Reverend Kadawati refuses to disown son Peter involved in K46m Petroda robbery

Former CCAP Blantyre Synod General Secretary Macdonald Kadawati has said he cannot disown his son Peter, who is believed to have masterminded the armed robbery at Petroda Filling Station in Lilongwe two weeks ago.

Peter Kadawati: Robbery suspect

Peter Kadawati: Robbery suspect

The robbers shot dead one police officer and went away with over K46 million.

Peter is also suspected to have financed the whole operation.

“He was giving transport and money to the robbers. He is the son to the Reverend Kadawati. He is now in Lilongwe (in police custody),” National Deputy police spokesperson, Nicolas Gondwa, told Malawi News.

Reacting to this, Reverend Kadawati, who has served the church for over 30 years, told the weekend paper that he could not disown his son and that he has left the matter in the hands of the court.

He asked people to be praying for him and his family to be strong during this trying moments.

“This is a big challenge to my service which I have rendered to the Lord. I have taught my children and family how to live. I have never been a naughty boy but this is what I can get in the end.

“I believe God wants to teach us something. Jesus had 12 Apostles and one of them was a bad apple. Please pray for us. We are aliving on earth where so many things are happening,” Kadawati is quoted as saying.

Peter was picked at his residential area in Blantyre for questioning after his identity card was found in the runaway vehicle which the robbers used and later abandoned at Chitukuko roundabout in Lilongwe from where they hijacked a passenger minibus.

The 31 year-old suspect is worked for Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) as Programmes Manager ut he was fired from his job in 2014 after misappropriating donor funds at the foundation.


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84 thoughts on “Reverend Kadawati refuses to disown son Peter involved in K46m Petroda robbery”

  1. kholowa mkabudula says:

    When it comes to the bible,it makes me cry because if you read it, almost our every day issues are there. Remember the issue of Eli guys? This guy can be possibly one of the thieves but as a father he cannot disown until the truth is known.How we don’t know as our society is just corrupted than ever before,may be God himself should come down and reveal the truth to us if we can accept it at all. As a reverend l feel you better keep quite and pray because you may be shocked tomorrow and leave your leadership in shame caz of backing a rebellious son like this. It happens Reverend,and pipo will not judge you because of your son’s behaviour no but how you live with pipo in your area. It happened to David even who could speak to God, don’t worry that’s life as everyone chooses his own destination.There’s very little you could do to stop that! May the peace of God be with you until this matter is settled!

  2. wavisanga says:

    It is very possible that that the thieves may have stolen Peter’s Identity card and leave it in the car deliberately to impersonate Peter!

  3. M Nthara says:

    We are with you our beloved Reverend through these trying times. You did everything that a parent can teach his or her child but this is what Peter has ended up following. May God help us and that he may repent and turn away from the path he has taken just as Stephen did in the bible. God is a God of possibilities. No matter what Peter will remain our son and even at this moment he is a child of God beckoning him to turn away from his sins as lost ship.

  4. shaaaa! says:

    musiye kulalikira koti usabe chifukwa ana anunso ndiomwe akuopyeza ndi mfuti pa tauni pano.koma muziti Ambuye Mutichilire chisoni kuti tisamabe ,kupha,chigololo,uhule ndi zina zotere.chifukwa nde mukaima ku pupeti,mumakhala ngati achiyero ndinu.mmmmiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. amina says:

    Why was he dismissed at JBFI? Is it true that he was caught in Mulanje? I for one do feel sorry for the Policeman who was shot dead and the future of his family. We need to see that a life shouldnt be just lost just like that. A life is a gift from God. Lets pray for the bereaved family and ask God to transform this guy and accept Jesus as his personal Saviour. Many pastors have naughty children I dont know why. Some surely the pastors themselves were naughty when they were young and changed but others I just dont know why. God should intervene. Malawi is on fire. Lets hold hands and save Malawi from this mess which is in.

  6. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    This guy is an adult and makes his own decisions…. He will answered any charges levelled against him on his own.

  7. pigc says:


  8. Noise Kasito says:

    Mr. Reverend,
    even if we can assist you to pray for your son i think this can not work hence your son is mature.
    Had it been that your son was a teenager it would have worked, (kuongola mtengo mpomwe uli waung’ono).

