they will not believe in anything that I do. They don’t even believe that I have landed here on this jet. I bought a Bently car they claimed I was lying but they saw it here in Malawi. I am not here to justify my spiritual work but those who follow me they get the end result. I don’t do half measures.”

Probed on his ‘walk in the air’ miracle which many questioned and labelled them dubious, Bushiri was upfront: “If people can request me to walk in the air here in Malawi live, I can do it.”

He said “time will tell” the spiritual truth of his miracles.

“Let haters continue to denigrate my work for God, but many will benefit from me and I shall be vindicated spiritually.”

Asked to comment on bad headlines in the media, Bushiri said he was not fazed by unfair publicity.

“I do not get fazed by unfair publicity. I pray for responsible journalism. I am a believer of freedom of expression and I do what I can to promote the media hence I sponsored the establishment of  publications and my Prophetic Channel,” he said.

“I get attacks on Nyasa Times; people write bad comments on Nyasa Times but I pray for them. I will not fight the media. I have a duty to do as Prophet.”

Bushiri , affectionately called “Papa” by his followers, reportedly performs several miracles at his church services.

From Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, Bushiri who famed as ‘Major 1’ boarded his convoy that awaited him which had among others, 2 Hummer vehicles, BMW X6 and other posh cars.

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168 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri’s homecoming on private plane from South Africa base”

  1. alexander theu says:

    Believers,who are you to judge?the bible tells that you must not judge,that is the duty of God,dont sit on the throne of God and operate Gods duties,the bible says false prophets shall come in Jesus name,and you will know them with their fruits,so for you to found out the truthhood or falsehood of a particular man of God,take bible as your mirror and read,meditate and pray to God and God himself shall reveal unto you,dont go by hearsays

  2. malawian says:

    what the make and model of his jet and where did he buy it.

  3. Go deeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lloyd says:

    Anyway. we’re de lost sheeps

  5. Makhuwira says:

    Man of God l love you

  6. baba says:

    I love prophet Bushiri. Just do the word of God go deeper papa

    .ur wise man

  7. Mashudu says:

    The good works God has started in your life will maintain it and finish continue bringing lost sheep to our Most high God kingdom

  8. Mashudu says:

    For God be the glory because his Word is practically exercised through your unshakeable faith. We are delivered and things are happening in our lives. My faith become stronger and stronger by watching your channell . May the Most High God continue raise your standard and people see that He is the only to be worshiped. Praise the livng God who is always there for us Amen

  9. Nyamazayini says:

    Major 1, Seriously I need 25,000£ to pay for my scholarship in United Kingdom,would you make a miracle to deposit the funds in my bank account.

  10. Nyamazayini says:

    Afrika Wukani!!!

  11. Nyamazayini says:


    Mwana kazi wamuleka kochi? Wanalume wakutola wakwenda wokha chara?

  12. Nyamazayini says:

    The Zulus,Sothos,Ngonis, Xosas etc do not pay tax,that is why Major 1 can fly on Jet,buy Bentleys,Hammers, hire Malawian policemen and band etc etc.

  13. yuuuuuu says:

    when is salanje coming home with his posh cars as well?

  14. pyela zimba says:

    Prophet Bushiri Prophesy and dig deeper everywhere you go. We will welcome you to Zambia wholeheartedly and with open arms. May the good LORD richly bless you on your tour of Mzuzu. Amen

  15. Mhango KK says:

    No wonder, even Jesus Christ was not recieved at his own town. The devil is at work. Major 1, go deeper.

  16. Diana says:

    He will remain my Papa for ever Major 1 do something eeeeee!!!!!! Power, 9 month’s in your Mother’s womb just to prophesy

  17. obakeng says:

    I am a son of a major 1, for God utters the deep things of edification and conviction.God speaks to him face to face not in dreams and visions or dark saying.

  18. Anna John says:

    Ilove prophet just continue with work of the Lord

  19. saindi misale says:

    Prophet Bushiri, why can’t u ask your god to kill the current clueless leadership of Malawi so that we can move forward?

