Sex education to start in Malawi schools

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) has trained 221 secondary school teachers, 240 parents teacher associations in Malawi to teach comprehensive sex education in public schools.

Sexuality comprehensive education to start in Malawi secondary schools

Sex comprehensive education to start in Malawi secondary schools

Unesco says age-appropriate sex education is an important public right in the global response to HIV.

This is why Unescois helping Malawi that  from next academic year students will be learning Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE).

“Schools are a venue for implementing well-designed CSE and that provides knowledge and skills essential for young people to practice safe behaviours,” Unesco Regional HIV and Health Education Adviser, Patricia Machawira, said.

Machawira said sex –education is an “ important component” of a student’s education.

The sex-education curriculum would integrate information about contraception, how to prevent sex-trasmitted diseases, the value of abstinence and how to make smart sexual health decisions in response to HIV.

Unesco Malawi Programme Officer, Jessie Kazembe Chisala, said the Malawi secondary school curriculum assessment review started in 2013 and was completed in 2014.

“The process was consultative where a large number of stakeholders, including parents and guardians were consulted,” Said Chisala.

“ During the review, all subjects, including life skills education were reviewed. For life skills education, the curriculum was reviewed to include a new core subject of sex and sexuality and the new curriculum will be implemented from September 2015,” she said.

Young people often receive conflicting and inaccurate information about sex. This can lead to badly informed decisions about how, when or with whom to have sex and how to protect themselves against HIV.

AIDS-related illness is still the leading cause of death among adolescents, and adolescent girls and young women are especially vulnerable to new HIV infections.

Many  young people are receiving inadequate preparation, which leaves them vulnerable to coercion, abuse, exploitation, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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29 thoughts on “Sex education to start in Malawi schools”

  1. Chawezi Phiri says:

    This is total nonsense you are trying to teach children how and who to have sex with,,,,,Lord have mercy Lets just drive these people out so as we can be like uganda

  2. Isaiah Phiri says:

    This is totally a brainwash program. azungu akufuna kuyambisa anada Virus through sex, therefore, they are introducing this course ngati zabwino but there is devilish results behind all this. and if you take a look, how many youths are already sleeping around and becoming whores???, they want many girls to be uneducated and the same time have alot of dominion in the society. why do you think we have too many programs empowering women??..please people we need to be careful otheewise we shall be training our young one to create a Sodom generation

  3. Michael says:

    Wawoooo! Practically?

  4. Michael says:


  5. Thokozani lino says:

    Iziso nde ziti? Dziko likuthadi eti, kapena ndi ndalama za azungu? Kenaka muxamva kuti they hav introduce how to homosex in sec xools

  6. gadson moyo says:

    ndye mwat ndkalembenxo???

  7. nyasa boy says:

    Kumeko yaah!

  8. jimbo says:

    After 51 years of independence it is about time sex education was taught in schools to children old enough to understand. For far too long sex education has been left to the senior women in the villages who have simply passed on a load of mumbo jumbo that they were told by their elders. Children continue to be taught to observe ignorant and meaningless customs and rituals backed by fear and threats if they disobey them. Properly supervised sex education in school is long overdue.

  9. levison wonjzani says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeee koma ana azinyengatu sinanga ana amadalira practical work

  10. helire says:

    Ngati kukhalanso ma practical ndiye ndikalembanso ndikatsitse ma points

  11. kholowa mkabudula says:

    ……why then teaching them in english? auzeni anawa mchichewa chomveka bwino!

  12. Patwayaz says:

    nde achotse Biology ku secondary ndi Life Skills ku primary osamangowaunjikila ana masubject opanda pake za ntchito yanji zonsezi.

  13. says:

    For real i salute thisbinitistive for once. People do not get scaredvunlike inthe initiation ceremonies where comprehensive sex is taughtwithout highlighting itsvprones and cones this sex education will help to understand what sex is all about and at the same time appreciate the problems associated with sex if initiated at an early stage oourse without protection . It will aalso teach them everything about staying health and unique skills on how to survive in the world of hiv and aids.

  14. Namkungwi says:

    Anaphunzira kale ku chinamwali zimenezi.Ungawanamize ana a masiku ano.Kodi chilichonse azitiphunzitsa azungu?

  15. One Loves says:

    Aaaaaa so mwangojambulapo mbolo yokhayo kodi za bumbu sakaphunzira mu subject iyi…..???

  16. Fraction says:


  17. John says:


  18. Harneck Gazani says:

    Teachers mainly males must be responsible enough when teaching this otherwise mmmmm

  19. Koma chofunika ndikuwaunikira bwino ophuzirawo.chifukwa amafuna kuti akayesere zomwe aphuzirazo. Koma ndi maphuziro abwino kuti adziwe m`mene matenda amabwerera komaso mimba

  20. Koma chofunika ndikuwaunikira bwino ophuzirawo.chifukwa amafuna kuti akayesere zomwe aphuzirazo. Koma ndi maphuziro abwino kuti adziwe m`mene matenda amabwerera

  21. Ma school akwachaso zifike

  22. Musatilawule ndizobwela shit

  23. Kavuluvulu says:

    Zachamba basi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  24. The Brother Leader jamahirya [email protected] central. says:

    Maphunziro enawanso

  25. Steve Mose ku Chileka says:

    But make sure the subject should not promote commercial sex among girls because this could be abomination if not controlled.

  26. angozo ndi abanda says:

    Shaaaa! mwina ithandiza.

  27. wovinidwa Ine says:

    This is but only a start towards safe sex and unwanted pregnancies.
    How I wish we had this knowledge when we were teenagers. The knowledge will reduce the power imbalance that currently favors boys. Even better, if birth control meds were readily available to our girls, on demand. And free, as most cannot afford them. Some may say: the girls should just abstain. But abstaining has NOT been proven to be effective; as boys and girls too often succumb to the temptation of sex. And once you have tasted the “apple” …
    This is also good for boys. Whereas girls suffer way more, the boys who are partly responsible, do also suffer consequences; morally etc. So birth control in a way also protects them.

  28. kjc says:

    Include alcoholism and drug abuse too.

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