  9. Joseph Moyo says:

    Call a spade a spade Rev Kadawati does not care about others. Selfish Pastor. My thinking is that you should have condemned this act. One person, a father, husband and above a son like this murder lost his life because of the your son the pastor failed to raise properly and here you ask for prayers for you Rev. Why not ask for prayers for departed soul ? You are hypocrite Pastor. The church will contribute to you to see your devil son but your church will not contribute the dead. Don’t forget we say like son like Father. You may not disown him but condemn and pass message of condolence. As for me I have no kind words for you until mupesese and distance yourself from your son. Ndizomveka mwadya naye zakuba mpovuta kupepesa. MUSAONE ZOVALAZO MKATI ALI FISIYO……inde tamuona. Shortly tione papaer sunday yoti mupeze ndalama zokaombolera chigawenga chanucho

  10. Inzo says:

    Mm mm

  11. JCM says:

    Wa police simunthu bola mwana wa M’busa olo analuza moyo 8 bullets pamtima stupid nonse mukuwavera chisoni a Kadawati idiot, demet, bushit wakupha kumvera chisoni ataphedwa wa police nonse a chamba mwamva?

  12. Willie Chirwa says:

    The reverend is asking us to pray for him to be strong, my foot abusa be strong in defending this henious act, then you are not what your title potraus you to be. You should have said pary for the family to be strong and pray for him to repent and follow Jesus. Forget that he has not been tried but the mere fact that he is suspected to be one of them should have raised alarm bells to you to say my son needs special prayers for deliverance from his satanic ways

  13. ken Mayah says:

    Lets all luk up to God for ever peace and tranquility as we are passìng thru trying times.

  14. Boko says:

    Another from the pastors house is the course of the recent students death at Chanco, more prayer needed indeed

  15. Ben says:

    May God be with you Rev & the family during this trying period, was touched by your message today.

  16. Kawonga says:

    So hard to believe, offsprings from pastors and reverands are the weapons of evil spirits, i believe pete is not his first time for robbing such huge millions, God forbid

  17. nmwadiwa says:

    If it is true then its very unfortunate. Officer Mkonkho rest in peace.

  18. nmwadiwa says:

    ID imabedwa pofunika kusamala nkutheka anataya ID akuba nkutola u can not implicate someone on account of an ID on a crime scene. If he has been implicated by the others or he has a criminal record otherwise let us tread carefully.

  19. Abk says:

    In May 2011, the same Peter Kadawati stole some dollars from American tourist in Likhubula, Mulanje. He was celled at Mulanje police and his father rescued him by paying back the stolen money. He is a poker!

  20. peter mshali says:

    very shameful indeed pastor praying for ur family NO ,46.4mil and policeman lyf NO ur son would have known well ur public status before hand organised crime to turnish dpp government image time up ,watch lilongwe msonkhamanja ccap tiger video day pastor night armed rober “uncle ndaika chakudya patebulo,pastor reply ndasala kudya”u wil lean more.shame

  21. Shekman says:

    Being Arrestd Bcoz Of His Id? He Is Just A Suspect Lets The Coirt Do Its Job He Might Come Out Clean Osamangothamanila Kutukwana M’banja Lililose Simulephela Ovuta Mwana Wabisa Si Nisa Ayi, Mzimu Wa Mkokho RIP

  22. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Pepani Abusa. I am glad that u’ve not disowned him as doing so would only bring you God’s anger. Even Jesus did not disown Judas. Ulendo wa kumwamba ndi aliyense payekha. We r with u in prayers.

  23. fra wanda says:

    Zodya ana kupota akulu.. Rev is a disgrace nw coz of his son’s bad attitude… Poor Malawi.

  24. My cell says:

    Come on Pastor you choose to dance with the devil JB and now it’s payback time. When it was all roses with JB u did not come to us for sympathy and now it’s time for payment you want everyone to feel sympathy with you. Just know that there is no free lunch and it started with you wanting free money. If u go deep you will realize that your son is a true reflection of you. Sorry for delivering the sad news but I am not an angel either, I have my own faults.

  25. Eeeee abusa nanga banja la wa police muti nalo bwanji?Enafe bola tipempherere bannja lawa policeyu…Mwana wanu ali ndi vuto ku JB foundation anachotsedwa ntchito kuba komweko koma mungokhala ngati zachilendo bwanji?

  26. Peggy says:

    Peter kuba anayamba kale kale ndipo even makolo akewo anawatopetsa. Like father like son, wina kuba ndalama za amphawi ku church wina akuba ndi mfuti. Mudzafa imfa yowawa nonse

  27. kambwali says:

    A true father . Christ died for each one of us while we were yet sinners. U have set a good example pastor mmimba nchipala

  28. Steven says:

    This is a blow to your family and the church at large Reverend but why?