  20. nyakaji says:

    Papa you are a Cerebrity in Malawi everyone knows you I can see from the comments We love you very much as our spiritual father God is with you always You have a strong character and I like that and I know nobody can move you Amen

  21. kesterkalonga says:

    Just pray for your friend mr Kasambara who will be rotting in jail for his bad conduct and you are supposed to go to Blantyre, first to pray for Kasambara who is in hospital then we can see your miracle.

  22. Leslie G says:

    I bliv in u Mijor 1. Can we plis tolk privetely. Dis r my contacts: 0888 344 166 and 0999 344 166. Regards in de name of Jesus.

  23. Ireen says:

    go deeper

  24. mangochi kabwafu says:


  25. Kennedy says:

    May God use u in amight way right there in Malalawi… ignore non-believer/ anchrist… listening to this people is the WASTENING oF TIME , do the work major 1… God has Called u not people….LET GOD BE GOD>>

  26. wa says:

    Kkkkkkkk what next r u planning to do u haters of ma papa? Papa ur welcome, go deeper & deeper. I know when ma papa is going deeper ndipamene obwebwetawa amapezano chochita choti will never benefit to them.May the anointing of ma papa fall over me in Jesus.Pipo know kuti chamoyo sungachikhalile & u can not stop the power of God.Watch ur comments on men of God not only papa Major Shepherded Bushiri otherwise u can be calling curses upon ur life.Kunyoza Mtumiki Wa Mulungu ndi kunyoza amene wamtuma.

  27. He will remain my ” PAPA” forever major 1 do something eeeee!!!!!!! Power! I love you TRUE prophet of GOD, keep on doing miracurous things, we are behind you MAJOR 1, stay bressed.

  28. jona mtowa says:

    Bushiri bless my family in Zomba i wish u well prophesie ma problems. Dont forget hate in Malawi just bless them nebour to ur brother AMEN

  29. maupo says:

    Let the will of God be done

  30. richard masina says:

    I believe in prophet Bushiri. God give him more power.and wisdom. One day iam dying to meet him

  31. Mcbeth says:

    Gvng all praise to God Almghty..

  32. yohane mbatizi says:

    Welcome major 1

  33. Majorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kkkkkkkkk koma anthu tili ndi nsanje

  34. kaya phiri says:

    Jesus the Son of God remained Jesus the son of God till today and in all His Ministry we never hear Him boasting about Himself. All the miracles Jesus performed had a purpose; that is why

    Jesus refused

    1) to turn stones into bread,
    2) throw yourself down although Angels could have lifted Him up in their hands
    Although Jesus was capable of doing the above two miracles He refused to do it at the command of the devil. It would be surprising if men of God can really do things just to prove to people that they can do it. They will end up just like any other entertainers we like magicians. People let us not push men of God to those extents that is why they are creating suspicious things and in the end kunyozetsa dzina la Mulungu.

    and finally the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” 10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]” Those who have ears let them hear what the Spirit of God is saying here.

    Acts 5Vs 38-“So in the present case, I say to you, stay away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or action is of men, it will be overthrown; 39but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God.” 40They took his advice; and after calling the apostles in, they flogged them and ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and then released them.…

  35. Chatota Thawe says:

    Zonsezi ndi umphawi WA kuthupi, ndi ngakhalenso Ku uzimu lomwe.Ndiyetu muvutika ndi kuzunzika ndi nsanje yanuyi chifukwa muona zambiri kutsogoloku.MULUNGU akusungeni kuti tidzamve zomve zomwe mudzanene.

  36. kaya phiri says:

    God knows

  37. Martin says:

    Go deeper Man of God we are behind you, as the bible say “believe it will happen,” i believe that if you can pray for me all the hardtime i am going through will come to pass in jesus name, remember me in your prayers

  38. Patric Siboza says:

    Prophet Bushiri is Chosen by God. U guys think God is poor & When yo father is rich can u b poor? If yo answer is yes m mmm u a stupid.

  39. Martin says:

    Viva man of God, Gods tym z owez de best, i am behind u

  40. Julio says:


  41. Henry choose says:

    Guys becareful when judging men of God.

