‘Snake’ Pastor hoax: Malawi Police in running battles with mob

Police in Lilongwe fired in the air and tear gassed people to disperse an angry mob that was baying for the blood of a local pastor in Lilongwe’s Area 25 Township after reports that he had turned into a giant snake which turned out to be a hoax.

Pastor Mbale: Sname rumour shocking, Malawians can fabricate matters and a lie travel fast

Pastor Mbale: Sname rumour shocking, Malawians can fabricate matters and a lie travel fast

However, the mob vandalised a building which Foster Mbale, a pastor of Christ of All Nations Church, used as prayer house and some property including chairs.

The mob also set on fire vehicles belonging to the church.

Mbale was swiftly rescued by the police as the mob pressed to have him out for mob justice.

The shaken and trembling Mbale later said he did not understand what was happening.

“I just received a phone call from a pastor at our church that people were alleging that I have turned into a snake,” said Pastor Mbale.

The reports were fuelled by social media as some Facebook users posted unverified, malicious and defamatory posts that the pastor had turned into a snake.

“Malawians can fabricate matters, it happened just a few weeks ago to Pastor Simama and today it’s this. They have destroyed three vehicles and other church properties, but I will not stop ministering because I know the devil is afraid,” said Mbale.

He said at the time everything was happening he was at his Area 49 residence “watching Emmanuel TV.”

Mbale could not say why people decided to “cook such a story” against him.

Innocent Kumchedwa, a journalist working with Maziko Radio in Lilongwe, told Nyasa Times that the “whole thing was as a result of a sheer fabricated rumor.”

An eye witness who stays around the place where the façade happened and took to Facebook said “I stay close to the prophet. No one has seen the snake or the prophet himself. I was there and the truth about this story is not known. People have vandalized his property without evidence. Someone just cooked up the story.”

Police deputy public relations officer Kingsley Dandaula said the law enforcers has made a number of arrests of people whom damaged the church property.

Calm has now returned to the place.

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157 thoughts on “‘Snake’ Pastor hoax: Malawi Police in running battles with mob”

  1. Halison says:

    Koma zomvta izi kuzimvetsetsa

  2. mkumba says:

    in a situation like this its only God who knows the truth coz nothing is hidden before him

  3. wai says:

    Man of God press on in Jesus name. Malawias r like that, nothing to show but fond of destroying other pipos image & u destroyers if ur wise enough why not making a right decision ?let God b the judge pliz Malawians.oky if I may ask is it that this pastor moves door by door picking u pipo to his prayer house? If u zur relatives u are saying ur protecting them go dar by their on legs then I say ur sick in ur brain think wisely. Mmmm I don’t think u can 4 da sickness is still in u may God heal all affected sours.

  4. amuchita bwino says:

    hehede! ayamba kuweluzidwa pansi pompano, aotcha pang’ono akadaotcha kwambiri makape osochelesa nkhosa

  5. earnest mazingaliwa says:

    Its a shame,the devil is a liar but God will reward pastor for whatever he is doing in good faith.

  6. Steve says:

    Amwene msadandaule ma poster awa ose ndi njoka abaleanga uyo msiyeni ngati zimene zina chitika analipo ndindani ana phwanya galimoto angathe kuyankha pamenepo

  7. Shadreck Nyondo says:

    Prophet Foster Mbale, God is faithful and he will expose those they are fighting with God

  8. chejumo says:

    Many times people who are not concerned are te ones that take action! Mostly kaamba kakusowa zochita ndi nsanje

  9. Fredson Elias says:

    To me i believe that man of God are there to help the siners to know words of God and its purpose. So believe words of God not behavior or character of the one who preaching. So all those rumours can’t change anything to the believers even to the prophet if he is doing the words

  10. Manzy 1 says:

    always a king does nt hourned in his or her area bt if u knw that what u r doing is ri8t on the presence of God dnt worry mr prophet even Jesus passes through in such sistuation pple used to call him wamasenga it was jast tha power of jabulosi bt if u knw wht u r doin is contrally to tha wll of God u bettr turn into the ri8t direction its a warning frm himself Almight…

  11. william says:

    only God knows

  12. Hamlet says:

    Nyasatimes, this is professional and balanced reporting where a journalist seeks to hear views of different sides like the police and the pastor himself. Another online publication just sensationalised the rumour as if it was true, saying: Bizzare, Malawian Prophet Turns into a Snake… I am sure they will have to apologise.

