How to settle the issue of who owns ‘Mwini Zinthu’: Opinion

Urban music is our life. It is what impacts us on a daily basis.

Ril B and Blaze

Ril B and Blaze

As gate keepers of the  culture, we take keen interest to what is popping.

The song Mwini Zinthu by Ril B and Blaze is a banger in all standards, and it is one of the best things to ever happen in Malawian music this far.

Sadly, the battle of who owns the song is smearing mad on such beautiful art.

We can neither say who really owns the song as both parties have issued their version of the ‘truth’.

Here are are thoughts on how this can be resolved.

We start our perspective from Blaze interview with Joy Nathu on his Made On Monday radio show.

Blaze is quoted: “I wrote the whole song. Which artist would bring someone on their song and let them do the first verse, hook and third verse?”

He says it is easy to tell who owns the song from the concept and approach because “people know my songs, they know my concepts”.

Here comes the best part:

“Ril B approached me for  a collabo and I told him I can only jump on a song with him only if I wrote the song. I did all the three verses then later deleted the second verse and told him to do it the exact way I did it.”

Basically what Blaze meant is Ril B used a reference track.

If Blaze can produce the reference track, then we can settle this.

On the other hand, Ril B is on record to have disclosed he paid Blaze for writing and directing the song, a story which producer Gaffar confirmed to be true.

We have also learnt that apart from paying for studio and Blaze’s charge, the up-and-coming singer also footed all video costs, shot and directed by Ben Sam, the former’s manager.

So, if that’s the case, does Blaze own the song because he wrote it or Mwini Zinthu belongs to Ril B since he paid the BenSam Entertainment singer and songwriter?

We believe only Cosoma can solve this saga. Our advice to the two, pay Copyright Society of Malawi a visit!

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I am an artist, I do graphics. I have done a lot of jobs some on the street billboards, Tvs but as long as I am paid the story ends there. Only those who know that its me who did such jobs encourage me wherever necessary


Malawi artists need some education, if u sell a work of art to someone it means the buyer has the rights over the talent in question, however all attributions remain the same. The original composer will always be regarded as such. The buyer only buys the art not the composition rights of the art. In this case the buyer has the right to make money out of it and the original owner has the right to be recognised.

filipe beckson cumuenda
filipe beckson cumuenda

Awanso kanyimbo kamodzi basi phokoso tatiyeni ukoooo


Fight of the slaves….


Ngati anakulipila cholilila kuti nyimbo ndi yako ndi chani kungochititsana manyazi basi you did your part he paid you basi unayenera kukhala chete

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