SA’s wanted criminal traced in Malawi

A businessman thought to have run away from South Africa for criminal offences has been traced to be in Malawi and is part of the family running HTD Limited .

Fayaz: Traced in Malawi

Fayaz: Traced in Malawi

Fayaz Munir Ishmael was running Smart Cabs company in South Africa and reportedly committed criminal offences but has been on the run.

He escaped justice and came to Malawi to change passport with different names and use it travelling and even going to South Africa at times.

A surveillance operations being conducted by South Africa police intelligence operatives has traced him after his photos with the Malawi leadership have been posted on social media.`

The HTD Limited family has close links with the President and has always associated themselves with the leadership of the country as top “well-wishers” in finances and vehicle donations.

Fayaz – who publicly boosts that he is the league of the untouchables because of the connection to the President – has also invited the Head of State to attend a wedding of their relation, in coming days.

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58 thoughts on “SA’s wanted criminal traced in Malawi”

  1. Phiri says:

    Let’s talk about plem contractors bases in kanengo in 1995 the owner MOHAN was working for Nicholas contractor company to today he is worth 400 billion KWACHA….all big contracts goes to him and says i have direct connections with H.E. He has now opened in Mozambique and Zambia….has he paid tax accordingly??? Imagine how much corruption is involve…please sinor officers of MRA and MCB start investigating and he has loads of properties and vacant lands….he is thief!!!!

  2. Uncle Thom says:

    Chisoni chanji nawenso #41 tanenabwinobwino anthu amve chomwe ukufuna kutidziwitsa.

  3. Winyo Chikapa says:

    If this guys is around let the police deal with it – there is Interpol. SA police should officially make a request to the Malawi Police Service to get hold of this guy and send him back to SA. It’s not like he is hard to find ETI??? He is all over the presidency functions.

    We on the other hand are failing to bring back Chanthunya, it’s been what 3-4 years????? Palibe chomwe tachita and you are attempting to cuff mwenye olemela. Shame on our system, maybe the new IG will bring in kalumo kokuthwa…….lets wait and see.

  4. Honest John says:

    everytime I or my family has been robbed at our house , workplace etc it has been a black african group , has anyone been attacked in their home in the middle of the night with armed indians or whites breaking down the house (i didnt think so) does that mean all africans are theives ? ofcourse not – some maybe but that doesnt mean all , we all have faults in our own communities yet are quick to blame others. The comments on this gruop are soo racist its shocking , people calling for ethnic cleansing …with all whites and indians gone how will we fair ..all the factroys , shops , businesses , investment schools , donor money , aid , foriegn investments , buildings ( i could go on) all gone ! our country’s entire survival is based on donor aid (anyone recall the zero defecit budget? and how we collapsed in a few months). Just making useless hate based comments. If that was the way things shoud be then the greatest man ever ‘Mandela’ woud have shot all whites soon as he was released from prison. Instead he protected them as he knew he needed a balance if he was to maintain the balance of their country and economy. Here indians and whites are called racists but you just have to look at the comments on Nyasatimes by readers and its easy to see who are the racists …i expect a fe rather nasty racist remarks to follow from readers of this post …i speak the truth sorry if it hurts ..time for education and tolerance or we will remain where we are always …zambia, botswana , , RSa, moz, tanzania, Kenya … all succesful and cosmolitan cities! did they stay indian ‘get lost , whites ‘get lost’ … Malawians , you dont grow coz you can see beyond hatred… and what about the big Malawian dons (you all know their names) they are 100 times worse ten indians/whites ..cashgates ? oh was that indians/whites worry about thousands when billions are stolen under your feet

  5. Alungwana says:

    The loose security of the poor Malawi! A leader in relation with criminals?

  6. The Truthful One from the West says:

    It is a fact that Asians like to buy influence. An Asian will never befriend an ordinary Malawian as he knows there is nothing to gain from an ordinary Malawian. This is one of the reasons Malawi is the poorest country in the world 50years after independence. And there is nothing innovative DPP is doing that will change the status quo. For example the DPP’s community colleges project is based on a fundamentally flawed reasoning that there is a huge demand for skills far exceeding supply. This reasoning clearly shows that DPP has scanty understanding of the Malawi economy. Goodall Gondwe is an old spent force.

  7. popapo says:

    Does the President have time to read Nyasa Times ? This is really heart breaking to have our President being associated with such stories whether true or false. How and why your excellency, do you lack anything ?

  8. GONANI says:

    Kodi crime yake ndiyotani? Kumangoti crime crime…. Just leave the guy a lone man.
    If he committed crime in Malawi it would be a valid sentiment, but you say he did it in SA!
    Stop right there because in SA big criminals from other countries are enjoying themselves without getting extradited. And other big criminals are some politicians. They are content with midiocracy – corruption and impunity.

