It’s Mutharika’s grand finale, Chakwera tells Parliament: President ‘hoodwinked’ Malawians

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous said  in parliament on Monday that he is reminding  all Malawians that this coming fiscal year is “ technically the last one” of President Peter Mutharika’s term of office.

Chakwera said Mutharika address in parliament was delusional and contradictory

Chakwera said this time next year, Mutharika and “his coterie” will be gearing up for a year of campaigning for 2019 elections, which he said  will significantly divert their focus from pursuing the national development agenda.

“By this measure, President Mutharika should have used this sitting of Parliament to present a bold agenda for fulfilling his campaign promises over the next twelve months. For reasons known to himself, he has chosen not to do so. He has chosen to forget the promises he made to Malawians in his own manifesto, the commitments he made to the Public Affairs Committee, the promises he made to his own running mate [Saulos Chilima]  that his experience in the private sector would be utilized to revamp the civil service, and the promises he has made before this house for the past three years,”said Chakwera.

He said Malawians are right to be disappointed by Mutharika’s three years in office thus far, and there is no reason to believe that he will do in twelve months what he has failed to do in 36 months.

“.All I can say to my fellow Malawians is, do not lose hope, because the end of your suffering under this Government’s culture of lies, looting, and laziness is in sight, and help is on the way,” said Chakwera.

Commenting on the state of the nation economy, Chakwera pointed out that  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate is the most fundamental indicator of how well  the economy is doing.

“The President correctly acknowledges that the GDP growth rate in 2016 was a microscopic 2.7 percent, but he conveniently forgot to mention that this miserable growth rate was achieved against a projection of 5.9 percent.

“ Now he is again projecting a GDP growth rate of 5 to 6 percent, but there is no historical evidence that he should be taken seriously. This is especially the case when he takes no personal responsibility for the slagging economic growth close to a halt, and instead always blames the weather, when we all know that some contributing factors are political, and thus within his control,” said Chakwera.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, the population growth rate in this country is around 3 percent. As such a GDP growth rate of 2.7 percent therefore falls short of keeping pace with this growth rate. Consequently, you can go in the towns and villages of Malawi and ask any Malawian and they will tell you that their average annual income is dwindling. In short, we are not just poor, but are in fact being made poorer each year,” he said.

He stated that another contributing factor to the poor GDP growth rate was shortage of electricity which affected an already ailing manufacturing sector. This resulted in companies resorting to use of diesel generators, increasing the already high cost of doing business in Malawi.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, as we are all aware, almost 100 percent of electricity in Malawi is supplied by ESCOM,” he said, adding ” ESCOM was granted in excess of 37 percent base tariff increase in April 2014 to be implemented up to 2018. This real increment, which was adjusted for inflation, was meant to assist ESCOM improve its system efficiency and fund new projects. However, what we have seen, Mr. Speaker Sir, is rampant abuse of these funds by politically connected individuals.

“We heard last year that a very highly respected Finance Director resigned her position because she was being forced to make fake payments. Despite the alarm caused by her resignation, this Government said and did nothing. And yet when he stood before this House, President Mutharika mentioned the word “reform” around 25 times, when we all know that the only place in his Government you can be sure to find plenty of reform is in his speeches. The truth is that President Mutharika wouldn’t recognize reform if it hit him in the face.”

He offered a tip  to the President, saying : “What I know from my own experience of leading the Malawi Congress Party through a steady process of reform is that one of the first signs that reform is really happening is when those within your ranks who are comfortable with the status quo begin to actively and publicly oppose your efforts to change it. If everyone in your party, or your cabinet, or your government is comfortable with the way you conduct business, and no one feels like their culture of complacency or attitude of entitlement is under threat, then it is a sign that everything is exactly the same as what they are used to, and that all your talk of reform is nothing but talk. But that is not reform.

“As a case in point, recently new leadership was put in place at ESCOM without any interviews at all despite the fact that this is a public institution whose job vacancies should be open to all qualifying Malawians. As a result, Mr. Speaker Sir, the Mutharika Government is creating shortages in electricity through its political interference in the institution that supplies it. That is not reform.”

