PS Chimwemwe Banda clings to office at Information despite redeployment

Deployed Principal Secretary of Information, Tourism and Culture Ms Chimwemwe Banda is clinging to her office and continues to work in that capacity outside the country 10 days after she was removed, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Chimwemwe Banda: On the move

Chimwemwe Banda: Removed at Information Ministry

As a consequence, operations in the ministry have almost grounded since the new PS Justin Saidi cannot access his new office and handovers have not yet been done.

On the day she was moved, upon getting wind of news of her redeployment, Chimwemwe Banda locked her office and took with her office keys to Namibia to attend the SADC Digital Migration Forum representing the Ministry.

Banda was removed as PS from the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture on the 19th of June 2015 and redeployed to the department of disaster Management (DODMA).

Government described her removal as normal but inside sources have told Nyasa Times that she was removed for among others things ‘‘gross financial abuse of her office’’.

Nyasa Times has also established that the conference Banda apparently left for on the 19th of June, 2015 to attend at Pretoria Hotel in Walvis Bay, Nambia, actually started on the 22nd June 2015. She was there three days in advance.

Chimwemwe Banda attended the conference against her Minister’s directive to delegate to the Director of Information Dr Bright Molande so that she and her Minister; Kondwani Nankhumwa could attend to budget deliberations in Parliament.

Parliament was discussing the Ministry of Information’s allocation that week..

Investigations by Nyasa Times have revealed that instead, Banda is idling in Johannesburg South Africa waiting to again travel to Nairobi, Kenya to attend yet another conference on ICT again as Principal Secretary for Information.

The conference in Kenya is set to start on the 1st of July 2015 to the 3rd of July.

If Banda attends this meeting, she would have been travelling from one country to another masquerading as Principal Secretary of information fifteen days after she was removed.

Banda said there is nothing wrong with her conduct, saying “ trips were already approved and funded in my name.”

This is not the first time Banda’s name has been mirrored in mal administration and financial abuse. She was removed as Director of Programmes from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation in 2012 after an audit revealed massive financial mismanagement linked to her name.

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39 thoughts on “PS Chimwemwe Banda clings to office at Information despite redeployment”

  1. concerned citizen says:

    Mayoooooo!!!!!!! Nsonkho wants kuuseweletsa chonchi

  2. John Muchizi says:

    Chinthu amachiti Boma ndichodabwisa zedi. Achimwemwe mpaka PS. I think the easiest job in government is that of Principal Secretary. Chimwemwe’s elevation attests to this truth. I am sure she doesn’t even understand the implications of her actions attending events as PS information when she is not. I think Government is full of dunderheads how can a sane organization post her to head another department after such a mess in information.

  3. lol says:

    Do not trust everything that Journalists write, trust me.

  4. musolin says:

    Kachiwuya aka…ambiri muli kutafunamo….koma ndalama zaboma zikumala….awa akuba poyera apa. A Peter ali gone.

  5. In the know says:

    Chimwemwe has been posted to Ministry of Health and not Disaster

  6. Rift valley says:

    Bwinotu Chimwemwe. What is there between you and Kondwani? Is it not you who said Mary Segula was not presentable on MBCtv? I beg to differ. The gir is cute and clever. Pitani ku ofesi yanu ya nyowani. Tiyamba kudabwatu.

  7. Alufeyo says:

    Iwe chimwemwe just do your things ambiriwa ndiwosauka they have nothing anangophwisa basi. Let you foolish people know that Justin Saidi was out of the country wabweta lero pa 29/6/2015 he was on a trip that was approved by Mkondiwa when he was PS Defence. The same for Chimwemwe her trip was approved before her posting. However het posting is not normal the Minister asked for her temoval. With GM ma civil servant munya no protection.

  8. hk says:

    Wususi a chewa.

  9. analyst says:

    Malawian men: every woman who succeeds in life, they think she was being screwed. Too bad.

  10. chinena says:

    Iwe Chatonda, Willie Samute wamulakwila kwambili, ukufuna amalizike ku Garden City Clinic?

  11. mapapaya says:

    A Chimwemwe tambwerani kumudzi. Mukufuna kukhala ngati amayi enawa okonda ndalama .

  12. Dzinja lafika! Kudzimva kuphunzira kwambiri! Mungomo ndi hule lake nawoso agwedeza MBC chifukwa cha their closeness to APM. Chizungu chake polankhula ngati uyu muti ndi dotolo uyu ndani ndani ??? Yes Jean Kalirani iiish! Manyanzi ine ndikamamva chingelezi cha amayi awiriwa ngati…… Educated savage is what Chimz B is. Ankalimbana ndi Marie Segula but hey this young lady can articulate queens language.

