Shooting off the hip: The case of one spin doc in Malawi

A spin doctor is defined as a political press agent or publicist employed to promote a favourable interpretation of events to journalists. So traditionally party or government spokespersons have donned the title of spin doctors. Others have been more successful at it, making an almost lifelong career out of it. But today we have a special spin doctor to discuss, one Kondwani Nankhumwa, spokesperson of the Malawi Government by virtue of being the Minister of Information.

Nankhumwa brandishing his own newspaper publication called  Eye Witness

Nankhumwa brandishing his own newspaper publication called Eye Witness

On 9th May, 2015, President Peter Mutharika (APM) led a memorial service of his brother Bingu, who died in office (in rather controversial circumstances) in April 2012.

Traditionally before the President takes to the podium, a few mkupamames must speak and say various things to the gathering, as well as to the President. So in a bout of excitement, Kondwani pulls out a tabloid called The Eye Witnesswith the headlines “Bingu to die before 2014 Veep”.

Now veep is a well-known short form for the vice, in this case vice president. The Vice President just before Bingu’s death was Joyce Banda, popularly known as JB. Now Kondwani did not stop there but claimed to be in possession of a document entitled “JB Project”.

Now you do not need rocket science to draw the direct inference that Kondwani was making here. The fact that JB was not mentioned by name is non consequential. The inference in the minds of all right-thinking people is that it was JB who was behind the death of Bingu. And yes, for it to be murder there would have to be a motive. The implication here being that JB would have a good motive to take over as president!

Now I hope Kondwani understands the law of defamation properly. Innuendo is as much defamation as calling a person by their name. So by referring to an alleged statement made by a “Veep” and in the same sentences throwing in the JB acronym, the damage is done.

Now if Kondwani must know, he is not the only one that had questions about the death of our former President. I also have mine. I am sure so do many others. I have questions about the role of a certain prophet in all this. I recall Nicholas Dausi also raised these questions. But does that mean Bingu was murdered? No it doesnot. It may raise questions about his death and makes it controversial.

But that is not the same as murder. Does Kondwani know the full implication of his call to ‘investigate the matter?’ It would require exhuming the body of Bingu and carrying out tests to see if they was any foul play. Does he really want to subject Bingu to this? Does Bingu deserve this?

Let Bingu rest. He deserves at least that in his death.

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26 thoughts on “Shooting off the hip: The case of one spin doc in Malawi”

  1. el says:

    this one has to be raped and castrated

  2. stuart says:

    hey wena nankhumwa go to gym and shed those kilos instead of telling us this rubbish

  3. Mnyasaland says:

    Nankhumwa is really old fashioned in the sense that he still thinks modern Malawians will take serious his bunch of lies and make him a popular spokesperson. Shame on you Nankhumwa because you are still in colonial erras. Kang’oma kolira sikachedwa kung’ambika, iweyo watsala madzi amodzi ndipo udzaonekela ng’amba.

  4. vin mongu says:

    agree with jack. an enquiry was done already if it does not answer your questions then you are saying the truth we cannot reopen the graves just for that after all APM was there at KCH to witness his brothers death. he was flown to RSA where postmortem was done — just ask for it from RSA or KCH they will tell. we are tired of these Nakhumwas who still think its voting time!!

  5. LORENI says:


  6. Nyamata wakwa Mayaka says:

    Kunja kuno kunali anthu opotsa ka Nankhumwako

  7. s .g. Makuwira says:


  8. ADE says:


  9. ADE says:


  10. Blunt Truth says:

    Nankhumwa cannot be fired because he was saying things that he was told to say by APM. Just wait and see

  11. Matewe Abakha says:

    Mr. Madise has rightly put it that a lot of people had unresolved questioned which obviously required credible answers for the issue at hand to be put to rest. Many times it has been said that what you talk will follow you all the way to your grave. Here we have Her Excellency Mrs. Banda who initially tells the nation that Bingu will be dead by such and such a day, then after a certain period the person indeed dies, she rushes to institute a board of inquiry to establish the cause of death although that could competently be carried out by the pathologists. Later the head of state shoots herself in the leg by once again telling the nation that “The Media” killed Bingu; here she is all out confusing people by talking a lot of rubbish. Now don’t you think these actions require a lot of questions to be asked and indeed answers given in order to honour Malawians and the Bingu family in particular? This tendency of sweeping things under the carpet does not suit to days world order, the practice of threatening people with lawsuits does not belong to this time and age. If lawsuits have to come then let those involved contend the matter in a court of law other than individuals forming their own courts. From all the Boards of Inquiry Joyce Banda instituted, which one came to a conclusive stage, or was she cheating the nation that she was working and yet at the end of the day all she did was to distribute allowances to the members who were converging for dummy boards? What Nankhumwa and those behind these innuendoes are looking at is justice and truth because who knows, a thing like this might resurface in the near future when evidence etc will have been obliterated. If those mentioned are clean then let them go and say so in front of a court of law other than rushing into political witch hunting nonsense, what for? Osabwenzera mbewa ku nkubwe.