Chakwera said , even the splitting of ESCOM into two independent companies as of 1st January 2017, although a welcome development, has been compromised by this Government’s decision to politically handpick those who will lead the new company.

“And this is despite the fact that the laws of this country require a competitive interview process, as well as the fact that this is one more sign among so many signs that when Mutharika promised Malawians that he would reduce the powers of the office of President, not only did he have no intention of keeping that promise, but he in fact intended to do the very opposite. That is not reform,” he said.

Chakwera also faulted government’s  fiscal management as disappointing.

“Where there is good fiscal management, you find public goods and services being provided to citizens within the available limited resources. But we all know that throughout Mutharika’s presidency, public services have not been provided as desired – public hospitals have literally nothing to provide to sick people. People in both urban and rural public hospitals continue to be asked to buy their own basic medicines, including painkillers.

“ Besides, how can any president claim that he leads a Government of sound fiscal management when we know that interest being paid on domestic debt continues to be high because of heavy domestic borrowing. That is not reform.”

Meanwhile, while Mutharika’s Government continues to borrow and sink  the taxpayers deeper into debt, the young people of Malawi who have entrepreneurial aspirations continue to be frustrated by interest rates that continue to be too high for them to access loans for long term investments, according to Chakwera.

“Those in the money market know that any recent deceleration in the interest rate is temporary, which is why they have kept their basic lending rates high. This is symptom that something is fundamentally and critically wrong in this economy. And yet the DPP Government does not seem to have any sense of urgency to address this situation.

“Even the much touted idea of a development bank, whose very purpose was to address this problem, is nowhere to be seen. Similarly, the President’s address was silent on the outstanding issue of establishing a Coorperative Bank, which we the people have already committed to support as it would address the problem of access to finance by our smallholder farmers and small and medium enterprises. But given that the DPP led Government’s trademark is failure to deliver on their own promises, the President’s silence on this matter was not surprising.

“ Instead of establishing people-centered banking institutions, this Government will go down in history as a Government that sells people-centered banking institutions to generate revenue for bailing elites who are politically connected out of toxic loans they owe the Malawian people. Now we hear of a development fund to be established under the auspices of a private bank, the very same sort of private commercial banks that are charging our people exorbitant interest rates. That is not reform.”

Chakwera  also accused Mutharika that he  “hoodwinked”  Malawians into believing that he would hit the ground running and operate the business of Government with the efficiency of a private sector company, but he himself admitted in his address that Performance Contracts for ministries have only been signed two months ago, and that so far only six ministries have done so.

Meanwhile, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe is expected to present the 2017/18 budget during this sitting of Parliament.

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26 thoughts on “It’s Mutharika’s grand finale, Chakwera tells Parliament: President ‘hoodwinked’ Malawians”

  1. CitizenX says:

    My Fellow Malawians it is simple mathematics. YOU VOTERS 1st UDF 10years “Mbuli basi, then DPP 8years “Mbuliso, mbava basi” PP 2years “same shit”, DPP 2nd chance 5years “same same mbava basi”= 25 YEARS WASTED – MALAWI POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. NOW 2019 are you going to vote for the same fools again?????? will you ever learn????? or is it still the case of the blind leading the blind again????. PASS THIS MASSAGE TO THE IGNORANT FOOLS IN YOUR VILLAGES THIS TIME TO VOTE WISELY.

  2. Mingo says:

    Odzavoter ndi Amalawi mukunewo inde….koma mukuyiwara kuti mukuyimira Amalawi otsutsa tilipo ife omu suppoter APM.
    Tiyeni tidikire 2019 tidzawone opambana…. Osatiyika mawu mkamwa mwathu ife sitidzavoterako MCP zitavuta zitatani… enjoy the opposition leadership it suits you….CHAKWERA WILL NEVER RULE MALAWI! NEVER
    Dpp Woyeeeee!
    Yoswa woyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  3. vuto says:

    all i hear and read in his response is passive reactions and not really solutions. of course to his supporters its sweet music to hear. but it was pure manipulation, blatant and deliberate distortion of facts. i dont believe abusa is the kind of leader who will get this country moving in the right direction….just look at the mcp its full of nepotism as well only almost one senior man from the south and few from the north…..with sidik mia as running mate and dont think northern and eastern votes are going to mcp. the north vote will be divided the eastern is likely going to dpp…so mcp better strategise well otherwise????