  42. Munyane says:

    welcome home prophet of God


    Major 1 do something…You are the chosen one

  44. John Magalasi says:

    Ndizoona munthu akwere basi ndi nthawi yake tisapenge nsanje mavuto ndi athu .

  45. ALOSWEA says:

    Major 1 pray for me sizikuyenda papa

  46. KUKHALA says:


  47. ninja says:

    kkkkk the chosen one as you say…..but chosen by who?though we aint to judge but most definetely these aint jesus lifestyle on earth,,,, it must be another super power that these guys are following…..zafika pa achina 50 cent,jay-z ,,za umulunguzi


  49. nyakaji says:

    Mubwere ku ECG muzaone ngati kuli satanic,people of little faith

  50. Reach out ministries says:

    Za masiku otsiliza!!!! Afilipi 2;5 Mukhale nawo mtima mkati mwanu umene unalinso mwa Khristu Yesu; ameneyo pakhala nawo maonekedwe a Mulungu sanachiyese cholanda kukhala wofuna kufanana ndi Mulungu koma anadzichepetsa yekha, natenga maonekedwe a kapolo nakhala mmafanizidwe anthu……..Mulungu anamkweza ndiye zinazi….kumangoyang’ana Chiv 22;11 munthu wochita zonyansa achitebe zonyansa koma wolungama achitebe zolungama. Chisakho ndi chanu abale anzanga

  51. Zinyengo says:

    lucky are those who are rich in spiritual.

  52. Billy says:

    we pray for you papa and you pray for us all leave the tomas didmos we love you papa GOD BLESS US ALL.

  53. OVERSEAR says:

    kumalawi nsanje idzatipha. whether he is a false prophet or not, one thing I know; the lame are walking, the demon possessed are being delivered, the dead are resurrecting, the cursed are getting blessed, the blind are receiving their sight, the death are hearing, the list goes on and on. what other testimony are you waiting for? As for me, I am proud of this youthful prophet of our time. the fact that he comes from our country Malawi makes me very proud. Please consider visiting southern region prophet. our hearts long to meet you. I know you are God’s vessel and I refuse to be distracted.

  54. Tshilidzi says:

    Papa we love u and we care less about the people who talk bad about you Papa. We love u

  55. Konyapapa Nyapani says:

    Chilichonse ndichotheka ndi Ambuye,Go deeper man of God

  56. Willie Chimseu says:

    welcome home major one we have been waiting for your coming & groly be to God that blessing are now in our country through you.

  57. Shadreck Ulaya says:

    paja mumati iyeyu akajambura inunso mumajambura, akati ayende mmalele inunso kuyenda, ndiye apa ife tikudikira kuti mutani, Bravo man of God, we are proud of you, welcome home!

  58. BOLOLO # 102… khwdzi koma yanu ndege yo kwela usiku> agalu inu. Anthu oipa ngati inu kunda ndi mtima womwe…….PANGA ZAKO….

  59. brave nyanyaluwa says:

    Matthew 24:24 – For there shall arise false christs and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders…………….
    Jeremiah 23:26 – How long shall (this) be in the heart of false prophets that prophesy lies? Yea,………..
    Revelation 2:2 – I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them who are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostle and are not, and hast found them liars

  60. Munthu the Citizen says:

    Big up, home boy! I like the fact that a whiteman is being made to work for a black man.

  61. Kandapako says:

    Mpaka kulemba kuti “SHEPHERD BUSHIRI AIRCRAFT” pa ngege to prove that ngegeyo ndi yanu!!! Koma Mulungu azitikhululukira ndithu. Why this material show off inu so called anthu a MULUNGU???

  62. EPIGLOTIS says:


  63. Rassel says:

    Welcome home papa don’t waste time with with those who are attaching you. We are ready to have miracles in Malawi through your coming.. Major 1,I love you so much.. Russell Msiska Neno Malawi.. We are watching u at prophetic channel now.. Devil is in trouble. laba sha ka ta ya libo

  64. gile says:

    God help Malawi.

