Reshuffle for Malawi PSs at Capital Hill: Chimwemwe Banda out of Information

President Peter Mutharika has made a reorganisation of his government  with a reshuffle of Principal Secretaries at Capital Hill aimed at strengthening performance in a number of ministries.

Chimwemwe Banda: Now at Disaster

Chimwemwe Banda: Now at Disaster

Chiunguzeni: Moved to Defebce Ministry

Chiunguzeni: Moved to Defebce Ministry

Mutharika is said to be looking at cleaning up his government by getting rid of non-performers.

Principal Secretary for Information, Tourism and Culture Chimwemwe Banda has been moved to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs to replace Paul Chiunguzeni.

Chiunguzeni has replaced Justin Saidi at Ministry of Defence who is now PS for Information, Tourism and Culture to replace Banda.

Government spokesman Kondwani Nankhumwa confirmed the reshuffle, saying it is part of restructuring to relocate people where they would be most effective.

Nankhumwa, who is Minister of Information where its PS has been relocated, said the reshuffle is “a normal process” with immediate effect.

It is reported that government is still maintaining on its pay-roll over 80 PSs against 19 ministries.

But spokesperson for the Public Service reforms, Constance Kilimo, said government is still committed to resize the number of the PSs as part of civil service reforms and has since stopped recruiting until the exercise is completed.

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49 thoughts on “Reshuffle for Malawi PSs at Capital Hill: Chimwemwe Banda out of Information”

  1. AJIJA says:


  2. Nyexy says:

    Chimwemwe Banda sazathekanso sindikudziwa kuti a dpp mumaganiza bwanji mzimai uyu ali ndi mamuna wake woima bwino watchito yabwino koma kumangokhalira kunyengana ndi ana ku infomation amanyengana ndi Roy Mkosi kamwana kamadeya utsiru wake wa mtumdu bwanji nyere zanji hule iwe wakhaula watisiyatu ku information mulungu wachita nawe munthu wakuti paliponse ukhale anthu akudandaule ? Madandaulo a nthu ndi masoka ako taona lero ndiwe ps 2 demotion imeneyotu kenako akuchotsa tasintha khalidwe hule iwe

  3. Mphepo Chidakwagho says:

    I ma not satisfied that only 3 PSs have been moved. There PSs who continue to plunder Government as they used to do in the PP Government. Where is the reform so that we can see changes. We in the business community continue to suffer because of these old guards who continue to Cashgate in the name of trips and unknown credits. VP save Malawi with your reform.

  4. Kavuluvulu says:

    Mbeta yakufikapo !

  5. Chipewa says:

    We r always suspecious when reshuffle happens! Kaya!

  6. What is the point of having 80 principal secretaries? This clearly shows we are a stupid country.

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Nobody has been fired or dismissed here, so there has been no cleaning of civil service.

  8. Kadifwa says:

    Kuyerekedwa mwanakazi uyu mwaaaaaa

  9. Ndata says:

    If they are incompetent get rid of them. You move them from one ministry to the other what difference will it make…………. talk about reforms! my foot!

  10. Yes I agree with mulunguatithandize chimwemwe is injoying goverment properteis this kind of pipo they forget that alws God warches poor pipo out their, soon they will reciv a tellible jajment sorry 4them.

  11. Cardiac Arrest says:

    Band-aid reshuffle. If they are non-performers get rid of them! what is the problem Mathanyula? why are you so indecisive?

  12. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Oro mumunene cimwemwe banda sanalakwe mwangodana nawo mahope anga mumatero muzimai akakhala ndi higher position koma amene ali ndinambala ya cimwemwe banda yu andipatse ndimulimbitse mtima nfi kufunsira banja chonde chonde abale

  13. CHILD OF GOD says:

    Mary Tsegula is more beautiful cause she looks natural not having dark or black figures and very light face. Lol!!!!! Anthu amawonekedwe

  14. CHILD OF GOD says:

    Sack her daughter at MACRA. Why nepotism? How special is she? Look at how dark her figures are comparing with her face. Lol!

  15. simia says:

    Just go to MACRA and see how much she has benefited in dubious allowances up to the extent of forcing Kumbatira to buy a brand new vehicle for her. One day she will rot in prison like Chikakwiya together with her Minister.

  16. bob says:

    In fact these PSs should not just be appointed because they have bribed a Minister or any other official. They should go for interviews eg at PAC or similar body to prove themselves.

  17. kenkkk says:

    If you are serious about reforms in the civil service, then 19 ministries equal 19 PSs. 38 deputies that is 2 per ministry, just to be lenient abit otherwise 19 deputies as well.

    1. Steve says:

      Very true. 19 ministers 38 ps

  18. mulunguatithandize says:

    That is the problem of allowing bottom operations instead of HEAD and Brain operations. Incidentally it has just been announced that billions on dollars will be donated for flood rehabilitation and chimwemwe being a good thief that is why she has been chosen. She had a wedding of her daughter some months ago and there was a queue of MG vehicles with her relations thooooo in the vehicles and fueling using MG coupons. Kuba basi when the voter is suffering out there not enjoying the fruits of his vote. God is watching and will answer Malawians just wait.