    For the pastors they must watch themselves and their lifestyles. Some of them really consult powers of darkness, thereby creating fertile ground for such rumours to gain ground. I am not accusing or defending anyone, I am only saying that this was a professional work of journalism where a reporter seeks to hear all sides before publishing a story.

  13. DADA says:

    How can a human be mistaken for a snake???

  14. mula kaluma says:

    This people are too much liars about book I hope that snack did not comu to human again

  15. geoffrey Willy says:

    Pastor,don’t worry about it,people of God always commit hurts in this world, the whole truth is with God, the king of everything

  16. Mwachulukitsa ma Pastor a fake that’s why zikuchitika izi.

  17. frank says:

    zichedwani ndi zanuzo what you should know is that soon and very soon jesus is coming again waste your time preaching about prosperity.

  18. FELLOW PROPHET says:

    I detest whatever has happened here my prayers are with you prophet stay focused the truth of the matter shall be known by the end of this month they will come personally to apologise! THUS SAITH THE LORD!!

  19. Bufalo Soldier says:

    God can use anything,in this case he has used this scenario to make the prophet to be known not only to Malawi but to the world. I cant wait to meet the prophet he is a real man on God iam praying that this will take you to the higher level let them talk they do not know that its a stepping stone

  20. William says:

    I hear that most of Malawian pastors have high ranks in satanic communions. Polverty is a basic brim used by the devil so that when these pastors are enriched by evil, people must believe them !!

  21. joseph samson says:

    malawian, we are one lets use adage. Why are we against our own men of God/god? These are the same people giving us hope about a better malawi. Lets not get involved in persons pvt life rather on strategies for us to prosper. Iwill never forgive the fabricater of such a rumour that infringe the public.

  22. Kanda says:

    Kwe mwani pweteka mumayano yanomwe. Kwali mbu kavu. Ppl without future. Be brave. Do what is right and just. Be fair think before you act

  23. Those who have evidence let them say & through the first stone. If it is I heared(ndamva auje nawonso kuwafunsa ati ndamva auje, ndiye waona ndindani anene kudziko kuti ine ndaona njokayo ndimaso anga awiri) let the Lord speak & reveal every evil. God is able noone can do it for Him. Masiku otsilizawa depend on what the Holy Spirit tells you and what He reveals to you & me.

  24. john tembo says:

    let us just ask God to intervene

  25. Misheck sibande kaitano says:


  26. Mark Black says:

    Only God and the prophet knows what happened

  27. martina luba says:

    Go Depeer a man of GOD do not stop saying the word of God we belive in God and we trust in God dont stop reapt and reapt and lets pray for this all pipo who r saying this bigest liyer God should deal with them!!!i

  28. Munthu Wabwino says:

    Njokayo ndiye inaoneka. Anasemphanitsa chizimba. God forbid. Zaululika za ku midima

  29. Joseph Moyo says:

    Its very unfortunate for people to vandalise property even if it was true that he turned into a snake.These are matter relating to God so we do not have powers to act.It is a curse to those he did it.If he is really a man of God this will really backfire.
    In God we have no mob justice.to those who acted you are you have no place in God’s kingking Jesus ordered one of his men to return the year of his persecutors so who are to act?

  30. G.Hustler says:

    Ok we r getting the truth,… But smoke Olwes flash where there iz fire, I wud like 2 know what really made it 2 colour faded lie on the plata?

