PS Chimwemwe Banda in ‘contempt of Parliament’

Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture Principal Secretary Chimwemwe Banda on Tuesday refused to appear before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament to respond to Treasury minutes.

Chimwemwe Banda: Refuses to appear before parliament

Chimwemwe Banda: Refuses to appear before parliament

Banda, one of the most powerful women in government, and other officials from the ministry were summoned to explain the loss of about K15 million as part of its oversight role.

But she snubbed PAC meeting and reportedly told the committee she was too busy to attend to their meeting.

PAC has since resolved to discipline her, according to Committee chairperson Alekeni Menyani .

Menyani said the committee will report her to the Chief Secretary to the Government and start “contempt of Parliament proceedings against her.”

He said Banda’s action is tantamount to “ belittling the powers invested in [PAC].”

Banda was expected to explain a K14 million payment for services not rendered, irregular award of a contract to the director of Department of Information Systems and Technology Management Services amounting to K232 900 and explain missing payment vouchers amounting to K1 154 141.19.

She last appeared before the committee in October 2014 when she was turned back for presenting irregular documentation with the intention of deliberately misleading the committee.

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52 thoughts on “PS Chimwemwe Banda in ‘contempt of Parliament’”

  1. prince says:

    Wait idiot your time is koming

  2. Alluyah says:

    Pac ikuyenera kuwonesa mphamvu zake pamenepa

  3. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Akuba anzake ali ku maula iyenso akalowe basi


    Madam just go and attend the PAC meeting Basi.

  5. chatonda says:

    She was seen in a very short kabudula at Mt.Soche with Mr Willie Samute during the day and got promoted to the high position of PS when people with PhDs are languishing at P5,4,3 and not PS at all. Why, Do you punish them because they respect their husbands/ Shame on you.

  6. guidelines for you says:

    As much as I dont like this lady but I think she deserves to be heard. Menyani has over reacted. Him too has weaknesses. It shouldn’t be one way traffic.

  7. mlelemba says:

    She is one of the most powerful women in the country,a mother and wife to we have men here calling her all sorts of degrading would u feel if such insults were directed to your wives or mothers? If there is an issue let the govt deal with it and as citizens of this country our input should be positive such that if indeed there is a malpractice it should not go unpunishable…and why is PAC using the media to adress her..i know there are procedures within PAC that are followed when someone misses a meeting of this magnitude..maybe they rescheduled..maybe she was genuinely busy…osathamangila kumunena ndikumutonza munthu up until u establish ma reasons ndi nkhani yeniyeni…and PAC…is it not the same group when mphwiyo was summoned and adressed them they ended up clapping hands for him when we really know that he is the genesis of cashgate…smh…

  8. disasta says:

    chimwemwe my luv, udzalamulira dziko lino tsiku lina. I wonder why the devil is always fighting you. There is something on you. Type amen to receive your miracle

  9. Citizen X says:

    there is only 1 explaination for this type of behavior coming from a woman, it means she is holding some men’s balls in her hands and u know how painful balls can be when squeezed really tight rite!!! she is powerful to those men she has access to their balls and now she thinks she controls all the men in this country. so i suggest u guys in a position to put this woman in check to do so unless u too have also donated your balls to her or u have no balls at all. please some body sort this bitch out rite now we are tired of seeing her dump fat ass in the news ok. or is her the 1st lady of this nation?? ha
    its time we men in this jerkup and stop these women from giving us shit all the time. men in mw has become useless, all we do is cry all day and do nothing “we have no balls” and women are ruling us and destroying things.

  10. Kanyimbi says:

    Mpanenei basi anena kumene kunapita ndalama.

  11. edda mwalweni says:

    Mwachepa nonse you can not fight her. Just leave her you will yield nothing, amenwo ndi amyi, mwamva? fotseki, shupit…………!!!

  12. The Patriot says:

    Teach her a lesson, no one underrates the Legislature or any arm of the government! By the way Mai Chimwemwe Banda is an appointed official and how on earth does she think she is so powerful to undermine elected officials of PAC?? Government officials need some civic education on such issues!!

  13. ndadabwa says:

    pakwanira pomuchotsera nchito ameneyu tatopa naye. tidzingomva za iyeyu basi. amla

  14. Nankungwi says:

    she needs disciplining. How paerful is she that she cannot do her own job?

  15. Mwakipiki says:

    Well, should she really answer for “awarding a contract worth Mk232, 900.00”? Kikiki, I think palibe anapangako economic appraisal in this committee

  16. Mbewe. says:

    My concern is mumati disms kumachedwe kupeleka chigamulo yet olakwayo akulandirabe ndalama yaulele mwina kukawina mulandu zopusa basi

  17. These sexually transmitted promotions eeshi…..

  18. These sexually transmitted promotion eeshi…..

  19. George says:

    Comment ng’oma yolilitsa cmachedwa kubooka,munanyanya kutasa mai under muziona!!


  21. Chigawenga says:

    Fish rots from the head down. What is APM saying about this if his ministers are ignoring PAC how can we hold his administration accountable? He should summon this corrupt woman asap as she is tinting DPP’s image.

