Reveal names of cashgate suspects, Malawi govt told

Commentators have asked government to reveal the names of those suspected to be at the centre of the plunder known as cashgate as contained in the forensic audit by Baker Tilly so that they can show up at the police or Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) .

Dr Mwiza Nkhata: Cautions on malicious prosecution or false imprisonment

Dr Mwiza Nkhata: Cautions on malicious prosecution or false imprisonment

Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa warned those involved to not waste the State’s time but surrender themselves in order to face justice.

But critics said the matter should not be a political publicity stunt but rather the Baker Tilly report which is  detailed and contains names of companies and owners suspected to have taken part in the massive plunder of public coffers should be made public other than making it  a preserve of a selected few.

Mwiza Nkhata, Dean of Law at the Chancellor College of the University of Malawi, told a local radio station the government should tread carefully on the arrests being made to avoid lawsuits which could later cost government a lot of money in compensation.

“Good practice requires that you should not arrest people unless you have built up a substantial case against particular individuals… If you are planning to arrest people you must have completed investigations ensure that the government does not expose itself to suits for malicious prosecution or false imprisonment,” said Nkhata.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) maintain the arrests are made after thorough investigations.

The government has been asked to release names of cashgate suspects as contained in the report as the ACB and the police release names of suspects in other cases way before they are actually tried.

“Let government come in the open and release names of suspects of Cashgate outlined in Baker Tilly report ,” said Timothy Ntambo, executive director for the rights group Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation.

Mtambo said  despite the new strides in the Cashgate arrests, he is concerned about the “slow pace” at which the trials are moving.

Nankhumwa said government would not interfere with the prosecution of the cashgate cases.

He added: “The arrests that are currently being effected by law enforcing agencies have nothing to do with political witch hunting but rather a pursuit of justice for the infamous cashgate and other related money laundering offences.”

In his inauguration speech, President Peter Mutharika pledged to deal with Cashgate and bring all culprits to book.

Malawians trashed the first audit report, which omitted names of individuals and companies said to be involved in the massive corruption scandal.

The government of Malawi under Joyce Banda leadership hired a British company, Baker Tilly International, to audit its departments between April and September 2013.

Although she was not directly fingered, the scandal could have cost Banda – Africa’s second female president – the May 20 elections.

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52 thoughts on “Reveal names of cashgate suspects, Malawi govt told”

  1. mopia says:


  2. chatonda says:

    Malawians, which is better between arresting suspects and revealing names and no arrests?
    Let us appalaud the government for taking this positive stand.

  3. Reveal Da names or ur waiting for boko haram to tell u.

  4. Atsogoleri says:

    And if they release the names, they mut also explain why Joyce Banda is being let off the hook.This cashgate happened under her watch. Where was Joyce Banda when public servants were looting government accounts and transferring the funds to dummy companies? Distributing maize and cows that’s were! Is Joyce Banda is not charged with any offence, she must at least be considered complicit with these crimes.

  5. Yamzy says:


  6. vuto lamalawi ndiloti amafuna mpaka ena atukwanepo bas

  7. Akanakhala kuti onse a DPP mulibe bwenzi anatulutsa maina kalekale. ma cabinet ministers ena alimo china Kaliati, George Chaponda Henry Mussa ndi ena.

  8. Nalikongwiro says:

    Dr Mwiza NKhata, most of the names that you are demanding are of your cousins from the North. No wonder northerners make noise for cession. they want to hide. Fools

  9. Vuto si Matchonawa koma ndine pompasa Mpandowo kuti khalire awumva kukoma.Pomwe pabedi limene anagonapo ayipitsa kale.Zikakhala ndiwo amandiuza ine mwini nyumba kuti tiyeni tizidya ndizosowa izi ine kudabwa kuti ameneyu ndimulendo.Ndaonera ulamulirowu ndiwa tidyeretu mawa tizayenda chabe.Mbava zibisa zotsatira za cashgate ku Malawi.

  10. mona says:

    Please tiuzeni maina mukuopa Chani, ngati mwalephera kunena maina a 12 billion ya pp nanga maina anu a 92 billion muzanena dpp is very stupid and full of thieves.

  11. nkunthamasese says:

    It was all wrong the report to be given to gov’t and Gondwe for that matter. Gondweyo ndiye chief mbava. chi 92 billion is on his head popeza yemwe amaba nao anatisiya.

  12. m'bantu says:

    Companies of DPP thieves r there in the rpot. They know they wil be expozd if names r revealed. agalu.