  31. komkobb says:

    No smoke without fire

  32. munyenyembe says:

    Iiiiiiiiiiiii anthu inu kaya ndi ufiti iiiiiiiii mumaziwa kupeka nkhani iiiiii ayi ndithu ndamvesa eeeeeeee

  33. Fredson Elias says:

    If the people were creating such rumor against him may be the paster was not ministering in the right way as a man of God

  34. Namarokoro says:

    Go to South Africa, your fellow tumbuka is creaming people there in the name of god. He even walked on air

  35. Michael kauka says:

    Thus tearing,how could pple vandalise all that properties they never paid any penny of which was unconfirmed mistereous snario?? There must be something behind,if that did not happen for the pastor,the involved people in these properties will face God’s consequences for misleading ONLY THINGS THAT WERE NOT CONFIRMED, AND WE DON’T HANDLE IN THIS WAY.

  36. amfana says:

    ngati zili zoona ndinkhani yomvetsa chisoni,choncho tisiya kupemphera mipingo yinayi.

  37. opportunist says:

    Most of us in this country doesn’t have anything to do our life what they wait is fabricating stories later alone stealing others property. I stay closer to this area and i couldn’t believe story. Indeed idle mind is workshop of the devil

  38. asatana amatetezana, all of you supporting this Satanism are Satanists too, vuto la akristu mudzangozindikila nonse mwasanduka zinjoka, satanism on work

  39. iyeyo sangavomele ngati zinapangika moteromo, ndindani angabwele poyela kuvomela nkhani ngati imeneyi? False prophets ana anjoka, ife timadziwa kuti ma miracle omwe akupangikawa ndizasatana izi wina alole or akane chilungamo chadziwika basi. Mulungu amawayalutsa anthu osayeluzika shit Satanism

  40. clement says:

    Please stop fablicate fake things

  41. where iz that snake ma pastor enawa tichenjere nawo zina la yesu Alitenga ngati geni ya zigumu.

  42. musisipala says:

    But mind you fellow malawians,there is no smoke without fire. These so called prophets should be closely monitored by govt and start paying tax. the harvest where they did not work.

  43. kaneshakalimabornblack says:

    we r living in last days zosemerana zinyau bwanji kodi ? This is 2016 tiyeni tisinthe

  44. FUMU PHIRI says:

    Mbale atiuze zenizeni kuti nchifukwa chiani m’mawa osewu sadapezeke pamene atamva kale za nkhaniyi pa foni.kodi ku area 49 ndikutali kuti munthu angatenge 5 Hrs asanafike ku 25 kuti awasimikizile anthu zoona zokhazokha.Apa ndye la 40 lamukwaniratu …Mbale ndi mneneri onyenga basi asatinamizepo apa

  45. Enawa says:

    Palinso za DPP apa ,enanu ndi opusa kwambiri maka a Nthandala ngati mulibe say just be quite

  46. Michael Nyoni says:

    Rumours doesn’t matter

  47. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Mr Ibu wa Mutharika this is a clear indication of the lowering standards of education in Malawi. Education and knowledge go together no wonder we have a dictum that goes “knowledge is power” Unfortunately you are a puppet president reknowned for doing ” nothing”

  48. Mphatso Bakili says:

    The devil at work in these last days! Kufuna kuononga mpingo wa mulungu. So bad indeed

  49. Howard Banda says:

    I was alerted by my brothers’ daughter about the prophet turning into a snake issue when I was travelling from KU to NU not to use the direct rout from Kanengo to area 25 but rather use the atea 25 C route. When I reached the TTC I saw the mbaula chasing a crowd confirming that there was a pandemonium at the Kanengo police.
    The devil is a liar…shaaa!

  50. Zikatha says:

    Anati umbuli ndimatenda sananame. Ndiye kuphatikiza umbuli ndi zikhulupiliro eeeh

  51. GRM says:

    Ngati panopa mnyamatayu akusanduka njoka, akamafika zaka 70 azisanduka chani?

  52. Namlomo says:

    Malawians are like that, shame

  53. VIOLET says:

    guyz kodi ndizoonadi? ndiye snake ilikuti panopa?

