Speaker wants Kamlepo to be heard on his abduction: Law expert says staging own kidnap not an offence

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya has said he would compel Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua tell the House his side of the story on his  abduction which Malawi Police has said it was staged.

Firebrand politician Kalua was not in the House on Monday when Information  Minister Nicholas Dausi said the abduction never happened, it was Kamlepo’s stunt.

Kalua: He will say his side of the story

Kamlepo is refusing to talk to the media since Sunday when he was found at 5am in Blantyre claiming he was abducted by unknown people for unknown reasons and he did not even know where he was being kept during his alleged 11 day ‘abduction.’

However, Dausi and the police say this was just a stunt as Kamlepo showed no signs of torture as he claimed, he had no wounds or any scratch for a person thrown away from a moving vehicle, he was neatly dressed and smartly shaved, he had his jacket intact hanging on his shoulders, he showed no signs that he was not feeLing well.

However, Msowoya said he was dying to hear the side of the story from Kalua.

“I am always concerned with the welfare of members of the House,” he said.

The opposition Peoples Party, where Kalua is the vice president, tried to block Dausi from presenting the Kalua ‘fake’ abduction  report on Monday in the House.

PP Leader in the House Uladi Mussa said it was surprising that it was minister of Information and not minister of Home Affairs who was presenting the report. He said the government report lacked credibility.

Malawi Police have been quick to declare that the firebrand opposition politician staged his kidnap despite that  they are investigating the matter.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera  said their  preliminary investigations indicate that he faked the kidnap.

“The abduction was fake we have found out that,” said Kadadzera.

He said Police will charge Kalua and prosecute him for “faking an abduction.”

A constitutional law expert Edge Kanyongolo, who is lecturer at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, told Capital Radio’s Daybreak Malawi programme on Tuesday that he does not see a legal sense to prosecute Kalua if it happens to be true that he staged his own kidnap.

“Pretending to be adbucted is not an offence,” said Kanyongolo.

But when the radio asked police spokesman what charges it will press to Kalua, he said they will consider that after finishing investigations.

He insisted preliminafry investigations show Kalua “faked his abduction.”

It was not immediately known when Kalua would join his colleagues for a budget session of parliament which started on Friday after President Peter Mutharika’s state of the nation address which has since been trashed by Opposition Leader in the 193 strong House, Lazarus Chakwera and Peoples Party leader Mussa.

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31 thoughts on “Speaker wants Kamlepo to be heard on his abduction: Law expert says staging own kidnap not an offence”

  1. Nga says:

    Dpp scheme imakhala do the evil and delete evidence. Lol some educated idiots thinks Malawians knows no logic. Dpp make all tactics to defend themselves for there evil deeds. Back the evil. Next time it will be you. Then you will appreciate how skilled and smart is Dpp on its attacks. .

  2. connoly says:

    The genesis of this self staged abduction is kamlepo’s iminent arrest over his duty evasion and the suspicious way he registered them. His plan A was to go into hiding and plan B was to get a lawyer apply for an injunction at the High court. Unfortunately, the family and media were too quick to propagate that he missing which affected or made it impossible to come out after he got the injunction. To resurface, he needed shrewd way in name of abduction to give credence to his missing story. Kamplepi did not miss nor was he abducted. He ran away from arrest and pretended to have been abducted

  3. chimango says:

    yiwe kuponyedwa galimoto yikuyenda osapezeka ndi magazi? thick twice’

    Munthu woponyedwa galimoto yikuyenda ndikukapezeka wakhala bwino-bwino kumbali kwa mseu anamuchosapo ndindan pomwe adagwerapo? thick twice

    Munthu woponyedwa galimoto yikuyenda angakapezeka atapachika jacket mumapewa koma manja ali onjatidwa? ada pachika jacket jacket mumapewa mwake ndindan poti munthu anangoponyedwa? Thick twice

    Kamulepo ndiwaboza.

  4. Mugonaopamhanya says:

    Those who believe that Kamlepo was kidnapped are the most miserable and dumbest morons the world has ever seen since its inception.

