Students at Teacher Training Colleges to start paying fees

Students selected to pursue their studies in all government funded Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) will start paying school fees effective 2015/2016 Academic Year.

Magreta: Fees introduced

Magreta: Fees introduced

The Malawi Government through Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has introduced school fees in TTCs  following the upward revision of school fees at various levels of education and abolition of policy of sponsoring students selected to Pubic Universities and Domasi College of Education in order to achieve cost sharing.

Secretary for Education, Science and Technology, Lonely Magreta, said students  in Teacher Training Colleges will now be required to pay K105,000 fees per per year unlike in the  previous  years  when  they were  not  required  to pay  any  fees. Instead of paying   fees,  they were receiving  an allowance of K1,500 per month.

“The K105,000  fees  per year per student  is a mere  20% contribution  to the actual  cost of training” she said, “The  K105,000 is actually lower than what  other students  pay for similar teacher training programmes  which  are offered by DAPP which charges K156,000 per student per year  and no upkeep allowances are  paid to the students.”

However, Magreta said when the  students will be conducting teaching practice during their second year  of training , they  will be entitled  to  an allowance  of K20,000 per month  which  Government will  be obligated to provide.

Like all arrangements made to all Needy Students  selected  to pursue courses at both  Public and Private Universities and colleges, TCC students will have to apply for either  loans or bursaries from the recently  introduced Higher Education  Students’ Loans  and Grants which are being managed and administered by Higher  Education  Students’ Loans and Grants  Board.

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16 thoughts on “Students at Teacher Training Colleges to start paying fees”

  1. Fumwe kumusiku says:

    Mmmmmmmmh Malawi ndiye waonongekeratu zafikapa eeeeeeeeeek kaya eti

  2. Mabotcho says:

    Kwaaaacha! Kwacha

  3. Sukati Jere says:

    Mwaphunziraphunzira sukulu ndi makoleji aulere,muli pa ntchito zabwino,mukulandiranso ndalama zabwino pano mumvekere enawa azilipira,cholinga ana amphawi azilephera inu kukhosi mbee kuyera.Ena mukuti ku USA,munenenso minimum wage imene munthu amalai dira kumeneko

  4. Rodgers Banda says:

    Not enough for cashgaters govt pickpocketers are hungry.

  5. zenko tyb says:

    apa zafika pamwana wakana phala chala mwamba

  6. Jimbo says:

    At the same time that students training to be teachers are told they will have to pay fees, Mutharika pledges that Malawi is to invest more in education. Contradiction or what?

  7. Patriot says:

    DPP woyeee
    Chala mwamba
    Boma ilo.

    Pa mawa muzawasankhenso akukuthirani motowo daily.

  8. Patriot says:

    DPP woyeee
    Chla mwamba
    Boma ilo.

    Pa mawa muzawasankhenso akukuthirani motowondaily.

  9. mashati says:


  10. G says:

    If rich countries like the USA pay what more us. Malawians we need to know that there is nothing like a free lunch. People talk of government. We are the government. In Scandinavian countries taxes are almost 70% for people to enjoy free education so yes this had to come. But our leaders need to stop stealing.

  11. Namarokoro says:

    Mulamu Pelekani, next time express yourself in your native language please. This is very embarrassing. Be patient hey. It’s UDF and not UFD. That’s a sign of impatience.

  12. Antoni apaphata says:

    And what is the minimum wage? Best option is to utilize the loan and after graduation leave the country. If anything ndalama za loan izo achita kupempha. Palibe ati aluze kapena ndi Zach misonkho which is even better because that’s why we pay taxes. Mulli anabweza yake?

  13. hisbolla says:

    Alomwe alomweeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. chatonda says:

    The government is running away from its responsibility and that is to educate the nation and that education is a right and not a choice

  15. This is the sign of bad economy Malawi has and going through. Who will apply to college to be a primary teacher with such a low salary and since they dont get salary for three month beginning of their teaching. Is this a joke? Student can pay for university because they know that after their school they will get a high salary not a primary teacher. This government of DDP are they mad? How did Kamuzu managed, UFD, PP. There be shortage of trained teachers. There is already un trained teachers in many private schools. How will it be if there is going to be paying college for primary school teachers?

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