Student donates toilets to own school with K2million TNM prize money

A Form Two student, Emma Katunga who is one of the winners of the TNM Ufulu @ 50 promotion winner has donated her K2m prize money to her Tsabango Community Day Secondary School for building toilets.

Dan Malisita and Emma Katunga handing over toilet keys to Education Division Manager  Joseph Nkhata

Dan Malisita and Emma Katunga handing over toilet keys to Education Division Manager Joseph Nkhata

Katunga is one of the 50 TNM subscribers that won a total of K100 million in the [email protected] promotion that TNM conducted in 2014 to celebrate with Malawians as the country commemorated 50 years of Independence.

Apart from an individual prize money of K100,000,each of the winners was required to choose a community development project of their choice worth K2 million, translating to K100 million.

Speaking during the handover ceremony in Lilongwe, Katunga said her choice of toilets was in response to sanitation and hygiene challenges her school faces.

“The school, like many in Malawi did not have good toilet infrastructure, and we girls were affected most by this challenge,” she said.

Katunga thanked TNM for giving the resources for constructing the toilets at the school, one of Lilongwe’s oldest.

TNM Head of region Lilongwe, Danny Malisita said the handover of the toilet facilities demonstrates company’s commitment in fulfilling its promises to customers in Lilongwe and rest of the region.

“This is a life-changing promotion as prizes are going to worthy causes that will go a long way at community level. The current prize presentation phase demonstrates TNM’s commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility and meeting its obligations under [email protected] Promotion,” Malisita said.

Tsabango become the fifth beneficiary of Ufulu @ 50 Promotion CSR initiative.

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35 thoughts on “Student donates toilets to own school with K2million TNM prize money”

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  7. Bishop - chess piece says:

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  8. wantali savala gogoda says:

    iwe Daniel, Vaarl Kaleku akukudeleratu kwambiri ukakumana ndi nkazi wake umukwate plain. ndipo usamuchebwetse olo dontho

  9. mamitta says:

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  11. Vampire's Watch says:

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    Listen to yourself, how do u seriously advise a 2009 BBA graduate who, within 5yrs of coming out of the polytechnic, is already a senior boy (looking at his picture) in the corporate world (as head of region) representing a big company like tnm in the public/media. Yet yourself nobody even at your church knows u. So who is supposed to pull their socks here? It appears that u are a clerk or guard, if at all u are employed otherwise, u might be a big dependant of your wife.

    If the company bought him an expensive nice car at his age it only means that he is a Genius, an Achiever Extraordinaire and the company knows he deserves it. Can the company u work for even buy u a bicycle? Are u even worth a second hand kabaza as at your company? U must be NOBODIES in your lives and it’s doubtful if u even went to university.

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    What your friend is doing if indeed is true is equally not good that is inhuman beffiting some Sharia Law on him.

  13. Paul Mphwiyo says:

    Surely there is something personal between the author of 3 and 21, calling himself or herself Khris and the head of region. There is no connection whatsoever between the outbursts from the disgruntled Khris and the donation. Malisita only went there as a representative of TNM and by the mention of his name and publication of his picture somebody has taken advantage to air out his or her frustrations against the HOR. Even if Khris writes a 10-page petition against Dan, nobody will take him seriously because the issues are not connected. Please Khris, find another forum to attack your boss.

  14. Vaarl kaleku says:

    Danny fronting in that car as if you are the title holder??that car belongs to TNM up until you clock 5yrs with TNM assuming that you will not be fired for underperfomance.I wonder how they made you HOR…cos everytime you write a policy its always sent back for amandment….you cant even differenciate an L from R…but then we understand your background…you grew up out of town far from civilization.

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  15. Abraham Lincoln says:

    I can’t get the connection here? Is it about the Toilets donation? Shagging junior ladies? Or the threat of a Sorento?

    Nanunso abwana achinyamata mukumaopseza chitetezo cha mayuthi oyendera ma Nissan Note/Toyota Corolla ndi ka Sorento kanuko kwa mahope awo? Zichepe zimenezo!!!

  16. Chisomo Kaphwiyo Banda says:

    May God continue to bless her so that she should continue doing this to others

  17. Willie Ntholola says:

    Bro Dan big up mahaters ndi awo ayamba kulira mukozedwa simunati

  18. MaComment sakwana 100

  19. Nyambalo says:

    Tsapano mtsikana ameneyu bele limenelo, form 2? T kuchita kutamuka choncho?

    1. special advisor says:

      Nyambalo, that’s a dumb comment. Wait until you become a father to a daughter or an uncle to a niece.

  20. Muzga Wacharo says:

    Dan wamva pempholo?

  21. muhamad emwazi says:

    A chris mwasowa zolemba? Akaziwo amamuyamba dala dan kuti akwatidwe!

  22. tell me says:

    An interesting tnm marketing strategy. It has introduced a promotion that will not only increase its revenues when people are lured by the competion, but the competition will improve tnms image as a company also engaging in charity activities just like: killing two birds with one stone. I see what you did there tnm hehe…

  23. Ndangowerenga says:

    mpaka mwati mutiuze za zibwezi zake? kkkkkkk Dzimvele mtolo

  24. E Chafuwa says:

    thats beautiful

  25. Zambulo says:

    ukagulenso graffiti paint mkulembamo kuti I was here. APM woyeee

  26. Nyambitoni says:

    giving back to the community, thumbs up to TNM and the winner for this initiative! this country needs good sanitary conditions. inenso ndikapange kanga ka donation ku Mphungu LEA (Nyambi was there from 91 -95)

  27. ujeni says:

    Malawi sazatukuka mwachangu, how can we be constructing stand alone outside toilets in this day and age. Who will be responsible for keeping it out of reach of vandals and thiefs. Ideally its time we started constructing buildings in a modern way. Do we have achitectures in Malawi?

  28. Dr Neutral says:

    Well done.

  29. Jimbo says:

    The President should be following the excellent example of this young student by donating some of his billions of kwacha to support projects that benefit ordinary people. As it is APM is a greedy, power hungry despot who cares nothing for the plight of Malawi’s struggling population. He struts and poses and flaunts his wealth but does nothing to improve the country, which is according to the World Bank, the poorest country in the world.

  30. Kokotowa says:

    Mwana wa nzeru!

  31. Ruth warren says:

    agalu amenewa amatibera ma call tariff are too high

  32. chris says:

    Dan Malisita plz stop kupanga zibwenzi ndi your junior tnm are still young umfa msanga.ka sorento umaenderako kasakuzunguze.tatopa nawe kuno ku tnm

  33. Patriot says:

    Kangachepe uli nako, mgayire mnzako.

  34. chejali says:

    Asante tnm

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