Roza Mbilizi wins against Kamoto: Acting Malawi Revenue Authority boss

The infighting which rocked public tax collector, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) between director general Ralph Kamoto and deputy Roza Mbilizi has ended with Mbilizi the winner in her bid to oust Kamoto and she is now acting director general.

Mbilizi: Acting MRA boss

Mbilizi: Acting MRA boss

Kamoto: Ousted at MRA

Kamoto: Ousted at MRA

Earlier, Nyasa Times reported that Tom Makina has been pencilled in to take over as head of MRA but his appointment awaits confirmation.

Meanwhile, Mbilizi who is very close ally for First Lady Getrude Mutharika will be acting.

Before becoming deputy director, Mbilizi was MRA director of policy planning.

The tax collector is embroiled in many tax evasions scams by many businesspersons mostly Malawians of Asian descent. And Mbilizi is also soiled in some cases.

With the donors zipping their aid purse, the DPP led administration will largely rely on MRA for prudent and maximum revenue collection to run the economy, which is already facing difficulties.

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49 thoughts on “Roza Mbilizi wins against Kamoto: Acting Malawi Revenue Authority boss”

  1. Board Chair says:

    This fight between Roza Mbilizi and Kamoto and Nelli Jimu on the other side is getting ugly. Roza be advised that effective today you are fired for fraud and smuggling.
    Signed E Mwapasa

  2. Pachalo says:

    Paja Roza amadana ndi anthu a mzeru amafuna ma yes bwana. Jimu wayamba kukuopsani mwatutumukatu mai

  3. Chi things says:

    Nelli Jimu panyini pako hule iwe. U were fucking Kamoto, Shad, Biziwick n Muhara

    Nyere yamtundu wanji? Hule iwe

    Nde Malata ndi born again tu, no Nchindo from him. Palowa Ina iwe

  4. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:

    Dear Mama Your Excellency First Lady. Mama inu ndi munthu wabwino koma tikupemphani chinthu chimodzi. Be careful with Roza Mbilizi. Distance yourself from her. Akuipisirani mbiri yanu yabwino. She is terrorising people using your name. She is wicked. Callista analira naye, Mrs Katsonga cried, Justice Muhara cried. Do not allow her cause havoc in your name otherwise God will be angry with your husband’s good rule.

  5. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    JohnNsemu mwatumidwa eti. Roza is evil. She is devil’s sister. Amalankhula ngati akukukonda koma kuseri akukupha. Paliponse amafuna kubapo. Ku Golf kumene anthu akumulira kubera. Ku chipani kumene abe. She wants to control everything.

  6. mwene says:

    This country is full of surprises and contradictions one step forward and two backwards!!!!! Why replace a hard worker and man of integrity with a corrupt fool ?????? The country is almost on its knees regarding revenue, please leave politics aside and love your country!!! Peter and Goodall are you really in-charge of affairs in this country??????

  7. Kadewere says:

    Inu amene mukumubakira Roza munafufuzapo why people talk alot about this devil. When she was coming to MRA there were alot of anonymous letters complaining that she should not come why? She has misled alot of people in this country? Ngati DPP inaluza ku eastern region its coz of her amaomba ndalama za ma monitor. Do you think anthu onse amene amamudandaulao ndiopusa?ngati mumamukonda muzimupemphelera coz ali ndi ziwanda zoopsa, if not azatha moipa. She is not normal. Atha kukhala sister wake wa Lucifer

  8. Johnsemu says:

    Chanza excellent you are right! We know it’s Nellie Jimu in the lead here. She was Kamoto’s sex mate. This is what she believes in and not hard work. Bizwick nde anali wakuchipinda. I hope the husband has decided to marry someone else in Lilongwe. Tatopa naye Ife kuno ku mount soche kubweretsa amuna. Stop it Nellie tikuyalutsa. You have said enough about Mayi Mbilizi . You are a failure promoted through bottom power and mulakho by mr muhara.

  9. Excellent says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni! If we are to investigate and trace who are contributing all these negative comments you will discover that 99% are women pulling down their fellow woman. I thought some people were complaining recently that our President Prof Peter is not promoting enough women in decision making positions. Mukufuna atani aPrezidenti.
    Roza watani?
    At this rate of jealous and hatred Malawi will go nowhere.
    Interact with Mrs Roza Mbilizi mumudziwe. She is well educated, well experienced and intelligent young lady. Mukufuna chani inuyo? All those women who are writing rubbish on this net may God punish you. Some of you will loose your jobs and some all your possessions by December 2015. I have seen the vision in Jesus Name.
    Mai ake aRoza anabala mwana nkazi wokomgola. Longololani but that will change nothing.
    God Bless you Roza and in every negative comment you get The Lord will bless you 100times I pray. Dzina langa ndine Excellent Chanza

  10. Tsokonobwe says:

    Why are you wasting your time? Roza is intelligent, beautiful and hard working. Iwe mrs Jimu stop writing nonsence here.