  5. Heavy J says:

    This government always play hide and seek games they riged the votes so they know that 2019,they will reap nothing they are all Mafias think about the Chasowa Robert and Njauju.God will never let his children suffer all the days of their life.Wandale vincent is our next president though he is silenced.

  6. Please Malawians are we indeed serious to see our country progressing? This Parliament in session is sponsored by tax payers money and the whole world is watching us. If you Mr. Speaker Sir, will entertain Kamulepo Kaluwa narrate his rubbish story in Parliament instead of discussing issues of National importance, that means you got that position by mistake. Every sane person is aware of who Kamulepo is and even a young child is able to know that this disgruntled Kamulepo is stupid and can fake anything. Why should the whole country waste its resources and time concentration on Kamulepo’s personal issues? By the way, how does Mrs. Kamulepo feel about her husband? Are you safe in his house? I feel sorry for you and your children. You mean you call this vendor a husband? or Dad?

    1. Gwada says:

      A DPP mudazolowera kuphadi anthu. A party of death. You killed Robert Chasowa, Njaunju, 21 people on 20 July 2011. More are dying in our hospitals due to your theft. Were it not for publicity, Kamleo would be gone. Mukamaliza mpaka 2019 mfiti inu? Mmmmm

  7. zeus says:

    Bt why government is busy with this?akufuna abise chani,Robert chasowa alikut? Ife boma ili timaliwopa!!!!

  8. kanchenga says:

    I am shocked to hear the police statement on Kaluas case. Indeed more shocked to hear a CIA trained dausi claiming that because kalua looks smart and unscratched it means he was not tortured. If this represents the kind of policing in Malawi then as a nation we are in very serious trouble. How come our police doesnt know that some torture tactics dont produce scratches and that torture traces can be removed from the victim before release. I know two things for sure. Children play with snakes out of ignorance about their dangerousness but adults do that as a hobby knowing very well of the consquence should the snake struck. Where is our police in this case ? Hobby to fool Malawians or plain ignorance. As for Dausi it is obviously greed and mindlessness. Messenger of the devil period.

  9. santana says:

    He was not in Parliament on Monday. Please relatives have a close watch on this guy. He may think of going back to the jungle because he thinks this is where he belongs. Mamaweeeeeee!!!!!

  10. ster says:

    You cannot spend my hard earned tax hearing that useless moron…Mr speaker be serious..

  11. Kizito says:

    A person that was abducted would be tortured and all sorts of harassment that could negatively affect his health.
    It was just a setup , there is no way people would abduct a person and give him all needs like bathing, shaving , eating well …kalua looks healthy and there is nothing that shows he was abducted.

    1. jogi says:

      What about chibok girls in Nigeria are they dirt on their bodies,they are as clean and health as you and me but are remain abducted .so what’s you story?

  12. Wa DPP says:

    We are tired of hearing about this useless Tumbuka who is always seeking sympathy from Malawians. Police please, next time he decides to fake another abduction just kill him. Nonsense

    1. Mphweye says:

      Wa DPP you are indeed a typical DPP & a killer. God is watching & will make it to pass on you & your stupid mathanyula as he’s silent & flown out as if nothing serious has happened in the country he rules.. He is not concerned as he is the mastermind of Kamlepo’s abduction. He is ashamed as he wanted him to be found dead. God faught his battle & you are losers together with the evil Dausi. Mxiew!

  13. what if it was Nicholas Dausi? would u say you are tuired of chewa people……………………….? i happen to wonder that every story that come attaching northern region u mention of atumbuka? wat kinda of scholars are you?

    1. ronnex Nguwo says:

      Dausi can not do that. A Kamlepo mukutichititsa manyazi atumbukafe. The whole honorable MP. Shame


    Kamlepo did these people abducted you? This only can be remebered.

  15. mtete says:

    Unfortunately our police has already taken sides. They are drawing conclusions and ridiculing Kalua in the process instead of investigating thoroughly what happened.

    Please remember torture is not always physical. Ever heard of water boarding?. And there are other methods.

