Student donates toilets to own school with K2million TNM prize money

A Form Two student, Emma Katunga who is one of the winners of the TNM Ufulu @ 50 promotion winner has donated her K2m prize money to her Tsabango Community Day Secondary School for building toilets.

Dan Malisita and Emma Katunga handing over toilet keys to Education Division Manager  Joseph Nkhata

Dan Malisita and Emma Katunga handing over toilet keys to Education Division Manager Joseph Nkhata

Katunga is one of the 50 TNM subscribers that won a total of K100 million in the [email protected] promotion that TNM conducted in 2014 to celebrate with Malawians as the country commemorated 50 years of Independence.

Apart from an individual prize money of K100,000,each of the winners was required to choose a community development project of their choice worth K2 million, translating to K100 million.

Speaking during the handover ceremony in Lilongwe, Katunga said her choice of toilets was in response to sanitation and hygiene challenges her school faces.

“The school, like many in Malawi did not have good toilet infrastructure, and we girls were affected most by this challenge,” she said.

Katunga thanked TNM for giving the resources for constructing the toilets at the school, one of Lilongwe’s oldest.

TNM Head of region Lilongwe, Danny Malisita said the handover of the toilet facilities demonstrates company’s commitment in fulfilling its promises to customers in Lilongwe and rest of the region.

“This is a life-changing promotion as prizes are going to worthy causes that will go a long way at community level. The current prize presentation phase demonstrates TNM’s commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility and meeting its obligations under [email protected] Promotion,” Malisita said.

Tsabango become the fifth beneficiary of Ufulu @ 50 Promotion CSR initiative.

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