  65. Clement says:

    The chosen one is the chosen one no matter what you can say God loves papa major 1

  66. Newton chimoto says:

    Eeee kma pa pvt jet pa madalitso ngat mvula2 ,ali bwino

  67. Bololo says:

    Any one can charter a plane including those with medical insurance which includes evacuation by air ambulance.
    As for the name, just like they paint or stick logos, names etc on those chartered planes.
    Did that small plane fly from South Africa or was it from Lusaka, Thete, Mbeya or any of these neighbouring cities.
    I am thinking about it being a two propeller plane, relatively slow speed, fuel etc. Just wondering.

  68. Mapwevupwevu says:

    This Country is Poor because people nsanje too much

  69. nabanda says:

    Can someone take a picture of his church at Chibanja in Mzuzu which is his foundation church if it tally with what this man of god is boosting about. His people are worshiping in unfinished church but him travelling on jets and posh cars shaaa. But does he think about all this may be the Christians are not his members? Is he just enjoying this life on earth? Where have you seen his own church in Malawi or elsewhere? “Raising eyebrows”. So many unanswered questions. This God of ours, have mercy on us. ENDTIMES

  70. I just regret for wasting my time studying Statistics, I should have studied the Bible and open up my own Church. I could have been a Billionaire by now. Esh!!!!! ku Malawi no Career can compete with Evangelism, (The best Career by Far)

  71. Umziya says:

    May we have the registration number of this plane. we want to know some facts

  72. aurora says:

    GOD have mercy…..GOD reveal the truth…

  73. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    A Bushiri ife ndiye tikujoinani tikadye nafenso bwino

  74. nambewe says:

    Malawians be connected for you to be protected.i love you major 1.distance is not abarier.

  75. Chinena says:

    Koma kamnyamata kakutchena aka. Bola akhale prophet owona

  76. thako la mmwenye says:

    chonde ambwiye che bushiri, mutifikilenso ife kwa chiyenda usiku,nanga mungoyenda mmatown monona. ifenso amphawi anthu akumuzi timafuna chipulumuso

  77. adona says:

    mmm, God knows who a true prophet is, and he will judge himself. meanwhile, lets believe in God himself, not man. we are in the last days, beware!

  78. nachisale says:

    Malawi is failing to develop because of foolish people who think they are giving to God when they are enriching selfish pastors like these to fly in the luxury of private jets. Its unbelievable that people in Africa and Malawi are being fooled by these pastors who are just enriching themselves. Preaching has become a lucrative business. Jesus would have taken the money that people are giving to these pastors, multiplied it and given it to poor people. Any pastor who lives a lavish life – expensive cars, jets, clothes

  79. konto says:

    Notice his language: “Let’s not talk about those who don’t believe IN ME…” ,”…but those who follow ME they get the end result…”

  80. jack Phalombe says:

    make sure all the money you make should coming to Malawi.

  81. cassy says:

    Major one, is the greatest prophet of this generation in this world, for God he walks with God

  82. elisha says:

    may jehova continues to make him stronger.amen

  83. GRM says:

    I think God does not like us the poor. Because we are sinners. Believers are flown in their own jets. I wish i could follow a Jesus who never die on the cross. How can He die on the cross as if God has deserted Him? God of Bushiri gives you everything and you shall never wont

  84. Honeycomb Chidyaudzu says:

    All God and silver is mine,says the Lord -so why should his prophets be poor. Even Jesus was was not poor. He helped the needy. Malawians are full of envy and jealous which are characteristics of the Devil. Welcome home Prophet Bushiri

  85. TAIMU says:

    zake izo. ife sitidya kwao

  86. Alfred Imedi says:

    The truth is in his hands. Let’s not judge

  87. Mtabo says:

    Please Prophet before you go back to South Africa remember to visit Mr Kasambara in prison as he would have been one welcoming you at the Airport. He is your fan, seriously please.

  88. Phwado says:

    Hahahaha!Bushiri is indeed insane.Why didn’t he walk in the air when disembarking the plane on those “steps”?Ndiwedi Phwala la ubweya.U gat balls in your head!