  54. prophet innocent banda says:

    The truth is that prophet mbale is called by God but jerus too much here in malawi

  55. Anthu akulilongwe ndi mbuli thats why i love bt city zopanda umboni anaona ndani ananga ma pic alikuti mbuzi zigule.

  56. Blessed 2016 says:

    The devil is a liar,kumeneko kwachuluka anthu a ziwanda ndipo sakupuma bwino ndi utumiki wa munthu wa MULUNGU.Whoever fabricated this story must repent and abweze katundu wa mpingo amene waonongeka.

  57. Naliyela says:

    Why tarnishing his name and church? Lets not be jelousy

  58. Aubrey says:

    Post with som pictures for us to understand the whole story

  59. Wyson says:

    Thats but & sad news to hear such story….

  60. nilibepulobulemu says:

    anthu phuma …..this will lead people into something else

  61. Namgabi wa ku Balaka says:

    A Malawi nsanje. Eish no wonder we are still lagging behind 51 years after independence.

  62. MyViews says:

    Malawians still live in dark days of superstition. The belief in witchcraft has been replaced with a belief in miracles and satanism

  63. Gilbert Stanley Soko says:

    God forgive them. prophet Foster Mbale He is man of living God. Those who have seen the snake can talk/announce about this, unless you got witness to speak. . . am telling you the truth, somebody, someone already create his or her curse. On weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. On weapon will prevail, in the mighty name of Jesus.

  64. Kawonga says:

    Hidden agenda, truth shall prevail pastor

  65. ggg manzo says:

    nanga wapezeka bwanji ali mmanja mwa police ngat pamene zimachitika iyeyo kunalibe,za mkutu basi

  66. KAMTEDZA says:

    Christ was also falsely accused and this sound familiar.

  67. Augustus Frezer says:

    why always Malawians in teargas.?

  68. bwanamk says:

    Malawi need to be healed.

  69. Mike phiri says:

    If the story is not true where we’re u by the time people started destroying ur properties. The issue of snake started around 9am and u came out to the pubpublic around 2pm. People can make different conclusions basing on the way u have acted. It means from 9am to 2pm there was a big process for u to come out to the public. To me I can conclude that the story is true. Musatipusise

  70. Robert Manning Chisale says:

    Last days……. remember????
    Mtundu ndi mtundu kuukirana.

    Chikhalirenicho timati a Malawi ndife okonda mtendere. Ngati mukuswa zinthu zamunthu sikusonyeza kuti mukumuweruza? bwanji osamusiya Yehovah mwini wake poti kuweruza kulikwa iye.
    Musabwezere choipa kwa choipa koma ndi ntchito zabwino mugonjetse choipa. Musaweruze kuti mungaweluzidwe, poti muyeso omwe umuyesa nawo mzako uzayesedwa kwaiwenso.

  71. kangandiwamba says:

    Utsi sumafuka popanda Moto.today can be a sheer rumor but tomorrow will be reality because such headlines are becoming viral and rampant hence if it’s not then only God knows.Mind you witchcraft or Satanism act have no evidence in the court of law of Malawi hence legally biased.

  72. bina says:

    Eish zowerengazi zina utha kuseka a kuti a prophet kusanduka njoka. Ine zulo nkumati Namalenga wakwiya ndi maprophet abwerawa. Timadikira za Mugabe paja 31december yina dusa mwina this year?

  73. Bob says:

    Pastor Mbale on the scene

  74. Dya Mani says:

    Am not religious but this is malicious! Who was behind such a fabrication and what was the person trying to achieve? Dent a Pastor’s reputation in the community he ministers???

    I passed through Area 25 deliberately coz I wasn’t believing this could be true after getting wind of it on social media; damn, there was massive chaos!!! I think Malawians get easily influenced. The tear gas was biting very strongly!

  75. The Most Concerned says:

    Some spiritual failures are trying to him down physically. Ths z so shameful, God wil judge u all.

  76. chilungamo says:

    Mulungu aditse dziko lathu; agonjetse adani athu: njala, nthenda, nsanje.

  77. ayandah says:


  78. Mama YE says:

    Zamasiku otsiriza izi mtundu ndi mtundu uzaukilana,Ambuye bwerani

  79. mpkm says:

    u shall know them by their works!

