Sulom announces Wizards  FC return into Malawi Super League

The battle for a single team to be returned into the elite Malawi TNM Super League (PSL) is finally over following the determination by the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) in identifying Wizard F.C as the right candidates to bounce back into the league.

Wizards are back

Wizards are back

Sulom made the announcement through its Vice President Daud Suleman on Saturday at the Kamuzu stadium soon after the new season opening match involving Nyasa Big Bullets and Moyale Barracks which ended in a barren draw.

Suleman said following the withdraw from play offs by Dedza Young Soccer and Airborne Rangers, the association settled for Wizard F.C.

At first Sulom ordered the three teams to meet in play offs to identify a single team to remain in the league.

But Dedza refused to play and went on to obtain a court injunction restraining Sulom from holding the play offs claiming they were supposed to be automatically returned having finished the league on 13th position better than Airborne and Wizard who finished on 14th and 15th positions respectively.

“The 15th team has been identified I think Wizard will come back into the league. Dedza withdrew and Airborne and Wizards already played their game so it still stand so as we speak, Wizard are coming back into the league” Suleman told reporters.

Suleman further revealed that his association will be meeting this week to identify the 16th team following the confirmation from the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) that Chilumba Barracks will not participate in the league.

Chilumba were supposed to be promoted into the PSL after they emerged champions of the Northern Region Football League (NRFL) but MDF said they will not manage to support the team.

“Chilumba have confirmed that they will not participate in the league so as the managers and administrators of the league, we have to go back and discuss and find the way of identifying the 16th team,” said the Sulom Vice President.

The league already has four military sides Moyale Barracks, Kamuzu Barracks, Red Lions and Mafco F.C  and they are sponsored by Malawi government under the MDF.

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20 thoughts on “Sulom announces Wizards  FC return into Malawi Super League”

  1. Mfewi says:

    this is total foolishness from our administrators. who voted for these goats to lead our football? FAM and SULOM is jealous that Central Region is Developing in football terms hence their decision to include the worst team in the super league at the expense of Dedza YS. i bet you Mbuzi za FAM and SULOM your SURESTREAM will be relagated again muchita manyazi.
    mbuzi inu thats why more Malawians opt to watch EPL or La Liga because they are well administered.

  2. Chilungamo chikusowa pampira

  3. mony says:

    Wy this egg people there falling to make right decision chilungamo chili kuti amalawi

  4. shocker says:

    How foolish some decision can be. So the team which finish last in the league will not be relegated. MERIT inathadi ku Malawi. Next thing we will hear is that Dedza will replace Chilumba in super league. By the way when did MDF Realise they did not want to support an extra team in super league? why did they allow airborne to participate in play offs? what could have happened if airborne were successful?

  5. kanjipiti says:

    Let them play ku south komweko ku central njee.

  6. FAM says:

    SULOM a bankha nokha nokha.. fyweeeeee

  7. Frank says:

    SULOM this is the waist decision ever made in the history of football in Malawi, I think the right judge will scrutinize this poor decision someday not far. Dedza YS is still the right candidate. Izi ndi za dziko osati kagulu kenakake.

  8. Frank says:

    I think Sulom and Fam have failed Malawians as far as soccer is concerned. I wonder why football pundits, commentators and stakeholders have chosen to be silent on this very crucial debate. In other countries this mediocre decision by Sulom would have resulted in protest and in the process have their services terminated. Why are you killing football in Malawi? Don’t ever dream of participating in top flight competitions if this is the trend and pace of our decision makers. Dedza YS deserved an outright participation in the elite Malawi Super League.

  9. Obedinho says:

    SULOM ndi zitsiru

  10. Ujeni Phiri says:

    This is not strange it was all calculated from the beggining after pocketing cash from Wizards. Another reason was that Sulom and FAM didn’t want a team from the central region to be promoted hence they were praying hide and seek games. Muziona just wait and see.

  11. ma play off ku simama basi, apo biii tikudabwani, mwatichotsera kachewere fc ya ku dedza mumafuna wizards. za ziiiiiii

  12. puludzu says:

    zamanyazi mpaka kuikhomerera Dedza sizoona Peter Mponda super ligi inakukanikayo ndiyo ukukakamira kuti ulowenso muzingogawa mapoints ndikugulitsa wagulitsa osewera ambiti mbiriwo uziona

  13. Bloody Fools says:

    SULOM, what you can do is: Just place advertisements in newspapers and radios for the remaining 16th slot. Any willing team after interviews qualifies for entry into the Malawi’s elite football league. Don’t waste time. Football in Malawi has run crazy because people running it are Ahinyas that are always bent on corruption and bribery. Look at the fool, Enerst Mtawali! What he doing with the national team. My foot!

  14. Bandula says:

    Disgusted. Dedza deserved it all and zitsiiru za ma managers and administrators ku SULOM mwationongera mpira osangosiya bwanji. Fwetseke. Dedza Y Soccer could have improved things and on merit. Mumayambiranji football administartion muli zitselekwete zakuba komanso zopanda nzeru?

  15. Sir harry y phiri says:

    Somebody ‘s misfortune is someone ‘s fortune let the wizards show their calibre

  16. Luton says:

    Sulom & Fam you are very incompetent. Rules of the game do not change when the game is on session. Mpira kumalawi chonchi sungatukuke

  17. walter wa Noma says:

    ndizimene mumafuna tinadziwa kale ife …Punch bag ya super league Wizard yo

  18. John says:

    I still feel dedza is the deserving team, simply by applying common sense.

  19. Let Chande play for Wanderers says:

    This is what SULOM wanted all along. It was evident from the start that they wanted WIZARDS promoted. I really hate this unprofessional, corrupt, incompetent, mediocre, disheveled, disorganized body called SULOM.

  20. Ineyo says:

    Please just keep 14 teams in the league this year. Leave Wizards and Chilumba out. You have set a precedence for play offs and you will have to organise play offs in Simama league again. If you just promote the second best team in Simama then everyone will know you had a bad scheme against Dedza YS FC.

    Zina kambu zina leku, can we be schooled on the football background of some of these officials at SULOM? Botoman, Williams Banda, Daudi Suleiman, etc etc, where did they play their football? If school is the issue why can’t we go for the Chibowas, Madigas, the Ignasio Ngomas, Victor Lungus etc who have played football at the highest level who can make informed soccer decisions and not these retrogressive decisions by people who have never graced the football pitch with football boots on.

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