Shiregate: Revealing loose ends to in the Malawi disaster relief mission

It’s not always that one must be physically in a location to learn and talk, with near authority and strongly, about social illsand crimes committed by individuals and groups alike.Masinga HA  HA HA

Be they religious, public or private sector.

The floods in Lower Shire have been devastating and fatalities have been registered. In one instance, an entire village near where Luwo joins the Shire river, was washed away save for the village chief who was out responding to some extra conjugal rights upland.

Whether he now prays to God ‘polygamy’ for his sparing his life is another subject for another day for moralists.

Many people died. Many lost their beloved relatives and friends. They lost livestock en masse. Thay lost homes, pots, clothes, foodstuffs – they lost all the property thay had.

Many are displaced, hungry, naked, diseased, and phychologically wounded, spiritually lost, and physically crushed, etc, as we speak today.

And that is why government led in the declaring the situation a disaster in the 17 affected districts.

In response, millions have been donated to help those affected. The government Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) did all it can until, inexplicably, in just a week had all its relief financial resources depleted.

Faith groups, individuals, private sector, brother and sister nations, foreign groups, donor partners have all come in to assist, realising billions for only the Lower Shire intervention.

And we all know there are also Salima, Karonga, Lilongwe. Kasungu, Mzimba, Thyolo and many places that equally deserve all our support efforts.

As we start to move from the handouts mode to relocation phase, its heart breaking that despite all tthis collective effort, many relief works especially in government are busy taking advantage of the situation to enrich themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Shiregate at hand, where:

  1. Aid workers are pocketing donated relief cash to personal use. One woman had a young man arrested in Area 47. She asked him to help out with something in her car as she walked into a shop. Only return, she screamed the young man had stolen her K700,000 from her DoDMA office which was in the car.

The young pool playing innocent boy was arrested as she proceeded to enjoy the relief money.

  1. Almost all aid workers seive through the material relief items, picking out the best clothes, food items, etc, and taking them home to their families – leaving the ‘unfit’ for consumption of the victims.

As government slowly drills its blunt arrests mechanism in the main unflinching Cashgate case, it will be more important to unleash its crime prevention, crime investigation, and crime prosecution machinery to stop Shiregate right in its infancy.

Sadly, even crime handling officials and authorities are part and parcel of this unfortunate and inhumane, immoral, profiteering.

Mulungu akukang’antheni.

Malawi sadzatheka. Eiiish!

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35 thoughts on “Shiregate: Revealing loose ends to in the Malawi disaster relief mission”

  1. Chimani. Game says:

    These people take after their dad big kahuna,and peter mathanyula,the damn big thieves,nothing new here

  2. Chikolopa says:

    We need evidence packed stories pliz!

  3. John says:

    Its so sad. Sadly, even in some reputable NGOs such as World Vision, Red Cross, Action Aid, Blantyre Synod, this is happening.

  4. koma Umbulu? says:

    People gain rich through many ways, and one of it is thru floods. Indirectly, when on relief duties, you are given month long allowances to carter for incidentals. Some clever people use given resources economically to improve their households. In turn, jealousy fools thinks relief workers are thieves. Most lazy Malawians are naive in their thinking and always take progress as the work of illicit business. Stop this foolish thinking.
    Also relief workers, sometimes not all, still as Patricia has put it. In Std 5, way back, I learnt that good locations for building a house is upland areas. I must admit that few Malawians went as far as the mentioned class but radios, govt and CSO have advocated times without numbers that people in the flood probe areas should relocate to upland areas. But the message has fallen into deaf ears. I find it awkward to blame govt as if it allocated them into those flooding areas. This disaster should be an eye opener to the victims that it is their responsibility to build in safe places. Relief workers, much as I don’t like stealing if relief items. I urge you to put a human face into your services. Use your stipends or DSAs when distributing relief items as you are advantaged than me who is busy lying in blankets.

  5. common sense says:

    when the law enforcers are corrupt. Doomsday for the country is not far

  6. soko says:

    Comment kubela anthu ngati amenewa omwe adataya chilichonse omwe akakhala paokha akungolira kukumbuka zomwe akumana nazo ndi tsoka.sizikusiyana ndikuba ndiwo mumphika pamaliro

  7. Comment Stupid accusessions

  8. Shimba says:

    abale sikuba chipepeso cha pamaliro,ai ndithu Mulungu akukhululukileni

  9. sakamundende says:

    The story isnt real. Unfortunately the author has twisted story to suit his taste.
    Very shameful that the owner of this place has lied here becuase isnot in terms with lady who got robbed of money.

  10. Jabu says:

    How do you know that the 700,000 was from relief funds? Is there a law that says civil servants should not have money and should not own houses or if they own houses the houses should be substandard? Am a Kenyan who has lived in this country since 1998. I have found the scale of jealousy in this beautiful country very difficult to understand. Unfortunately it would seem that the ACB also follows the same line of thinking that if Mr X has xyz property it must have been acquired through corruption. Surprisingly where real corruption takes place ACB doesn’t investigate. There is massive corruption at Central Medical Stores Trust where Mr Kaupa the CEO and Dr Moses Chisale are heavily involved in corruption and are busy collecting money from Asians at the expense of Malawians resulting in shortage of drugs. Just investigate the deal between CMST and Ghani. Is this not murder?

  11. Concerned citizen says:

    m’mkhalilanji panjira ya madzi makape muisova

  12. mzwanya says:

    Those destributing the items are also in need .