  89. kwadabwitsa says:

    Akwisa tamangoonani ndikuyamba kukhulupilira. Eish alembapo sikusinja air craft kapena watching wictch craft? Ailemba Meja craft. Iyeeeeeeeh.

  90. ZZ Junior says:

    Malawi lets face it. Whether this is from God or the devil. Bushiri is a model of success. This guy is not robbing anyone neither is he a cashgatist. I am beginning to love this guy.

  91. Likoma Economist says:

    Whenever Jesus healed someone He used to say, “Go. Your faith has healed you. Sin no more.” Jesus was humble, down to earth and always claimed that he came for the poor, the oppressed, etc. He always walked on foot, although He could have used a golden chariot straight from heaven.

    Looking at the way some of the so called prophets behave (especially when performing the so called miracles), one wonders whether it is them doing the healing or it is the devil disguised as a prophet. There is too much of “I, I, I and I” as if it is them that are doing the healing.

    It is these among many other contradictions that forces me to believe that not all these prophets are genuine. Religion is now an industry. Or is it a new version of capitalism?

  92. Anna John says:

    God bless you prophet as you continue to serve our lord. I love you papa

  93. MLOMWE says:


  94. Brenda gwele says:

    Prophet shepherd bushiri is really a sand from God to deliver his people

  95. Ac Matewe says:

    What Is New Here?To God Be The Glory

  96. Major one i love you papa!all Things are possible with God.

  97. Gerald shadow says:

    bushiri tamunyoza koma olakwa ndife, tikungochedwa mzathu akumva kukoma mwa ambuye. Pitilizan man!!!!!!!

  98. hope you are true man of GOD we love you

  99. nyoka says:


  100. Hendrix says:

    the Bible never lied thats why ilove it so much……… ati muzakawona izi ndie kuti chimaliziro chiri pafupi Bible linati ngakhare satana azakhara ndimphamvu yogwetsa moto kuchokera kumwamba so guyz becarefull

  101. Mirella K says:

    Yet, however, people are blinded and cannot realise that it is actually the unbealivers who won and enjoy most of the worldly luxuries. An aircraft should convince the most dull as a proof someone’s being a true prophet. By the way, anthu anga, yang’anirani, wina asasocheretse inu! nthawi ya ife ino, palibe mprofeti! To believe in existence of a prophet in our time is in fact to sin. There simply isn’t any!

  102. chris says:

    ppo lov this idiot instead of God,what a shame

  103. rewlayi says:

    Good example of illuminati beware malawians

  104. Thomas Didimo says:

    Kazigulitseni ndipo ndalamazo muthandizire anthu osauka apadziko lapansi kuti mudzigulire ufumu wakumwamwa not wapansi pano wozikundikira chuma chamcharichi.Remeber Jesus was humble and materially poor but rich in spirit!!

  105. MAENDAENDA says:

    I like this young man honestly!! he has guts!! NO GUTS NO GLORY!! NDANENA!!

  106. Munazolowera says:

    Ilove You Bushiri So Much! God Bless You All The Time,go Deepa Papa!

  107. Watching says:

    It’s not a jet people, it’s a turbo propeller….

  108. sikusinja says:

    Kodi ID ya pilot ikuti student bwanji?

  109. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Munthu wa Mulungu leave him. Enanu ndinu mfiti zenizeni. Nanga Bushiri amapha wanthu? He simply prays to his God.
    Kkkkkkkkkkk Bushiri woooyyyyyeee kkkkkk, go deeper Major.

  110. Sure says:

    Welcome home Major 1. See you in Mzuzu today, am already here all the way from Blantyre.

    No wonder malawi sadzatukuka, jealosy too much.

  111. Mulungu timmidziwa,Yesu Timmidziwa,Mzimu woyera timmiziwa inu ndinu yani???????? Zidafunso ziwanda mbuyomu zizakufunsaniso asogoleleri ndithu! Bola muzapeze choyankha.

  112. Emmanuel Kafunda says:

    Its very dangerous to cristise men of God! Because its God himself who knows his servants. Take care, otherwise you may be blaspheming the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!

  113. Garnet Ngalauka says:

    Show them MAN of GOD.