  16. Njou says:

    Could someone in the know how please tell me whether Mr. Kunkuyu (former minister and MP) had long beard, dirty and torn clothes and had torture marks the time he was found in a maize garden after he had been abducted for some days.

    Someone should also remind me whether the MP’s who were abducted on their way to Parliament during the Muluzi regime had long beard, torture marks and dirty clothes.

    What I Know is that torture could be physical, psychological or otherwise. It seems the British trained Malawi policemen know only one type of torture, no wonder they show no remorse when they torture victims verbally with insults etc.

    For those of you who have some knowledge on abductions, are victims of abductions always physically tortured and injured? Are they always kept without bathing and eating? Do they always wear dirty and torn clothes? Clean shave, clean clothes, no injury marks, and well fed are some of the grounds the police are giving for Kaluas self staged abduction.

    Another reason is that witnesses said they last saw him at construction site three months ago. Whom did the police ask? Why not reveal the people who provided this information? If Kalua is indeed constructing a house, then he must have workers and a foreman and these would have been the right people to interview. The Police surely did not interview these otherwise they would have said so.

    I am not a lawyer, neither am I a politician but I simply want to analyse the issue critically.

    Another point is; why did the Police rush to release an official statement by concluding that Kalua staged the kidnap? He was found in the morning and by noon or thereabout the Police had already drawn a conclusion. How I wish the Police were so efficient? How many times have the Police kept the citizens waiting for results of more serious and minor cases? The list of such cases is long. Since when did the Police rush to conclude investigations?

    Remember Chasowa’s murder? The Police also rushed to conclude the investigation by saying he committed suicide and even produced a suicide note. But what was the tail-end of the event? The events look similar only that in this case life was not lost.

    Malawians, do not rush into conclusion. Tomorrow it will be you, whether you are in the ruling or opposition party or even without a party and whether you are policeman or not. If it is not you, it might be your relation. Do not be overzealous or fanatical in your approach. We have seen comrades, bedfellows and allies butchering one another in this world. You are not safe either. Stand for justice, truth and righteousness. Do not let your Job or Position become your Highway to Hell! Period.

  17. lamin jamu says:

    I THOUGHT SO !!!

  18. kamdidi says:

    Why us the police quick at dismissing things. It was the same Police that rushed to claim that Chasowa committed suicide and that he left a suicide note. Who are they protecting?

  19. 2PIN says:

    After the death of a Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa, the very same police said Robert killed himself. later on Malawians were told Robert was killed. Today, Kalua went missing, the very same police said Kulua faked his kidnap. Our BLEU police, how can we trust YOU this time around?

  20. Abit says:

    What ever happened to Kamlepo. Shall be reviewed you can never hide under the sun. Kunja kuno kuli Mulungu the sad part is that we can not rule out that involved are Christians I can bet you. The same Jesus will deal with you accordingly. Oh God help Malawians to see with Godly eye on the evil one amidst our country. It shall be well in Jesus name. Amen

  21. NOXY says:

    Kamlepo by faking abduction has rendered himself useless to the public.

  22. Mr. Matera says:

    kkkkkkk amufotokoza eeeti????

  23. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    This is a problem when the government is manned by people who are mafia like in nature!!!

  24. Ana Achepa says:

    We are tired with this useless guy you call Kamlepo Kalua, he’s 100% useless, typical of the behavior tumbuka people, they have very narrow thinking and they always think of themselves only, and the speaker should not dare to waste taxpayers money to allow his fellow tumbuka to disturb the parliament with his fake abduction report.

    1. zuma says:

      Ana Achepa,

      Are you not surprised why Police and Min of Information rushed to make statements on the issue. I would rather wait to hear Kamlepo before making sweeping statement about his abduction.

    2. Queen mother says:

      @Ana Achepa, you have a very small brain yourself, why refuse to hear from hon. Kalua? What if he brings evidence of the whole saga, what will be your comments? Did you know that DPP cadets would fight and injure policemen at Tsangano? How about death of innocent ACB offcer Njauju? Alomwe mungowona ngati oyenera kukhala mdziko la Malawi ndinu nokha basi?

    3. Actor says:

      Wat a poor comment from a malawian

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