Prophet TB Joshua claims he told Jonathan he would lose Nigeria presidency

Nigeria’s controversial preacher, Prophet T.B. Joshua, claimed on Sunday that he told defeated president Goodluck Jonathan weeks before the 28 March presidential election that his regime had come to an end.

TB Joshua says he predicted Jonathan’s-electoral loss

TB Joshua says he predicted Jonathan’s electoral loss

The controversial yet audacious soothsayer revealed that he sent his message to the President several weeks before the election.

“I want to use this moment to congratulate Nigerians in our midst here,”  Joshua began in a message to his multi-national congregation, televised live via his Christian network Emmanuel TV.

He said God told him -“This message should be delivered to your president, that whatever the outcome of this election, his regime has come to an end. He should accept to save the lives of millions.”

Alluding to his prediction a week to the election that the dark cloud he saw covering Nigeria was lifting, he emphasised that a bloody ‘war’ would have ensued if not for the prompt concession of power by Jonathan.

“Look, Nigeria wanted change. An attempt to stop change leads to war, to a bloodbath… If Nigeria knows what we have overcome, we would dance.”

Joshua praised Jonathan’s tenure in office, insisting that he had served his nation well despite the immense security challenges.

The prophet claimed he called Jonathan by phone, adding that he had previously shared with him many revelations about Nigeria which eventually came to pass.

“He knows Prophet T.B Joshua by the grace of God in him; he has my track record with him.”

Joshua described Jonathan as a man who ‘has a heart for God’, revealing that he even spoke with the Nigerian president shortly before his historic concession call to General Muhammadu Buhari.

“I said to him, ‘Your Excellency – all you need to say is thank You, Jesus, even when it seems there is nothing to be thankful for. He said, ‘Thank you, man of God’. Before I knew it, I saw the news on CNN that he had congratulated his opponent.”

Joshua described Jonathan’s exit as ‘wonderful’, cementing his legacy as a democratic champion. “A man after God’s heart is a man with a wonderful exit. The beginner is not the owner but the finisher,” he told congregants.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Joshua reminded congregants that he had given a similar message in 2010 to Laurent Gbagbo, the former President of Ivory Coast.

“In a vision, I saw crisis – thousands of people being killed in Ivory Coast – just because of the outcome of the election,” he explained to congregants.

After sending the message across to the then Ivorian leader, a delegation of government figures and presidential aides was dispatched to Nigeria.

“I told them that whatever the outcome of the election – whether the popular or unpopular voice of people – our President should concede. His regime has come to an end,” Joshua reminisced.

According to the cleric, Gbagbo had personally called him regarding the prediction, looking for an avenue to avert it and inviting him to Ivory Coast. Joshua insisted that nothing more could be done.

When Gbagbo refused to concede power to Alassane Ouattara in the controversial 2010 elections, a bloody onslaught ensued leading to the deaths of thousands and his eventual incarceration and public disgrace.

Joshua concluded by praying for the new government to be led by the All Progressives Congress.

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124 thoughts on “Prophet TB Joshua claims he told Jonathan he would lose Nigeria presidency”







  4. Abdul says:

    You Chewa national party, I have a strong urge to kill you in which ever way possible for insulting prophet muhammad peace be upon him.

  5. yasin kasim says:

    that prophet is full of shit ,devil ..

  6. No sense,why didn’t u see that the guest house will collapse and kill many people?

  7. achina ifeo says:

    this is indeed a true man of God


    Evil prophet like Muhammad Hitler Bush

  9. PUMANI POMPO says:

    do not touch my anointed .say God

  10. Major son says:

    Don’t be foolish rebuking the man of God he preaches salvation and then prophesies so please do not let your mouth judge which you don’t know for don’t know what you don’t know follow his teaching and are good onces

  11. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Prophecy: there will be hunger in Malawi in 2015/2016. If it comes to pass then all should believe that I am a man of God. People are perishing in ignorance: they have no clue as to the difference between a prophecy and a prediction. Our Lord Jesus never predicted about mundane things like Gladiators, reign of Caesar and Roman Politics, Jewish economy etc. His prophecies were about God’s Kingdom, fulfillment of God’s purposes as outlined in the Bible and warning his followers against the impending spiritual and physical dangers. Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear.