  29. Ana ozolowera kudya za ulere zotembeleredwa za chopereka za mmbale zaku church,zochokera kwa anthu osauka.Praying for your family?You must be very very stupid pastor.What about the dead policeman?His family now in grief without their bread winer?Those struggling with their lives at the hospital?Selfishness!Go to hell!

  30. makwinjaishmael says:

    Mulungu musamuseweletse,bwanji mumakonda kubisala kunsana kwake mukapanga umve?. Fotseki.

  31. kes munthali says:

    Trying times indeed Pastor, nangasi mumadya ndalama zokuba limozi…with your son arrest the well has run dry…
    I would rather pray for the police man’s family who lost his life or even Petroda for losing there hard earned money, than you and your killer thug son….

  32. Shams says:

    Satanic people v Satanic religion=Chidzukulu cha Satan nonse ku moto. Mukukana chani nonse ndi tiana ta Satana.

  33. Khumutcha says:

    Kadawati family, may God be with you at this tough and trying time!

  34. pp says:

    Last days.

  35. Majidadelakh says:

    Mayesero m’nyumba ya Reverend.God 4giv such an insaciable boy or whatever u Call him

  36. Mphepo Zinai says:

    My heart goes to you Rev. Its truly sad and painful when things happen like this. Remember children are given yo us in stewardship. We just commit everything to the Lord who gave us these gifts. It feels very bad and painful. I suppose Jesus felt that pain when Judas Iscariot betrayed him. Its a privilege that he has allowed you to suffer that pain. Offer the pain and your son to the Lord otherwise the evil one may claim him.

  37. Hitler says:

    If the ID was stolen by somebody to commit a crime, the question will be “was the matter reported to police?” Let us be responsible citizens. Simple things can put us in difficult situation. To the Kadawati family, may God give you strength and peace during this difficult time.

  38. Alex says:

    Aaàaa peter?

  39. Monseriwa says:

    Too bad

  40. BigMan says:

    This is the problem when we try to live beyond our means.

  41. Gamba says:

    No wonder ana aabusa ndi amene akumapezeka mma pub,ku Chez,STEREO,GRAND N GRIL,MUSTANG SALLE,BLU ELEPHANT,komanso ndi amene akugawa matenda pa Malawi

  42. Dickson Chonongera says:

    You are really in trying times Reverend. Given a choice, Peter should have avoided this. My regrets…….


  43. Lumbani Kamanga says:

    Zina ukamva guys uuh!!!I understand the pain the Rev. is going through but I believe the night will be over.

  44. mwana Wa Pamtayamoyo says:

    Shoot to kill,,aishoshe aione kapena akwiyeakwiye

  45. zinjanthropus says:

    Pokwilira padzenje Abusa paja mumati aliyense amapita ndi ntchito zake mwana uyu tikumudziwa ndife anthu he is a bad son inu mungokhala chete sizikukhudzana ndi jb ayi this son is crooked

  46. mustafa says:

    Its understood A bale m’mimba ndi nchipala

  47. zinjanthropus says:

    Mwana uyu ayi ndithu tifunseni ife aku BT watiliza kwambiri munjateni.Linda chisiye chigawenga ichi.Abusa your son is a devil maybe you didn’t know he has swindled money from many people asabwerenso Ku BT kuno

  48. nganga says:

    This son of Kadawati is very crooked he owes me cash he pretends to own a car hire which does not exist mwina Abusa nkhani sizimakupezani koma LA 40 lakwana basi mwana wanuyi ndi Chiketso and these are not trying times mukunama abusa

  49. chotibee kwa amereka says:

    I am not surprised. This is a stupid and naughty boy. Sometimes he disguises himself as a Nigerian. He is a crook now he will have to be carefully probed and face the arm of the law if found guilty. Malawi doesn’t want people like him anymore.

  50. johnM says:

    Rev. Kadawati has my sympathy. Some may criticise the Reverend and claim that he did a bad job however the truth of the matter is that it is not easy to raise children, Parents have little influence in how their children will turn out and for those that have successfully raised their children, they should know that they are lucky

  51. Tikondane says:

    Thanks the boy is not Nyondo. By now, there would have been 150 comments full of hate and directedto the entire region. I am seing the opposite here – comments expressing sadness, disbelief and sympathy. Pepani a Busa ndi Mai Busa Kadawati. Ndife a Malawi amodzi. Ndiye nzathu zikamuwonekela, tizikhumata naye, osati za ma savage ena zonyozana mitundu.