  114. TT says:

    Gods (yahwe, ball, krishna, allah) is a product one can sell to gullible ignorant and childish minds, especially Africans. If you think that there is a god (any god) who answers your prayers then just know you are in this group of brainwashed people. Bushiri like the rest of the ” profits” are just exploiting your infantile religious minds for they person gains, if religion has something to offer in next life that these people know , why do they focus on stuff in the material world we know truly exist and count these as blessings from their god. Bushiri is selling an invisible product (god) and he is good at it, that all.

  115. opportunist says:

    Go deeper man of God

  116. Idah Ng'ambi says:

    the ending time has come, we can see that there are so many prophets, this does not mean we should just follow every one who claims to be man of God. Beware of imposters ,the choice is yours

  117. Gifty says:

    Dear Nyasa Times, the aircraft in the picture is not a jet. It is a twin-engine prop. There is a difference. If the one, true, living God blessed this man with a jet, wouldn’t He (God) know the difference? And wouldn’t He (God) have the power to get the blessing right? Perhaps the god this major prophet (major profit?) serves is a god of confused, second-hand miracles. But then again, aren’t we a nation used to receiving confused, second-hand things from the world? “Father, please bless our beloved nation — not with the blessings of this world but with blessings from above. Please raise up true prophets who will point us in the way of truth and righteousness. Please forgive us for our many sins, for we as a nation have sinned greatly against You. Please have mercy upon us and protect us from the evil one. Please give us wisdom and discernment to hear the still small whisper of Your wonderful, gentle Spirit. Please pour out a spirit of repentance upon our land, our leaders, our people, especially the shepherds You have placed over us. You are worthy of all praise and honor and glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

  118. G4s says:

    Many hate and deslike their own body, how can the have love for Bushiri? No wonder Africa will never develop because of envy.

  119. Benja says:

    Its an honour to have you back home man of God, the criticising is subjective not all of us criticise, may God help us,if anything lets pray for the mzimu wachiziwitso omwe ungatipatse mphamvu ndi kuthekera koyetsa mizimu. Welcome home Major 1

  120. becks says:

    The least is the greatest among you. Ana a mulungu akugona. ndi njala akusowa makhwala akusowa fees. Inu mukunjoya ALL IS VANITY

  121. bankala says:

    ambuye Kodi nditani kuti ndikalowe kumwamba? gulitsa chuma chako chonse niupeleka ndalamazo kwa osauka chifukwa ndikovuta munthu wachuma kukalowa ku moyo osatha

  122. Bigimani wankulu says:

    Why didn’t he fly to mzuzu?

  123. anadimba says:

    lemelani zanu zimenezo

  124. Machete says:

    Does this prophet talk and preach bad against God, Jesus and human? The critics, do you use good language when criticising him? Who then shall a man follow ‘tween these two? My message to you all, read the bible or holy book and remember to ask God to bless you with wisdom to know and differentiate good and evil and follow what is good. God bless you all.

  125. KUNO KU MAULA says:



  126. angoni apaphata says:

    My only question is why does somebody who walks on air need a plane? I just saw the air bushiri video and I wasn’t impressed. Ku mzimbako kamupatseni makobili anu…. At first it baffled me as to the use of the walk. Now it’s clear. He was preparing for the trip… Good luck Malawi

  127. Oscar says:

    is this a pvt jet????,this is turbo prop beech craft plane.And belong to Awesome aviation

  128. Namisako. says:


  129. chefourpence says:

    Are flounting his wealth here? Shepherd….you know how to live! Poshy!

  130. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Oh so you read these comments?

  131. Nhuma says:

    This is very good news and a blessing to us Malawians. This man is an innocent christian…at least he has not committed any crime. At those of your who accuse him you know you are not innocently doing so but you just find yourself hating Prophet Bushiri for no course. That’s how you know the works of the devil…he injects an idea to you and you speak and perhaps you implement it and then you take the blame. The same in the spirit for no course you have been fighting this man and yet God is causing him to soar far and above the clouds. Glory to God! He even blesses you those who persecute him day and night…May God forgive you! But then I love you too. And please come fellowship with us at ECG and receive your miracle!