  9. amina says:

    Does he have a malawian passport? How did he get a malawian passport guys? There is a lot desired on this guy. When are we going to do justice to ourselves as a nation. Something big stinking here. If he has been spotted why cant we send him back. We have got immigrants whom we say they entered the country illegal and we want them to spend seven months in jail and later we deport them. Why cant we deport them now as we are failing to feed ourselves. Is there logic in keeping them here. We are missing something as a nation.

    When is Chanthunya coming home?

  10. Young Kay says:

    Guyz is not true these pipo they just want to spoil his name. Coz he was there (SA) last month



  12. Hebrews says:

    Misozi chathunya is hiding in south Africa after murdering her girl friend Linda Gasa so what are you SA crying for? Lets exchange criminals!

  13. Phodogoma says:

    No interpol or interpol we are not sending this criminal fayazi to SouthAfrica unless you send us Chanthunya a killer. This gentleman Fayazi will leve comfortably here in our hands as Chamthunya is enjoying happily there in South Africa. This is Malawi. We will never bother to hand over Fayazi. After all the guy is taking another wife here in Malawi of Malawian origin..

  14. ndadabwa says:

    sizodabwitsa fufuzani HTD mupeza kuti ndi tax payers money. kikikiki motorgate. kaya ine ndinazolowera kwathu konse ndife osauka tidzafanso osauka



  16. A president athuso ndi mbola dziko ili pali zotukuka apa, for sure U know why these pipo are well wishers,they are after something,and U end easily crooked while locals looking, what respect do U expect frm pipo when they hear whole president z dining with crooked of Asian origin.

  17. basop says:

    Ine nde sindivota. Sindizavotakonso mpaka kalekale.

  18. nganga says:

    No wonder der z no security in Mw coz de prezdent hmself z rlated 2 gangs. I had bn wondrn how cud de minstaz’ houses b broken so eazly. N thoz fire-gates 2. Smwher smhw ther z highr authorty conxion, chek t out

  19. Kanyimbi says:

    Musah you must be a bull shit. Do you think all blacks are stupid? Why can’t you go to your own country? a homeless asshole.

  20. Mwama Du says:

    APM associating with criminals. The whole president and security at large didn’t know that someone is a criminal from his home. Kkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Tilibedi security eti?

  21. Southner says:


  22. MBACHI says:

    The whole President connected to such criminals, shame. Up to be invited at a wedding. What are his security people and advisers doing?

  23. KANGAANJOBVU says:

    Kudzigulira malo amwenye kumeneko

  24. Evidence says:

    There is also guy Kunzi who is a fugive from ZimbBwe having commited murder at Mbare.Harare and he came here without a passport running away from justice. The guy can be traced around petroda or Wenela as he normally sends plastic shoes by either Zupco or Premere Bus to his wife in Zimbabwe who is a Malawian who sells shoes at Mbare. He might be a dangerous criminal.

  25. makape alero says:

    sakhuta ameneyu anyamuke azimka kumangwawo.asatisokoneze kupemphela za bodza.

  26. Zomba Iyo says:

    Give us back our Chanthunya.

  27. Asian says:

    When ur roads need paint – Asians do it out of pity, when ur police is out of money for fuel- asians donate out of pity, when your countrymen suffer – Asians serve them with alms , when your country cant do anything by itself don’t blame others . go and first solve ur cashgate . Stop aid then u see who is the beggar !! ungrateful Bastards !!

    1. Hoitty says:

      Asians who are low class citizens in their own countries. They sweep the streets and collect human feaces from the streets with Bare hands. They come here and pretend like they are better than locals. Mussa you calling people monkey just look at the amount of hair on your body and look at a momkey see how close you look

  28. Jonathan says:

    Indians! Opportunists! Only India is the best place for them NOT Malawi. Times are changing and Malawians want their land backn they want their economy back from Indians. Watch this space! Even corrupt presidents won’t protect corrupt Indians!

  29. Maria says:

    an unfortunate turn of events for the young man. the sad truth is that this character assassination and tarnishing of image is coming from the Asian community itself. Wina akufuna kuti zithunzizo and ma dinnerwo ndi a president azika jambulitsa ndi kudya iyeyo. anthuwatu musamangowaona, amachitira anzawo nsanje kowoopsya. aona kuti a HTD akuchita bwino ati awaphwetse kaye pang’ono!!! kumuonongera mbiri nzanu uku koma lero mugundike waku mosque 5 times a day kukapemphera!!!! shame on you Allah strike you down!