  12. milazi says:

    Nthena wakachima vakuwa kwa church lake.wachimeso va zimbabwe

  13. che chipojola olowesa jando kwangonji . says:

    Also me isee TB joshua in hell coz of his evil, what we need is , univesalisim. saivatuion, banquet, remnants , dont what usaying ,EEE JONATHAN, EEE BUHARI,EEE BAGBO, WHAT YOUKNOW IS TIME IS OVER, JESUS WILL COME THATS ALL .

  14. phodogoma. says:

    With the heavy infest of Boko Harams in Nigerian who could have voted for Jonathan. Even if I as a Malawian but a Malawian with interest in Nigerian politics I could prophesised that Ma Abubaker the Moslem will win. Abubaker has won on two basis. First he is a Moslem and possibly Nigerians electing a Moslem thought Bokorising will come to an end sinse all are Moslems. Second, Nigerians had negatives towards Jonathan who was made a woman in presence of Harams. So change was needed the way Malawians damped KB for BM in 1994.
    So its a laughable thing for somebody Joshua’s caliber to claim prophesizing the downfall of Jonathan. Tha is total rubbish from the head of satanic community operating under water.

  15. mayankho anga says:

    T.B.Joshua you are the God’s sent prophet to this world. You are the real man of God, and may God continue using you more and more, in Jesus name.

  16. Favour says:

    Kodi mumangoti TB Joshua is a devil,why don’t you deliver him if u claim that you worship the real God? hypocrites!!! Remember God is still saying something.Zomwe Mulungu akufuna tidziwe amaziulula kwa atumiki ake,zomwe zili zinsinsi zake saziulura pazifukwa zodziwa iye mwini Mulungu.

  17. acha says:

    false prophet

  18. pamsundu says:

    Now singa’nga Gosh!

  19. Khakh says:

    Asiya Kutiuza Kuti Tikalowa Bwanji Kumwamba Ayamba Kusindika Zandale?.Ambuye Atichitile Chifundo.

  20. kholowa mkabudula says:

    lt was a given fact that Jona couldn’t win come rain, as he was so incompetent,dominant just like our own.The three hunds girls who went missing alahandulila,uyu boko haram was dictating the election,though l am not a prophet but l saw it and even told my Nigerian friends.Tell us the word of God not that as it wont take us to heaven, be careful as we are in the last days pipo of God! TRUST GOD ALONE!!!! If you put your trust in pipo of this fresh,eeeeh! men this fresh!!!! will cry one day or stop believing the word of God! Read the word of GOD and ask him to help you to understand it, you will see all those fake, im saying fake prophets! Alahandulila inshala!

  21. tsibweni says:

    why does he only prophesy bad things?

  22. Gods foolishness is wiser than mans wisdom!!

  23. Neverapine says:

    Tb joushua ndi chindele mumuwuze, mfiti wa satanic, dyabulosi.

  24. Kandakhute chinyetenyete says:

    You will have time to know that God is there and talks to you throung his prophets.

  25. DPP Guru says:

    Believe TB Joshua at your own risk. The guy failed to prophecy his own building collapse.

  26. sabiti says:

    lets not cheat ourselves not body should claim this day to be speaking to God it was Moses only whom God spoke to him directly, not even Jesus theres no even a single verse where he said that God have spoken to me, what about this brother TBJ ,? Watchout the scriptures are complete and perfect its up to us just to bielive in God not in these magicians

  27. Shi. says:

    God have mercy on us again.Whoever scandalises a man of God that carries oil of grace & seal of authority, challenges God.We make more sense when we pray than attack,keep quiet than condemn.Pls, let us consider our words and actions carefully.

  28. fkr says:

    what a load of crap.

  29. People have reached an extent of believing that the devil is so powrtful as to say future happenings,heals the sick, raise the dead etc.These things were only done by Jesus who said after Him those who believe in Him will do more than what He did. And its happening in LIVING CHURCHES and not in dead religions who are more like political entities than churches. We are not forcing you to believe our true prophets but what baffles us is that we dont discuss your churches, your Bishops, Pastors even if that they cant heal a pimple and yet you are very much preoccupied with other peoples monistries calling them false and satanic. Why dont you start asking your ministries for lack of miracles, healings and acurate predictions which we call prophecies in our living churches. Even in time of Jesus it was the church that spread falsehoods calling Jesus satanic or father of demons. Likewise today, it is the church in the forefront castigating true prophets coz they cant perfome a simple miracle in their churches. Khani ndi nsanje basi nothingelse. Bushiris church is less than 5years but has a TV station beaming live services and is the church which is spreading very fast across the globe. Ndiye munganene zabwino? Just stick to your traditional dead churches and leave our living churches where God is still speaking. Our God is the same yesterfay, today and tumoro. If your god stoped speaking, God of Shepherd Bushiri is still speaking, healing, and doing miracles. Come out of that darkness!