  52. Trevor Manyi says:

    Koma fodya inamphweteka

  53. sunderstar says:

    This happens, Lets pray for Rev Kadawati. If Peter was being used by the former President then its very unfortunate but I believe GOD is going to deliver Peter and be able to live a normal life again.

  54. opportunist says:

    Pastor u did ur part .Your child choose his path. Be strong and this is the time to display your faith. He should face the arm of law.

  55. mbuzi iwe says:

    Peter Kadawati is a nephew of one of our former presidents.

  56. kamir sitima says:

    Pooh,shame..didn’t think peter could hurt a fly

  57. Mashamase says:

    Mwana wa muliska

  58. Chindele says:

    I know no child Of a reverend who does go to church.

  59. Dk says:

    What it means is that you didnt do a good job Reverend.

  60. Kunyado says:

    No matter we try to teach our children the tenets and good values, one them is likely to go his or her own way. I understand the situation you are in Rev. My prayers are with you. Haver gone through similar situatiins.

  61. Malawiano says:

    The 31 year old suspect is worked? please abale talembani zomveka.

  62. Akulisinga says:

    Rev kadawati palibe chalakwa inu. munaphunzitsa bwino mwana wanu peter ichi ndi chisankho chache mwanayu. banja lanu lisapange manyazi ayi chifukwa tsogolo lamunthu liri m’manja mwa Mulungu inu ngati kholo ntchito munagwira. pepani

  63. Hebdo says:

    Be strong man of God. I believe what you have said, Peter is an adult and will be accountable for the choices he makes.

  64. Ine says:

    Tsiku la 40, umatenga ID kukaba.

  65. chakhalira says:

    Abusa Kadawati,

    Never be shaken by this event. Ayi!!!!! And never disown your child. Ayi!!!!!!!!!!

    Much as this is your son, but you will NEVER know his Heart!!!!! Only God Knows his heart. He will repay him accordingly. Remember that you are at war with the devil. Inuyo ‘ Be still and Know that He is God ” who does his own at His own time. Keep on preaching the word of God and be Faithful till Jesus comes!!

    Accept that your son has a very different heart. What he does comes from within his heart NOT yours and only God Jehovah Almighty Knows it all.

    May the Good Lord Comfort you as He reveals Himself to you in a special way!

  66. Hoitty says:

    May God be with the Kadawati’s during this difficult time. May the Holy spirit give them comfort. This is sad and difficult to understand

  67. Trevor Manyi says:

    Mpakana armed robbery?

  68. MASO A GULU says:

    Aliyense Azafa yekha

    Akayima yekha pa chiweluziro.

    Kulangidwanso wekha

    Unagwira ntchito yako mdala

    Mtaye uyo zimwa fanta ndi ice cream wako iwe

  69. Dido says:

    May the good Lord be with Reverend Kadawati. I have lots of respect towards you.

  70. sad news kid of a pastor

  71. ruth warren says:

    iwe kadawati senior nawenso uli ndi nkhani zako zakuba ndie chimwana chakochi chileke kukhala mbava? mxiiiiiii

  72. JCM says:

    Kupha wa police coz you need to be rich, you too muyeso womwe Malunga Perekani FMB robery anamuyesera wapolice uja unamutsa atsala awa ife kuvutika kugwira ntchito, zakazaka osaremera, nthawi yanu yoyaluka yakwana.

  73. recco says:

    Mulungu ndiye aziwa yonxe

  74. dog style ndi kawawa says:

    i’d rather pray for the dead policeman and his family. tell your silly son that you dont take your id card to a robbery

  75. abale samalani says:

    Moving with identity card to a robbery? Okay,but this surprises me. All the same.

  76. miko says:

    pastors and families really need our prayers

  77. Mr Dambwe says:

    Choonadi Chake Choti JB Ndi Omwe Amapereka Ndalama Uyu Anali Ngati Chotumikira Chabe.

    Ndiye Akuti Anthu Azipephelera??? Wapha Anthu Ambiri Uyu,Nayenso Aphedwe Basi.

  78. captain says:

    Kodi anaimila pp?kkkk mbava iyi .lol

  79. wokwiya says:

    Man of God, you are indeed matured and full of wisdom. I pray that should be the returning point of this prodigal son.

  80. sir bentby says:

    sizachilendo, ana azibusa amakhala opupuluza always

  81. frank mlauzi says:

    What a trying moment to the man of God,we Will pray for you.

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