  4. CHIMVQ says:





  5. AMDALA BAMBO says:



    kkkkk we all depend in GOD , He is the founder of the universe , if someone distance HIMSELF from GOD Where else can a man seek for guidance ? we all know that CHAKWERA Distance Himself from GOD AM STRONGLY believe this man HE Will reads us to hello , if a that man have a positive mind why this man calling His friend, donors, to build a certain hospital or school block? even 100km road , why this man just criticize everything ? where this man driver us in our loving opposition this our country please lets us love our nation

    1. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

      Umbuli wobadwa nawotu uwu!!

  7. Achi says:

    Oooh! My president!

    A true leader! A true son of mother Malawi. THUMBS UP CHAKWERA

  8. Truman says:

    I strongly believe that MCP will never Make it because of the following reasons: 1_Chakwera is a nothing but a gold digger,he abandoned the Gospel for politics.God is not happy with him.2_He was hand picked by John Tembo,his uncle. Nepotism played a role. Therefore, he has no blessings from all party members. As a result MCP has become an empty vessel that no Wonder he makes a lot of noise. That’s why the party has lost ground in some district s in central region. Eg Tcheu.mind you politics is all about numbers. 3_wounds are still fresh in some peoples mind of the brutality,atrocities, chamwaka,ma card and other injustices that MCP were doing. Bola kukwatiwa ndi mwamuna wina wankhanza rather than the abusive ex husband. 4_Chakwera is the weakest candidate MCP has ever had. WHY? During campaign time ,he could only enjoy making rallies around central region. How would expect votes from other regions when you don’t visit them.It’s obvious center is for MCP but it’s not a winning number.

    1. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

      Inaso mbuli ndi iyi!, just to talk about ma Card, amwene mufunse kuti kodi akamati Identity Card ntchito yake ndi chani? ndipo why is the Government now is thinking kuti every citizen must have a card? Ma Card was chinthu chofunikila kwambiri than kupasidwa ndalama za ulele.

      1. poul says:

        i was expected to here inu ophunzila kunena zogwira mtima . but shaaa

  9. santana says:

    It is the same man who is being criticized by his own party lieutenants. If the whole SG of the party is not happy with the way you run it how can you convince outsiders that you can govt affairs if given a chance? Since he left the work on the pulpit no one from the church members raised a voice that he is missing services of this man. A man should be missed by his members to show he was man of the people. It is not mere rhetoric which a man can be measured from. If Chakwera has never been in any position of authority we would fail to measure his capability. But here is a man who jumped from the church thinking he can show his capability in the political arena. After two and half years on the driving seat the man is stripped down by his own Secretary General and District Chairmen. They have lost trust in him that he cannot lead the party. And some people think the man can do better if he was the state president. What an insult????? It is good that Malawians have known him in full than they knew him in 2014.

  10. chatonda Mvula says:

    Malawi is really blessed to have a person in the name of Dr Chakwera. This is the man who went to school and come back with knowledge and not Peter at all. Peter is a daylight failure everywhere and all the time. MCP and Malawians have all the reasons to smile come 2019.
    When they say a visionary leader and this is the man.

  11. gwenyethe says:

    I once again write to remind Malawians of goodwill that a big mistake happened in May 2014. We elevated a person who could not manage a ministry to become CEO for the country. This was done after numerous advises from various sectors including the donor community. I believe time for DPP is long gone. They worked well between 2004 to 2009 when the party had a good connection with the masses. That time DPP wanted public symphathy and they managed to get it through hard work. We saw the results on the ground and we all applauded them. But that was the first Bingu we all knew. Beyond that the party adopted the arrogance, self centeredness, violence, theft, corruption, intimidation etc. Just wondering if Malawian are ready to make a similar mistake in May 2019.

