Inkosi Mbelwa, MP tussle over Mzimba division

Disagreements have resurfaced between Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian for Mzimba Solola, Jacob Hara and Inkosi Ya Makosi Mbelwa V on the call to have Mzimba District divided into three sections.

Mkhosi: Took over M’mbelwa throne and is against division of Mzimba

Mkhosi: Took over M’mbelwa throne and is against division of Mzimba

Mzimba is the largest district in Malawi and according to Hara, this is affecting development hence the need to have the district split.

Hara said the split will help in easy disbursement and monitoring of developmental projects.

But Mbelwa has turned down Hara’s assertions and thinks otherwise.

Mbelwa says splitting Mzimba into three districts will rather derail and disturb several incomes the district currently sources.

Some few years ago, a pressure group was formed in Lilongwe calling itself Friends of Mabulabo which again called upon the government to split Mzimba into four districts, saying the Northern Region district is being denied development because of its vastness.

But the then chief late Inkosi ya Makosi Mbelwa IV while saying he was never against the splitting of Mzimba, said he did not subscribe to the reasons being advanced for the move.

Other commentators also said dividing Mzimba will bring so many complications.

Mkhosi Jere, the eldest son of the late Mbelwa IV was enthroned king early this year.

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Pks M


why is it that when this issue resurfaces, chief mbelwa is the one blocking it?? Does he think that he owns the whole dstrict?? Kapena tipange refrendum within the district?? Ndipo ine ndimadabwa, why is it that govt simanena kanthu over this issue???


Mzimba is not a mere political division. It is a kingdom. Its not like a democracy where leaders follow the will of the majority. In a Kingdom, the King has veto power. The people of Mzimba are led by Inkos M’mbelwa. He is not President who is guided by the will of the majority. So there will be no vote. Can somebody tell me what meaningful development has come to Phalombe, Neno and Balaka now that these areas have been split from their mother districts. Calls for ripping Mzimba apart are a complete nonsense.


HAra u better think twice before action has been taken.bape waka chitukuko icho ukabamphalila banthu bako pala watondeka uyowoye.uphumenge

dzina langa

lets go for a vote within the district and see how many are for the division and how many are for the maintenance of the current status.


Mzimba z indeed very vast,even gvt has 2 mzimba, thats mzuzu and mzimba itself.


splitting is necessary. imagine anzathu ku neno district akusimba lokoma. they hve a new hospital, a new sec sch, new dc offices,a new hall, a tele centre, a new market,etc bcoz they r no more part of mwanza,


Ngati mukuti you cannot divide malawi because it is a small country then how do you plan to divide Mzimba which is a District withn the small Malawi? Onse amene akufuna kugawa Mzimba ayambe agawa kaye Malawi then we will see about the sub division of Mzimba.

What these people as thinking is like the Way Gadaffi was thinking of making one Africa at the same time proposing the division of Nigeria. Absurd is it not?


Mzimba is the reason why the north is still dead- Too big for nothing-Need to be devided into five districts-Chief, your powers will not be affected …look at Mwanza/ Neno, Phalombe /Mulanje etc..Kulibe mdima -chithengereeee….LOOO!!!

hoza john


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