    1. ujeni says:

      So what, the fact remains he is a crimminal on wanted list. Malawi habours most of these fugitive Asians, some travell all the way from Pakistan and live in Malawi

  30. Tunthumbwana tambewa says:

    Anyamuke limodzi ndi mabwezi ake omwe

  31. anabel mitawa says:

    And these are the friends the President keeps. No wonder

    1. Rex says:

      Palibe president ku Malawi kuno amene sanakhalepo ndi anzake amwenye ukoooo

  32. atate mbewe says:

    Malawi is for Black Malawians! Period!!!! If you are not Black, you are not a Malawian, please leave Malawi for Malawians. Go where you belong!!!Your forefathers betrayed you!We dont want some lost indians or whites or lebanese in our Parliament!! These are third class people in their own countries. They are not our sisters or brothers. Lets take them to their home countries. Afterall they are stupid also! We need to clean this country.

    1. mapwiya says:

      Useless racist,do not say we,as if the whole black population shares your opinion,mbewa!

    2. Tony More says:

      If this indians and white didtnt come to Malawi you would would still be walking naked and living in jungles.

  33. inayake says:

    A musah not all blacks are ignorant. Very unfortunate to relate us to monkeys as monkeys look more to your side than ours. Starting with their hairs being everywhere like you, and they tendency to over populate where ever there found. Truth be told, u lot are corrupt! Fact. And your are also a dirty bunch. I respect a few individuals of asian origins but u’ll never be one of them. You’re a criminal.

  34. namanyozela says:

    we are walking in the light of God

  35. Wapa Monkey bay says:

    nesa mwati pali ubwenzi ndi a President, zitheka a police a Malawi kumugwira mkulu.amemeyu ? kayaaa.

  36. musah says:

    Fuck u patriot use u thick dam brains before u utter nonsense am sure u must be a black no wonder small thinking coz u blackds got hair like springs u can’t fnk properly monkeys can fnk beter look at cashgate before talking rubsh

    1. Tony More says:

      Please let’s not call names like monkeys. Very disturbing.

  37. marvelick says:

    A Malawi we are rotten, mpaka President kudyetsedwa chi bans ….. what is it you are lacking Mr President???

  38. Hastings says:

    So what of Lutepo…was he Indian too? Don’t paint everyone with the same brush. Some foreigners are more patriotic than indigenous. Look at cash gate!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Patriot says:

    Ndi chifukwa chake amapereka ma galimoto aja. To corrupt and tseka pa kamwa.
    Indians are mostly crooks and criminals as usual.

  40. nokulunga says:

    Poti kumalawi ndikwamphawi basi mayesa kopangila zautsiruu ukagwile ndende akuyumizeso kwanu konyera mumiseu chitsiru

  41. nokulunga says:

    Muchikhaulise chimenecho

  42. Imtiaz says:

    I met this man last in Vereeniging,really he is a smart dealer.

  43. Nkhombokombo says:

    This criminal must be identified and be arrested. We are poor, agreed yes, but we have our pride and our country. Mr Presido, too, don’t be enticed by these guys, they will mess you up. They start small but end result turns to be worse. Donors loose trust in us. Watch out!

    1. Clement says:

      donors loose trust on joice band admin,the fact is lets clean our contry

  44. Hoitty says:

    Will there ever be a leader who will resist these moneys from Asians? I thought Peter would try koma eee ndalama ndi satana. These people keep ruining our econony by bribing our leaders and in turn getting contracts that Malawians should benefit from. What is wrong with this country?? We don’t want to support each other, tisamadabwe tikakhala pa number 1 poorest. I am not a Mullie brothers fan, but I would rather see Mullie get ALL contracts than these foreigners who externalisr forex. Indegenous business association should fight fir this. Foreigners should come to invest not get contracts to supply farm inputs and stationery. The only time out leaders pretend to award contracts to locals is wgen they want them to steal on their behalf ngati achina Lutepo and in turn ruining local business reputation. Stupid cursed country

  45. Bring our Chanthunya back and we will give you your Fayaz,period!

  46. You can never fool all the people all the times….put this stinking criminal to justice South Africa; Malawi Politicians are like puppets when it comes to dealing with Asians with money. May God help you in your pursuit!

  47. Kadakwiza says:

    The head of state is dining and wining with criminals, we are in trouble in Malawi. Now you stand on the podium and say you will fight corruption? I doubt.

  48. aphiri says:

    The Indians are untouchable for sure. They are always around the presidency of this number one poorest country in the

  49. Charter says:

    Musawapase ameneyo, apereke kaye Chanthunya

  50. Makape says:

    Extradite him

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