Prophetess Dawa Loga, Prophet Vitu Kamanga are ’living testimony’ -Report

Prophetess Dawa Loga-Lemberger, a former designer has said she and her husband Prophet Vitu Kamanga are “living testimonies” after living the showbiz industry to establish the ministry called Fountain of Hope in Lilongwe.

Dawa Loga: Now Lady of God

Dawa Loga: Now Lady of God

Prophetess Dawa Loga is an associate pastor at Fountain of Hope Ministries while Prophet Vitu Kamanga serves as a senior pastor.

“Ours is a word based and prophetic ministry that will reach out to the world for God’s purpose to be fulfilled,” Prophetess Dawa Loga said in comments published in The Nation newspaper.

“We are both a living testimony looking back from where we are coming from to where we are now. We are humbled that God chose us to serve,” she remarked.

Prophetess Dawa Loga said the couple of God aim to live in “truth and purity” for the glory of God so that many can experience God’s power and grace through the church.

The Prophetess said Fountain of Hope Ministries was established to serve the poor, widows, schools, family, orphans and all those seeking God. The ministry was also into inspirational talks to young people including girls.

Dawa-Loga said her first prophecy in life came in 2010 through 2011 when she attended a Beth Moore Women’s conference in the United States of America (USA).

“That time I experienced God in a new way and my hunger to lead a women’s conference grew. I felt that only if women would connect at a spiritual level, sing together and be encouraged it would be wonderful,” said Prophetess Dawa-Loga.

According to The Nation report , Dawa Loga received her second prophecy by one of the influential speakers that she could equally influence women in her life. By then, she was active in cosmetics and fashion business as a director of Mary Kay Cosmetics in USA, where she used to train women on grooming, make up tips and how to build a business of their own.

When Prophetess Dawa-Loga returned to Malawi, she embarked on cosmetics, women clothing and tips on grooming while learning the industry. Then later she decided to host functions so that she met more people. After administering fruitful workshops with different people, the idea of Malawi Fashion Week sprung and she pioneered it.

However, it was the success story of the Malawi Fashion Week, which strengthened her ability to serving God.

Fountain of Hope Ministries is serving in four branches in Lilongwe’s Biwi, Mbabvi, Ntandile and Nkwichi Secondary School from 1pm to 4pm every Sundays. It is also beamed live on Luso TV every Saturdays from 11:30 for an hour as well as half an hour on Dziko FM every Sunday morning from 8:30am.

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Clement Chiwoko

Can I ask you one question Miss “Prophetess”, like all other so called prophets, preachers of God how much do expect to steal or con your congregation?


serious issue guyz, can you look at the prophetess’s dressing, what a meaning does it gives us?guyz we are in the last days indeed, i dont say that she is a false prophetess but we must be careful of last days, restern! we must be very careful of these days. may God almighty help us please.


Koma Mavalidwe asamakhala provocative. Musalakwitse tiana iti mungazalangidwe – May God bless those who purse His work for His sake.


Mhhh go deeper yemweyo basi


Watch out U people I hop Mumawerenga Bible, kunja kuno kuzabwera aneneri onyenga ndiye ndizimenezi.Amalawi pezani njirazina zopezela ndalama osati kunamizila mulungu.


Do not judge but I shall judge on this zakayisala pelekani kwa kayisala za mulungu kwa mulungu koma mwaliwona hulelo momwe lavali munayamba mwawonapo kuti munthunwowopa mulungu atavala chonchi, let me warn you if other’s haven’t warned you PLZ muyenera kubadwa mwasopano mayi other wise anthu omwe mukuwonongawo azakuwonongani

Keen Observer

My simple question is why do we have so many prophets at one time???????? Because according to bible days God used to send one prophet at a time. So if all these prophets are from God why do they contradict one another??? God does not contradict Himself Never.


If it is from God congratulations are in order Dawa Loga. Hope your first husband is dead because as a Christian and a ex catholic, it is only death that can separate you and your first husband. I have my own closet full of dirty too but going public that you are a prophetess married to a prophet HMMMM, No comment

Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

Why is she skipping the part that she and vitu started that ministry after they were excommunicated elsewhere for living in adultery/ fornication ?

Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

Why is she skipping the part that she left the U.S. when her husband Mr. Lomberger was arrested and jailed for money laundering?

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