  132. charles Kampido says:

    welcome back man of God. May the good Lord bless you for remembering your country. Mutipungulileko ziwanda. Wishing you a successful crusade. I receive my deliverance in Jesus name.

  133. Ineyo says:

    It seems we don’t know what a jet looks like .there is a difference between a jet & a turboprop aircraft. The aircraft in the picture is a Beechcraft 1900 turboprop not a jet.

  134. Gift says:

    I have observed one thing about our country Jelousy is the main disease we suffering. Alot of people have critised Bushiri left,right and centre. I believe the jet arrival has silenced all the biased journalists and those on the battle field attacking Bushiri. May be it has to do with regionalism as Bushiri hails from Mzuzu politics takes its course. He is the first Malawian to own a private Jet which even the Malawi government can not afford. It is true what Bushiri says with regard to all the presidents be devil worshipers. If that being the reason I don’t see the country to develop. Jelousy person is a devil so as a satanic worshipper. Of late I have been following this man’s services his teaching has a lot to digest than vomit.We can only forge a head as a country if we stop being jelousy. My word to Bushiri stand firm in ministering the words of God,,jelousy people fall.

  135. Wisdom of Karonga says:

    Prophet Bushiri is real, and I hold him in high esteem like I do with prophet Manasseh Jordan of the USA.The latter is more younger than the former.

    For somebody to start prophetic work he must have been visited by angels to begin that journey.It is not like thinking about starting a specific business,it is about being overwhelmed with the power of the holy spirit and being guided by angels that represent God.

    Attacking the servants of God is blasphemous and has consequential effects.It is surprising some Malawians are bent on excavating fault in a ministerial work instead of concentrating on strengthening their faith that comes from “Watching and Praying”. People rush to judge but have no knowledge of a prophet’s personal connection to God.It is astounding to note that the same people can’t judge a political leader who is planting a seed of misery on God’s people,the people he is obligated to serve on earth.

  136. Malawiyano says:

    It’s good that those who preached the word of God were not that rich and still people had to trust them.

  137. Mika Kumbire says:

    Nyasa times, is this a jet? The Man of God is right; Let his works speak for him. Let us not be over critical. God himself is the upright judge.

  138. Mwana waMulungu says:

    Dear God

    Help us to guard our hearts from anything that derails us from the inheritance of your kingdom. Show us the truth and find us in our hearts to be open and trust in your word. Help us to understand that following you doesn’t mean we sail smoothly in life and that you have got power over any situation and you can change that in an instant. You promised to give us love joy peace and understanding and not just prosperity to show how great you are. Reveal the truth God.Lord help us realise that we have a direct link to connect to you to talk to you and cast our burdens to you and you hear… You answer in your own time… Show yourself Lord in these times and let your truth be Jesus name. Amen

  139. Profet Nyangaumodzi says:

    No funny and silly person than a nigger. No wonder whole world turning against him from Saudi Arabia haji to United states of America streets. Showing off like this in poor country like Malawi?

  140. Mute Gama says:

    This very good. But let us be accurate too. The aircraft is correctly branded as an aircraft. It is not a jet per se as it is is powered by a propeller so any reference to it as private jet is incorrect. A jet whether commercial,private or military is powered by a jet engine and costs more.

  141. Mafikizolo says:

    “I bought a Bentley car……”. How does this make all those people, who scrounge in their poor pockets for money to give “chakhumi” to these so-called “Men of God”, feel? I doubt very much whether the Almighty Father, Yahweh, is pleased with this.

  142. Tili Chenene says:

    Welcome home a Man of God

  143. Tina says:

    Ndiyeee is the Aircraft defining who is God. Does the Aircraft convince that he prophecise according to the Lord. Is an individual

  144. Mary Moyo says:

    Welcome home Major 1..