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    How can Malawians know the truth if the government machinery is corrupt. The same list Malawians want is the one which cost Joyce Banda her presidency. The way things are it seems like there was a conspiracy to oust Mayi Joyce Banda to prevent many arrests. I realy feel sorry for her. Like now some lawyers are being arrested, this means even the justice system can not be trusted. The whole government was involved in the famous cash gate scandal. The whole government system was involved, that is why the elections were allagely rigged , that is why Joyce Banda lost the elections. Thanks to satan, their plan worked. For 50 years Malawi is still poor, because of these corrupt officials, politicians and selfish leaders. SHAME.

  14. wakufa saopa kuwola,asala pati agalu amenewa,tangoayikani mndandanda wa mayina apa tiaoneka.nanga zilimu public report mkuzibisatso?(Brison Brainfast mpoto kasonda).

  15. Warning to Govt: some of the so called commentators may be agents of cashgaters. Dont listen to them. Just do what u think is right.

  16. I think Govt should not reveal the names now because doing so would warn the culprits. Take them by surprise. Jolt them. Publicise the list after everyone involved is in the net gasping for breath. Wind them. Dont warn them. Keep them guessing.

  17. Mwenye woyipa says:

    I’m a Malawian of Asian origin or asian of Malawian origin either way both sides of the coin flip the same way.

    Here here lets get the ball rolling I want all the people in the Asian Malawian community to be named its high time we should know how some of them make their money . This is not no PR stunt or blah blah blah because some of us sit all day in a shop while a few walk away with billions it’s not a flipping joke nor is it jealousy so don’t start the jealousy crap here. All races white locals and us mwe mwe mwenyes are involved we should know where every single tambala has gone if not i vow to be a NGO and start my own ACB mark my words because I’m young and im wreckless .

  18. gift says:

    why do u just leave them? because this thing will also cost lot of money, remember all of you you was their when those was lost, so please what we need is to rebuild the country, were tired of that, because some of you you start with MCP government UDF government old DPP government PP government and you still with new DPP government, what you need is only to store money,

  19. Mbujey says:

    Akatayika saoreka all are theift

  20. jumujum says:

    palibe chobisika anthu owonekere poyera. tIKUFUNA MAINAWO MULENGEZE MAWA

  21. Kika kanawe says:

    The govt should reveal the names immediately or else the conclusion every Malawian will draw from this concealment is that the top gurus in govt are also involved.

  22. mwanamlomwe says:

    we want names of all those people who are involved in cash gate scandal to be out.We malawians we are tired so want their names to out by monday next week.MR NANKHUMWA and your friends do not waste our time what you have to know is that enough is enough hence release the names now.we want justice here in malawi okuba agwidwe lamulo ligwere ntchito basi.

  23. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    The fact that the Government has put its foot down by failing to release the Mk13 billion cashgate names is raising alot of public speculation on the sincerity of the excirsise. Why should the government back track on its well publicised promise of releasing the names and start inviting curplits to hand themselves up? The level of economic sabotage placed on our land, by those involved, is enormous and demands openniness to the public.

  24. Gundumulani says:

    A president withu wa Malawi, lamulani mazina wanthu wa ghawone and the world will praise. We are watching you.

  25. nkhedu says:

    Akuopa chani kodi anthuwa? ti chite kukwapulani makofi kapena?

  26. Kau says:

    Akubisa chani agalu amenewanso?

  27. Chifuniro zidana says:

    Justice z needed,f nt Malawi wll b on fire coz evry1 wll nt b afred 2 stl mny of de gvt.

  28. JAYJAY says:

    Do you think this Govnt will release the names.its Pitala is on that list together with is counterparts mitchona kubwera kuno ku Malawi kuzatibera.Zitsiru za anthu.

  29. yakwathu says:

    Tell us the names so that we shud know. Why are you concealling the truth?

  30. honda accord says:

    Ndipo inu!! nanga how are we going to know the names if the govt is not publicising them?

  31. Chipwilikiti says:

    Am now getting worried with the so called report and I doubt if at all those names will be made public. It seems they are protecting their interests.

  32. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Dr. Nkhata, you think the ACB is just arresting people without substantially establishing a case for them? I don’t think so. There must be some leads. Any way time will tell.

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      If they are ready, why not charge them?

