Sentence adjourned again on Lutepo: Malawi cashgate convict to wait for assets review

Sentence on convicted businessman and chief cashgate defendant Oswald Lutepo has been adjourned yet again.

Lutepo: Assets to be reviewed by independent assesor before being given his sentence

Lutepo: Assets to be reviewed by independent assesor before being given his sentence

Lutepo, who was convicted on his own plea of guilty on charges of conspiracy to defraud government and money laundering of K4.2 billion ($9.3 million) between April and September 2013, will wait until August 31 to mitigate his sentence. He is currently in custody.

High Court Judge Redson Kapindu in Zomba registry on Friday allowed the State and convict Lutepo to engage an independent assessor to re-evaluate part of cashgate tainted property which he intends to restitute before hearing of sentence submissions starts.

Lutepo wants to restitute his Woget Industries Limited, currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, which the State had initially targeted for confiscation.

Woget is a subject of controversy following huge discrepancies that have resulted from valuations conducted separately by the State (at K293 million) and the defence at K1.427 billion (excluding the land on which it is planted).

Other assets of Lutepo, among them, International Procurement Services, O and G Construction Limited and Naming’omba Tea Estat

Lutepo’s lawyer Oswald Mtupila told the court they had agreed with the State to appoint an independent valuer for purposes of impartial opinion on the property’s value

He asked the court to allow 14 days “us to deal with the process of obtaining an independent valuer” and then proceed with the submissions for sentencing.

Deputy director of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Reyneck Matemba abd the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale, representing the State, said it was in the interest of the State to resolve the discrepancies before sentence hearing starts

Judge Kapindu then adjourned the matter to August 31 and issued a warning that he would not tolerate any further adjournment of the case before submissions on sentencing begin.

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36 thoughts on “Sentence adjourned again on Lutepo: Malawi cashgate convict to wait for assets review”

  1. Madalitso says:

    The envil that man do they just leave after them, so let be with them

  2. bambo a owen says:

    zizingotero mpaka chaka chita osaoneka mutu weniweni man

  3. Wangs Wangzy says:

    Lutepo was an agent of Bingu,therefore the revaluation is intended to hide some of the assets.Peter is walking the talk of Henry Mussa who advised to handle the issue of cashgate with care as it started in the reign of DPP.They are afraid of shooting themselves on the feet.JB is an Owel in this issue who recieved medication despite not being sick but owing to the fact that she had a big head insted of Kansiri. Wait for the sentencing,and see the game plan.

  4. MANKHAMBIRA says:





  5. Othyola Tea ku Thyolo says:

    Mdziko mukachuluka chibwana khothi limakhala lopepela

  6. mj group says:

    Nanga Kasambara mukuti naye bwanji/

  7. maulid Kachipanda says:

    to want plenty is to be confused but having plenty is more than being confused,work but do not expect more and u will be a happy man on earth,Lutepo wanted more thats why he is confused now. U,would-be offenders, watch out!!!

  8. Big papa says:

    dont worry biggy 2020 ndikangotenga bomali pa 6July wapanja basi.

  9. Chejumo mai Banda says:

    Koma zomwe akuona Lutepo abale. Kubadi ndikoipa. Ine amai ndinathawa. I blv Lutepo is one of the saddest people on earth.

  10. chikalaya says:

    Aaaah inu uyu astinyanse mwamva iya mmene munayambira muja? Tangomuomberani basi wadya zathu zambiri

  11. Denguzman says:

    Waiting 4 his judgement day.

  12. Malawi says:

    koma ndiye2

  13. Bob says:

    Whats that now? Dont you have other things to do?

  14. i haven’t still lost hope in the is reality that they are to convict matter they will give him few years.I REPEAT MR.LUTEPO DELAYING JUDGEMENT WON’T HELP.GET SENTENCED THEN BRING IN YOUR WHEEL CHAIR TACTICS.ask muluzi,yusuf mwawa etc.