    1. makito says:

      Is this response led by the holy spirit? Sounds like a political party issue

  30. Anthu amagenda mumtengo m’mene muli zipaso,the more critisism TB joshua is getting for preaching the good news about Jesus the better for him spiritually,thats according to my understanding of the scriptures.By the way who gave you the authority to judge people? I REPEAT, who gave you the authority to judge people?

  31. End of days Jesus told about it
    watch out.

  32. End of day Jesus told about it
    watch out.

  33. Wina alila says says:

    It really surprises me that people who should know bwetter continue to believe this man, This man ia a typical nigerian hiding behind God! Why did he not forsee the collapse of that building where many people died? Wake up people!

  34. unknown says:

    Kayedza Phunda let me tell you this osamanyoza ma church ena omwe mukuti sikukhala ma prophecies, ma Prophecies kwa Mulungu is just a secondary thing and I wonder why most of you have taken performance of Miracles as yardstick to prove true worship and making the preaching of the gospel as the way of the past. Sindimafuna kunyoza ma prophet koma please be careful the devil is clever. Jesus said tikondwere ngati maina athu alembedwa mbuku la moyo osati kuchotsa ziwanda, prophecies etc

  35. Ntambalika says:

    Comment uyu nde sing’angaweniweni

  36. Ntambalika says:

    rely awitchdocter


    Why do people continue believing in what this shenanigan (T B Joshua) say? He creates his popularity out of tricks. Anaphetsa anthu ku Nigeria ndi utumiki wake wabodzao. Koma anthu kumamumverabe munthu uyu wa zintchito za Satanic. Anthunu mwatani? Bwanji sanafalitse uthenga umeneu Jonathani asanaluze ma election? Chichewachi ndalemba dala kuti a Malawi mumve, mumatengeka ndi za zii. Let us praise the Almighty God that among the victims of the church collapse in Nigeria none was a Malawian, I guess.

  38. pavlov says:

    I think he is too late, he would have aired out what he calls prophecy before it happened. Angakhulupirire ndani bodza lakero?

  39. thembeka says:

    I wonder why pipo comment things they don’t know, why cursing ur self Joshua sakumvani koma ngati Ali true man of God(zoopsa God said do not touch my anointed one and do them no harm) zilingalireni si Joshua koma mulungu avoid premature death anthuni ngati yasowa comment osakomenta,it will do gud to itself osazitenga simple…God is real his word is real so careful tsoka ilo

  40. black and Red church says:

    Try to ask him.when is he going to die??you will here the answer he gonna give you.

  41. black and Red church says:

    When I say this man is a herbalist. Will you agree with me?just pay attetion where his eyes are focusing on when he looks at a candle.this is exactly what the witchcraft of the cyprian book teaches.just try to googlise and do reseach on this you will find the answer without exchanging wirds with anybody.stop following things blindly.

  42. Prophet Joshuanomics 101 says:

    hahahahaha! T.B Joshua at it again as usual. Always coming out after the event. Was this a prophesy or a prediction? Because if you follow politics, then a lot of political scientists who had predicted the fall of Jonathan through the media would be called Prophets. hahahaha. Prophesies of these days. I think I am a Prophet because I prophesy that Malawi will not harvest enough maize this year. kkkkkkk. I am Prophet.

  43. worldly says:

    azapanga zambiri zozwizwitsa nazanyenga ochuluka

  44. lost decade says:

    Kale mulungu amalankhula ndi Makolo athu kudzera mwa Aneneri,koma Masiku otsiriza ano akutilankhula kudzera mwa Mwana wake???eeee men and women wake up read the book of Hebrews,God stopped talking to us thru the Profets,mukutaya nthawi yanu

  45. Robson Ghambi says:

    JB Joshua to me is real.