  33. Umbava wayamba kale says:

    It is a well known fact that cashgate cases will be selective to suit the needs of the current govt. Statements from Nankhumwa(surrender yourselves, there will be more arrests etc) reveal a lot of hiden plans. For example Mulemba is connected to a 70 thousand dollars taken from Mphwiyos house after the shooting. Is he one of the major culprits of cashgate on the Baker Tilly list? I dont think so. So is Bophani’s case. These are supposed to be follow up cases. Where are the real names? Its a fact that cashgate started when Bingu was the president and we are also reliably informed that companies appearing on the current cashgate list also appear on the cashgate list in Bingu’s era. So it follows that there must be some sacred pipo appearing on both times and the current govt is having trouble to reveal all names. Bingu, chaponda or even leads to Peter’s own “gates” may be there – paja was involved in a lot of things, housing, timber in Chikangawa ndi ulendo wa Mulli etc

  34. Nihoriya says:

    All companies involved in cashgate are DPP & all those arrested are DPP turned PP members. Peter knows that publishing the names is a landmine to him & DPP. DPP ndi Mbava zoopsa izi zomwe zinayamba cashgate. Mbava Bingu ndiye anayamba cashgate. Bingu copied from Mbava Bakili Erson Makolija Muluzi but he made it more sophisticated by introducing modern ways of stealing. His family is now enjoying his fruits of his hands of rooting & plundering while very poor Malawians enjoy their poverty. What a pirty.

    1. namarokoro says:

      What a pirty indeed! You can not even write English. Atumbuka ndi anthu obvuta.

      1. Mwenye woyipa says:

        He meant pity*** please check your touch screen phone to realise that T is next to R thank you.

  35. Kanyimbi says:

    Kodi mukubisa chiyani? Nanga chifukwa chiyani?

  36. KK says:

    So are you trying to tell me that since last year investigation has been completed if not when.

  37. Ma says:


  38. Zeen Beneliaza says:

    Timothy Mtambo does not inspire me as the Executuve Director of CHRR a position handed over to him on tribal and nepotism basis. How can one who graduated 2 years ago from chancellor College where he was studying Media for Development be the Director. Where did he get the experience.

  39. loveness says:

    same story again and again until names are not revealed we will not believe that the government for peter is serious.

  40. Daniel Phiri says:

    Number one suspect is Bingu Daniel Phiri Mutharika and second Boko Haram Mutharika.

  41. Nyasa says:

    Tumbukas again…. with their beloved party PP.

  42. Policeman says:

    DPP has its tail between its legs because Peter is also in the Cashgate likewise Kaliati, Goodal Gondwe. Peter Mutharika housegate ija u bought our house in Area 12 motchipa zedi ubwenze nyumbayo fisi iwe!!!

  43. Moyenda says:

    Wanganya awa mbamoza; ntchito zawo ndi zimiza; ndipo wakubisana. Wakumupenjapenja munthu para watondeka kumupepeka kuti wawe pamoza nawo. Uyu ngwachi Techeya, magalimoto wamuwezgera. Ntchindi nazo wamuwezgera. Wali ku Zambia muhanyauno. Ndiko kubaba uko, wapapi ndivyoo wakukhumbira.wamwana!

  44. Malawiana says:

    How can we reveal the names when some in the Presidency are there.

  45. Guest says:

    The only way justice prevails in Malawi is by burning those at fault at the stake, in this case when all the names of the cashgate culprits is released, we shall burn them, their properties and businesses to the ground. Tabvutika mokwanira ife.

  46. spot on says:

    mr nkhata,good advice,you are right, very right,but on a similar note mr nkhata,since you are the dean of law at chanco,could you please restracture your programme so that it brings back the people’s trust in the legal profession in malawi,society is complaining of the levels of crap in the lawyers you produce,and this must start with you teachers,be presentable,not dreadlocked like that,be exemplary to your boys and girls,withdraw students even on behaviural grounds,this will help malawi alot,do you also use quota system? if yes, ask gvt to consider the non-use of it to such important programmes,to make sure only responsible,wise and intelligent lawyers graduate to defend our vunerable society,the breed os lawyers and judgs we have currently is a sorry bunch of crap,am even worried if the lake malawi issue will go to the ICC,i dont know if tikaphulepo kanthu with the quality of lawyers we have.medical schools do it,you can also manage to do it,in medicine,students with behaviours that can turnish the profession or with less brain power get withdrawn or are made to repeat.

  47. You think names will be anounced their names are on that list the donors are just monitoring akulu mazuzo akubwera malawian are realy going to feel it nthawi ya Bingu pazakala pag’ono. in 6month Kwacha will be at K1000 to a dollor

  48. NKakosyaga says:

    To show the Justice to the citizens of Malawi all those who are involved on both cashgate and money rawndering must be taken to court so that justice will work on them,those are thieves they must be punished for many years.People are suffering from shortage of electricity power,water and many more while those thieves are enjoying with their families.Shupiti zawo amangidwe basi or atafera konko those are bad bad bad humanbeings.ACB go konko backwards never

  49. Wanex banda says:

    Takhomani listyo muma DCs office

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