  145. muzgawacharo says:

    Kamwana nkhalyalya chomeni aka wunkhungu wuli thooooooo

  146. njolomachipilingu says:

    Welcome back home.If what he is doing is from God it shall not Fail and please becarefull rest some of you might be fighting against God the Almighty Himself.Timusiye Mulungu Akhale Mulungu

  147. Is it his miracles or God’s miracles??????????

  148. Alpha songazaudzu says:

    Malawi chenjera mwana munthu wafika in bible Elisa sanali wadzikundikira chonchi he said to servant tell him to wash seven times not zaleronzi bodza.

  149. Nyachikadzi says:

    I thought ku Mzuzu kuli ground la ndenge?

  150. nyson says:

    the truth will prevail, however long it may take.

  151. ACHALUME says:






  152. bushiri vs salanje says:

    mphwanga umayenela kuwuluka mu ‘captured spirit realm.’ anyway, mawa uyende across chi phanga cha moto anthu onse ali pompo amuwona. ngati suchita zimenezi…….

  153. enidziko says:

    Glory to God. Manifestation of the word of God.
    Ephesians 3:16

  154. john says:

    Welcome home man of God and continue wit the assignment God has given you.

  155. wez says:

    My prophet has landed in his home soil, I wish icould go to mzuzu steadium, my prophet I was there in malawi last week and I won’t have a chance to attend this wonderful crusades due to work. Man of God pls pray for me I will watching on prophetic chanel. May God be with u papa. Regard John duma in midrand.

  156. Chipatso says:

    Welcome papa

  157. want that child says:

    Pray for me. Am in financial needs

  158. Malawian!!! says:

    Major 1, may you pray for me that God should grant me my request in Christ Jesus.

  159. Mkupa says:

    All de best Major. U r our pride. May God continue blessing u

  160. Inu says:

    Again what has a bentley to do with the work of God? Why busy talking about materials things rather the work of God? Why this competetion for material possessions among the so called of God? It is Christians and our conduct that is many from getting saved because we are just as good as and in some cases worse than the world. What do you think Christ will do with us. A man of God really saying some dont care about and I will not care about thdm. Really? What about Christ commanded and that is love your enemies.

  161. The real ujeni says:

    I wonder what kind of hate Malawians would have thrown on Benn Hinny or Mathew Ashimololo if they where Malawians?

  162. Justice kapito says:

    That’s my Prophet, Major 1! Otukwana kuli kuti? Ife tingodalitsika!!

  163. Inu says:

    Somebody said: Lord I will follow you and Christ said birds have nests and foxes have holes but the son of man has no where to lay his head. What continues to sadden me about church leaders is how extravagant they are and are actually competing about it. Christ was humble and that is what attracted many to him. He had all the powers to do whatever and yet he used them appropriately.

    When Christ fed the 5000 men, the bible says Christ instructed the desciples to collect the remains so that none could be put to waste. What I learnt from that is that Jesus does not like wastefulness. South African Airways comes to Lilongwe on Thursday, would he be less than a prophet if he had flown by it? What is sad is that the money he is wasting has been collected from people some of which are even so poor that they cannot make ends meet. Why cant be like the early church, humble and people centered and not self centered? We are indeed in the last days

  164. blessing lipengs says:

    In the history of Malawi to all the pastors of all churches this has never happened! in south Africa the richest country in Africa no pastor of any religion has done this .Bushiri has entered into history books in malawi and around the world.

    malawi is now on the map which politicians never did.we may not not agree to the application and the delivery of his call into ministry but one thing I can see he could be the next Renhard
    Bonke of Africa.

    I pray for him to center his vision of winning souls for Jesus and to balance the teaching of Gods word and miracles and train leaders and release them with all the resources he has .

  165. The real ujeni says:

    Bushiri is in Malawi using his own money, doing his job, yet the foolish Malawi public full of jealous and hate are spewing hate messages on him instead of taking Mutharika to task for wasting tax payers money on this ridiculous UN entourage.

  166. Nyamakumutu says:

    A closer look of this plane it looks like the missing plane of the late Bingu Wa Muthalika. Am I missing something here or not.

  167. Makito says:

    Proved his critics he aint a poor fellow. God bless his works if he is acting within God’s calling.

  168. MaiMai says:

    Go on young prophet, if its God it will continue and if its of people, it will not. God be with you.

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