PSI Malawi launches new female condom: Whisper offers ‘increased sensation’

Population Services International (PSI) Malawi has launched a new female condom called Whisper.

Launching women condom

Launching women condom

Speaking Thursday in Lilongwe during the launch, PSI Country Representative Sarah Makunganya Gibson said Whisper woman’s condom is a new type of contraceptive which offers non-hormonal protection against unintended pregnancy and STIs.

“It is made from non-latex, transparent film that is softer and thinner than other condoms which allows for increased sensation for both partners. The improved design allows for more secure fit that is confortable to wear and easy to insert and remove,” she said.

Among other features, the condom pouch provides good sensations and is confortable during sex and the outer ring hungs the body to provide a comfortable and flexible cover over the external genitals.

“It has also the insertional capsule made of polyvinyl alcohol that eases your handling and insertion of the condom with ingredients that absorb and leave the woman’s body with her vaginal secretions after use,” said Makunganya Gibson.

With a proven 95 percent effectiveness and won’t break with typical use, she said there are no known health risks with clinical studies showing that it is as safe as other female condom products.

Currently, the condoms are being sold in the country’s three cities and available in selected supermarkets, pharmacies and health clinics.


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28 thoughts on “PSI Malawi launches new female condom: Whisper offers ‘increased sensation’”

  1. Piddoy Mfana Wa Swag says:

    Zama Condom Useless Becouse It’s Not 100% It Is Better To Leave It Inu A Psi Mumangovulazisa Akazi Kumaliseche Basi Aaaah!! Chamba Eti.

  2. Nkhuku says:

    inu akatolika mumatiimilira bwino. mumakanitsitsa zonyasazi

  3. womenslib says:

    I an see men are coming out of the woodwork because women now have a choice. When you finish screwing your tart at Bwandilo and you come home demanding your so called right the condom will be ready for you. Women do not die to please men. We only have one life.


    A nyasatimes mumachitidwa sponsor ndi PSI ndi zitsiru zina. Ine ndinalemba note yanga koma simunapange publish. Well go to hell with your PSI. AGENDA TO STERLIZE WOMEN AND PROMOTE CANCER AND HIV

  5. puppet wamkulu says:

    bentby and win b, sometimes we try to be cute and clever with our comments on nyasa, but we wind up looking foolish and uneducated.

    malawians are dying daily because guys like you think they’re special. it’s your duty to tell everyone, everywhere, that when you are away from home it’s a must to use a condom.

    you guys should please pray to god that an hiv positive makala seller doesn’t screw your wives plain when you are away…

  6. WIN.B says:

    i agree wth sir bentby

  7. Sir Bentby says:

    Kondom ndiimene ikupitisa pasogolo STI, imapAngitsa anthu kukhala ndi malingaliro opanga chigololo, koma akAngoyamba kugwiranagwirana, magazi ndikutentha, samAigwiritsaso ntchito. Onse amakhala kuti nzeru zathawa. But look, malingaliro opanga sex amabwera kamba Ka condom. Believe me you! Without condom this Malawi would be better.YOooooooooo++

  8. Sir Bentby says:

    Kondom ndiimene ikupitisa pasogolo STI, imapAngitsa anthu kukhala ndi malingaliro opanga chigololo, koma akAngoyamba kugwiranagwirana, magazi ndikutentha, samAigwiritsaso ntchito. Onse amakhala kuti nzeru zathawa. But look, malingaliro opanga sex amabwera kamba Ka condom. Believe me you! Without condom this Malawi would be better.

  9. Why can a woman decide for herself and her body? It is men who are not faithfully to there wives. Its is very important for a mother to protect herself for the sake of her children. How many women are going to die because of marriage? Unfaithful men are all over the world. This is the reason condom was introduced. Men dont like to wear condoms. In Africa/Malawi they say it is like to eat banana with a scale. Women are with protecting themselves.

  10. ko khwa says:

    Who is setting the standards of a decent woman you RASTA at number 3. Let the women choose for themselves what decency is whether it is wearing the whisper or not. Who are you to judge decency? What is decency after all if it means men telling women what decency is? Let us backward men stop manipulating our women with such words as indecent woman, prostitute etc when we are the ones participating in those indecencies. Did any woman tell us anything about decency when the male condom was introduced or re-introduced? You make me angry man! Sorry

  11. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Munakawayitana a First Lady Madam Geltrude kuti adzapange lauch ka product kameneka!!!

