State House press officer under fire for harassing media

One of the Malawi’s State House press officers Sylvester Namiwa is currently under fire from his seniors for ill-treating journalists during President Peter Mutharika’s news conference.

Mutharika’s press secretary Fredrick Ndala summoned Namiwa on Friday in relation to a letter from one of the concerned journalists Charles Sitima, a sub-editor for Radio Maria Malawi.

Namiwa: To be disciplined by his superiors

Namiwa: To be disciplined by his superiors

In an email which Nyasa Times has seen, Sitima lamented over Namiwa’s conduct of harassing the media despite being a trained journalist himself.

“I would like to register [concern] over the recent conduct of Mr. Namiwa on how he has been handling the media. I have been hearing from the media circles about how hash he treats members of the media fraternity during their visits at State House therefore I have decided to blow the whistle instead of mongering as how others are doing with the hope that the problem will be ratified,” Sitima wrote.

In an email Sitima highlighted two key issues which he said has baffled members of the press in the way the former Galaxy Radio’s employee has been handling his colleagues from the media.

Namiwa has been accused of for harshly treating the media personnel dully invited to attend Mutharika’s press briefings and of being bias over media house selection.

He is also accused of having “his own cartel of media houses which he prefers to work with and he has no audacity to consider inviting others”.

Namiwa was hired by Mutharika following his good job at Galaxy radio where he vigorously campaigned for DPP and its candidature but also castigated the former president Joyce Banda and her family.

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19 thoughts on “State House press officer under fire for harassing media”

  1. Kika kanawe says:

    When shall we Malawians stop basing our comments on tribalism.I feel this is immaturity!

  2. Kika kanawe says:

    A Malawi tizaphunzira liti kulemekeza ufulu wa atolankhani?

  3. Cliff K Gama says:

    Ukakwera mu mtengo usatukwane pansi kodi nanga utagwa adzakutola ndani? Amzanga moyo uwu uli ngati mpira lero wawinna ndiwe

  4. Nobel says:

    I think this camp is supposed to be filled with staff that knows the wrath of death that previously engulfed our country in 2012. Namiwa must know pretty well that this administration will only go up to 2019 or not so he should be the last person to harass fellow journalists. If anything, why? Kufuna kutchuka? Nonsense

  5. Quota system says:

    Ahlomwe ndi khalidwe lawo. Ine sindikudabwa

  6. malawian says:

    Namiwa we love u so very much agalu aa pp awa osadandaula nao atopa okha if u can remember they used to block u and jv to air programe ya boo ija mu morning live koma lero zinawadera nde aziti nyo nyo nyo. anyepe anapwa anamanyepwa anapwa awo

    1. Aferazao says:

      People who have brains full of puss like you are the ones who make things remain the same. How can you applaud such stupidity?

  7. Unenesko pera says:

    Qualified because of shouting others. Malawi is developing. Kaya.

  8. gometsa says:

    A Namiwa,mbiri yanu yanveka kutali.Koma zoona munthu angalowe ku statehouse osaitanidwa?Ngati anabwera ngati Ntolankhani nde kuti office yanu inamuitana.

    Anthutu akukwezani muntengo wa mango koma mungodya nokha mkumagwetsa Mthanga.Muzawapezatu awa 5years njochepa.

  9. John says:

    Jah, izotu! Appeasement appointments! Zanu zimenezo!

  10. Poor patie says:

    Go deeper my brother charlo anali ndaninso namiwa kapolo amene anangotoledwa even his profile doesnt convince me to be on holding that position

  11. Chikutumbwe says:

    Namiwa is a useless boy who stayed with Glaxy radio unpaid or lately paid every month. He was there because he could not be employed by any other media houses. he used to move with landlord letter for his eviction for failure to pay rent. wonder if anything inteligent can come from him

  12. clement says:

    Nothing wrong with Namiwa and if indeed did that there was something wrong with those jounalists.Such journalists they talk nonsense against the govt so why giving them room to castigate the govt? Pliz leave Namiwa alone and if you can ask him he will tell you the reason for illtreating those concened media.

  13. Oyiya okomowondo says:

    Continue Kuwavetsa kuwawa makape amenewa Namiwa, kale lija ifeso ankativetsa kuwawa kwambiri. I hope u remember how Mulenga Mvula of ministry of information used to hate us @ COI. Teach makape amenewa ndi ena ajaso some lessons, ino ndi nthawi yanu wakulu. Mwina angatengerepo phuziro and stop mistreating other people whenever they are on top. Eye for an eye!

  14. Peter Phiri says:

    Stima ndiwadyera mwalo moti azingopanga za uvolontiya. l have information that he is not a trained journalist. He does not know how things are supposed to be in the media. Namiwa has been a good man regardless of where one comes from.

    For your information, invitation to a presidential function is not done by solely individual but rather as a press team and Ndala approving it. Stima akuyenera kupita ku xul to appreciate these issues.

  15. The chap now feels too big for his pants.Musiyeni cabe sadziwa cimene akucita ai.One day he will crash from a HERO to a ZERO. Nionekere-nionekere anakhala pansimbi yamoto.Remind him that he is not the first one in Malawi to work at State House. Many others have been there before. Where are they today? Simply gone… Ati kupusa uyu bambo!

  16. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Leave Namiwa alone. He’s one of the most professional journalists around in this country. He’s principled, and operates without fear, especially of the self appointed gurus, like Tenthani!

  17. Lucius evance says:

    Ndinu bwana we know komano,simukuzitenga bwino. mwaiwala kapena?

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