Speaker orders forensic audit of Karonga council

Malawian Speaker of the National Assembly, Richard Msowoya has ordered the ministry of local government to immediately conduct a forensic audit in Karonga  district council  over financial transactions reports that management is allegedly failing to release.

Speaker with Kyungu and MPs in agroup photo after a meeting

Speaker with Kyungu and MPs in agroup photo after a meeting

Speaking during an emergency meeting which was also attended by officials from the ministry of local government in the district on Monday aiming at ironing out the administrative problems, Msowoya who is a lawmaker from the district,  threatened to take a legal action if the council officials fail to release all the necessary financial documents.

Msowoya pointed out that apart from producing the financial status of the council, the district should also conduct ward to ward financial account especially on how the Local and Constituency Development funds were being spent before the 2014 to 2015 budget started  operating.

“It is so sad that over50 years of independence Malawi is still lagging behind in terms of development just because few greedy people in different government sectors are jeopardizing funds meant for poor people,” said the Speaker.

Msowoya said he will held to ensure Karonga is not denied its fair share of national development because of some greedy few ‘cashgaters’.

“We need to know how funds were used,” he said.

Member of Parliament of Karonga Central constituency Frank Mwenefumbo welcomed the call for forensic audit.

Mwenefumbo said there is need for an investigation into the use of the funds to clear the suspicions.

“A forensic audit is really needed and the  wrong doers should be accountable for their actions,” said Mwenefumbo.

The council’s deputy chairperson Ernest Mwalughali said councillors want to appreciate how the funds were used and have a background of how the system works, but management is not willing to disclose

On his part the Paramount Chief Kyungu  asked  government to consider transferring all officers who have over stayed  in Karonga.

Commenting on the matter Karonga district commissioner (DC) Rosemary Moyo said the finance committee has the legal mandate to call for the documents and the secretariat cannot refuse them.

The Deputy Director of Local Government Hastings Bota  expresses disappointment with the allegations raised in the meeting which prompted him to give a lecturing on how the government officials should work with councillors at the district level.

“We are very much worried with the situation in Karonga but above all we have to thank people here because they have shown that they need development in their areas that is why we were called for dialogue on how to deal with the problems faced here,” said Bota.

The meeting was also attended by Members of Parliament such as Malani Mtonga, James Bond Kamwambi; chiefs who were headed by Paramount Kyungu; three representatives from the ministry of the local government namely Hastings Bota,  Dangalasi Mteka and Sala Chizinga as well as all the District Executive Committee members.

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27 thoughts on “Speaker orders forensic audit of Karonga council”

  1. Kharupa says:

    Chikhwawa and Nsanje District assemblies need to be audited too. Pay much attention to the Health departments

  2. Karongan says:

    Shame! Education Office in the district should also call for the forensic audit as plans are ripe to deposite old leave grants in the primary teachers` accounts.Head teachers have already been convinced and used as tools to convince their juniors. Mr Speaker Sir I rise to register my plea to ask 4 ur esteemed capcity to check on the development. Kodi aTUM mulipooo!

  3. Chindazi says:

    Heheheheheheehehe…… Frank to account how he managed to build his 6 Star Mikoma Beach……. These guys is born from a family of cash if you don’t know….. his father was a civil servant in the ministry of information during Kamuzu Banda…… a few individuals who were eating monies that time…. he went to a good school….. later on joined National Bank………. then he got a deal as an agent of Dino Corporations of Japan to sell second hand cars in Malawi……then the man was in riches….. in the 1990s….. then he joined AFORD which used most of his resources… but he could still move on with his life…..

    For your information… he is Frank Mwenifumbo…… NOT MweNEfumbo……

    You will talk and talk while your friend is making money………Frank you are the MAN…..

    You can also ask how he got his new NISSAN….kkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Mkango says:

    Kyungu nde asalankhuleko he is the biggest cashgater wa karonga he is fond of traveling where does he think money come from? He needs to be audited as well. You made Bulukutu to leave karonga and now you are complaining about development. What king of a chief are you? Musa Musa angati bwana Kyungu there is a post of postings at LGovt

  5. mwami says:

    Pliz while auditing the council let ACB carry out forensic audit of Frank Mwenefumbo please. This man chewed billions with Bingu. How did he fund his 6 star hotel?

    1. Kamkwalala says:

      indeed where did Frank get his billions from, but from corruptly sharing with Bingu. Let him account for his huge monies.

  6. Pay as you earn says:

    Mr Speaker Sir can you also speak on the conduct of your own MP’s.Are you aware that if any Institution wants to hold a meeting with them while Parliament is sitting they demand payment of T&T from their respective constituency yet Parliament has already made that payment and also sitting allowance same rate as paid by Parliament despite the fact that it includes accommodation which is also paid by Parliament? Can you also assure us that the house allowance paid to MP’s will be taxable? If not then all of us should be paid tax free housing allowances.





