So far, so good but: Muckraking Extra on Malawi evacuating citizens affected by xenophobia

I think the Mutharika administration has been making all the right noises as regards the unfortunate happenings in South Africa, Africa’s second largest economy after Nigeria, during the past fortnight.xenophobia

(In fact I believe Nigeria just got its figures right; South Africa is still Africa’s largest economy, just look at how many Nigerians trek to South Africa in search of greener pastures.)

The official figures put the death toll at six (as of Friday) and the Malawi government say there are no Malawians among the fatalities. But testimonies from Malawians I personally spoke to tell another story.

But, for now, let us stick to the official version of events.

That said, I guess the Malawi Government’s reaction was not only timely but also decisive. That K60 million was quickly cobbled together from our zero-aid budget to rescue our countrymen must be commended.

Official figures say at least 1,000 Malawians are in the temporary Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps in the KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng area. This covers the metropolises of Durban and Johannesburg.

But we know thousands of Malawians, legally or illegally, trek to South Africa daily. (Billy Mayaya puts the estimated figure of Malawians in South Africa at more than 200,000, there could be much more.) Some Malawians could have married South African women or men and mastered isiZulu or Sepedi and escaped the xenophobic attacks.

But there are thousands who are vulnerable. So I say Vice President Saulos Chilima and Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa were right on the ball when they drummed up the ‘Africa, One Continent’ card in condemning the xenophobic attacks.

The Malawi Government must proceed to present a case to the African Union to censure South Africa and hold people like King Goodwill Zwelithini and Edward Zuma criminally responsible for their thoughtless statements that may have sparked the xenophobia attacks.

But, after bringing t he stranded Malawians home, what next? These people, the majority of whom are from districts like Mangochi and Mzimba, are barely educated. They went to South Africa to do odd jobs in restaurants or at service stations.

What has the government planned for them once they come home? It is one thing to safely bring them back; it is another to sustain them here.

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Mike siliya

Tuesday 28, 2014 is the scheduled dy for demos? Whats a bundle of contrudictions! Any way, to ferry them home thats enough and job well done! In addition, jubec shops must remain clossed till further notice!

George Lihoma

If Edward Zuma and Goodwill Zwelithini (one a son and the later his chief) won’t be tried and prosecuted, xenophobia will resurface now and again. And Africa will be betrayed. But if these two will, its gonna be a very good example that the South African government isn’t associated with Xenophobia.
Its just one simple gear into these two that may simply revive or tarnish South Africa and Zuma. This is a test to Zuma’s power and responsibility. Hahahahahaha.


Violence has never been a solution for problems in any society and will never be in South Africa. Not in our name. Zulu king and Zuma’s son must be charged for dis atrocities. Law enforcement must hold people responsible. Away with xenophobia!!!!!

yuthi bway Nyirenda

lets create employment oppotunities so as to minimize the migration of people to countris lyk RSA.To you south Africans ,hav you forgoten what Kamuzu did for you people?


Bring them home and no compensation ah, inu u should be compensating us who love our country so much and do not leave and try very hard to develop it.

By compensation, I think people refer to South African govt rather than our govt which should compensate these people and the relatives of those killed. The govt can help them diplomatically to seek compensation from jubek by discussing the matter with their counterparts there. It is a tall order though. Our govt is not obliged to pay any compensation as the xenophobia is South African made. Our govt’s duty is to bring them home safely and that is it. After that they have to fend for themselves just like any other Malawians who never left the country. Back to their… Read more »

Pls help your fellow peoples coz this country will never stop hurting and killing foreigners am also Malawian


There are so many Malawians back home who have no job and are suffering who compensates them,then why should Mw goverment compensate the xenophobia victims.They have been brought back home it’s enough.


The most important thing is coming back safely. They should not expect anything more from government. They should go back to their villages/ homes and start doing what their fellow Malawians do: e.g kulima. When a country is poor, it is poor; accept that! Do not hope for impossibles from your Government. Even South Africa has more than 25% unemployment mainly the youth.


Mugabe’s response to these xenophobic attacks is just priceless. The zulu king and zuma’s son should be charged and jailed for inciting violence against black africans from other countries.


Kodi a Chigoli ndi a Ujeni mudalembapo zimangilizo zomveka bwino? Kumangiliza mfundo kukuwoneka kuti kukukuvutani ndithu.

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