Soft-drinks shortage resurfaces, CAMA lambasts Carlsberg Malawi

Malawi has been hit by the recurring shortage of soft drinks on the market a situation which occurs every year during the summer.

Kapito: Why always during summer

Kapito: Why always during summer

Soft-drinks shortage

Soft-drinks shortage

Since last month there has been shortage of soft drinks such as Fanta, Sprite, Ginger, Cherry plum and other products with retailers and vendors forced to scramble for whatever available soft drinks on the market.

The only products that are abundantly available are alcoholic beverages.

The acute shortage supply of soft drinks has resulted in some vendors and retailers scrambling with retail consumer for supplies available in main retailing outlets like Peoples and Mc Cornell shops.

But Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) Executive Director, John Kapito has lambasted Carlsberg Malawi for failing to improve the situation which occurs almost every year.

“It is indeed becoming a habit by Carlsberg Malawi through its subsidiary Southern Bottlers Limited that as we approach the hot season every year there is shortages of drinks of all kinds. The question is why we continue having the very same scarcities year in year out, and why they are failing to learn and improve on their
weaknesses?” wondered Kapito.

Kapito also wondered why the company was still protected when the market was liberalised; arguing the company is as good as dead despite the protection it gets from State or economy.

“The Malawi market we are told has been liberalised why then do we continue to protect non-performing industries? Infact the protection that this company has been unfairly given has failed us other than
assisting the industry to improve. I am sure this company would have a regional power by now exporting within the region if it was given some competition,” said Kapito.

He added: “Competition plays a big role in the improvement of services by industry. It’s now fifty years with a non-performing Southern Bottlers Limited. Fifty years of a company that cannot compete regionally, fifty years of a company that has failed to develop new exotic products for the new growing market and generation; it still
produces drinks with a lot of foreign materials.”

The consumer and human rights activist said time was ripe for SBL to improve and introduce new and innovative products on the market, wondering why it is failing to meet the demand of a small market like Malawi.

Last year Carlsberg Malawi staged the campaign “Bring Back a Glass” to help the company have enough bottles for packaging and thereby address a shortage of soft and alcoholic drinks in the country.

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33 thoughts on “Soft-drinks shortage resurfaces, CAMA lambasts Carlsberg Malawi”

  1. silvester wa ophee says:

    Kapita,mind You are a people’s voice.Never criticise for your stomarch’s benefit,talk of night-day price hike of basic needs (groceries,foods,house rentals etc) not scarcity of soft drinks.What for?

  2. Nkasai says:

    More painful is that the little which SOBO is supplying in Mangochi Metro,the Metro staff hoard it and have Opened wholesales in their homes.Imagine selling a crate of soft drinks at MK2800.00! Check at Ntalimanja !

  3. Fanta lero?masiku ano anthu amadalira thobwa,akapito yendani muwone.ndiye chofunika chimanga chisasowe basi.fanta olo atamwa bwanji samamveka,bola ndinu amaworkshop koma okumba ngalande,mapipe amadzi,maporo amagetsi,oheda matumba limakhalabwino ndi thobwa chifukwa limakhalaso lotchipa mtengo.

  4. womenslib says:

    Depriving cashgaters of the pleasure of sipping ice cold Cocopina and Cherry Plum while floating in their soon to be confiscated swimming pools in Area 43 is a national disgrace. Don’t they know these people are about to eat nsima mixed with cement in jail and need their last days of freedom to be fizzy? The people responsible for this travesty should be dragged from their offices and publicaly beaten. First world problems in the third world. Incredible.

  5. Wakumudzi says:

    A kapito ma appointments akuphonyani mwati mulalate za fanta, kumudzi vuto ndi njala osati fanta wanuyoyi…..ife satipindulira. yankhulani za kukwera mtengo kwa zakudya

  6. James Liuma says:

    You should be happy these are the poisons that are killing you.

  7. mbemezu says:

    Why should w ebe talking about shortage of FANTA as if its food. Please Mr Kapita sometimes silence is wisdom. These drinks are not even good for ones health and you are promoting them.

  8. Kampalapata says:

    Yohane Kapito it appears you have nothing to do to impress Malawians . What you know ndi makani opanda ntchito khalupa iwe. In fact there are a lot of consumer issues worthy addressing. Is it a secret that most of the big shops are selling expired products? What about counterfeit products from Area 2 Indian shops. What do you do to curtail this? You are just toothless and noisy for nothing.

  9. wayengwa liro says:

    This has been a problem for so long. Every year we experience this during the hot season. While healthy guys will tell you that soft drinks are not good for your health, let those who want to kill themselves with Fantas of this world be able to access them. Why is it difficult for Southern Bottlers to produce in abundance during the cold season and release the stock in dry season. Are we really serious as a country?

  10. Kadushu says:

    #11. if you have nothing to say please stay quit ndinu aja oti no Maize kuli njala even if you have enough Rice; Mbuli


    Government please bring Pepsi to Malawi

    We want Pespi!

