Prophet David Mbewe breaks flock marriage

One of the popular prophets that have mushroomed in the country Prophet David Mbewe has impregnated a wife to one of his flock which has led to the breakdown of the flock’s marriage.

Propbet David Mbewe

Propbet David Mbewe

Mbewe who is Founder of his church Living Word Evangelist Church under Shalom Mount Valley Ministries is said to have been responsible for the pregnancy of one Belinda Chipala, former wife to Edwin Chipala in Blantyre.

One of the members of the church privy to the issue confided in us that Chipala’s marriage to Bellinda is over and she has reverted to her maiden name of Likukuta.

Meanwhil,  Belinda has named her baby son ‘David’  and recently she held a splash baby welcoming party in the suburbs of Namiwawa which sources said was paid for by the Prophet.

We can also reveal that when Belinda was delivering her bouncy baby boy, she was admitted at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital and the Prophet David Mbewe’s mother was her guardian at the hospital where she was booked in a private room.

“This is a sensitive issue and we are handling it with care at the church but one thing for sure is that Chipala’s marriage has crumbled down,” said the source.

A close friend of Belinda confirmed that baby boy has been named David and said there was nothing wrong with the name ‘despite all these rumours about my friend and the prophet’

“A name is a name and there is nothing wrong with the name David for the baby. Afterall he is David Likukuta so nothing wrong there,” said the friend.

Prophet Mbewe’s church which gathers at Robin Park in Blantyre on Wednesday nights among other places, commands a large following including celebrities like Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Mc Millan Walter Nyamilandu Manda among others.

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26 thoughts on “Prophet David Mbewe breaks flock marriage”

  1. Analyst says:

    Even if you said you found him practising witchcraft, we will still flock and patronise his church services.
    Be reminded that publication of stories bent on discrediting others is a sign of failure and backwardness and inferiority on the part of those writing the stories.
    What did Nyasatimes publish anything good about him of all the things he does?
    Is this all they know about him?
    This is a failed mission and it cant deter any one from flocking to his church…hahahahaha

  2. Analyst says:

    Even if you said you found him practising witchcraft, we will still attend and patronise his church services.
    Be reminded that publishing to discredit others who seem to be greater than you is a sign of failure, envy and backwardsness.
    Why didnt Nyasatimes mention anything good that he has been doing? Is this all they have come to know about the prophet?
    Character assasination be it can not deter any follower.
    Failed mission.

  3. The Patriot says:

    “You will know them by their fruits”

  4. Eberechi Ogechi says:

    Nkazi uyu mesa ankati ndi wa ma Nigeria. Ali ndi gulu lawo la YOUNG MOTHERS la azimayi a seventh day adventist ku Kabula. Hahaha koma azimayi awa alipo kagulukuzemberera ma Pastors. Kuphaka cha mbale chopereka koma ma party ngosayamba ndipo shower ya mwana wa POLIFITIYU yachitika ndi Young Mothers group ndithu. Pastor Mbewe go Dzipper man of God. Dzipper ndatitu ndithu

  5. CHUCHU says:

    Lets not draw conclusions here,the article says she is a married woman and then says she divorced a year ago….I have never read anything good about men of God on nyasatimes but only bad,…..Give us evidence,we are tired of these mere rumours which mostly comes out to be untrue!!Do not tempt to destroy the good work of Christ.

  6. Sasani says:

    you shall knew them by their fruits

  7. William kakaniza says:

    I read the story with some mixed reactions, one it looks like its coming from a source aimed at character destruction. While stories of such nature have not spared men of God in our country but I read the story as a calculated move by certain quarters to affect the ministry of this humble minister from Machinga. We have hardly read about the great work that God has been doing in his ministry but only this bad one, something fishy.The said Lady happen to be somebody we know that she goes to China and does business for sometime now. What evidence is there to conclude the child belongs to Prophet Mbewe? did the Lady mentioned the paternity of the child to assure you of a story weathy this column? Please people lets have suffient evidemce and proof of some issues like child paternity which always require medical proof to come up with a conclusion. kufuna kuonongelana mbiri cholinga musokoneze ntchito ya Ambuye as if inuyo mulalikira.

    1. CHUCHU says:


    2. Alfred Minjo says:

      Ndi m’mene azikudyerani azikazi anu. What more evidence do you need after hearing that the prophet’s mother was the guardian at the hospital taking care of this bitch so-called Belinda.

  8. Nginde says:

    And younsay “God fearing nation’. shupiti

    1. FEX KACHAMO says:


  9. Analyst says:

    How far true is this story ?
    Even then, who appointed you to be judge over others.
    Indeed many are the people who throw stones in a mango tree than in an empty fruitless tree. Story needs verification as it seem is bent on character assasination from the reading of it…

  10. Issa says:

    Imadya pomwe ayimangilira. David in the bible did exactly that with someones wife so that’s what we call copy and paste. kkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Pastor Fred says:

    One should not draw conclusions based on the evidence presented in this column. At times, the media has been guilty of sensitive stories which later were found to be untrue.

  12. Dickson says:

    you have said Belinda was a married woman to Mr Chipala but you have failed to explain why you think or the proof to show that the baby does not belong to the hubby forgetting that when a woman is married, she do sleep with the hubby unless you give evidence to your readers that the hubby was impotent.

    1. Nginde says:

      Apa akunena za mkazi amene anali hule ali pa banja, which is so common in Malawi – dziko la asatana

  13. pido says:

    Ok, So the Prophet looks at the flock as broiler chicken? You have to feed, care and spend on the broiler only to chew it one day. Kudyela dzina la Ambuye? I feel so sorry for the many multitudes who follow blindly {I need your prayers if I also do follow blindly}

  14. Juxey Likatho says:

    Looks not true to me.

  15. World\'s Last Chance says:

    Atleast apa a nyasatimes mwapereka info yokwanira zedi, big up Otherwise yalakwatu on the side ya mneneri apa.

    1. CHRIS KAPITO says:


  16. Mfana odzisata says:

    The woman seemed osakhazikika pa banja, I noticed this long time ago.

    Koma if true, so a prophet nanu chigololo osaopa?

  17. Lt. Frazer Chakhaza (Rtd) says:

    If this is really true then we have a very big problem. Is prophet Mbewe single or married? What goes around comes around.

  18. Khallim Mbera says:

    No matter what he is still a Man of God

    1. Hope says:

      And you shall know them by their fruits, wake up Malawi

    2. Kay Pee says:

      He still remains a great Prophet at end times, Prophet this is just a peanut but you have passed a lot more than this, we still cling on your ministry every Wednesday.They even talked a lot about Great Prophet TB Joshua and now they failed. These are the kicks of a dying horse

  19. Mwaiche banda says:

    wadya iwe wadya iwe.. Tiyeni nazoni za mmasiku otsiriza

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