  12. Malawian Mwanavava says:

    Chakwera deserves to lead in this nation of Malawi. It is high time that we Malawians must start thinking of employing this man called Chakwera. We need to get serious with our country. Look at what our neighbors are doing? Go to Mozambique, go to Zambia, go to Tanzania; you will be shocked at the rate of their development. We need to stop employing these retired old forks like Gondwes and the Mutharikas. Malawi belongs to us all and it is us who can shape it to the level we want

  13. dumerang says:

    I love these response by Chakwera, what else do you want the opposition to offer. those who can read between the lines let them argue. But what i have seen that Dr Chakwera has provided solutions.

  14. Mulenga says:

    I can’t understand why Shadrech Namalomba is Head of Finance at ENGENCO. The guy was fired at MRA for serious corrupt practices. Lomweism?

  15. be humane says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahah Chakwera has powers to fire as he fired those men and women like Kabwira and friends but has no ability to unite as he fails to unite a small thing as just a regional party MCP. What if MCP was a national party angakwanitse? ngati zikumuvuta uniting chipani cha chigawo chapakati chokha? Then can he manage to unite the whole country with CSO, clergy, opposition parties, development parties all against him? I really doubt his ability in failing to manage a mere regional party.

    He can talk yes and make analysis like the vocal John Kapito used to do but only managed to fail running a Water Board after all the critics against water boards

  16. Ngalamayi says:

    An accurate picture of where Malawi finds itself, thanks to APM and DPP. Let us hope that Ckakwera continues to challenge the government, develop an even stronger opposition and that the 2019 elections are honest, open. Malawians must then vote with their heads, not their tribes. Just a pity we must wait so long.

  17. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    I like this tip to the President: If every one in your party, or your Cabinet, or in your Government is comfortable with the way you conduct your business, and no one feels like their culture of complacency or attitude of entitlement is under threat, then it is a sign that everything is exactly the same as what they are used to!

  18. NOXY says:

    Easier said than done

  19. WALIKO MAKHALA says:

    Very pertinent observations , Man of God. Keep it up !

  20. Chimanga says:

    Apa nde walasa nyani ujeni Chakwela…

  21. mtete says:

    And the DPP government will bore us with the usual template rhetoric: “The MCP Leader criticises but offers no alternatives or solutions”. Well, throughout his address, Chakwera is telling or is suggesting to government what should, or should have been, done to correct the situations.

  22. Wandale wamyee says:

    Asananvetse akhale oyamba kutenga mwala kumugenda Chakwera. But all in all he has summarized everything very well in his reaction to the SONA. Most of the critical areas of the presidents speech are well looked into. I have always been surprised by the critics of the opposition that it does not offer alternative solutions. I would like to believe that the opposition in Malawi is able to provide the advise to government in the required doses. Again the opposition is able to provide the necessary checks and balances BUT usually it depends on the other end whether they can swallow their pride and have the political will to take up the advise. OTHERWISE I CAN SEE AN ALTERNATIVE GOVERNMENT IN CHAKWERA AND MCP, its up to Malawians to decide whether they want to see change or not. The current president showed us many times when he was moved from one Ministry to the other during Bingus’ administration that he is a failure and therefore not competent to lead the country. We should therefore not be surprised now. This is mediocrity at its best. APM is the biggest joke than any other president in Malawi even Muluzi is scoring highly above hime if they were to be compared.

  23. wa Mwale says:

    I head you Dr Chakwera quite well, it has never happened in the recent times that Malawi has raised a political leader like you, you speak with courage, zeal, and passion for this nation. The reason why everyone is scared with you in government, is because of how you present yourself sir in more truthful, strongly form, and even your voice represents power, and authority, it seems you can be a President with power and authority, because the current leadership have powers but they are zeal of authority, that is why they can not direct or order issues to be going at certain directions. Having power is one thing, but having power and authority is different, a leader who does not possess these two, always fails to show direction and more specially in times such we are going through, where president must show how to STOP curruption, theft, stealing, substandard jobs where contracts are offered to people who can do the job poorly or even not doing it all, the President then during Kamuzu err a, he was removing people from positions who lacked skills and kowhow to perform. Failing to fire a minister, or any senior servant for failing being corrupt is a sign of a leader who holds power but without authority. It seems Chakwera is not like that, he has power power to fire, reject, and even expose some

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