  19. Zakwathu says:

    Chimwemwe Banda wationongeranso MBC kulolera Mungomo ndi Mkazi wache Gloria azitizunguza anthu pa MBC,Kodi Mungomo ndi Gloria akuzuza anthu Ku MBC Chifukwa Chani? Malamulo a Boma akutinji pa nkhani la Banja limodzi kugwira pa modzi komanso onse ali ndi Maudindo? Please a Ministry of Information anthu awiriwa akuononga mbiri ya Boma ndi Chipani pa MBC

  20. Kamunthu says:

    Sending Chimwemwe Banda to Disaster is disaster in itself

  21. Kadakwiza says:

    I see no difference. May be Bwana Chiunguzeni ndi munthu wokhulupirika zedi. Mwina sankafuna kuononga ndalama za ma flood. Anthu a DPP amafuna kuba ndalama za ma flood mwina Bwana Chiunguzeni ankakaniza ndalamazo ndi chifukwa amuchotsa Bwanawa ndikuyika Mayi Chimwemwe Banda mu lomwe muzawo kuti aziba bwino.

  22. Maximum Prison says:

    Achiunguzenitu bwino mwina mwana fllod gate kumeneko! Za disaster accountability yake sikumveka bwino bwanji? Do we have a way to track all the resources that were forwarded to the flood victims.

  23. Hoitty says:

    Anthu munalimbana nao mayi chimwemwe Banda. Mukondwe tsono

  24. James Phiri says:

    Shifting people to where they can be most effective would be OK if there were transparent systems to measure how they are currently performing. In the real world if you don’t perform you get fired not allocated another similar role in a different department. This government is following the same traditions of previous governments in failing to establish a performance culture in the civil service.

  25. Kondwani says:

    APM achotsenso Mary Shawa akuwononga Ministry of Gender. Amagwira ntchito mokondera department ya Community chifukwa anagwira ntchito ku department yi. Mpatseni Edith Mkawayo. Mukalekerera mudzazindikira zinthu zitawonongeka. Ameneyu akupha professionalism ya mu ministry mu.Zinthu sizikuyenda.

  26. Namarokoro says:

    Mulungu is great. Chimwemwe Banda imposed her ugly unqualified daughter on Malawi Post Office as a trainee. She stopped recruitment of Postal Manager ku Macra waiting for fisi wakeyo kuti amalize training ku Post Office and then amutenge ku Macra ko. This woman is evil. To hell!

  27. Belita says:

    Why was she promoted in the first place when there were so many PS’s who could ably manage information? She was promoted in 2014 when they were more PS’s than ministries

  28. wapaphata says:

    infact chimwemwe banda’s english is very poor for a PS in that critical ministry.
    Thank you Boss…i was even wondering kuti which path did she use to get there.

  29. Drew says:

    Chimwemwe did not deserve the information secretary. The cost of appeasement!

  30. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Who should reshuffle PSs? Is it the President or the Chief Secretary? There were promises that President will limit his powers in appointment and operations of the civil service to bring in efficiency and performance. What we hear every day is to the contrary of the gospel preached at the start of the reign. Looking at this critically, it is not a reshuffle per se but positioning towards one budget vote that is expected to get bigger funding!

  31. NYAKA 1 says:

    Zopusa we need new blood for better improved services

  32. Atcheya says:

    Backward thinking government!!! What on earth does Chimwemwe Banda know about disaster management. I thought this Chiunguzenj guy managed the 2015 floods very well and Chimwemwe has been an information guru during her whole career?? What does govt mean when it says it is moving people where they are most effective? It doesn’t look so to me

  33. Professor Seyani says:

    Chimwemwe Banda to steal za disaster

  34. Donors says:

    80 PSS’s against 19 Ministries and you claim to be poor?

  35. Alufeyo says:

    This evidence enough that government doesnt have a clue how to manage its senior civil servants. Why should Saidi who has spent less than 3 moths be moved. Why was he moved from aports in the first instance? Postings must be initiated by OPC and not politicians. The words exigencies of the service have lost its intended meaning. I would have loved if Chilima and OPC came up with a Job Description of a PS and the Chief Secretary as it appears there is none. What are the qualification required for one to be a PS? Surprisingly there is a PS who doesnt even have a JC certificate. Mabvuto.

  36. Chipeza says:

    So bad to hear this bad news

  37. mphwiyo says:

    Chimwemwe Banda atangomuyika ku department of antiquities akakhale secretary wa a zi londa a ku museum kumenoko angayithe kwambiri.

  38. ndadabwa says:

    zikomo a Mutharika mwamusintha Chimwemwe Banda? Ambuye akudalitseni. galu ameneyu anamera mizu. timayesa zazulika. ndipo olo mukanangomuchotsa nchito zikanakhala bwino

  39. Mwanaka says:

    Chimwemwe is a media practitioner. The Ministry of Information was her natural home.

  40. john says:

    Ena angokhala mmanyumbamu

  41. Tengupenya says:

    The excess PS capacity should be redeployed to technical services or voluntary retirement.

  42. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    The moment you are Achewa bt trouble you will be sacked check my mouth

  43. Tombolombo says:

    Nanga ku Gender mukuganiza nako bwanji olamulira inu?

  44. chulu says:

    Malawi never stops amazing me. Disaster Management needs a technocrat, well verse in disaster management issues not a radio announcer please!

  45. Viva says:

    Saidi information??? Kkkkkk koma boma limatodziwa ku blunder ili.

  46. mtumbuka1 says:

    Does this president know what he is doing or he just wake up on a hangover of whisky and start reshuffling people under the influence of alcohol? Release the damn report on the 92billion you and your brother stole from us other than getting busy with what you are doing. Everyone is waiting with a baited breath for the report in this country…i have never seen a president so irrelevant to the burning issues on the ground that may break or make you. Chindere cha president who just reminds me of one clown called Jacob zuma of south Africa.

  47. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Chinwenwe banda is beautiful ndandipasani cellphone number yake amebe mukuiziwa angasunge banjatu ps ameneyu

  48. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Who is the target in the reshuffle? And why

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