  11. redeemed says:

    Shake Spear once wrote that at times a man is a master of his obwn fate and another wise man said when you change the way you view at things, things change the way they look. I edge my fellow Malawians to change their thinking pattern. At times I feel that some individuals have a red pen mounted into their brain just to mark the negatives. I mean what do you stand to loose if for once you could lend a supporting hand to those fortunate enough to be in power. How do you supposed to achieve a positive change when all you do is crisizing the efforts of others. It is this kind of attitude that deters a progressive development. Remember we can knot all be on a drivers seat but we can atleast support the driver. In conclusion, in the joy of other, lies our own.

  12. James phiri says:

    Please give me her number. I want to marry you Roza!!! Nzimayi wokongola chonchi? Sukulunso ya booo!! Rare combination. Marry meeee!!!!

  13. Mraboss says:

    China nchina the woman is beautiful and dresses well. Akukwanira!! We will support you Roza. Don’t listen to all these borons. You are at your best mama!! Kamoto wailephera yekha just like he has always failed in other employments. Go Roza goRoza!! Akabwera Malata nde perfect combination!!

  14. NYONYO says:

    I being mlakho and DPP all I can say this woman ndi wa mwano amaona aliyense ngatii chisoso know Rosa your day will come if it not so near. She belittles everyone and thinks she is mrs knows it all..ozindikira koma mm kunyasa khopeko…anga amamumenya ndi thiko

  15. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    Koma ndiye MRA ikuthera pompatu. Roza???? The woman is a bulldozer. She is master manipulator. Ati meeting ili yonse amayamba ndi pemphero kunamiza Mulungu. She bewitched and milked Peter Fatchi, milked Friday Jumbe. She manipulated Callista, now is manipulating Getrude. She misled and destroyed Muhara. Her man is good for nothing carpet mat now. This is a high voltage woman. Systems will be disregarded, tax will be stolen, morale will go down, collection will be lowest ever. MARK MY WORD BY DECEMBER 2015!!!!!

  16. Wilhelm says:

    No one likes to to pay tax to the MRA.

    Asians, Malawians, Chinese. We will pay tax when we see we are getting some development for our hard-earned and taxed money. When we get good roads, schools and government systems.

    Who will not evade tax when it seems to do little other than enrich the ministers and civil servants.

    The donors know this. Most of their money was stolen rather then implemented in projects or passed on to the needy. They have cut off the aid.

    We will also avoid tax until we see corruption being reduced. What will MRA do? Fine everyone? Put everyone who doesn’t pay tax in prison?

    They will have to build dozens of new prisons, starting with some prisons for the politicians who pay little tax and hide their money in foreign bank accounts.

  17. Kachepa says:

    Jonathan,amenewo ndiye ndi a Malawi,amangolira koma ngakhale yemwe akuwaponderezayo kuti abwere apo nkuwafunsa mavuto awo,amapukuta misonziyo nkuyankha kuti bwana zonse ziri bwino.Kaya azasintha liti!??Apeza potokotera tsaano mpakatu tikumva zinsinsi za anthu apa.Koma a Malawi nafe,aaaaah mmitimamu mwagona zinziri ndithu.Nambo kwelekoooo!!

  18. Roza says:

    Inenso ndinene mbali yanga. I have been tellin a bwana kamoto kuti ndalama tiziperekako pang’ono ku Chipani koma iwoo amapanga makani. Thus why when i informed the H.E and Madam H.E anakwiya nazo. zinthu sizimayenda bwino. Anthufe tikayikidwa maudindo tiyenera kumayamika the appointing authority. He showed no appreciation to the appointing authority. Ineyo sindikudziwa kuti amangiranji zimenezo

  19. amboba says:

    some years ago, mra hired a consultant from abroad to help them with operations. he was so frustrated by the incompitence of the workforce that he terminated his contract and went back home.

    his last words were ” i could have trained a few monkeys to do the basic jobs that these people are failing to do.”

  20. Kwa Nkando says:

    Mama where are you with our sexual harrasment case? Mr Kamoto sat on it may be because he was also chopping within MRA.. You are a fellow woman feel for others and conclude this matter otherwise we will ask Mama Kaliati, Defender of Women to assist us.

  21. Jonathan says:

    Anthu a ku MRA nde mwatokotatu! Anyway, ife we are here only to watch you wash your dirty linen in public! So much fun! Hehehehehe

  22. Mend says:

    Ralp Kamoto lacked wisdom. He picked up fights he couldn’t win . How can fight against the very same men who put u on the post? Ur pride has brought u down . Remember what u did to ur deputy at pcc ? It’s haunting u down

  23. Chi things says:

    All of you sympathizing with Kamoto disgust me. Women are not your toy, they went to skool so they must never be harassed by ugly fools like kamoto. Kunyansa mpaka kungoganiza kukupatsa yakumbuyo, coz you r ugly and sickly

    Gule kwawoooooooooooooooo

  24. Hell on earth says:

    Anthu jealous basi. Walakwa chiani Rosa

  25. aphiri says:

    Balance of gender,Nc

  26. Antiracist says:

    This lady thief will outperform all her predecessors, to the benefit of Pitala and DPP!