  12. ujeni says:

    Nankhumwa was appointed on merit. Kikikiki

  13. jack mananga says:

    a sundu nanunso. as a lawyer you know that a presidential comm of enq. has already reported.
    so: will people have to perjure themselves?
    will eminent people have to change their views a la north korea?

    this is first degree verbal diarrhoea.
    nakhumwa amwa manyi apa.

    no wonder zuma thinks we are idiots.

  14. GEORGE says:

    Let GOD alone judge, unity and peace forever mama malawi

  15. abale samalani says:

    Mind your tongue nankhumwa,it only happens to be from the lomwe tribe,but I feel ashamed to be called mulomwe because of the behavior you are showing. If you think that Bingu was killed you want to tell the nation that he was not ready to protect himself and the population . If people managed to kill the president,where do you think you will be hiding so that those murders can not find you? If they managed to enter state house,who are you with one body guard from group4 security? We are used to live in peace. Leave that issue. You are young,don’t invite death please. Don’t start mentioning names. Anthu ndi oyipa. Chonde

  16. Dr. Godfrey Ganizani Mvuma says:

    Kondwani is another Kachimbwinda or Kampulusa. He has the genes of these people

  17. edda mwalweni says:

    Nakhumwa, tame your tongue well, otherwise you are heading for troubles

  18. johntembo Kuffor says:

    Agnes Penemulungu must speak out!

    1) Did she turn herself into a Lion that scared Bingu to the point of heart attack?
    2) Did she wear charms to effect the death ticket upon handshake?
    3) Did she insult Bingu so that he was very upset and died?
    4) Did she give Bingu a poisonous kiss?
    5 Was she sent by JB to kill him?
    6) Did TB J sent Bingu a death novel to read?

    Bingu plz dont rest until everything is known of your sudden and mysterious death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      Remember, according to APM and his DPP Bingu didn’t die in Malawi. The person who died here is Daniel Phiri. Therefore stop accusing an innocent woman of Bingu’s death. Doctors in RSA tried but could not save him. By the way, is it by coincident that all the Ngwazis Malawi had had to die in RSA? Was it DPP’s making that since theirs was also Ngwazi and therefore had to die or appear to have died in RSA just like the original Ngwazi HKB?

  19. Charlie Hebdo says:

    That is the definition of hiring on merit for APM.

  20. aunt kanene says:

    anafa ameneyo basi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nzake wa APM says:

    Yes, yes! We need to exhume the body to see if the person we buried was Bingu or Daniel Phiri. Also to check the cause of cardiac arrest. LOL Somebody broke his ribs. Yes he must be brought to book. Oh please, Nankhumwa, dont bring memories of those mad days.

  22. Kho Nankhumwa says:

    Sundu, I was in agreement with your reasoning until when you start saying that exhuming Bingu will not be a good thing. What do you know, what will the exhumation and subsequent testing reveal?

  23. Sodatche Otatawake says:

    Correction on last sentence of my comment, this should read, let President (not late President) lead this country without mabodza anuwo bwana Minister.

  24. Sodatche Otatawake says:

    I think Kondwani is lacking professionalism, every speech/statement he make there is always propaganda, he is not fit to be a Minister, always he say something popanda umboni wokwanira cholinga chosangalatsa bwana president, osadziwa kuti akumulakwitsa chabe, remember there was this issue of CCTV now this issue ya Ngwanzi Bingu Muthalika. Zonse zopanda umboni kungofuna kupereka chisokonezo mdziko. Choti adziwe bwanawa ndichoti a President athuwa amadziwa kuti izi sizoona ndipo zilibe umboni. My advise to him (Kondwani) could be seek advise from others before talking very sensitive issues to public. Ndipo ine ndikadakhala Bwana President Pro. Peter Muthalika could have fired him immediately before it’s too late. Late President lead this country without mabodza anuwa bwana Minister.

  25. Akatswiri says:

    Oh, Bingu was a man of vision so let him rest in peace.

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