Student association calls community college initiative ‘cheap politics’

Technical Students Association of Malawi (Tesam) has quashed government’s community colleges initiative, saying it is cheap politics.

Students at Ngala community college  showing Mutharika their work

Students at Ngala community college showing Mutharika their work

In minutes signed by Tesam President Billy Kachedwa, of a meeting held on November 8, 2014 at Salima Technical College, the association expressed dissatisfaction with government’s community technical colleges’ initiative because of its politicization.

The meeting discussed the impact of community technical colleges introduced in the country and members were of the view that the project would not contribute positively to national development, the minutes read.

“Government is failing to improve standards of education in existing colleges which are poorly funded,” added the minutes.  “It is, therefore, doubtful if the community college initiative will be successful.”

Tesam said it planned to liaise with Pres Peter Mutharika on the matter.

Other issues discussed at the meeting included lack of qualified staff in the colleges and harmonization of certificates. Tesam wants graduates from all technical colleges in Malawi to have one kind of certificate for easy filtration into the job industry.

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22 thoughts on “Student association calls community college initiative ‘cheap politics’”

  1. Jwa Mjimpi says:

    TESAM has a point. The problem with DPP supporters is that they don’t want to listen to other views. Their thinking is that APM is infallible: Whatever he comes up with has to be right.

    The problem we have is that since 1994, each president wants to be identified with a particular institution or programme. Existing institutions are ignored. Each president wants to be identified with a new university, never mind that existing universities are grossly underfunded.

    It was recently reported that technical colleges are using equipment from the 1960s – couldn’t funds for this new scheme have been better used to upgrade existing technical colleges? We are spreading our meagre resources too thinly on the ground; and we will keep wondering why we are not making as much progress as our neighbours.

  2. vicky v says:

    Certificate or not,the bottom line is that the students will sit with the skills
    in their own hands.What is the point of getting your 18 points at high school and then sit idly at home?Better go to a tech. college and learn bricklaying ,carpentry etc and stand a chance of getting employment! Think of Malawi in say 20 years time,skilled labor will be available everywhere;which is good for our country to develop! Bravo DPP government!!

  3. Alick Chiombagaga says:

    it would be better if this so-called association stressed on the harmonisation rather than politicizing the brilliant initiative. I went to Soche Technical myself but had I known how useless TEVATA certificate is, I would continue with my Tomato growing.

  4. Kanyimbi says:

    People should know the motive behind these community colleges. The aim is to make sure that the youth have been empowered with skill. The main issue is not a certificate but skill in order to be entrepreneurs. For a country to be developed it needs more entrepreneurs.

  5. bentby smart says:

    Zongonamizana. Munthu wa 18points azikasula zikwanje? Kkkkkkkkk
    Palibe za collage apo..zamanyi basi…..

  6. chefourpence says:

    Billy Kachedwa (Tesam president) if you think technical colleges do not meet your ambitions go to the Polytechnic, end of story! The fact that conventional sec schools did not have adequate staff etc did not prevent the government from establishing CDSSs. Was this politics? Are people not going to university from CDSSs? Stupid! Kodi ndiwe mtumbuka kapena?

  7. Dr. Mango says:

    A very commendable initiative by the DPP led Government. Reaching out to those who need help. Bravo, Magnificent and Spectacular move by Government. Keep it up please!!,

  8. Pwiyapwiya says:

    when did I last heard About this so called Association?.Do u know what iz to be an association president????.U speak for the marginalised not opposition leaders.Go and see @the ready started classes u will then stop ur stupid nosense.There are those who thought they will never go to college bt now God has answered them.Ukakhuta ma satchet pita ukagone bt dont play with other pipos future.

  9. Captain Romeo says:

    Chokani makape opanda chitukuko , alekeni anzanu aphunzire ntchito , ngati inu sikupundulirani anzanu zizawapindulira , President sangakumane ndi makape ansanje ngati inu. A bad Carpenter always blame his tools.

  10. Wotchani says:

    Honestly ,, since when did students start developing their own curriculum ..mantha basi. Fear of the unknown shaaaaa!!!

  11. Khosomola says:

    Izi angozitukumula nazo. Kale kunali ma Myp training base ama phuzitsa paramilitary naughty boys. Ngeti mukufuna kumaphuzitsa a nkhondo mobisalira mudzaziwika posachedwa. Another operation bwezani will be eminent.

  12. Newx ichocho says:

    Comment congratulete apm makape muzingokhala chocho!

  13. papa says:

    Tesam is comparing mangos and tomatoes. These village colleges will train the uneducated. The J C holders. Dobt fear them.

  14. daudi mj says:

    malawianism. Wat they knw z to find faults. Bravo APM this a gud development

  15. Jimmy juga says:

    The issue is poor funding in your resprctive colleges .dont discredit community colleges ,the idea of community colleges is good and needs to be encouraged. Even the idea of technical colleges was introduced by politicians.whats a problem now the same politicians introducing community colleges.if you are experiencing poor funding take it to the apropriet authority for consideration. Why didnt you ask the govt not to construct must, mombela and all other development activities so that u get more funding. Dont fear competion as this will help you to be more creative .

  16. Redeemed says:

    Bwanji simunatsutse pamene DPP imanena nkhaniyi nthawi ya kampeni. Bwanji simunane zimenezi immediately after your meeting in Nov 2014? Chachitika ndi chani kuti nkhaniyi ituluke lero? Wakupopani ndani? Mukuwopa chani kwenikweni?

  17. Milward says:

    Ana a sukulu!! Tamalizani sukulu yanuyo mukatipeza kunja kuno mudzamvetsetsa chimene boma likufuna kuchita. Inu mudzingokamba za harmonization ya ma certificates anuwo koma musalowerere nkhani za amuna.

  18. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    We welcome community colleges. Don’t fear competition.

  19. Olie says:

    Thats true

  20. mphoka says:

    Comment pilz aboma mapepala akadali wolemba ink ndemwaya izi

  21. Mwakipiki says:

    Chokani mazikalipentala. Mukuwopa mpikisano

  22. masoankhono says:

    congratulate tesam meet ukulephera kusama nkazi mmodzi ukakwatire nkazi wasopano wachiwiri pali nzeru?????.

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