  13. Dr Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    DC Mdoko is one such perfect modernized thief

  14. ACHEWA says:


  15. Wawa says:

    Iwe gondolosi chomwe waona iwe ndi spelling ya ruo basi? Iwenso mbava ndithu eti.

  16. Nkhombokombo says:

    I hope these theives should perish oneday. Inu mngabe zinthu za anthu obvutika zokuonelani? God forbid!

  17. Matimati says:

    If God’s to see all these obtacles you are doing!sure he’s going to do you something acording to wat you’ve done b careful

  18. mbuyun says:

    Malawi may be declared disaster forever. We have water disasters e.g. Floods, water shortages and mismanagement, cashgate disaster, political disaster and financial disaster. Most likely food disaster next month.

  19. True patriot says:

    How would it feel if you were the affected?

  20. Zeni zeni says:

    Yes shiregate ilipo. Komatu osamangonena ma civil servants. Inu anthu a ma NGO they are stealing like nobody’s business. Inu a Ma NGOs mukuchenjer kunaminamiza ma donors kuti inu simumaba koma la forty lidzakwana mudzaululika poyera. Mukuba kwambiri kuposanso am’boma

  21. Shiregate swindled!

  22. chikhwalingwa says:

    Pat, this was an award winning article but improve your queens language. otherwise nice observations

  23. Comment: tiyeni tikambe zoona, APM amalimbikitsa chilungamo chapamulomo! iye ndi nkhalamba yake yogwanya nkhope ija chauta angowatenga msanga! mbava za ku thyolo sizimangidwa koma za ku zomba! tawafufuzani akubawa n’ngaku? iye ali du! adziferatu m’dalayu! tachionani chimphuno eti! kkkkkkkkkk… masaya ngati wavumata matako a getuuuuuu!

  24. Mugawanya says:


  25. Yankees says:

    Yabwalo adandinenapo bCoz of commenting reality about what is taking place in these so called ” Flood Victimised areas”, he said Yankees U are a Bulets Fan bcoz I tackled on the same Issue of Cashgate in these flood areas, even those given the Donated Items they are Selling the Items at cheep price that u cant believe, mwana umugulire Trouser pamtengo wa 8000 iye ku school mkukagulitsa pa mtengo wa 500kwacha munganve bwanji inuyo makolo? Now Yabwalo nkhani ndiimeneyo ukutipo bwanji mzanga, kuthana ndizonsezi stop asisting these pple, akakhazikika aliyense kumene atadzakhaleko tikapiteko ndikumawathandinza zonsowa zawo, not giving them ndowa chonsecho alindindowa 15 zachani zonsenzo munthu alibe ndiwo? Agulitsaka ndowayo komanso ena apezelapo mwayi okuba thus Shiregate upon Flood!!!. Shame.

  26. Bertha says:

    The article is hanging the writer would have done a thorough research and verify facts otherwise it is not worthy a source of information

  27. Wailing Soul says:

    Ruo River not Luo, are u one of those who say leggae music to mean Reggae? eish!

  28. Wailing Soul says:

    Patricia Masinga, its spelt Ruo not Luo, second paragraph. Check your primary school atlas. eeish! What a journalist! Pathetic

  29. Atcheya says:

    Baseless accusations at best. Show us concrete evidence than mere ramblings. Does it mean if one works for a relief organization, they shouldnt be found with money? Let’s stop writing stuff just for the sensational part of it or to later on claim I coined the word ‘Shiregate’ which in itself doesn’t make sense at all since the president declared the disaster even in districts where Shire doesnt exist. Am not supporting theft of any sort if it indeed exist but give us hard evidence: otherwise just shut the ***k up!!

  30. Jozza says:

    The point is poverty levels r high in this country, imagine u assign pipo to process relief aid to flood victims yet these pipo entrusted r also the victim of poverty themselves eg you sent to give sugar to the victims yet u don’t even have a pkt @ home, subapo pamenepa.

  31. George Lihoma. says:

    Crime handling officials and authorities will never stop being lenient to offenders until when their salaries will be able to buy bread+milk+sugar+cofee+margarine for their families as a necessity and not a luxury. Otherwise, they might misuse funds and commodities meant for the disaster victims and the poor.Let’s fight corruption collectively. Hahahahahahaha.

  32. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Patricia Masinga shud’ve written about your namesake Patricia Kaliati. Problem yongobisana bisana zinthu zikabedwa, kuba sikungathe. Nyuzi ya Weekend Nation alembamo za Patricia Kaliati. Chibwereza pakuba chifukwa chosalangidwa. Ndiuja zinamkhuza za umbava wa ku Nyika, pano zamukhuza za ku Luwawa (Viphya). Mbava zachulukapo M’Malawi muno. Zinawoneka povota paja. A police, maloya, a UDF(ngakhale anali ndiwawo candidate mwinaso ndiye chifukwa analephera) anasapotera Peter akudziwa kuti adya naye. R we surprised that all thieves r coming from these groups.

  33. johnM says:

    If you have been donating money to the Government to assist it in the relief of the disaster then you are a fool. The best way to assist is to donate needed items directly to church organisations working in the disaster area. Everybody knows that civil servants are thieves, why would anyone donate money to those guys? Have you not learned anything from cashgate case?

  34. Gondolosi says:

    Just to school u Patricia Masinga a little bit,it’s spelt Ruo River and not Luwo.Std 5 Geography during HKB’s time would tell u that

  35. AJ Chisenga says:

    Comment. Very very unfortunate!

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