  80. Kunta says:

    Dumbest people

  81. Mapwevupwevu says:

    No text displayed.

  82. ben phiri says:

    Nanunso ma pastor/prophet mukuonjeza zochita

  83. I suspect people whose ministries are failing to grow

  84. Osman Lastnumber says:

    Mwayamba kusanduka Snake etii? Mmmm what a scaring story remember there is no smoke without fire, i think something is wrong somewhere… We need more explanation about this

  85. Charles says:

    Don’t worry man of God. God wants to uplift you so stay focused. Such things must happen to everyone only those that are built on the rock still stand,

  86. Good Citizen says:

    Munthu ndi oyipa… mnsanje, umphawi ndi umbuli

    Mzanu akachita bwino pa Malawi zokamba zambiri mbiri.

    Amalawi sitidzatukuka.

  87. mmmmmmmm anasanduka uyu astipusise olo nkhopeyi ikuoneka mwanjokanjoka eee! Kungoti amene anaonayo sanathe kudekha kuti aonetsetse

  88. Bonyongo says:

    The bible clearly says of this time.now we should not be surprised with whatever associated to the prophecy of these day.just imagine apastor supporting the same sex marriage oh Jesus christ be our saviour

  89. Nthandalanda says:

    So stupid. Instead of fighting the DPP govt, for a better living standards like better medication in hospitals, better education,better road network, better water supply, better electricity and gayism, we are busy fighting men of God. Dont worry pastor, our Lord will fight for you!

  90. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    There are similarities in the appearance of the pastor’s face and that of the snake. In other words the two are identical. The pastor may refute that because at that time he wasn’t in human form and the human spirit was deprived out of. What was there was the animal spirit. So it is like death. No one knows that he is dead until he knows the form he is in. Let the pastor deny that fact but the main issue is that God has exposed him out.

  91. Mwenecho says:

    I am not a member of the so called church neither am i a follower of the so called prophet, but this is my analysis.Witnessing part of the development, interviewing majority of other eye witnesses and trying to trace the lady who is believed to hava started this whole thing to no avail, i personally concluded that all was nothing but a fabrication that trigered the smouldering enyy and resentment the community had had towards the prophet and his ministry. No mincing of words, it was total fabricatiom meant for character damage, and it really shot the bullzay. Shame to the schemer

  92. lackison says:

    Abusing social networking. I think the government idea to monitor social networking is justifiable coz will kill innocent people without verification

  93. Wilfred ZIBA says:

    God will bless you more Pastor

  94. George says:

    When poul and his friend performed a miracle in philip they were arrested. People cooked stories that were against the Lord but God had to fight for them when were arrested. Satan has his people at work. But in everything Ambuye mukule ife tichepe

  95. pragmatic boy says:

    Malawians wake up!!This country will not develop if we continue like this.How can a person turn into a snake just like that.If urban dwellers think stupid like this what do we expect from those in remote villages?

  96. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Happy new year to everyone. Happy new year to all ma rubbish business peddlers. May you find an occupation this year. Time for foolishness is over, let people who work hard enjoy the fruits of their labour. Pastors Mbale, Simama and others are hard working Malawians. Liers will be shamed this year. I say it again, they will be put to shame. Pastor Mbale don’t give up your calling, it’s your destiny and no one, not even a mob can change it!

  97. Willie Chimseu says:

    amalawi ubulutu ukuchulukatu kwambiri

  98. khwllisalanjehule says:

    Mmm ppl

  99. che Mbela says:

    Ignorance, poverty and disease were once considered the enemies of Malawi. We are physically in the 21st century while our minds are in the dark ages. It’s so shameful to be a Malawian.

  100. sibusiso zuma says:

    end of times

  101. Kandapako says:

    De truth z nt known

  102. Fartgate says:

    A Malawi. Why?

  103. UNGA record size entourage. says:

    Punish the perpetrators of this medieval behavior. Why are Malawians still living a Paleolithic period life? Ignorance and poverty combined!

