State House frustrated after failing to have Kenani fired by UN

President Peter Mutharika’s State House has found itself frustrated after its efforts to have Malawian writer Stanley Onjezani Kenani fired from the UN failed.

Kenani: Critic

Kenani: Critic

 In the past week, State House embarked on a smear campaign against Kenani using its  blogs,, and
The blogs posted cooked-up stories indicating that Kenani’s bosses in Geneva are angry with him and want to have him fired for leaking Malawi’s state secrets.
The stories further alleged that Kenani’s bosses had summoned him to a disciplinary hearing.
Nyasa Times investigations revealed that Kenani did not leak any Malawian secrets and is not even based in Geneva. The UN office in Geneva said there was no disciplinary hearing involving Kenani.
When Nyasa Times contacted Kenani, he declined to comment.
However, sources at State House who did not want to be named said Mutharika’s agents have been closely monitoring Kenani’s Facebook page and are not happy because they think he is critical of government.
But three of Kenani’s pals Nyasa Times spoke to said his comments are always constructive. They expressed surprise that the government took issue with his criticism to the extent of wanting him fired by the UN.
Commenting on the story, journalist Idriss Ali Nassah wondered why State House did not even bother to do its research when creating the lies about Kenani.
Nassah wrote on his Facebook page: “If you’re going to peddle something, please try to make it believable.”
Lawyer and activist, Allan Ntata, commenting on Kenani’s Facebook page, called it “desperation” by Mutharika’s government.
Also commenting on the story on Kenani’s Facebook page, activist Ben Chiza Mkandawire said: “They have run out of ideas. They have failed to govern, so they just shoot recklessly. In Malawi, smear campaigns are run to distract people from government failures.”
Kenani is not the only one targeted by Mutharika’s State House. Last week, the same blogs attacked celebrated Times TV host, Brian Banda, for his hard-hitting programmes.
Mutharika is preparing for 2019 by silencing all voices that seem to be critical of his government. Sources say such attacks, including the creation of fake Whatsapp conversations and other dirty tactics, will intensify as Malawi moves towards elections.
 Others being targeted are editors of Nyasa Times, activists Ben Chiza Mkandawire, Allan Ntata,  Times Group  Editor in Chief  George Kasakula, columnist Madalitso Musa, journalist Idriss Ali Nassah and many others. 
DPP has a history of abductions and killings.
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kuthana spirit rules malawi..

be humane

Nyasa Professionalism, the Kenani mentioned has denied to be working for UN in Geneva, has denied to be summoned for discipline. Was that not enough for Nyasa not to publish the article? How come you went further to write false stories which you have already proved to be false? that shows you write what you think to write and not what is happening. So funny for journalism ethics. Kaya popeza nyasatimes siyimayendera professionalism ndiye it makes sense


‘kuthana politics’ rules Malawi..

The Patriot
Sometimes I wonder what sort of a drink is the vodka known as power? Once a party gets drunk on this Vodka in Africa it becomes very arrogant and vicious even to the point of forgetting that power comes from the people! DPP as a ruling party hasmits work cut : 1. Foster national unity. 2. Fight corruption, arrest the Cashgaters regardless of their status in society! 3. Provide services to the people ie clean water, electricity, medicines and medical care, food. Now if the government can concentrate on the issues above, they have no need yo he afraid or… Read more »
be humane

Read before you comment. Nyasatimes nokha mwaona apa kuti nkhani palibe. You asked Kenani wakukanirani kuti does not work at UN in Geneva, has refuted allegations of being summoned fpr disciplinary hearing but you continue writing the story that he works at UN. Please grow up Nyasatimes. Look at people you are asking Allan Z. Ntata and Idrissah Nassah hhhhhaahahahahahahahah Shame on You Nyasatimes. Please be professional

C Banda

Who exactly is “Malawian writer Stanley Onjezani Kenani”, and under what circumstances is he employed by the UN? This article would have benefited by including those details in a short, extra paragraph at the beginning.

Franz Van Gwire
What a shame and desperate attempts by the government. Kenani has been writing very constructive articles critical of the government and that is inevitable in democracy. Why should the state house feel uncomfortable with its own citizen who are making checks and balances and more so commenting on negative aspects of the failures of the government. You cannot suppress the truth. The one party regime tried in vain in during the early 90s until Kamuzu had to accept reality and succumbed to the pressure by signing a memorandum of understanding with the then pressure group and PAC. It is high… Read more »
chimzimu Chonyasa

Signs of a failed government. What do you expect from people who take snakes for a delicacy?


If its true that the people mentioned are targets of assassination by DPP then am very disappointed because none of these has the potential to bring down govt. Actually they are non entities. People must be allowed to write anything they want without any intimidation otherwise mudzingotchukisa agologolo opanda fungo.

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