  13. cHINYAU says:

    Chemwali bweraniko tizayambe kudya za ma floods ku lower Shire

  14. Professor Seyani says:

    This lady gets srewed hard by many including ministers. No wonder those unwarranted delays to move out. She uses bottom powers.

  15. Zymology says:

    iwe udzafa imfa yowawa hule iwe chifukwa mizimu ya wanthu owe ukuwalakwira siiliyokondwera nawe mthakati iwe,udzayankhe chilungamo pa maso pa yehova

  16. Zakwathu says:

    No wonder even Mungomo and his wife Gloria are also abusing funds at MBC and torturing Members of staff because they have blessings from Chimwemwe Banda.

  17. Mdicai Longwe says:

    Fisi ndi fisi basi olo atasintha thengo. Kuchoka uku kupitakwinako. Anthuwa amaona ngati ali ndi nzeru ndi iwo okha basi. Tiona m’mene zithermo.

  18. Eye Witness says:

    Inu mumati atani? there is another telecommunication workshop in November ku Australia azapitanso ngati ps….winayo abadikila..

  19. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    She knows there is more money to cashgate and chew in this Ministry. there is easy money at Digital Migration and MACRA.
    On 17 June Nankhumwa went to Mzuzu and cheated the world that he was there to switch off analogue signal and switch on digtal signal. All what he did was pop up a Champagne bottle at around mid night …. and you can guess what happened later..

  20. GooNgayikosya says:

    Tatopa nawotu amayi amenewa ati nchani koma isaaa

  21. kanyimbi says:

    People should be punished if they misuse money and not reshuffled.

  22. MAN says:

    why are you keeping this stuff in our gotv system. please mr president learn to act fast before it is too late. we are tired of these bad eggs in govt

  23. Alufeyo says:

    Chatonda you are an imbecile. Why do you think like a baboon. Leave Willie Samute alone. Who told you that the position of PS needs people like Molande. Zachilomwe basi. Agalu inu.

  24. Imphani says:

    Thats women in power……..kukakamila udindo. Her friend is at Ministry of water( Kalemela Milanzi) The Director of Human who is also clinging at the office despite being posted to minisrty of Education….shameee.

  25. The real Ujeni says:

    Don’t worry Malawians, MCP/PP combo will sort her out in 2019.

  26. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  27. shaaaa! says:

    osangoichotsa nkhalamba imeneyi bwanji?chitsilu chopanda khalidwe mpaka kumalimbana ndi Namajiji.choipa chitsata mwini.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  28. chatonda says:

    Her name has always being linked to having affairs with Mr Willie Samute since she was at Local government and this is where she is getting all the powers to cling to her previous post. Dr Molande should have represented the Malawi government. He is very intelligent and one of the best lecturers on the land. He knows the stuff than the prostitute who is Afritrotting and not global trotting of course,

  29. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    Another cashgate. God please intervene. Malawi malawi

  30. Kadakwiza says:

    She not helping.

  31. zakusimba says:

    She wants to be fired so that she can cash in thru court.

  32. Charter says:

    DPP government! Hehehehehe!!!!!!

  33. me says:

    Problem is whatever she does,says,signs or commits to will not be legally binding as she is not the aithorised person fpr this post. People can challenge it in court. So madam you are just wadting ypur time and govt time and resources.
    Cant chief secretary discipline her please?

  34. bingu says:

    adona bweraniko ku disaster kulinso Ndalama mukasosola kkkkkkk

  35. The Binoculars says:

    Let her not take portifolios in govt as personal to holder.Her behaviour will make other people to start insinuating that may be somebody up there may have been fondling her buttocks and breasts-even spitting the thick white stuff in the God given hole between the two human walking sticks.That is where the queer behaviour is coming from.Mkazi ndi munthu ovuta ngati anagwetsa kale kabudula kwa akulu-akulu achinto.Chiwelo camkazi ni security panchito.

  36. Rodriguas Latata says:


  37. Patriot says:

    Government described her removal as normal but inside sources have told
    Nyasa Times that she was removed for among others things ‘‘gross financial
    abuse of her office’’.


  38. kaya says:

    Ms hope meatani muyoyalutsatu just follow the transfer insyructions simple

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