  46. Wailing Soul says:

    O my word!! Why didn’t he say that befote the elections? In fact Jonathan was a regular visitor to his fake temple. Jonathan shielded investigations regarding the collapse of his dubiously constructed shelter. Be cautious of some of these money making schemes. You have the Bible or the Quran or the Torah, Read throught it and you will be enlightened of such bogus Prophets like Joshua, Bushiri,Ashimolowo, Benny Hinn and many others who are enriching themselves in the name of Prophethood while the poor continue to pour in money towards them. Especially the less literate and desperate Interestingly, even a few literate and schooled ones have been enveloped by these shenanegans. Sad!

  47. magaula says:

    leave tbj alone if u r not a believer

  48. goboz says:

    a lies where were you the time your building was. collapsing,shame on u Mr prophet for profit

  49. Gods ways are not our ways. I know you dont have a bible,or you have never read a bible. Had you read the bible you have realised that even the most trusted Gods servants faced persecution including death. Jesus discilpes were even jailed when they had gone elsewhere. Can you question why God did not warn them of the impending danger? The bible i know talks of affliction of the reghteuos which they must face. If you are in a church that does not face persecution, or your pastor ,Bishop, appostle,or overseer are not facing any attacks my brother you are in a dead church. The devil does not attack his own, he attacks those with Gods power like TB Joshua of Nigeria Bushiri of Malawi and not your pastor or Bishop! Jesus himself that those who follow me in truth will have to cary my cross-meaning they have to suffer redicule and condemnation, name calling etc. If you dont believe have you ever wondered why in your church you cant even know what will happen in future? In January we were told of the kenyani attack and in March the attack happened, who is true or false between your pastor and my Bushiri and Our TB Joshua? Wait for the great earth queck soon then you will know who are in a living or dead chirch. Ife ndiye atiuza kale za chivomerezichi, sindidziwa kwanuko ngati zimatheka?

  50. Amigo says:

    nanga sanamuze joyce banda za kuluza kwake amangofuna kumudyera basi mwamumvesa kuwawa mzanu mpaka kumathawa kwawo munthu.eee chinamchina mtendere wamumtima ndiofunika olo utakhala ndi dola zotani.tb joshau satana wachabechabe

  51. Hehehe. You deny your failed prophecies even when we have them on your website but claim prophecies which you apparently said in secret. Fuck outta here Bushiri man!

  52. Amigo says:

    M dont trust tb propheses this guy z same like bushiri i think h z a satanism guy.why dnt he do the same to joyce banda

  53. yankho says:

    May The Almighty God forgive all those who åre castigating TB Joshua becoz they do not know what they åre saying.

  54. Kapando boys says:

    Tb joshua i always pray for u . You job is too big

  55. timothy mandambwe says:

    May God be praised and Bless Nigeria. Amen.

  56. Daniel Phiri says:

    This man makes many guesses based on trends in events. Some of those guesse come to pass, by chance. Others don’t. For example he said the AIR Malaysia wreckage would be found in the Indian ocean, between India, Indonesia and Australia. That’s a vast area! He didn’t pinpoint the exact place, choosing to be vague so that if, by chance scientists find it, he should claim the credit. Unfortunately we have too many people in Africa who can’t use their brains and will fall for any trick by witches an charlatans. Africa will only progress if we start putting scientific knowledge and hard work first

  57. dan says:

    TB Joshua u r adrug resisting TB virus to childrens of God. Full of lies n conning inocent sauls.

  58. George says:

    only God knows de truth!!

  59. TATE says:

    Go deeper man of god. tell them.

  60. dreda says:

    wat do u mean mukamati ” controversial preacher” ??????? watch out ndizomwe mumalemba nthawi zina….mukazamuziwa mulungu mdzaleka zimenezi

  61. BigMan says:

    Za Zii!

  62. Just a question? says:

    Just a question. Why do prophets of this age go for popularity? Why do they specialise to associate with wealthy politicians? Prophets of the Old Testament and the Disciples of Jesus were able to heal the sick completely. Why don’t our 21st century prophets go and clear the backlog of patients in our hospitals? Lots of questions coz of what most prophets of this age do. Here in Mw we have a platoon of them, more than the Old Testament prophets. Thie numbers me be equal to the prophets of Baal. I am not sure in Nigeria. Why and why?