  22. Chimwemwe says:

    Everything in life comes to an end! We had very powerful people in the past, where are they now?

  23. Matombodya says:

    I dont see any value in PAC. They have previously invited so many people before themselves but what does it yield? They sit for allowances and nothing else. Last time they recommended something about the Reserve bank Governor but iot didnt yield anything. They do not have the power to do anything.

  24. zanga phee says:

    Ameneyo ndi amene akuwononga Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Samafunira anzake ogwira nawo ntchito Zabwino, PAC Quiz her asakuvuteni , she have to recount for the money Lost, ACB where are you, pali ntchitotu apa.

  25. ujeni says:

    Mai wachabe chabe uyu, she comes across as one of those pompous MCP women of gone by years. Malawi dont need such beings in position of leadership

  26. Jah Wrath says:

    The article has forgotten to tell readers that , as a Controlling Officer, she was to appear before PAC on audit queries dating as back as 2007_08 hence misleading. however its sad that she cited busy as a reason for not going.

  27. chatonda says:

    Chimwemwe Banda is rude because of Mr Willie Samute, The one who promoted her. They were together and good friends … at Local government. Samute is the Deputy Chief Secretary and reporting the matter to OPC , you know what it means….
    She has no education except for the Diploma she got from Chevening British Council Scholarship some years ago. She is too selfish and adamant. She has influenced so many transfers of so many people both at MBC and information lately. Let us wait and see….

  28. Dr Moo tha Leeker Chief Kwataist says:

    Muja azungu alakwitsila chichewa, do we scorn them. Ndiwe mbuzi ngati Pitara

    1. Jokujoku says:

      @Dr Moor, you are right. Azungu amalakwitsadi chichewa but we just correct them.

  29. Concerned health provider says:

    If she still has her job after the irregularities of last year described in the article, I’d say Parliament deserves what it gets. The complete lack of accountability in public positions cripples every sector of governance.

  30. Shokodido says:

    PAC you mean you are the one to interrogate her and not ACB, was this matter reported anywhere? Alas!

  31. Milward says:

    Common sense and rules of natural justice would give her a second chance as a benefit of doubt. PAC, why rush with the thought of disciplinary action? So you would rather be seen as a more superior arm of the govt than the executive? Your actions ain’t any better than hers.

  32. Wokhudzidwla says:

    Munthu akametere ndiye kuti waponda mwala. Msiyeni angakulaseni.

  33. edu says:

    another cash gate woman, why she refuse to attend the meeting which means she know something tiyeni naye ameneyu wakuba, wazigwiritsa yekha

  34. mphande yituwa says:

    Kudalira ma……


  35. Dr Bwampini says:

    Chimwemwe Banda ndi okula mtima and waliwuma ngati othena agalu. ATI kudalira ming’alu ili ukoko kumene chiujeni cha Kho Nakhumwa chikumakawusa. Zopusatu zedi

    1. Kwa a Mfumu Kumwamba says:

      Dr Bwampini,

      You just made my day oh…!!! I just laughed my lungs out oh…..!!!

      Thnx a lot oh…!!!

    2. Dr Moo tha Leeker Chief Kwataist says:

      Dr Bwampini
      Mwalasatu nde ndende. Mayi ameneyu mmmmhhhhh kaya ndi okwatiwa? Zaulemu alibiletu. Ndiponso she just doesnt know when to let some things go according to age. Akudewezabe ngati ka 1995. Ndilo liwuma mukenenaro. Ziliko pa MALAWI

  36. powder says:

    is it true that nankhumwa akuthira madzi mwa maiwa? muzinena za maumbonitu cause munthuyu ngwapabanja sibwino kuipisirana mbiri

  37. ajonto says:

    this is malawi. expect nothng but cryn at the end

  38. Kasinja Mfula says:

    Vuto la anthu opanga ma sukulu atakula chifukwa chofuna promotion.


  40. Manyasa says:

    Koma Mayi awa eishhhhh scandals every week?? Ntchito zolowela pa Carpet ndichoncho – you called Mary Segula Agry, pano izi . unali Busy ndichani?

  41. 5555 says:

    Banda olo school alibe!! being a PS for doing nothing !! One you will see

  42. social analyst says:

    we have seen worst governments before. governments that were run by mafias. other argue that they didnt deserve to be called government at all. certainly, DPP is a better option.

  43. Aferazao says:

    Munthu akakhala wodalila matako ndi choncho. She is Nankhumwa’s mattress day in day out.

  44. mulopwana says:

    mphunzitsi uyu,wachita kutolera tima degree ndi ka masters.You can’t expect good from such people.

  45. Aferazao says:

    Munthu akakhala wodalila matako ndi choncho.

  46. Tiwalankhulire says:


  47. Kadakwiza says:

    Boma la chi lomwe limayenda choncho Wolemekezeka Menyani. Inu tangoyang’anani pamene mtundu wa a Malawi wukuvutika

  48. Piche Yakiti says:

    Mai Banda. Nthawi yanu

  49. Edward chuza says:

    ndalama zimenezi zioneke ntchito yake. lets tranceparency and accountability prevail

Comments are closed.

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