  27. Roza Fatchi Mbilizamawo says:

    Now that I have ascended to the position that I have fought tooth and nail I will be rich, filthy rich. The first thing is to fire all directors and managers that are objective and employ my stooges like I did in Finance. I will replace Makamba, Mlomba, Tambulasi, Kajombo, Jimu, Konyani, Nkhoma, Nyamilandu and other board members. I will help my relations to smuggle kunamizira kuti andituma ndi a bwana kuphiri. So help me Devil.

  28. Sapitwa says:

    Ncthito za chonchi zotsamira pa nsana pa ma politicians zimatha Moira zeedii!!!!

  29. tsetsefly says:

    Those who have the means to evade tax will be encouraged to do so considering that even if they pay tax the politician heading MRA will always cashgate the money to DPP. Does it make any difference to pay tax or not in this case.

  30. Dikisan says:

    Roza ndi bebi yofewa. Tatifunsani ife tayendanaye mokwana. Kudya kulipo. Woye Mlako wa allomwe. Nthawi yodyelera ino. Muti Chani makape?

  31. Ambele says:

    Malawi never stops to surprise olimbikila ntchito are always removed for
    non-performers Kamoto put his foot real down and corrupt officers felt
    squezzed koma woteroyo kumuchotsa. OK ;

  32. Professor Mtumbo Wapsa says:

    George Mankhwala shud be happiest person to loot and indeed f…….kng.

    Tym to wholly politicize MRA. Am kindly asking all malawians to stop paying taxes. Foolish government at work.

  33. chepetsani says:


  34. Chi things says:

    Ndipo Malata please don’t come, we r tired with your insatiable appetites you men, eishhhhh too much

  35. Chi things says:

    Nonse who are against Roza just hate women. Please we r tired with women being sidelined coz they can’t offer sex here at MRA . So fuck off all you haters of our dear Roza

  36. mavuto athu says:

    mayi woyipisitsa and deserve punishment from god

  37. Captain Skirt Chaser says:

    Kamoto being victimised because he wanted to investigate a Mulhakho for sexual harrasment. MRA women as victims will not rest until the Captain skirt chaser is also out of MRA and our issues have been taken aboard. We have no problems with Madam Mbilizi but we hope that she will not sweep the investigations under her office carpet just because the Captain skirt chaser is her fellow Mulhakho and DPP sympathiser. Women wake up in the morning to come to MRA to work for taxes for the country and not to be sexually abused by the Captain skirt chaser or be proposed.

  38. changu says:

    I will everything in my powers not to pay tax as long as Roza is heading this institution. This is because the money will keep being stolen.

  39. Chi things says:

    For us at MRA we are happy coz we were tired with Kamotos undressing of women ; married, unmarried, divorced, widowed alike

    What a fool this Kamoto pls goooooooooo and never coming back.

  40. Nema says:

    Rosa Mbilizi was close to Callista and now Getrude? Nsena ochenjera mopusayu akakhale DG? Koma Malawi @51 tilaulidwa ndithu! We know that she is the coordinator wotenga ziphuphu from amwenye to the big Kahuna and the party and we also now that the reason why Ralphhas fallen out grace is because he started arresting Indians who are DPP party financiers for tax evasion, but why are you trying to overstretching the importance of this woman when you know better that she is at MRA to deliver gossip, kuthana ndi anthu and uhule?

  41. mwana mulopwana says:

    That is the end DPP , the country is already in turmoil and yet you are deploying the best guy Kamoto out of MRA,

    This woman can not run that big organization, I was one of the DPP fanatic koma apa mwandigwa basi

  42. Koma mayiyu kuyipa mtima ngati galu othena. My colleague voluntarily resigned from MRA as second in command to Mbilizi whilst working both in Chayamba in the Department of Research and Planning because of her.

    She is too rude and jealousy of other people. I personally hate her behaviour.

  43. Nyama Banda says:

    Rozi is atheif and the govt knows whom to use to steal the tax monies bad for our country

  44. ... says:

    Mbava za K577 billion izi

  45. Chechumu says:

    Tom Malata not Tom Makina

  46. Temwe Chile says:

    Tom Makina or Tom Malata?

  47. benjones says:


  48. Roza Mbilizi was a Campaign Director for the Eastern Region of Malawi in 2014 General Election, akuti kuyiwerengera patali meter and she was the one scouting for candidates in the Region. This is a reward to her and is just unfortunate that this only source of Revenues being headed by a politician. This is bad and our taxes are under crocodiles of cash (cashgaters)

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