  104. Jorge S K says:

    Judge not

  105. dalitso says:

    I don’t want to fabricate story or try to cook and add some salt in it. Listening to it from radios and the police there is something hidden, yes someone is sitting on the truth of the matter.
    The poster says, he was at home in area 49 watching Emmanuel Tv when the fracas was taking place and on the other hand, the police is also saying, they had to rescue him from angry mob in area 25.
    Something is wrong somewhere. Munthu apezeka bwanji Ku 25 yet yekha akuti anali ali Ku 49?
    If what happened was false, let it be but if this claim is true, PASTOR ITS TIME TO CHANGE WHILE THE SUN IS STILL SHINNING.
    MULUNGU akadzafuna, adzatiuza yekha chenicheni cha zomwe inuyo muli.

  106. Ineyo says:

    Anthu Aku Lilongwe Mitu Yao Mwachuluka Mamina

  107. Bob says:

    AMalawi umphawi ukupwetekani mpakana saizi imeneyi

  108. Funzo says:

    What next? Is anyone safe if a rumour that a man has turned into a snake can be believed?

    The eye witness doesn’t dismiss the idea. It could be true!

  109. Tina says:

    What really people see to do this?

  110. madiru mhango says:

    People believe in witchcraft too much. They reject the Light just embrance ignorance and defend the same. It is a shame that we dwell in such ignorance.Praise God he is safe.

  111. Mtundu Wanga says:

    These mobs need to be punished severely! Malawians jealous too much.

  112. Adini Chiwa says:

    Confirm the story of Prophet Mbale and inform the general public the truth

  113. swiswiri mbewa says:

    There is more to the hoax snake story than meets the eyes or ears. As they say, there is no smoke without a fire.

  114. Dzuwalinyenya Mdimausaka says:

    AMalawi ife ulesi, usatana ndi umene ukutipweteka. All these guys wanted was just to steal away from the church and its very obviously so. We don’t even deserve internet, Kamuzu ankachita bwino zinanzi kubisa.

    God should have mercy with you. Nkhani yabodza iyi inawonekratu!. And that’s the trend, we blow things out of proportion. That’s how lazy we are.

  115. chtthumwa says:

    Moni mchakachi. Abale za mapastors zi zisiyeni muchedwa nazo nthawi yathatu iyi bwererani ku mipiingo yanu!!

  116. KenyanMalawi says:

    One characteristic of an under developed nation is EXTENSIVE BELIEF IN SUPERSTITION..Those who like saying why would someone fabricate a story about you when false rumours spread about people wait until a false rumour is spread about you then you will understand.

  117. zandikhudza says:

    kodi olo kusowa nzeruko, munthu asanduka bwanji njoka or any animal? zikhulupiriro zosowa nazo nzeru. If you can ask anyone in this world ngati anaonapo munthu akusanduka animal mundiuze. everyone wil only say kuti ndinamvapo koma sindinaone. Inu munaonapo? Malawians, lets move on and use scientific reasoning.

  118. JustHie AndBye says:

    Hehehe Malawi at 50 tsopano😂😂😂😂
    Kaya 51😂😂😂😂

  119. redeemed says:

    Fellow citizens, kindly refrain from watching these Nigerian movies, apparently they are messing up your brains!. Has it ever occurred to you to consider the consequences of loosing your credibility?. At times I subconsciously perceve Malawi as a nursery school, full of kids who still believe that cows only produce powder milk during drought season.

  120. Ma says:

    But of all animals why would someone just fake a story like this? Something is mot adding up here. Truth will be known with time.

  121. Malipeya says:


  122. Glad mpoha says:

    Kkkkk funny

  123. maxwel says:

    bola moyo.. thank you jesus for saving my life

  124. Nyoni phiri says:

    Mwafikapo ansanjenu:-O

  125. timothy musaiwa says:

    eeesh!! its not abg deal bt tiyen tidz pemphela guys satan alipakaliklik kufuna kuti gonjets km in de name of jesus never!!!!