  63. Otis Huxley says:

    Every Prophet is a fake Prophet? The surprising thing is that many people who give unpalatable remarks about churches and men of God, they don’t even go to church. Many are the ones who spend their time drinking. It’s a sign of dark cloud of ignorance enveloping their minds. You don’t understand the ways of God.
    You OPPOSE what you don’t understand.
    Some who oppose don’t know even one verse in the Bible.
    You don’t know how many lives have been changed by the same man you call evil. Someone’s food, someone’s poison.

    You people who oppose men of God and churches with an unchecked spiritual ignorance you are slowly destroying your own souls without knowing it.
    If the light shines in your mind, you will stop doing this .
    For us who believe in what God is doing, let’s continue to pray for the word of God to reach out to every nation.
    Those who want to insult me for freely sharing these words, you are very most welcome to insult me

  64. Omoba says:

    Whether TBJ is a man of God or not, its not 4 u and I to debate. Only God knows who is serving him. I advise u all 2 keep silent on issues like dis rather dan risking d anger of God on urselves.

  65. clever says:

    joshua do not force people to believe in you may choose to or not to. For me, i will.

  66. opportunist says:

    I salute u Prophet TB Joshou

  67. ACCURACY says:


  68. wangawanga says:

    I attack you that attack TBJ the prophet becoz had it been he was lying the owners of the story would hv refuted , but look at you heartless man refuting the prophet without crosschecking the facts from the people involved in the story. please change your attitude or else perish

  69. KUKHALA says:


  70. JB says:

    You dont just make a prophecy pipo, you only speak what God has told you to….so if TB joshua didnt make a prophecy on his falling church, it doesnt make him fake. its high time we understand the meaning of prophecy not just insulting Men of God on things we have a little knowledge on.

  71. GRM says:

    I did not know there are religious lunatics until i read these comments. Shaaaa? Anthuu.

  72. Bless says:

    Why always Prophecies of this single individual TB Joshua Come to pass?Help Me Guys.

  73. chipapwiche says:

    Leave people to comment the way they want. Someone’s thoughts are neither wrong nor right, they are just his/her thoughts. Do not judge.

  74. chakuhenga says:

    Comment If u don’t hv anything to say just remain silent

  75. Teacher says:

    I remember two to three weeks ago he mentioned of a plane and asked people to pray. A week later Germanwings flight from Spain was crushed to the mountain. He prophesized in 2010 of a new party forming and bringing the powerful party in Nigeria to it knees. Later APC was formed in 2013. Took Nigeria by storm and indeed brought down the ruling PDP for the first time. Many of you say he is a liar, what did he lie about? Almost whatever he says indeed does come to pass. You ask why he did not say of his collapsing church, he can’t say it if it was not revealed to him. Your question is like asking why did God not reveal this to TB Joshua of his own church falling the answer of which only God knows. If you doubt him, just take a step and follow some of his sermons and you will appreciate that he is one of the powerful clergymen of this day. I don’t personally go by his church but I take whatever he says with caution as they surely come to pass. Because of this I just remain neutral but at the same time I do not despise him.

  76. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Paja a Ken Msonda amati it is impossible for incumbent president to lose in elections. Kaya mwaziona bwa?

  77. LUKE says:

    If all what he says come to pass why calling him a lier and those bad names? He who knows not, calls a prophet a lier coz he knows not
    Jews thought Jesus the redeemer would look so giant and a heavy weight in appearance and that he would only talk good and shield them to their evil doings.
    Dear friends have you forgotten what the criminal said to Christ Jesus on calvary? ” you have been saving other peoples live, now If you are son of God save yourself and us all” those of you who says where was he when the hotel fell judge yourself. I know some of you like Chancy are talking out of ignorance but you have a chance to change your life and turn to the living GOD and spread word of truth to others, take not that JESUS IS ALIVE AND HE’S STILL SAYING SOMETHING TODAY

  78. jcholomandenga says:

    I also knew that Jonathan would lose, may be i am a prophet too but i just do not know it?.

  79. ulendowu ndi watonse says:

    him is a real prophet if you do not know anything remain silent

  80. kanyika dk says:

    i kanyika says prophet tb joshua is my real prophet i love him.

