Revise Red Lions punishment, says Malawi Sports Minister

Malawi government through the Minister of Youth Development and Sports Grace Obama Chiumia have ordered the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) to revise the punishment that was imposed on Red Lions Football Club following the fracas that happened at the end of a TNM Super League match against Surestream F.C at the Kamuzu Stadium last week.

Chiumia: Punishment should be revised

Chiumia: Punishment should be revised

Chiumia made the sentiments on Saturday when she visited a soccer fan Godfrey Mwale who still lies in critical condition [according to doctors] after he was injured by alleged civilian soldiers.

The Minister said as government, they are disappointed with the continued act of violence at football matches.

“We are very disappointed with what happened and that is why we are here”

“We would like to ask Sulom to come up with stiff punishment to such clubs so that others can learn,” said Chiumiawhile asking Sulom to revise the punishment handed to Red Lions.

Sulom charged the Zomba based soldiers a fine of K3.6 Million and suspended two players for 12 months while six players were slapped with a six month ban each.

But the Minister said this is not enough as the club will be able to raise the money within a short period of time while the life of the 24 year old injured Mwale at stake and might suffer permanent health problem.

Meanwhile, the Sports minister said she will soon hold a meeting with Sulom, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and other stakeholders to map the way on how best to tackle violence.

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35 thoughts on “Revise Red Lions punishment, says Malawi Sports Minister”

  1. Ismael mdala says:

    The main isue hre’s umbuli luk at the biger countries like RSA,USA,Britain.hve u seen a Police or a Soldier teams .cz the Grvnmnts knows whre this guys suppose to be.

  2. Wantaunii says:

    It will be just if the fines were also attached to the individuals. The money should come off their pay through the tax body. The most painful thing to a soldier is losing money. Civilised armies do that as a measure for discipline. These soldier operate on drugs. Malawi Army has no zero tolerance to drugs. That’s why their soldiers are always high hence beating up civilians. If the army produces a zero tolerance to drugs we will see a well disciplined army with more civilised personnel. In civilised armies they conduct Compulsory drug test. If a soldier test positive it’s immediate dismissal.


  4. Stanley says:

    Give them life bane that’s all

  5. Dobadoba says:

    Madam Minister ought to trade her words carefully as Malawi National team might be banned from international matches. Government is not allowed to interfere with football matters but just support and guide. Let Sulom make its own decisions….

  6. Chikopa says:

    Angoni ndinu munthu wamkulu. I really like your comments. Anthu adaputa dala ma soldiers ndiye amati Chichiri Camp itani? Anduna amasewero chonde musalowetsa ndale mu mpira. FIFA Charters do not accept that. BT fans will one day die for trying to provoke the lying lion.

  7. Lupanga says:

    Pyoooooo! Offside. The apeal disallowed!

  8. The Soldiers must be banned from the super league let them play against fellow soldiers in their respective camps otherwise I DONT SEE THIS NONSENSE ending any time soon I don’t understand why they had to beat up a helpless unarmed and defenseless young man like Geoffrey Mwale the young man did not provoke them all he did was stand at the bus stage waiting for his pick up and the foolish MDF soldiers pounced on him Kupanda chisoni Mwana wanzanu kuchita kupanda anga Yapangolo ng’ombe Panya panu nonse a MDF

  9. Kho Nankhumwa says:

    This is political interference from the minister! Fakeni!

  10. duduzi says:

    No 11 and 18

    No 11, Ku Joni kulibe asilikali, nchifukwa chake akuphani pompano kumeneko (xeno) komanso kupita kapena kukhala ku Joni si joker so ayi….ndi mbuli kapena a milandu amene amathawira kumeneko and I believe you are one of them…come back and live with your family here.

    No 18

    Please dziwani kuti ku Southern Africa kuno MDF ndi No 1 olo mudane nayo ndiponso dziwani kuti ku Zambia kulibe asilikali enieni nchifukwa chake amathawa a neba awo DRC akakwiya komanso amakanika even kudziwa mwambo wamayikidwe a maliro a presidenti wawo asilikali athu ndi amene anapita kukawaphunzitsa.