  9. Dzukani a Malawi. says:

    Mukachoka ku Karonga muzafikenso ku Boma la Mzimba midadada ndi nyumba za aphunzitsi sizikutha mpaka pano. Zimene zinkachitika ndi LDF Ma MP ENA ankagula okha zipangizo za chitukuko monga cement malata ndikusunga okha ku zinyumba kwawo mmalo mwa a komiti ya chitukuko

  10. Problem mumayifuna audit pa zopusazo. why not empoering it and we will not have these forensic bullshit

  11. Quota system says:

    Every year in June, moneys go missing on the guise that it has returned to treasury. Too selfish people in local government. Always abusing the pool funds including those of MOH

  12. REX MSISKA says:

    Who is the accounting officer of the district, If the DC Rosemary Moyo also comments as if she is part of the visiting delegates?

    Honourable speaker, just grill whoever is the accounting officer to produce the reports and supporting documentations. The officials from local government should also be taken to task for not seriously following up on issues of non compliance by the district.

    Once again whoever is the accounting officer must be made to dance.
    If at local government there is such incompetence and lack of responsibility, indeed how do you expect development.

    Please lawmakers crack the whips. Time for showcase politicking is long over, this is 2014/15. Look at Karonga itself, the only change from 50 years ago is the growing population and the gradual taking over of local languages by swahili.

    Please can everyone by now accept the cashgate as something that cannot change, the only change is the arrests as the law takes its course. In as much as development has been affected you cannot budget on already stolen resources.

    Let the law takes its course on cashgate and let those responsible for the available resources now be held accountable by following the legislative requirements.

    There is nothing to protect now on the cashgate money, its like putting guard dogs on non existence resources and leaving the existing resources unguarded.

  13. Rajab Nkhono says:

    Mukachoka ku Karonga ma auditors mufikenso ku Balaka mudzange anthu aboma akuba ndalama kwambiri achina Chibade, Msukwa, Gondwe, Tiyamike Boaz ndi ena akuba ndalama zaboma kumeneku chitukuko chopala miseu kulibe chonde ACB bwerani mudzawagwire anthu amenewa. Mayi Boaz sama signer cheke ngati sadyapo kanthu

  14. Mphwiyo says:

    Atumbukano kani amaba…….you make too much noise as if you are saints……Report ituluka basi

  15. Sinthani says:

    Hahaha idea ya a mfumu Kyungu akuti transfer the staff who have overstayed. If they are the cashgaters, you are clearing them before the investigations.

  16. MMALAWI says:

    Every month funding ikabwera ati kubank kuli ma over draft .akuba awa ndalama zathu tuzifuna

  17. Poor Malawi says:

    Bravo the leaders in Karonga. If all leaders in other district can do the same, prudence in financial management at district level can greatly improve.

  18. Me too says:

    1. Reporting: names of officials from MoLOGOV included Dangalasi Mteka or Douglas Mkweta? Just double check. It matters to write people’s names correctly 2. The chaos in Karonga is one reason why previous governments did not want local government elections…officials just don’t like to make it work…because it means a closer look at the maladministration. On the other hand, MPs and chiefs are part of the rot in councils. Apart from “teaming with staff and raiding councils”, they take it over unnecessarily. How can Speaker order forensic audit. He has no legal jurisdiction. The news of more about his threat of legal action than an order. 3. Then you hear of a community based organisation (CBO) in Nsanje conducting a training for councilors. Meanwhile, what is Mpemba, SDI, doing? What about the Ministry responsible? Malawians should not let such chaos to continue.


  20. Fair Play says:

    what interest does the speaker have? is he the right person to call for that? I feel he is overstepping his boundaries, if anything why not just launch an official complaint to relevant authorities like ACB or Auditor general but using his position and calling people cashgaters when you have no evidence, its not parliamentary Mr, Speaker Sir!!!!!!!!!!

  21. John says:

    Am proud of khanje

  22. Mhesha says:

    Dyera la few guys from the district. ..making us feel the pinch?

  23. BISM says:

    So, it has to come from the Speaker???? All this time Ministry of Local Government, plus its Local Government Finance Committee etc, what have they been thinking??? Koma flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, this what ‘Daniel Phiri’ wanted because he refused Local Government Elections for so many years. Bravo Karonga for exposing this

  24. Mpho Mbiyozo says:

    Bravo mr speaker sir

  25. mwama says:

    Let them release the report. Anthuwa akutilemera kwambiri!

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