    We want Pepsi!

    We want Pepsi!

    Bravo Kapito you are a true malawian


    If a company is failing to make a kill during its peak season then its as good as dead. Southern Botlers managers must really be reeling in shame

  13. SO WE ARE EVEN FAILING TO PRODUCE FANTA .WHERE IS OUR COUNTRY GOING ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.SHAME ON US.PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Malawian says:

    This does not make any business sense! Every year we experience the same problem. Why on earth should an established company fail to meet customer demand during the peak period? Is there any planning at this company? If I remember very well one of the excuses in the past was that some of the pieces of equipment are serviced during the summer, why not reschedule the servicing so that it does not coincide with the peak period? These are basic business tips!

  15. Chibiliti says:

    Useless country led by a useless man.

  16. john k black says:

    We need more suppliers. Then we can move to a different brand if this occurs. But also Sobo will be more careful in the face of competition. Let’s bring in Pepsi.

  17. mike says:

    Carlsberg company is a joke.Indeed theyre all in Wakwithu syndrome.they are all non performers.

  18. SAMSON says:

    I fail to understand the specific mandates and objectives of CAMA and specifically the rationale and the logic of Mr Kapito as a representative of CAMA. How does the shortage of Fanta and Cocacola becoming a national concern that it would prompt the consumer body to step forward and protect the interests of the consumers by protesting its unavailability on the market. This is just a refreshing drink which has no significance in the lives of the poor people in the country. People do not live on soft drinks and their scarcity or availability does not affect their livelihoods especially in the villages as this is not maize or rice. On the contrary let the people spend their money on more productive commodities or services.

    Carlsberg and Southern Bottlers are private companies, they are not public organizations funded by tax payers money. If they fail to meet the demand on the market, that is their problem and that of their shareholders. It has nothing to do with me or CAMA.

    1. Yohfra Country - LILONGWE says:

      True, Private companies have their own problems which are sometimes beyond their control. I cant figure out how is that CAMA’s business.

  19. Photamphwathe says:

    Simunati, fuel shortages from next month, bread shortages in December, maize/flour shortages in January, beer shortages in February that’s in addition to the water, electricity and soft drinks shortages we have now. APM mwachitapo chiyani since May, apart from locking up a few individuals, sacking a few people and elevating a few of your relatives?

  20. Mugona says:

    Mr Kapito, it’s not that these people are not learning from the past mistakes, they are in fact cashing in on those weaknesses. These companies look big outside but they are hollow inside, cashgate has not spared them

  21. est says:

    the problem is with the company itself because the they should know that the malawi population is growing fast so they should be producing drinks in line with the population and they shouls upgrade the manufacturing plant. wake up SOBO tulo bwanji!!!!

  22. original gobe says:

    if kamuzu was alive malawi would have been somewhere. carlsberg is full of people from ujeni and they cant think of new things, only discussing politics nthawi ya job.

    can you imagine, we had the only carsberg plant in africa outside of denmark in the 60’s yet today we import canned coke and fanta from zambia and rsa. same thing with unilever, full of ujenis but no progress or new ideas. vaseline ndi colgate yemwe kupanga import?

    i think pena pake nyakula ndi ng’ona za ngwazi zija chimapangitsa anthu kupanga jack up. this is too much now

    1. Khuni says:

      I totally agree with you on anything you have posted. Thumbs up for you.

  23. petrol kali says:

    Number 2 boza kuli azungu kumeneko

  24. Bongololo says:

    Forget soft drinks, they are bad for you; drink water instead.

  25. Katakwe lucy says:

    Mhhhh koma abale tell me mkulu waku Carlesburg ndi omutsatirawo,,,,,anafika nayo pati?school?kkkkkkk coz by now ma productions anayenera kukhala abwino.aaaah vuto ndi chani?

  26. Mapwiya says:

    Chikaonda has employed more than 10 expatriates including a security manager and these whites don’t have a clue on how to end these problems.

    I wonder why immigration department gives permits to these people when Malawians can do the same jobs.

    1. charles says:

      mupite ku america mukaone ngati azungu amaika amalawi kukhala ma managers. ife kuno tili busy kuwaika pama undindo akuakulu. this chionda ndi galu wa nchombo

  27. Subuza says:

    Its because from the executive director to the rout manager all are from the same village in Rumphi district so they fail to brainstorm each other in terms of growth.

    1. kaleke says:

      Which department are you talking about? Kungodana ndi a atumbuka eti.

    2. Khuni says:

      Number two, you stupid. You aint got no brains at all! What has Rumphi district got to do with what’s being discussed here? Just look at your spelling “rout” and “brainstorm each other”. And which Executive Director are you referring to? Perfect moron, this dude!!! Taona zomwe akupanga post azinzako. Pertinent stuff!! Get a life, man!!

  28. MADA says:


Comments are closed.

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