  81. Thabo Tembo says:

    What a joke, 2 day he is 1 of the richest so called prophet in Africa. He makes his profit by calling himself prophet.

  82. Billy says:

    People who do not know GOD can not understand what prophecy is just keep yourself the way you are . What we know is TB JOSHUA is doing what GOD is telling him.GOD continue blessing the prophet.

  83. May the Almighty God prove you that TB is real………………………….if you say he isnt real then show us the real prophet. Never expect the prophets to know everything. They know only what God whats them to know at that time for only God’s plans to be fulfilled. May the good Lord bless TB and make him the father of directive for love, peace and joy on earth in Jesus name. Amen

  84. Chosambava says:

    A MALAWI ..munthu ndiwachiboza uyu.

  85. Mwakawonde says:


  86. Totoma says:

    Were was he when the podium fail n many many died a fage one

  87. John Goga says:

    My fellow readers, let us not comment if don’t know anything. We better remain silent on issues we are not conversant with.

  88. Chancy says:

    TB Joshua failed to make a prophecy of his own church which collapsed, such that people died on the spot. Charity begins at home. He only knows how to make prophesy of other people dying. Shame on him!! Fake profit(prophet)!! Chindere kakufikapo!!

    1. Chris says:

      U need ears for hearing correct info and u need eyes for witnessing b4 u give a judgement over issues concerning this man. Otherwise, u r the one who is doomed.

  89. steven banda says:

    Joshua is stupid liar, illuminant puppet using their gods name to confuse us lyk its de God we know! Don’t worry mr tb, hell is all yours

  90. Jim says:

    Stupidity…….u say u are Jehovas witness mmmmm

  91. chishuka says:

    amen man of God, we know all ur prophet it comes to pass

  92. ankhoma says:

    TB Joshua is areal prophet.just start watching him.

  93. Eckson Kaime says:

    God Is Still Saying Something. Let sleeping dogs lie

  94. Butwell kachere says:

    He is Man of God only to obey him if u not, pls keep quite

  95. chimbwititi says:

    amen.jonathaan anali opusa kwambili. mbuzi komanso wakatangale.

  96. Kokotowa says:

    Nalikukuti wachabechabe uyu, follow him blindly at your own peril!

  97. Hendricks says:

    The results for those elections were a foregone conclusion, people in Nigeria are very poor unlike what they show off when they shoot their movies,no employment,high corruption,and high insecurity with boko haram killings and higher level of poverty made every Nigerian to try change so it was a known fact that people would change the gvt that had no political will to change things and that’s normal in an election except in a case of Zimbabwe. So I agree if he says predicted and not prophesied. Otherwise in tumbuka we say nimuzereza.

    1. Mrs Mwadiwa says:

      Let God be. Musiyeni Mulungu akhale Mulungu. God will ALLOW certain things to happen even to believers. Signs and wonders have followed men of God ever since only to hear that the same people have succumbed to some incurable illness. Why should God the all knowing allow that? Because He is God. T B Joshua can fail to pray for his own child yet be used of God to heal others. It is God who heals thr him and not him. To most people who have been following this man there is no doubt God uses him just like he can use anyone else. If there are claims to the contrary then pray first before commenting because spiritual things are spiritually discerned.

      1. Mrs Mwadiwa says:

        I am a very good example of someone who has been used of God to touch others yet there are challenges in my own family that I’m still believing for Gods intervention. Believers should be in the forefront praying for fellow believers when calamity strikes not criticism. It just shows ENVY because from the same Bible others have put the word INTO ACTION other than rhetoric and theology and isms and history. Quotes and dates and names without power. 1 Cor 1 verse 18. Dwell in the book of Acts and turn Chuches into deliverance centers with sings and wonders. Preach Christ ressurected sin and its consequences not prosperity only. Stop this and let God use you as well.

