Rumphi name Jappie Mhango outstanding MP since independence

People of Rumphi North Constituency have named Jappie Mhango, MP for the area and Minister of Defence, as the “best MP ever” since the dawn of democracy in Malawi.

Jappie Mhango darling of the constituents

Jappie Mhango darling of the constituents

Mhango has during the few years he has been MP for the area devoted his time to development projects and inculcating harmony among the people.

Recently, constituents told Nyasa Times, Mhango donated three ambulances to the hard-to-reach constituency.

“He has also managed to construct teachers’ houses at Mhuju Primary School, a block at the market where we’re selling our produce and solar panels to a number of health facilities,” said Oswald Nyirenda, a constituent.

He has not just been buying coffins like the others do, Nyirenda added.

More constituents who talked to Nyasa Times that Mhango had their welfare at heart even before he became MP.

“He has always been development conscious,” said Mary Chipeta, a mother of 3. “He’s already fulfilled everything he promised us in a space of a year.”

Reacting to the sentiments, Mhango said he “is not a man who believes in empty promises.”

He said: “Rumphi North is my home. If I don’t take part in developing my home, who will?”

The developments are making the area darling of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), a party to which Mhango belongs.

The area was once stronghold of the now quiescent party Alliance for Democracy (AFORD).

Rumphi is home to fallen political tsar Chakufwa Chihana, father to current AFORD leader Enock Chihana, and “father of multiparty democracy” in Malawi.

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26 thoughts on “Rumphi name Jappie Mhango outstanding MP since independence”

  1. Sidira says:

    Japie started this mission long long time. I am sure he is accomplishing now. I remmember him having said & I cort ” ndikazatenga constituency iyi amene azandilande azalimbe”. And I remmember having said , ” ngati mufuna musewo walivingstonia uzalimike vote for me I know where I am going to step “. previous mps hav failed this area including chakufwa himself, go to mbulunji fp school where this so called tsar went u will be shocked. Japie go on we know you, and you know the peasants that fault for you during the time when PP tried to surpress you. The other MPs learn from this guy he is the current Tsar of the North , the darling person to entrust. Not because he is linked to DPP. But he is good and DPP saw that he have potential

  2. mtumbuka1 says:

    Why belong to dpp for goodness sake???

  3. McGoodson Ngoma says:

    congrats honourable Jappie

  4. Pacharo says:

    Yes! Yes! We share the same building here at Capital Hill, the man is down to earth. He greets and talks to people as if they are friends. We have had past Ministers who could just pass you and look aside to avoid greeting you. Bravo Mhango!

  5. maiwamai says:

    Koma Jessie akuimva? MCP, MCP, what is MCP apart from being tambala wakuda? DPP uku ndiko kubwera. Come 2019, it is DPP, DPP. Nyasatimes, where did you get this story? Anunso a Nyasatimes, lekani kukhala pro JB a mere Jezebel woman!

  6. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Jappie is the right person indeed but in a wrong party dpp which wil not make him to return the seat come 2019

  7. KARU UNITED says:

    Very ncouraging,keep it up Hon.J Mhango,@ least you’ve constituents who can say,thank you.Nyasatimes,give us more of such stories & not matters of defilement all the time.

  8. Totolitotoli says:

    Atumbuka tsopano!

  9. Moto Mtchire says:

    “He donated 3 ambulances”. How much does a minister get as salary? Where did he get the money for 3 ambulances? Public officials must be transparent and accountable!

  10. Stevie says:

    That is an inspiring tale. Osati ena akungotibera ndi ka LDF komwewa ayi. I salute you, Honourable Minister Sir. Keep it up and may God bless you for your heart.

  11. Chandiona says:

    I am not from his constituency, but this young MP/ Deputy Minister is just in a class of his own. Ever humble and has time for everyone everytime. He will always listen to you regardless of who you are and where you belong. He reminds me of Kachama, the IG.

  12. popi says:

    All the best Jappie,
    keep up the good work!

  13. Chindazi says:

    Muchita vya mampha Ada Jappie

  14. 5555 says:

    mwana wa pa Bwaila ameneyo!! i know him from far!! good job!!

  15. Chidongo says:

    Hope the effective honourable will facilitate the start and completion of the Njakwa – Livingstonia – Chitimba road project launched by this Zombie president a few months ago. The Kafukule and Edingeni road projects seem to have been forgotten. Why? Kuba DPP.

  16. Umaliswe says:

    Wish others wouid emulate .



  18. George Lihoma. says:

    Mr MP you are a blessed man to be loved by your constituents up until now.

    Most MPs are only loved before and soon after the elections. Pitilizani zimene mukupangazo,u MP sinjira yolemelera koma utumiki wapadera wotumikira athu amudera lakwanu omwe ambiri aiwo ali osaukisitsa.

    Mukasiya kuwathandiza,you have imported bad luck on yourself and family. Hahahaha.

  19. mphini za mutchafu says:

    But who is funding these projects? Himself, the government the church or some donor and he takes and he takes all the credit

  20. zakusimba says:

    Others learn from this MP.

  21. Christian life says:

    There is a trap when people talk good of you. The enemy of jelous is alredy standing close. Ask Bingu. All the same that’s being a representative of people.

  22. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Good MP belonging to a party of crooks and thieves! Better you remained in Aford

  23. Honest says:


  24. A M says:

    Anzanu apachika ma ambulance kamba kosowa mafuta

    Inuyo akuyenda bwanji ???

    Awuuzeni chinsinsi

  25. I concur, Hon. is really honourable i’ve interacted with him, continue to be humble, others hiiiiiii!!!!!!

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