    Tiyeni tikambe chatsitsa dzaye apa…….a Minister izi sindale…kodi sapota wampira ataphedwa ku Balaka anzanu andale anapitako ndipo anapnga interfere ndi decision ya SULOM? Muwononga zinthu ngati mutero ndiye RedLions yipite kukhoti chifukwa amateteza anzawo ndiponso katundu monga basi yoswedwa ndi masapota a Bullets omwe anakwera Surestream chifukwea cha Mponda.

    Kodi nanga MAREF as SULOM muwasiya choncho…chifukwa ndi amene anayambitsa mavutowa kukana chigoli chabwinobwino ngati chimenechija…….Pano mwayamba upo kuti muchotse ma team a asilikali onse mu Super League…..ayi musatero…,koma mukatero ife masapota tikumatchani….kolite ya ligiyi yitsika kwambiri….sitingakondwe nazo zimenezi ayi….ndipo a SULOM zindikirani zimenezi tipangana organize ngati masapota ndikukupatsani mavuuto zedi…

    I like Comment No 23

  11. Mtumbuka says:

    Minister of Sports is part of Sports and recognized by FIFA, she has the Mandate to contribute to sports decisions & Policies.

    she is justifiable in her decision, Red Lions must be punished more than Just money.

    These soldiers think they have a right to torture civilians.

    Punish them severe.

  12. Sokosi says:

    Bravo! Madam Minister. For the first time in my life time to see a caring Minister for Sports like you. These soldiers need to be disciplined.

  13. angoni says:

    while I don’t condone soccer hooliganism it is strange to note that people are failing to read that fans were in the wrong too and provoked the beating. Reds kicked aref who disallowed three goals (this was wrong) BT it ended on the pitch. my question is were the people that smashed reds bus referees? Reds never picked aquarel with sure stream let alone its fanz.It it is the same Blantyre which said it will kill army team player’s last year and here was an opportunity to execute their plan! in the first place it looks a well organised plan 1,no security presence sulom is to blame too,2thefans were wrong to smash the bus and stone players to the extent that they were helpless and his in the dressing room.nobody was there for help.they were rescued by fellows from the campsite who used minimum force bcz they didn’t open fire.while the excessive beating can be condemned it was necessary for it to start from afar so that by the time they get to the bus or dressing room the fans must be gone. in military reasoning they could not get into the middle of the stoning crowd that could be risky and only the silly police could do that and claim to have died on national duty after such stupid death. when did referees have fans? let’s be wise for ones! sulom wrong,Fans very wrong, Reds provoked and wrong, soldier’s justified to save dying friends I rest my case

  14. big testicles says:

    what i dont understand is why the army commander hasn’t said a thing up to now. does he understand that the dying boys’ taxes pay his salary, food, boots, polish, uniform and his childrens’ school fees? do we really need an army in malawi?

  15. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Madam ministet please leave Sulom to make decesions own its own.

  16. fleshly says:

    i think they deserve the punishment even stiffer than that, to my side the soldiers need to learn discipline outside their territory, they should learn to respect other people just as they are respected.
    this is football where you win or you loose, regardless of the results that comes u learn to celebrate the victory or manage the loss with discipline

  17. chiidamtere says:

    to my side the punishment is enough they have taken a lesson, osalowetsa ndale pa mpira, a minister thanani kaye ndi issue ya msb bank

  18. Jk says:

    Give them stiff punishment or ban them for good currently am in south africa here soldiers they have good manners they dont behave foolishness like MDF soldiers mrs minister to say fact its not their first time

  19. Tili Chenene says:

    Ban the team for three years please

  20. jedida says:

    kick the team out of the tournament. the behaviour is really bad. I think they can finally have a lesson

  21. Chapatali says:

    I agree with the minister. We have lots of infomation against violance. Here we are punishing iniocent victims the boy and perents relatives and us the concerned citizens. There was aneed of a total burn of the team and players concerned never to play any club in Malawi. What image do we have to our sponsers? TNM do not promote violance. Ur judgement should not not base on the army or money U want K3 600 000 but future socer which wil benefit both sponsers players officials supporters spectetars and others like me. Do you know Mossi has been senteced to death? Give urself questions on that

  22. Nyamakumutu says:

    FIFA imakana BOMA or an dale kulowetera foot ball nde inu mukutani apa.