  98. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Mr Joshua it wa obvious that Jonathan would lose the elections. There were a number of serious issues which Nigerians were not happy with especially his handling of Boko Haram and massive corruption. So I even prophesied that he would lose the elections only that I don’t have a TV to broadcast the message

  99. matako m'mwamba says:

    Please if you don’t follow Prophet TB Joshua don’t comment anything. Do you remember what TB Joshua said when he was welcoming Her Excellency Madam JB? Let me remaind u in chichewa; anati, pali anthu ena amene anthu amatidziwa ndintchito zachifundo koma chifukwa cha maudindo apadziko, mbiri zathu zabwino zaonongeka. Ndinthawi yoti tisiye zamdziko tibwerere kumene tinali. Those who know JB you will agree with. So what happens to JB when she came back? She didn’t agree with the TH Joshua. What happens? She decided to seek intervation to self proclaimed Prophet Mbewe at Malosa,Zomba. Mbewe told her that God has changed His mind and JB will win. Hmmmm what a liar! JB lose the election. Please touch not His anointed. You better he quiet if you don’t have anything to air out. JESUS iS ALIVE.

  100. i like mr Joshua’s prophencies bcoz it always come to pass so he’s really man of God

  101. indoda isizibonela, says:

    Mr Joshua is a liar

  102. Stupidity says:

    Tb joshua is just a fake. He has managed to make most christians who believe him stupidy. Thats why we Jehovaz witness shall never accept this fake prophet

  103. Kwima says:

    Ukunama iwe unanena kuti ndege uzagwa

  104. Chimalilo says:

    Jonathan must ask what to do and he must hear without hearing he will loose and my prophecy also i have seen him loosing due no security in the country i prayed to G J to pass but i see blood all over the country

  105. Bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    Amen & Amen I salute you Prophet TBJ you’re a real man of God whether one accepts it or not. your prophecies are accurate

  106. akulu says:

    U don’t follow his preaching services that’s why u are talking and asking these silly questions. Whatever u are asking about the girls and his building was already answered and we understood it .

  107. amfumu says:

    its not ‘who’ but rather ‘what’ which we hav to grab, he isnt yet controversial until proved so. ufa mbuzi admini

  108. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Did he know about the disaster of his building which killed many people in 2014 in advance ?

    What about the killings of many people by Bokoharam in Nigeria ? We are tired of these fake prophets like TB Joshua. It is already written in the Holy Bible that we should be aware with the false prophets , T B Joshua is one of them.

    1. yohane says:

      Do you know that a prophet is not a dreamer but the messenger of God. If God doea not reveal anything to him he can prophesy meaning during the church build disaster God did not reveal anything. Jesus was killed by crusifying him can we say that he had no power to fight, where was God on that moment. Ngati simuwerenga bible muyambe lero God is not a magician.

      1. Kenkkk says:

        Yohanne, it is too obvious that Jesus had no power if you really know your bible. God the father had the power and had decided that Jesus will die that way to save the world.

        It is already clearly explained in the bible that many will come proclaiming to be so and so even healing people and prophesing this and that but they will still be false prophets. TB Joshua unfortunately is just one of these many prophets the bible has already clearly told and warned us about. He even failed to prevent the unnecessary deaths of his own congregation when part of his church collapsed.

        Even satan has power!!! You just have to look at the chaos in this world.

    2. Comment: if you follow TB Joshua closely and carefully, you will recall him saying these prophecies.

    3. Mrs Mwadiwa says:

      Satan infiltrates Gods assembly since time immemorial. Job 1. He roams the earth seeking whom he may devour that is why fake prophets have infiltrated the church today. The test of a true man of God is the outcome of his prophecies. TBJoshua scores highly in that regard better than his accomplices. Any wonder then that he can be misunderstood by Christians in need of deliverance who need God himself to open their eyes. Gehazi would help us better because he can explain better what spiritual blindness is. Please TBJoshua reduce yr lodging rates we are coming back again. We love you man of God.

  109. Goodsom says:

    ‘Claims’ being the opetative word.

  110. Maten says:

    It is good to listen. Listening has a benefit.

  111. Hoitty says:

    Did Joshua predict anything about Joyisi Banda? A synagogue faithful?

    1. Think Tank says:

      are you so possessed with Joyce Banda. Please remove the brainwash inflicted on you by heavy dosage of anti-Joyce Banda. Overcome it and be born-again.

      1. Hoitty says:

        Is she a demon to posess people? But we know she was/is a TB Joshua follower! She probably ignored a prophecy

  112. lost decade says:

    Where are chiboko girls??so God was only interested on Election not for the Missing Girls???Mr Prophet this is utter Nonsense??by the way ur building collapsed and over 100 people were dead so God also so no reason to tell u about the collapsing of ur building atleast to save people’s lives??mmmm Ur a Cheater a liar

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