  12. Thanduxolo says:

    More of the same!

  13. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Kodi iweyo Makunganya Bambo Mai ako akanagwiritsa ntchito chipeparacho pano ulipo. Tandiuza uli ndi Ana angati. Anabadwa kuchokera m’jumbomo? Kampeni imeyo muzisiira mbeta osati muzitipusitsa inu musakutchena za ziiii.Mulungu siwopusa kulenga zida zimenezo. Zikanakhala zomwe ukunenazo pano majumbo atativekeratu. Basop.

  14. Tchena tchena says:

    IS PSI GOD? GET LOST. KUMENE ANAPANGA ma condom ndi kumene kuli bvuto. Bvuto ku Malawi Sichigolo Koma chum cha mdziko.

  15. Oh says:

    promoting uhule

  16. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Malawi needs God

  17. Joe says:

    The only intent can be to avoid an intended pregnancy in the family. No any other use apart from this. Lets promote faithfulness in our marriages and society.

  18. fraan says:

    these devils giving malawi poisoned population control products for years while the stupid leadership welcome all these devils and their poisons

    i mean for god sake population control means killing ppl to stop us from growing, how stupid you have to be to welcome a filthy nasty insane mad thing to come with that in your house

  19. The Analyst says:

    The only important detail is the 95% effectiveness!

    Meaning: if I consistently chew my wife 100 times using this condom, 5 of the 100 times, the condom will not protect us? Then its useless!

    So if am married and would want to avoid pregnancy (for what eva reason) and am chewing my wife once a day (assuming am lazy), I can only avoid the pregnancy in the first 3 months basi, the fouth one mkazi watupa? This is bullshit! Nanga if I eat her twice a day (which is likely), she shall be pregnant in the third month? This is nonsense!
    Nanga ntagula gondolosi . . . ndi mwezi omwe utha? Are you seeing now that your condom is as useless as the idea of promoting it itself?

    And if am a weed-smoking fornicator and chew 96 girls in a row while using this condom, basi HIV ndatenga? You are not serious! And I don’t even need to chew all the 96 kuti nkatenge ka coz the 96th one can equally be the 1st one on the row.

    And you stand there and promote it expecting me and other weed-smoking fornicators to celebrate? Don’t insult our intelligence!

    1. wakufa samatota says:

      analyst you should grow up. akamanena ma percentages, don’t take it as a fixed number of rounds that you, as you say, ‘chew’ your wife. you can be 100% protected or 0% protected depending on your understanding of correct condom usage.

      there are tolerances such as packaging, storage and usage that go into the equation. i hope your comment was an attempt to be funny, but if not, then you’re very silly.

  20. chimwemwe jack says:

    Zili nyatwa basi azititchenera til dawn!!!

  21. Shards says:

    Awatu akuti ndi a population service .ali pa kalikiliki kuyesa yesa njira zomwe akuziona kuti pomafika mchaka cha 2020 chiwelengelo cha a Malawi chitatsika ndi 45 this in the book wrote by Robert the one who established family planing(banja la mtsogolo)

  22. wakufa samatota says:

    can we please have a visual demonstration?

  23. Patrick says:

    Anchene machick bac…

  24. phofo says:

    Mukagawenso Ku mlakho wa alomwe chifukwatu ife ndiye sitilepherako. Za mlomwe wawa. Udya nauko**. Osati atumbuka ma flat face. Za zii. Ine na mpira omenya chogadamawu, kaya ndi matenda bola anditenge basi.

  25. Rasta says:

    A clear campaign to normalise adulterous behaviour among Malawian women to encourage them to get involved in self degrading practices(a satanic gospel making evil to look good).Listen any woman who will decide to be using these plastics it may lead her to unhappiness and regret,my opinion if u r a decent woman stay away from it.

  26. kwatanani pa chuma says:

    So its 95% safe not 100%,PSI Promoting Sex in Malawi….mukampatse kasambala kundende

  27. Few good men says:

    Chigolo cha condom sochikoma. Izi zithandiza azibambo ankhanza. Azimai if u are not sure of the mans love please tchenani condom basi.

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