Malawi Law Society warns against ‘shoot-to-kill’

Malawi Law Society (MLS) has warned the Police against applying the shoot-to-kill mechanism against suspected criminals, saying there is a possibility of it being abused.

Suzi-Banda:  Trigger happy cops may abuse shoot-to-kill order
Suzi-Banda: Trigger happy cops may abuse shoot-to-kill order

MLS though its president John Suzi Banda and secretary Khumbo Soko said although the shoot-to-kill order is legitimate under special circumstances, there is a high likelihood of trigger-happy police officers abusing it, in light of the escalating violent crimes during which some police officers have been killed.

The lawyers’ body noted that in recent weeks several people suspected of criminal wrongdoing have been shot dead by police.

“The Society observes that use of lethal force by the [Police] is regulated by law. Use of firearms is only authorised to enable a member of the [police] apprehend a person who attempts to evade a lawful arrest or who tries to escape from lawful custody. The police can also use lethal force in order to protect themselves and or members of the public from grave and imminent danger,” said MLS in a statement.

The lawyers said use of force in such cases must be “reasonable, appropriate and necessary” and should never be for the wanton desire to kill or maim alone.

MLS reminds the police of the legal instruments that call for the protection of the sanctity of the inherent right to life and the principal of presumption of innocence until a suspect has been found guilty and that the use of firearms ‘shall as far as possible be to disable and not to kill.’”

The Law Society notes with concern the breakdown of security in the country.

“No corner of the country has been spared the wave of violent crime sweeping through the country which appear to be well organised. The Society is saddened that some of the country’s citizens have lost their lives due to these criminal activities,” said MLS statement which also paid tribute to officers of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) who have made the ultimate sacrifice in their fight against crime.

MLS said government should ensure more can be done to improve the working and living conditions of police officers and that the country will put at their disposal the required resources to allow them ably meet their legal mandate of protecting lives and property of Malawians.

The Law Society regrettably notes, however, that there are some elements within the police who are engaged in criminal activities.

“This represents a disgraceful betrayal of the trust that the country places in these officers,” said MLS, stressing that the undesirable elements should be held accountable for their actions.

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Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

Iwe suzi akuba amenewa sakumakhutitsidwa ndikuba ayi. They wanna fuck all the women in the house and shed blood. And there you go talking shit. What do you want them to do before you’re satisfied that they deserve shoot to kill? You want them to fuck you in the butt first?

mnyamata oyikonda nyasatimes

mukuopa kuti ntchito zizisowa eti! koma take it or leave it ife tiwathandiza apolisi kuthana ndi ma clients anu (mbava). police keep implementing this shoot to kill slogan i shud say. when police officers are short to death by your thugs u dont issue such statements suzi banda. tiwaphabe ife naweso adzakubereko at gun point ndiye udzanenetso mbwerera zakodzo

box13 bilila NU
6 years ago

Munthuyu akukhuwa shit,mbava ziphedwe, Malawi osauka kale ndi kaleyu ma invester adziwopaso kubweretsA ma business? ‘Ukagwele uko,

6 years ago

Go to Kenya you so called Lawyers of Malawi and see how many suspected thiefs and criminals are killed in masses by police day light. Mkuona Kamuzu sadakupatsani mpata amadziwa kuti nanu ndi mbamva. Akabaiba amakupatsani ndalama. Mkuona mufuna luxury life when Malawians are suffering. If I were in government I would give good pecks to Medical Doctors as they go so many years undergraduate and post graduate. Nanunso ma MP athu sumuziona izi pamene mukambirana za Budgetzo……. mufuna akakuomboleni ku court…nanga kamoyo kanuko mmayesa mukadzera ku chipatala? Apolisi pitilizani kutiteteza otherwise review the part in the supreme Law of… Read more »

Sponono 500 Powers
Sponono 500 Powers
6 years ago

Iwowo sanaberedwepo kapena kulaw Chipolopolo mwina zikadzawafikira adzanena akuba takawaberani anthu amenewa atakaona ubwino wakuberedwa ndikusiyanitsa ndi ufulu wa inu mbava.

6 years ago

Suzi Banda do not protect the rights of thugs at the expenses of ordinary citizens. Malawians are suffering because of these lazy bones. Police must do anything to protect themselves. Had it been that they are shooting armless thugs, we would have recognised your line of thinking.

Unfortunately when these thugs kill policemen you do not hold a meeting with so that they should kill.

Bwinotu akulu, kudako ndi mtima womwe eti.Kodi ndinu mtumbuka eti

john k
6 years ago

Armed robbers they must die akusokoneza chituko cha dziko infact acountry cannot develop chonde apolice dont lesten to human shit kill them

samson yesaya
6 years ago

Zikumakhala bwino apolisi akamaphhedwa ndiokuba eti? Mufuna azibabe okubawa?

6 years ago

This is not shoot 2 kill, police is just doing its job. When u r in attack, go on a kill. No question about this. Police yomweyo kuti wawawa! MLS thumb down.

paka paks
paka paks
6 years ago

Can somebody shoot This lawyer so he can feel it. Dont kill him kust shoot his hands and legs

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