  23. Muheziwa says:

    Stop political interference, Sulam is an independent body.

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mrs Sports Minister, you are right deter hooliganism. They should be stiffler punishment. But you are somehow, late.

    most of athletes are just emotionally involved in their sport but they are perpetual offenders. It is just lack of self control when anger boils up.

    Secondly, are you implying that FAM and SULOM are incompetent and do not follow their books. Do you know what happened in Balaka between Mighty Wonders and Silver Strikers. One person lost his life.

    No one complained about the judgment that time. This is football don’t exaggerate gravity of this particular case.

    You are not football administrator at all.

  25. Azijo says:

    Zambia has soldiers teams in their league but they dont behave salvagely like this soldier teams in Malawi. These soldiers think they are above the law. Never you are not above the law you guys. You are like any citizen to abib by the rules, guide lines, laws and orders of the land. I think the best punishment for these fools is to ban them for whole season. And let them form their own league next season that they should be killing each other. Please referees refuse officiating games of these fools. Even at war where I feel you might know other things there are rules to be followed like you dont kill civilians. I for one I dont like this so called care-free behaviour by these boys. BAN

  26. xenophobia says:

    asilikali asamsewere mpira ndi ma civilians koma okhaokha and maybe with police so that akayamba kukuthana azioneka wamphamvu ndani as part of their training

  27. ujeni says:

    This is what we have been saying all along. We have too many army football team of ma bulutu. Ban Red Lions indefinately(life) and those players for not less than two years and charge them K3m each and payable in six months.

    Otherwise violence by ma bulutu continues, tomorrow it will be Kamuzu Barracks after all they do it and get away with it all the time.

  28. anthu says:

    more fire honourable minister.

  29. kandapako banda says:

    Muwalange zeni zeniiiiii

  30. Asilikali asiyireni alaiya azisewera okha, inu muzisewera nokha nokha komanso ndi ma team a asirikali oyandikana nawo maiko. Alaiya ndi alaiya basi!

  31. Thanduxolo says:

    Isn’t this what they call government interference in sports matters? School me on this please!

  32. Chipapwiche says:

    While violence is condoned in any sport,it is very important for the football running bodies to ensure that those officiating matches are competent enough. This is one area that has to be addressed as we look for ways of curbing violence which is only a result of something. It is only when we address the cause that we can see an end to violence. What happened to this young man is regrettable but I still believe something could have been done to avoid it. Teams spend a lot to play such games in terms of resources and it pains to see officiating personnel demonstrating ignorance of the rules of the game. As spectators,we go there to watch good football and cheer our teams and refs never cease to disappoint. Giving Red Lions stiff punishment alone won’t help curb violence and if referees are given a free flow. Remember what happened at Balaka Stadium,Dedza Stadium and several times at Kamuzu Stadium. Teams have been punished several times but violence continues. Go back to the drawing board and realise you are addressing effects and not causes.

  33. Identify those who came to the stadium in a Tata truck , all of them must be fired and get prosecuted in the court of law. Munamva kuti zoti violence yaku mpira amakathetsa ndi asilikali,,your friends are fighting in Nigeria, Somalia,CAR and Yemen pomwe inuyo kuno you are busy beating civilians, drinking and sleeping with prostitutes. It’s only in Malawi where most soldiers die from Aids and not in peace keeping missions !!! Shame on you!

  34. nobel says:

    Remove from league all the soldier teams, they were not supposed to be there. Tnm league is dominated by tyrant soldiers.

  35. George says:

    What the minister is saying is true disability and loss of life is irreplaceable with any amount of money hence stiff punishment is solution and boy and family be compensated for misconduct

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