  15. angoni apaphata says:

    Ine ndifunseko. Kodi a judge awo amakhala asakudziwa mmene akagamulire chiweruzo? Tonse tikudziwa kuti lutepo ndi mbava. Chifukwa ninji apolisi adzikhalira kumunysmula back n forth

  16. Mafikizolo says:

    I have always been of the view that both Lutepo and the State are playing games with us regarding this particular case . In fact the whole thing is an arranged thing between the State and Lutepo . The whole circus is as fake as Monopoly money . Perhaps the only person not aware of this arrangement is Judge Kapindu . You can see that now that the case has reached sentencing stage, even the State is scared of what sentence Judge Kapindu may pass . They are afraid that judge Kapindu may pass a sentence which will not be in conformity with what was agreed with Lutepo behind closed doors . Unlike the judge in the Senzani case, Judge Kapindu is not part of the arrangement to hoodwink the Malawi public . I feel very disappointed . When shall we have a government that is not prone to cheating it’s own citizens in Malawi?

  17. Patriotic Malawian says:

    These are the results of bootlicking and hero worshipping politicians to an extent of sacrificing oneself and one’s business. The culprits who used bulk of the money are at home.

  18. sikusinja says:

    Why do you include Naming’omba and one of his assets. Nyasatimes sometimes you need to find out facts so you can report the truth.

  19. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    Simukuwona kuti mukutibowa naye munthu wanuyo ndiliti limenelija?

  20. Truck says:


  21. moya says:

    Those committing small crimes you rush to give harsh sentences…..ending with “to deter would be offenders” now this one u have kid gloves why? Anyway I will this judge benefit of doubt but come 31 we expect a sentence befitting to deter “would be cashgaters” don’t say bcoz all property has been seized then you give them a lesser sentence tizaphwanya ma office anuwo bwana bcoz that would be wasting tax payers money. Kodi ena aja katundu simunalande bwanji? Senzani, sithole, namata etc?

  22. njala n'chilombo says:

    Let law take its course

  23. Wina Mpoto says:

    Lutepo should sentence life imprisonment. Asakabwereko ku ndende

  24. David malasa says:

    A bweza koma?nkhani ndiyoti a cash gate asamango mangidwa koma adzibweza ndipo ziziwonekadi kuti wabwezadi

  25. mixed reaction says:

    Koma abale anthu ndiinu a chuma

  26. alpha says:

    Inu tangochimangani……mbala yopanda chitsoni ngati iyo muzingowalemeretsa apolisi pochinyamula ngati chili ndi ntchito bwanji? Ndi kuphwa kumene ayi chili mutu phwii ngati kaya chiyani kaya….komanso ife a Malawi kupemphera kokhakokhako kapena?

    Tangoyetserani kugamula mulandu ndiye munene kuti chapezeka osalakwa mmesa chichokapo pampando nkuyamba kuyenda chokha mony’angwa, believe me!

  27. Watcher 30 says:

    Koma apolisi mukuyigwira ntchito yomunyamula Lutepo pa wheelchair.Those tactics helped Muluzi senior during Bingu’s era.I don’t think they will work with tough judge Redson Kapindu.The world has become so small for Lutepo this time.

  28. war child says:

    Tired of this shit, crucify da moron

  29. Omex70 says:

    We are now losing our patience. Why all these foolish adjournments. I have raised my eyebrows.

  30. Wakum'mawa says:

    Pamenepa,bwana NDE uti? A police’wo kapena the convict?

  31. You people why are you delaying the sentencing of the self-confessed thief? Many Malawians are poverty stricken because of such shameless thieves.Mupelekeni ku ndende kuti akadye nsima na boiled beans,without tomato,onion and cooking oil.He will also be given those grey itching blankets infested with lice(nsabwe).Pillow ndi kofi or mbama yake.

  32. januaryphiri says:


  33. angoni apaphata says:

    Kodi traditional court inatheranji? Nkhani zake zimafunika zoterezi. Chakwamba tawaphunzitsani anthuwa. Ana athu amaphunzira sukulu ya ulele Loma ice timawalipilira awo ma degree ku UK. Akabwera uko Ali ndikulamulirani. Mabulutu nonse. Muchivoteranso mdi saulos wakeyo. Za saulos sindikamba. Mukafunse azichemali ale. Mbatama.

  34. drogba says:

    lutepo doesn’t look sick to me to the extent that he has to be carried everywhere he goes like this, on a wheelchair. to me, he is begging for leniency on the sentencing. I would like to plead with the judge NEVER to use lutepo’s state of being on a fake wheel chair as a reason for leniency. sentence him to jail as any normal, healthy person because that’s what he’s, so normal and healthy. Lutepo, coping “Atcheya” style of begging for sympathy won’t work on you.

  35. Manyetera says:

    Zopusaa mxuii

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