  126. njokayo yaonekadi ya mtundu wa nalikukuti. mokuti tukamba pano aipitisa ku sanctuary

  127. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Akuluakulu let us use this technology properly

  128. Mponela says:

    Pali bi pali minga,no smoke without fire.

  129. jenala says:

    Oooh! Snake of Satan and not man of God.

  130. Albert kwizombe says:

    Zamanyazi jesus should come to set us free from abodzawa.

  131. Aubrey michael says:

    Where is the snake guys? i wanna see it 🙁

  132. jenala says:

    This story is real and pakali pano njokayo ili mmanja mwa apolisi kukanengo. Abale tiyeni tizipemphera mmachurch athu mwaona zachikazi.

  133. tvendort says:

    Kkkk zafika pamenepa?

  134. francis mkandawire says:

    Why r Malawians behaving like people from Sodom and Gomora? Shame first should go to the first publisher of the false story, God will surely punish u people who r against the work of God.

  135. If the story is hoax why don’t you tell us what happened? there’s no smoke without fire

  136. Aaaaa abusa mwakumana ndi satana prove beyond reasonable doubt that u didn’t turn into snake.You made headline for no valid reason .That’s total defamatory at its best I think law enforcers will level charges on all suspects apprehended.Let’s change our mind set on this issue Malawians.

  137. Nyaulembe says:

    Ndiye mwati nzamboza? Osati he has turned back into a person? How can people from nowhere fabricate such alarming news?
    There’s there’s

  138. jk says:

    Vuto ndinu anthu omwe mmawasatira ma pastor kapena abusa otelewa

  139. Tt says:

    Malawians malawian, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence! Such stories van only come from primitive, ignorant and superstitious people! I heard the story and I laughed, and asked for video clips via whatsapp, none sent me shit! Amalawi we need to grow up please… Even chimpanzees wouldn’t believe such fairytales

  140. Waxxy says:

    Prophet Mbale go on preaching the good news, that’s the devil at work coma satana ndiolephela basi.

  141. Kweni says:

    Zomvetsa manyazi m’matchalitchi

  142. ida says:

    A nyasatimes chonde tafufuzani bwino nkhaniyi. When did the pastor start ministering? Where was he? Who else was with him? Who started spreading the rumours?Something is surely not adding up here.

  143. bk phiri says:

    Why are men of God who are demonstrating God’s power face persecution and intense hatred in Malawi. Tiziti Malawians are used to dormant prayer houses that can’t use the name of Jesus to heal and deliver?

  144. Damiano John says:

    matalala sagwa kopanda mvula, m’busayu m’snake ndithu VIPER

  145. swiswiri mbewa says:

    We must commend the police for their swift response to rescue the pastor. Malawians are superstitious lot. It is a shame that some hooligans took advantage of the rumours to vandalize property and cause mayhem.

  146. chemwali kulibe says:

    A GRM these stories are coming from non believers.I also talked to people very close to the prophet and there was no single grain of trueth.The time they were spreading the false news the prophet was watching TV Emmanuel at his home.He didn’t go to the prayer house.Men of satanic worshippers verify the stories before making any comment.Devil is a liar.Prophet Mbale is a true man of God in case you don’t know.Mulungu akhululukile onse amene akunyozetsa dzina la Ambuye.

  147. mbuyuni says:

    These are not pastors, they are manifesting satanism a symboled by snakes. Let us be careful with these common so called pastors. They are the ones akukwatitsa maukwati a usikuwa, ndevu ku ndevu, shame you

  148. ophiri says:

    nation of idiots. mukulimbana ndi nkuluyi bwanji? simukuziwona njoka?

  149. Nyamakumutu says:

    Pepani it must be someone who is trying to destroy your ministry. Perhaps your own rival from your one church or some one outside to destroy your ministry. Pepani abusa

  150. GRM says:

    Ask his Assistants and church members. They all agree that they saw him turning into a snake and back. So can we say onsewo ngabodza?

  151. hara says:

    Blespheming jesus name

  152. Eugene says:

    Africa is going nowhere ndithu

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